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If there was one thing Niehabella regretted from her life so far, it would be that she never told him her real name.

When she met Elijah, she was ecstatic; and why wouldn't she have been? She had just met the owner of the name that was so delicately written on her wrist. Her soulmate, her one and only, her future, and her forever was standing right in front of her. There was just one problem. She had introduced herself by a fake name.

Of course she regretted this incident, but it was hardly her fault. Any vampire would be wary of another. As she got to know Elijah, however, she started to deeply regret her mistake.

Every time she ran into the man that was meant to be her soulmate, she thought about telling him of her mistake. She always lost courage, or something got in her way.

Sometimes, Niehabella wondered, would she ever gather the courage to tell him?

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