"Babe, care to reach that towel for me? Thanks." Eggsy grinned at his new wife. He draped the towel on his shoulder and reached for his vibrating phone.

"Who is it?" Tilde cocked a brow. Eggsy stared at the caller I.D.

He smiled. "It's Harry. Excuse me." He dropped a kiss on his wife's cheek and stormed outside. The cold breeze stung his skin as he pressed accept.

"Hello, Eggsy. How's the honeymoon?"

The man huffed. He laughed a little, thinking of his wife fondly. "She's wonderful." He said. He looked up and gazed at the stars. "Although the idea of this whole thing seems a bit crazy." He admitted.

"Being married, you mean?"

"Yes. Yes it is." He laughed again, though this time it was hollow. He didn't notice it.

"Did you think you chose wisely?" His blue eyes blinked slowly.

"Chose what?"

"This marriage thing." Harry asked. His clear baritone voice held something. Skepticism. Eggsy didn't know if that feeling was contagious that he felt skeptic as well. He clamped his lips tightly and coughed. His throat suddenly felt dry.

"I love Tilde, Harry. She wanted this." His lips curled up. "I'm getting used to it."

"That's good. Roxy and Merlin wanted you to be happy." His heart stopped beating at the mention of the two. He felt his eyes sting as he gripped his phone hard.

"I wouldn't have known what they wanted, especially Roxy." He choked, tears now rolling in his cheeks uncontrollably. Memories of his best friend drowned him in despair. "She had always disapproved my relationship with her. Even though she didn't voice it." He wiped his tears.

"Nevertheless, she wanted you to be happy, Eggsy." The older man softly replied.

The line went silent for a while. Eggsy thought his mentor hung up.

"Why does everyone I love leave me, Harry?" He whispered.

Harry spoke. He was startled. "They don't leave you, Eggsy. They sacrificed themselves for the greater good and stay in your heart forever."

He shook his head vigorously. "I wouldn't risk my wife, Harry. I couldn't."

"I know." Harry replied. "Being a kingsman doesn't have a safety package deal for love ones. It is inevitable, you know." Eggsy pinched the bridge of his nose. He didn't know what to say. "Tell me, what would you do or say if Roxy were still alive?"

His ears perked up and looked at the house behind him. Tilde's shadow was visible inside the curtain. She was swaying her hips and he guessed she was dancing while listening to her favorite Swedish music. He leaned the receiver on his mouth and replied smiling, "She would have been the woman I'm spending my honeymoon with."

For a while, there was a pregnant pause. He was deafened of the silence. Eggsy took a sharp inhale of breath.

"Why did you ask?"

On the other line, Harry smiled and nodded solemnly. "She would have been delighted."