Disclaimer: I'm a poor college student, please don't sue me. Besides, I'm making diddly squat off this. The Matrix and many of these characters belongs to Warner Bros., Wachowski brothers and company. I'm just...borrowing some of them for fun. PROLOGUE

The two men stood before the half a dozen monitors, watching the lines of eerie green code trickle down the screen. One, clearly older from the lines etched on his face by years of fighting with the resistance, carefully regarded the other, in whose eyes still burned the light of belief. The older man brushed back a lock of limp blond hair, crossed his arms and leaned against the monitor stand.

"She looks promising, but what makes you think she might be the One?" asked the older man. This wasn't the first time his second-in-command got excited over a potential.

"Her mind is very sharp, and her hacking skills are far more impressive than mine were at 15," answered the young man.

The captain of the Anubis raised an eyebrow in question. He trusted Morpheus' judgment when it came to potentials, but the younger man had a habit of being hopeful. Hope was a valuable commodity for the resistance, but it was also a dangerous one. It was what kept Dante fighting for something he never live to see: the rise of the One and the emancipation of mankind. He knew that he would die before humanity's triumph over the machines, just as he knew that his death would not be in vain. The Oracle had told him so. It was a small consolation for what was otherwise a hard and defeating existence.

He still hadn't answered Morpheus. The younger man started to look a little less confident about his belief, but wouldn't back down.

"She has been looking for the answer for nine months now, and has managed to stay out of danger," continued Morpheus. "There's something different about this one, I can feel it. There's a sense of destiny surrounding her."

Dante considered this, wondering if there was another reason behind the young man's conviction. Dante had freed Morpheus nearly ten years ago, when he recognized the young man's resourcefulness, his tenacity, and his wisdom that belied his youth. In Morpheus, Dante found a determination and blind faith in the prophecy that reminded him of his younger self, before reality and repeated failures to make headway began eating away at his own beliefs. By freeing Morpheus, Dante found a way to keep the bitterness and hopelessness at bay. If failures made Dante more pessimistic and cynical, they made Morpheus believe even more in the prophecy. Dante wondered if this desperate faith would lead his second-in-command to see a savior in every potential.

"What's her hacker name?" asked Dante. "Trinity," replied Morpheus.

"Keep an eye on her," he said, ending their conversation. "If she gets closer to the truth in a few months without getting killed, then we'll consider making contact." Dante left and returned to the mess hall.

Morpheus watched his commander's retreating back, noting the way his ash- blond hair hung limply just above his shoulders, mirroring the way his shoulders slumped a little more with each passing year. It was hard watching the man whom he thought of as his role model, his hero, slowly giving in to reality. It made Morpheus try that much harder to be there for his mentor, to be everything that was required of him. Above all, it made him try that much harder to fulfill the Oracle's prophecy: that he will find the One.