Sara stared into the distance, her mind occupied about the big holiday she's booked for next week ahead. She smiles leaning back in her work chair as if she got a place in Hawaii. She still couldn't believe it. Sara thinks further about the holiday where she wants to go. Her mind goes straight to the deep blue sea and the sun shinning down on her tanned body. Everything seems so peaceful there. She let out a gasp before jumping as someone hits her shoulder.

She looks up to she her friend Ann giggling down at her. "You were in a weird happy trance. Let me guess you're excited about this holiday we are going on, ain't you?." Her friend Ann said with the most amused smile that took up half of her facial features.

Ann's purple curly hair bounced as she stares down at Sara with her chocolate brown Eyes. Sara smiles, straightening up on her work chair again. "I might just be very excited, I just can't wait to let my hair down." Sara signed hoping her hours would go quicker.

"Ain't you just lucky we won these tickets to Hawaii, our hotel is going to be mint!" Ann said excitedly pacing across the room causing Sara to get a little dizzy.

"Ann, stop pacing. It's making me a little dizzy." Ann came to a sudden stop, biting her lip trying to calm her excitement.

"Let's go out to lunch, I am starving!" Ann let out. Already pulling Sara's arm and dragging her. "Alright, alright. You do look hungry." Sara says to her looking up and down Ann's thin figure.

Ann carries on pulling her through the building with eagerness. "You don't need to drag me. I'm coming." Sara lets out breathlessly from being pull around each corner of the work building. Sara's legs starts to slide across the shiny and clean stone floor. She tries to pull her arm free from Ann's tight grip.

Ann might be thin, but she sure does have a strong grip, Sara thought. Sara manages to pull her arm free and began to move quickly next to Ann. They both speed up as they made their way out of the building.

Sara and Ann made it outside, they both move towards the road in the direction of a small little cafe that stood opposite the building that Sara and Ann worked in.

Their eyes widened, they couldn't believe how busy the place was. It was full there were crowds of people in different queues, all waiting to get to the front. Sara had never seen it so busy before, She was about to tell Ann that maybe they should go somewhere else less busy but before she could speak, Ann had already started moving ahead and pushing pass people.

Sara started moving to follow her but before she could catch up to Ann, she bumped into a hard shoulder causing Sara to bite her lip as she feels something hot burn her skin. "Ah!" She gasps bringing her hand up to push away whatever was burning her. She ends up whacking her elbow on something hard before she could look to see what it was. Sara hears something loud clash to the floor.

Sara looks down to see a whole plate and cup had fallen to the floor spilling whatever was in the cup everywhere and food. Her eyes widened in shock and embarrassment.

"I'm so sorry!" She let out in disbelief of what just happened feeling very surprised. Sara bent down already trying to pick up the broken plate until she felt someone's hand firmly on top of hers, creating a light shiver go through her as she feels the person moving her hand away from the plate. "No, don't touch that, you might cut yourself." A voice sounding very soft and gentle but also quick came from opposite her.

Sara stopped in her tracks finding herself looking up to match the smooth voice, she moved her eyes up slowly noticing tight faded jeans that clung to his legs watching as his knees crouched down before she stared further up at the thin white shirt that did nothing to hide his muscular body.

She hesitated for a moment taking everything in before her moved up to his face already feeling overwhelmed by his intense stare. She stared back meeting his baby blue eyes. It was like being pulled in by his concerned face. She had frozen for a moment before taking in this guy's face some more noticing his cheek bones that fitted him nicely as well as his cropped brown hair. Her eyes went back to his eyes and blushed noticing she had been caught staring way too long.

"Sara are you alright?!" Ann's voice came along, looking at her friend. Sara broke out of her gaze and looked up at her friend nodding then looking back down as the guy who was picking up everything as much as he could. "I'm so sorry for what happened, I don't mind paying back the money for your food." Sara says.

The guy smiled at her. "No it's alright, don't worry about it. Everything is fine." He reassured her before getting up and letting a young cleaner who helps run the cafe brush up everything into a bin.

"Sara, you have got all food down your top, lets get you all cleaned up and sorted." Sara looked down at her clothes already seeing her white top stained tomato sauce and what smelt like coffee. Ann was pulling out wipes from her bag to start her cleaning. Sara looked back up to look at the guy but in front of her was no one to be seen. The guy with the nice cropped hair with light blue eyes had disappeared into thin air like it never happened.

Sara frowned wondering where he had just disappeared to. She looked around and couldn't see him anywhere. She wouldn't be forgetting his face any time soon.

He had gone and Sara didn't even get his name.

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