The moment Michael stepped through the door, he crinkled his nose up smelling a strong awful smell coming from the room. He moved forward coming to a stop at the living room door. Michael's eyes landed on his brother noticing him laying on the couch in a slumber.

Michael walked forward towards the couch tilting his head to the side to stare down at his brother Lincoln, who was hugging a bottle of yum in one hand and the other hand over his eyes.

He looked over his brother, he looked like a total mess with his unshaven face and dark shadowed bags under his eyes. Lincoln's whole body feature was uneven from the state of his clothes that were all crumbled and overused. He had worn them last night and his hairy chest was poking out of the unbuttoned shirt. Michael felt sorry for his brother that was going through heartache. He didn't understand why Lincoln had let himself get that way.

Lincoln was older than Michael by a couple of years. Both very much a like in hair cuts and facial features, the only difference was that Lincoln had brown eyes, was taller than Michael and had more muscular body form.

Michael signed, taking away the bottle of Rum and moving away to open the curtains wide. He began to smirk already knowing that the light would upset his older brother. Even before he even turned around he hears a groan from the couch.

"Shut them god-damn curtains." His brother Lincoln mumbled out in annoyance before turning on his side in the direction of the couch, hiding his face in a cushion. Michael shook his head putting his fingers through his cropped hair feeling a little irritated before going to the kitchen and getting a glass of cold water.

Michael made his way back into the living room, he was smirking, he knew exactly what he was about to do, and he didn't even have to think twice about it. He splashed his brother with the glass of cold water and made a run for the door.

Michael could hear his brother getting up and gasping before hearing heavy footsteps storming towards him.

He ran outside the department and locked his brother inside. "You wait till I get out of this door, Michael. I'm going to get you!" His brother shouted not sounding impressed.

"Catch me if you can." Michael joked through the door before moving away and going outside.

Once Michael was outside, he could hear his stomach groan reminding him that he was hungry. His face light up with a smile, already knowing the perfect place to go. He started to jog down the street to a little cafe he was so familiar with.

Michael made it inside and could already smell the bacon from the door, his eyes went to the crowd and sighed. He started walking through the queues of people to the front.

"Hey Michael!" Kelly shouted, smiling away at him from the other side of the check out. He let out a smile. "Hey Kelly. I was hoping to get something to eat but it seems full in here." Michael sighed lowering his eyes over her body and back up giving her a boyish grin and not breaking eye contact with her knowing she just saw him checking her out.

"Oh, you want your usual Michael?" Kelly flushed but quickly let out, looking around her before moving to the back not even waiting an answer. Michael stood unsure what to do until he saw Kelly coming back with a tray of food, looking down he notices a bacon roll and white coffee. His favourite, he looked up questioning.

"Here's your order, Michael!" Kelly said with a happy grin a crossed her face not wanting to disappoint. "If you ever wanted to go out sometime, I put my number on the napkin." Kelly says blushing away shyly and giving Michael the tray.

He nodded, "Thank you, Kelly, I'll have to think about the offer. I didn't expect you to do this, I appreciate it." Michael says honestly before giving her money for the order.

He turns away making his way out of the crowd of people, Michael hated the fact of feeling like he had used her to get his order. He was just so hungry.

Michael was almost there at the back of the crowd, when he felt someone push him forward banging his shoulder into someone. He gasped quietly as he felt his white coffee burn his stomach and thigh before pushing his tray away from his body. He heard a "Ah!." A few seconds later. Then felt something hit his tray making more coffee go down himself causing him to let go of the tray.

His eyes fell to the floor straight away seeing his bacon roll and coffee everywhere. Michael whined inside feeling very annoyed that his food was everywhere and was about to show his irritation towards the person who had hit into his shoulder.

Michael's eyes moved towards the woman that had knocked into him, she had auburn hair shining red in the light. He felt annoyed not being able to see her face by the blocking of her hair. "I'm so sorry!" She had said.

He just stared down at her taking her all in. Michael noticed her slim body and nicely curved hips with a tall slender chest with sharp shoulders that stood proud next to her neck. He couldn't seem to take his eyes away as she pushed herself forward bending down to pick up the plate.

Michael sighed before bending down and taking her hand away from the plate. "No, don't touch that, you might cut yourself." He spoke quickly yet carefully not to scare her before taking her hand away from the broken objects on the floor.

He realised she had frozen, noticing her not looking down no more. Instead, Michael took a glance at her seeing the lady move her head towards his body. Michael decided to keep watching her with a stern look. Why was this girl taking ages to look up? Was she checking me out? Michael thought before meeting her face to face.

Michael's stern feature disappeared from his face. She was beautiful. Michael felt entranced by her light brown eyes. They were so big and innocent look, just like puppy eyes.

She had a nice heart shaped face, that her cheeks curved in pushing her chin more out. Michael hadn't seen someone so beautiful. He felt himself becoming nervous. Was she hurt?

Michael found himself looking down at her shirt noticing how ruined it was, feeling a little guilty for wanting to put the blame on her. Michael looked back up not wanting to break eye contact. He could see how red her cheeks had got.

"Sara are you alright?!" A girl with purple bouncy curls with a worried face came over to the girl in front of me. So, that was her name, Sara. What a unique name he thought as he started picking up the broken plate and cup in to a pile.

"I'm so sorry for what happened, I don't mind paying back the money for your food." He heard Sara say. He smiled up at her. "No it's alright, don't worry about it. Everything is fine." Michael said looking back down at his bacon roll.

Normally he would be annoyed if his food was wasted, but he wasn't. Instead, he got to meet this angel.

Michael frowned, he had never seen her before. Where has she been hiding? Before he could ask her if she was alright, Kelly came with a brush to swipe up the mess. She had smiled at him while going by.

Michael looked down only to noticed his damp trousers, it had looked like he had wet himself. Never in his life has he felt so embarrassed.

What if she sees me like this? Michael thought nervously looking up at her noticing her friend wiping her top.

Michael gave her one last glance before he started to push pass people in the opposite direction from her to the toilets. He didn't want her to notice this, it would be very embarrassing.

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