Author: Swythangel
Title: Götterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods)
Type: 20th part of the Series
Teaser: With their return to Weiß, Ken and Ran find old feelings resurfacing...
Rating: PG (just to be safe)
Spoilers: None but the usual.
Warnings: Strong Language, Shonen Ai leaning towards Yaoi
Keywords: Ken, Aya/Ran, Youji, Ran/AyaxKen, YoujixKen, angst, a lil fluff

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Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods)
Part 20


"Lifesigns are going down!"

"Masaka! Doc, what do we do?"

"Mouth to mouth rezuzitation…"

"Its not working!"

"One side, Youji-kun!"


Ken's body lifts from the bed as an electric shock jolts his limp body. He looks like a puppet, jerking in time to the motions of the shocks.

It's the first view of Ken I have as I walk slowly into his room. /Ken./ I want to rush into the room but I can't. Weak as I am from Trojan, it is all I can do to even walk with Aya supporting me.

"Its not working."


Omi's voice is panicked, near-tears as he works. And even as the last word falls from his lips I disengage from Aya and stumble unto a space near Ken's side. They allow me in even if I know I am just a niusance and ignore me as they continue to work.

I stare at Ken's white face and almost bloodless lips in horrid fascination, willing him to live.

A horribly flat tone issues from the machine by the bed.

"Its no use, Doc! Flatline!" Omi says.

"NO!" I shake my head.

On the other side Youji is pushing both hands at Ken's chest muttering. "Damnit, Ken! Don't give up now, damn you! Don't give up!"


Another shock runs through Ken.

But still, the machine beeps out one flat tone, emphasizing the fact that nothing is working.

"It iz no use." The doctor finally says, laying a hand on Omi's hands. "He iz gone."



The negation comes from both Youji and I at those words as Omi weeps silently.

"I am zorry but we cannot do anyzing elz to help him."


Youji acts like he hears nothing, continuing to push down on Ken's chest. Again and again and again.

"Ken you bastard you can't die! You WON'T die. Live damn you live!" It was a litany that repeated itself over and over even as Omi drags Youji away by force. It all happens outside my world, like its happening to someone else and not me…


My grip tightens on his hand and slowly, unmindful of Aya's protests, I lift myself to the bed and cradle Ken's head in my arms, caressing silken locks, rocking him.

::We said we were going to talk remember?::


"Ran-kun?" Hesitant hands tug at my arm.

::Don't die on me.::


::You cannot let your soccer kids down.

You cannot let Omi or Aya or Youji down.::


Soft hands tug harder but I hold on all the more tighter. "Oniisan, Ken-kun is dead."


The negation sounds loudly in my head, kept there by the iron control that stops me from breaking down in front of everyone. Faced with the reality that Ken might really be dead, the most natural response welled up inside me, pure and honest…

::I love you, you cannot die!!!::

The words reached out, I felt it reach out, into the void of my mind and I could swear that it reached him, wherever he was and I tighten my arms around Ken's unresponsive body.

::Do not die.::

A discordant sound disturbs my self-absorbed concentration, a high-pitched sound that has replaced the flat sound moments before, almost like a response to my thoughts. It brings me back to reality and a world of activity that suddenly springs to life at the sound.

"One side, Ran!!"

"Gott! Zis should not ve possivle. Omi…"

"I'm right on it, Doc!"

"Try to stabilize hiz condition."


In a daze I stand where Youji has pushed me, looking at them as they work. It seems impossible but Ken is still alive. He's still alive.

But how?

::Bin ich gleich von dir gewichen {Although I have strayed from thee}
Stell'ich mich doch weider ein {yet I have returned again}
Hat uns doch nein sohn verglichen, {for Thy Son has reconciled us}
Durch sein' Angst und Todespein.:: {through his agony and mortal pain.}


::Mein gott! Do not start Abyssinian. Helping your Siberian has given me a headache as it is. I do not need your unimaginative response and hostility adding to that. I can just as easily put Siberian back under. Oh you owe me, Abyssinian. You fucking owe me.::


::A simple matter. If you have my powers. It was your voice that brought him back, Abyssinian. I merely provided the channel. A chancy opportunity at best but as you see, it has worked out.::

/But why?/

::Call it payment…for Trojan and for…::

/For what?/ What could it be that Schuldich wanted to atone for? My mind cannot grasp at the concept, confused as it is by the drugs.

::Thinking ill suits you, Abyssinian. Now please get the damn door before we tear it down.::

/What doo…/

Almost before I complete the thought the door chime rings out its merry tune.

Schwarz had come to collect. Whatever it was.


I left Schwarz to Youji-kun, knowing he could handle them if only because he was too tired to actually bait the telepath. Ran-kun went with him to keep himself updated of the situation. Ever the leader, Abyssinian is.

There was a general air of relief, a release of tension for all the fine things the day had wrought. Ran-kun was conscious and healed, Ken-kun was stabilizing and Schwarz had gotten rid of the crime ring.

Or at least everyone thought so.

I knew better. The worst was yet to come.


Cassandra or the mutated version that ran in Ken-kun's body was still there. Worse, it was spreading all over Ken-kun's body. This last scare was the proof. Malaria was a deadly virus to contend with especially when it mutated out of proportion.

I know what would come next. Ken-kun would awaken in a few hours and stay conscious. Until the virus kills him. The pain would be 10 times what he experienced before. The next time Ken-kun succumbs would be the last time we would ever see him.

It was a race with time now, on how fast the doctor could manufacture the cure.

"Ken-kun, hold on."


The Schwarz members I see before me are not the same ones I had seen in battle. They look careworn, older.

::You don't exactly look so peachy keen youself, Abyssinian.::

/Stay out of my head, Schwarz./

::Snappish as ever I see.::

"The cure?" It's the youngest Schwarz member who speaks first. He looks more careworn than the other two put together. Tired lines burrowing runnels into the sides of his mouth with worry.

"Not until I see proof that you have eradicated the Crime Ring." It was Youji who answered.

Noue nods towards the one-eyed lunatic who threw a brown packet in my direction. I deftly caught it, opening the bag to reveal Polaroid pictures.

"Tachikawa Amano, chief of operations." Noue said in a clipped voice as I turned over the first.

"Hamazaki Kei, right hand man."

"Kurow Riley, security."

And on and on until the end. So many people killed yet Noue's voice was as cold as a glacier. This boy who was even younger than Omi, sullied by reality.

Tch. I must have become more acutely sensitive with these brushes with death to feel pity for someone who stands on the opposite side.

"This," Youji takes the pictures from my distracted hold, "is all well and good. But where is the head honcho?"

Noue nods again and Farfarello hesitates a split second before throwing a sack. It lands near Youji's shiny boots with a dull thud. The sound sounds solid enough that I know what is to follow even if Youji does not.

It was a head. Youji cursed and threw it back down into the canvass sack, directing a glare at Noue.

The young Schwarz member didn't even blink as he told us: "Christophe Ernzer. Head of Zieger. As I am sure you know."

"Christ! Did you have to bring us his fucking head?"

"You wanted proof. That is unarguable solid proof that we did our part." Was the dispassionate reply.

::You can't get any more solid than that.::

Trying to keep Schuldich from entering your mind to comment was like stopping a river with a toothpick, which is to say, impossible.

Youji shrugged. "Point taken. We'll keep up our end of the bargain then." He extended his hand where a syringe lay capped. It had a semi-golden fluid inside. "Astyanax. As promised."

End Part 20


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