A/N Welcome to my attempt at a family fic. I love the fics where Chuck and Sarah meet and either one, or the other, or both have kids. I hope you enjoy.

Sarah felt the sun on her face. She could smell bacon and eggs, but she didn't want to get up, not that there was anyone in the bed with her to make her want to stay. She just loved this time in the morning; calm, quiet, and the ability to reflect. She smiled at the life she had now, and chuckled at how terrified she was 5 years ago.

Sarah stared at the door in front of her, but was pulled out of her thoughts by the soft coo of the baby in her arms. She knocked on the door, and waited anxiously. When the door opened, the shock on her mother's face was evident.

"You have a child?" she asked, stunned. Knowing how much her little girl was like her father, she never thought Sam…no she said her name was Sarah now, would ever have children. "I'm sorry, come in," Emma said, trying to be the good hostess and not fall over from the unexpected sight in front of her.

"It's not mine," Sarah said, with tears in her eyes. "I need your help," and she told the story of how she came into possession of Molly, and how she was forced to kill her handler. She ended her story, still holding the small child. "I need you to watch her, raise her, like you tried to me, before Dad ruined me." Emma looked at her daughter and made a decision. She did the hardest thing she ever could ever think of.

"No," Emma said softly. Sarah's mouth dropped in shock. "Listen to me, you think you can't love, you think you don't deserve happiness, you think your father broke you, but it's the furthest thing from the truth. Don't you see, right now, you have the chance you always wanted. This is your chance to get away from the CIA, this is your chance to have a home, a family, the life you wanted deep down. Sarah, I'll help you raise her, we'll live together, but you, you need to be her mother." She looked at the two and gave a soft smile. "Besides, how much would it kill you to let go of her?" Sarah looked down at the little girl, and her heart, the one she thought was long gone, broke.

Sarah, stretched in bed, feeling the warm sun coming into her room. She loved this apartment, but the bedroom, it was her sanctuary. She looked at the window, the affectionately named "Carina door". It had been hard for the first few months becoming a "mom" but Sarah couldn't think of anything else she'd ever want to do. She was glad they had moved to Echo Park when this apartment had become available. In fact, she'd never admit it, but she loved the fact that all her coworkers lived in the complex as well.

They had become a family since she left the CIA. When Carina learned she had left, she quickly flew to California to talk sense into her, but after meeting Molly, and learning Sarah's plan, she quickly resigned from the DEA. Sarah had wanted to create a security company that helped people. She named it Burton Industries because she believed everyone deserved a second chance in life. Carina told her that while she was good, if Sarah wasn't going back into the field on a regular basis they needed one more on the team, and she knew just the guy. Sarah didn't want to know how Carina convinced John Casey to come join them, something about a picture, but she never asked. Since then Casey had found his daughter, and through the "gentle" persuasion of Carina and Sarah they had reconnected. Alex, Casey's daughter, now helped Sarah with paperwork, background checks, and sometimes she went on missions, but she always had to stay in the van. Alex had a boyfriend that Casey really wanted to hate, but he made her happy, even though he was a bearded gnome.

"Mom," a soft voice came that broke her from her thoughts. Sarah turned her head, to see the smiling face in front of her. "Are you going to get up?"

"Nope," Sarah said smiling and popping the "p". "I'm gonna lay here alllll day," she said, mock closing her eyes.

"Mommy, if you don't get up you'll starve!" Molly insisted. Sarah's eyes popped open, and a grin covered her face.

"Oh, no," Sarah replied. "What should I eat?"

"Granny's making omelets and bacon and orange juice!"

"Is she squeezing the oranges herself?" Sarah asked with a thoughtful looking grin on her face.

"Naeiou," Molly answered. "She's pouring it from the carton, but it's from California!"

"It smells good," Sarah said solemnly. Molly nodded, grinning. "Well, I don't want to starve to death, soooo." With that, Sarah, with mock reluctance, got out of bed. Molly was nearly bouncing as she led her mother down the hall to the kitchen.

"I got her!" Molly exclaimed. Emma turned and looked at the two. "I was worried she'd starve to death."

"Well, thank goodness you got her out of bed!" Emma said with a wink to Sarah. Molly, quite proud of herself, went and fixed herself a plate, while Sarah gave her mom a sidehug. "Morning, Sweetie. I need a favor this morning. I forgot I had a doctor's appointment and wondered if I could get you to take Molly to school?" Sarah noticed Molly grinning.

"Sure," She said, picking up a piece of toast and taking a bite. As she chewed she notice Emma not looking directly at her. She walked over to the fridge, and saw where there was an appointment reminder. "So, you had to reschedule?" Sarah said turning to her mom. Emma nodded. Sarah looked at Molly, who was giggling. Sarah gave her a mock stink-eye, and Molly laughed out loud.

"We need to go soon," Molly said. "I have to give this picture to Mr. Chuck today."

"Mr. Chuck?" Sarah asked, turning to her mom. Her mother seemed to be very interested in the wall that was the furthest away from Sarah.

"You know, Mr. Chuck, the nice guy I told you about. Baby Clara's uncle. Her mommy and daddy are dead and Mr. Chuck is raising her." Sarah looked over at her mom, who was still studying that wall.

"Looking for a crack, Mom?" Sarah asked.

"No, just admiring the craftsmanship."

"Uh-hu," she said stretching out each syllable. "Does Mr. Chuck have a girlfriend or wife?" Emma turned around, surprised.

"Would you like me to find out?"

"I have a feeling you already know," Sarah replied.

"Now, dear, don't be like that."

"Be like what, Mom?" Emma sighed. Sarah was grinning a little because she knew they meant well.

"Molly really likes Chuck, he's a very nice man, and he's the one who came over here and fixed her video game system. Do you know he used to live in this apartment, in fact, his old room is your room!"

"That's not creepy at all," Sarah replied. Emma sighed, exasperated.

"I'm not asking you to marry him," she began.

"That's probably a good idea." Emma gave her a flat look, and Sarah took a bite of her toast, chewing.

"You were always a petulant child."

"I got it honest," she replied, still having a challenging look on her face.

"I would like it if you married Mr. Chuck," Molly said. Sarah nearly choked on her toast. "That means Clara could be my baby sister and after you get married, you could go on your oneymoon and have a special night."

"Who told you about the special night?" Emma asked. Sarah still couldn't speak

"Jerry. He said that when two people get married they go have a oneymoon and have a special night where they call the stork and order a baby," she replied, looking proud of herself. "I'd like a brother, please." She paused and thought for a second. "Do you think Mr. Chuck would want another girl, because then he'd be the only boy here…we should probably ask him."

"NO!" Both women yelled at the same time. Molly looked a little surprised. Emma and Sarah shared a look. Emma nodded for Sarah to go ahead.

"Have you told any of this to Mr. Chuck?" Sarah asked, with a sick feeling with her stomach. Molly shook her head no, which relieved Sarah. "How about you let me talk to him about that. Now, I'm going to take a shower so I can take you to school." Sarah turned to leave.

"What about breakfast?" Molly asked.

"Not hungry," Sarah said, going into the bathroom. Emma looked over at Molly, who was smiling.

"When she meets him, she'll love him," Molly declared. Emma smiled.

"How about you let her handle that?"

"If we do, I'll be old by the time she meets anyone!" And with that, Molly hopped down to get her stuff together. As she marched by Emma, Emma just had to know.

"How old is old?"

"Oh, twenty." Emma looked up at the ceiling. She hoped her daughter found someone soon. She had it all, except someone to share it with. Emma smiled. Chuck would be the perfect person to share it with.


The ride to school had been an interesting one. Everything Sarah attempted to talk to her daughter about, Molly turned it back to Chuck. Sarah laughed to herself. Whoever this Chuck was he ought to be happy that her daughter wasn't older, or he might be in trouble. Actually, Sarah realized that when she did fall for someone, she might be the one in trouble trying to keep her from getting hurt. Sarah sighed. She didn't need anyone in her life romantically. Bryce had been the last, and he was long gone once he found out she was going to raise a child. Casey gave Molly a father-figure, but he had told her that perhaps it was time she put herself back out there. Casey…he had found two or three feelings in the past two years. Sarah smiled at that. People deserved to be happy, and contrary to what her mom thought, she was. If the right guy came along, she would give it a try, but she wasn't looking. Business was a little rough right now, and she needed to concentrate on that.

Most of her clients were in need of cyber security. It was the one thing Burton Industries wasn't the best at. Sarah had to find a computer geek, and soon.

"Did I tell you Chuck makes video games?" Molly asked. Sarah was pretty sure she did…about five times. "I just feel sorry for him. He tries to be happy, but it's obvious he's so sad." Sarah looked in the rearview mirror at her daughter. She looked bothered.

"Why do you feel sorry for him?"

"His parents left when he was a kid, and then his sister and her husband died in that plane wreck. He told me his sister was like a mom to him, so he lost his mom twice." She was quiet for a second and then looked up, catching Sarah's eye in the rearview mirror. "I told him, I never met my real mommy," she said softly. Sarah frowned, and wanted to do something to cheer up her daughter. She might not be her biological mother, but she was her mother.

"Don't be upset," Sarah said, starting a slow grin.

"Do you know what would make me happiest?" she asked.


"If you'd meet Mr. Chuck," Sarah started to roll her eyes, but Molly plowed on. "He's so nice, and we played video games and had fun. He makes me laugh, Mommy. You need a friend like that."

"So you want me to be Mr. Chuck's friend?" Molly nodded. Sarah shook her head, half exasperated, half laughing.

"If, IF, I meet him and don't like him, it's over, no more talk about him?" Molly grinned.

"Mom, you are so gonna like him, and I give you permission to marry him if you want to." Sarah pointed at her in the rearview mirror.

"Enough of that. Do you understand?" Molly nodded, grinning.

"I love you, Mommy." Sarah grinned at her little rapscallion.

"You are going to be a handful one day."

"I'm not yet?" she asked, looking like a perfect angel. Sarah barked a laugh as she pulled up to the preschool. Molly's eyes lit up, when she saw Chuck's car in the parking lot. Soon, she thought, soon.

Molly ran inside and Sarah followed. She saw Molly's teacher, Mrs. Wood. Sarah waved at her and walked over to her.

"Sarah, thank you for meeting me today." Sarah got a strange look on her face. "You did know I wanted to talk to you, right?" Sarah couldn't help but grin, her mother had out-spied her.

"Not exactly, but it's fine, is something wrong with Molly?"

"Well, come with me." The two stepped into one of the offices. Sarah looked for her daughter who was standing with a tall man with brown curly hair. He wasn't standing, he had squatted down to talk to her. Molly grinned and waved while she kept talking. The man looked up and saw Sarah. He gave her a wave as well. Sarah, not knowing what to do, waved back. She realized Mrs. Wood was waiting on her, so she turned back to her, seeing a smile on her face. "So you do know Mr. Bartowski." Sarah shook her head, and Mrs. Wood looked confused.

"Would he also go by Mr. Chuck?" Sarah asked. Mrs. Wood nodded, smiling. "It seems like everyone knows what's going on around here, but me. Here's what I know, apparently Mr. Chuck is really nice, I get this info from my mom and daughter, he makes video games, and is raising his niece?" Mrs. Wood nodded.

"When did you tell your daughter about her being adopted?"

"A few months ago, did Mom not tell you?"

"I just wanted to verify, it seems to have upset her for a few days, which it would anyone." Sarah nodded. "Mr. Bar-Chuck came in to pick up his daughter and saw your daughter sad. Molly is always happy, and Chuck noticed immediately. He asked her what was wrong and she said she found out she was adopted. He asked me if he could talk to her for a second since he had some experience in this matter, so I let him. I hope that was okay, I realize now, looking back I may be at fault for all of this." Sarah shook her head.

"Did he do anything inappropriate?" Mrs. Wood's eyes got big like she had been slapped. Sarah chuckled. "Everyone seems to love this guy," she said softly. Mrs. Wood smiled.

"He asked her what happened to her parents and she said they were dead. Chuck then told her about his parents leaving, his sister raising him, and that they were both lucky because someone chose to raise them. She said she wanted to meet her. Chuck told her gently that she had been in an accident and that's why he was raising Clara. Molly seemed to be back to normal the next day, but each time Chuck came in with Clara, she wanted to help. In fact, when they got special duties, Molly asked to help the little ones. Chuck said it was okay, and Molly has talked about being her big sister. I told her they weren't related, and she told me, that was okay, because none of her family was related."

"So basically Molly has adopted Clara as her little sister?" Sarah asked. Mrs. Wood nodded. "What happens if Molly grows out of that?" Mrs. Wood said nothing, but the look she gave Sarah said that was exactly what she was worried about. Sarah sighed. "I guess it's time to go meet Mr. Chuck." Mrs. Wood touched her arm, stopping her.

"It's none of my business, but he really is a very nice man," she said with a grin. Sarah couldn't help but laugh.

"My daughter told me this morning that she wouldn't mind if I marry him." Mrs. Wood laughed. "I'm not looking for anything right now. I've got enough on my plate trying to find a computer expert at work…" she paused when she saw Mrs. Wood's grin. "Let me guess, he's an expert." Mrs. Wood shrugged, but her dancing eyes told her that he was. "Apparently this is going to be a match made in heaven." She said it sarcastically, but Mrs. Wood didn't seem to think so. "Let me go meet Mr. Right." With that she headed off toward her daughter and Chuck Bartowski. As he saw her coming, he was grinning, in fact it was like he was trying to hold a laugh in. Her daughter scurried away and for a second she worried what she had said.

"Do I even want to know?" Sarah asked. Chuck shook his head, his eyes dancing with laughter. For a second she got lost in those brown eyes. Uh, oh. She felt something in her stomach that she never felt before. "I think I owe you thanks," she said. Chuck cocked his head slightly to the side as if to ask why. Those eyes, it's like they're looking into my soul. "You helped my daughter out with finding out she was adopted. I didn't even realize she was having trouble." Sarah looked down to the ground, somewhat ashamed.

"It was, is, my pleasure," he said. Sarah looked up at him. "She seemed okay after I left, so how would you have known?" Sarah, remember how you said you weren't looking and if you found him you'd give it a try… "Apparently Jerry had a talk with your daughter, I should warn you, that one…he's going to be a problem someday." Sarah couldn't stop the blush.

"I've heard," she choked out. Chuck laughed.

"Make a special phone call," he said shaking his head.

"So, Molly really like you and Clara, and apparently wants to be her big sister."

"It's really sweet of her," Chuck replied, honestly.

"Yeah, but you know kids, what if she gets tired of it?"

"You've never had a friend that you didn't get tired of and moved on to another? It's what people do." Sarah really couldn't retort that, and he was the child's father…guardian…whatever. Sarah looked at him, and grinned.

"Molly wants to play video games again sometime, I know you must be busy-"

"I'd love to," he replied honestly, with a grin. "She's a great kid."

"Thanks, maybe you can bring Clara and stay for dinner," she offered.

"I bet Molly would like that," he said, but she could tell the grin was fading in his eyes. "Sarah, I want to be real upfront and honest with you. I talk a lot when I shouldn't, my sister use to say I'm spiraling when I did this, but I found it's always best to be honest. I don't know what you're looking for, but right now I come with a lot of baggage, and I'm going to shut up before I get my entire leg in my mouth."

"Maybe I could be your baggage handler," she said softly. Oh MY GOD! Sarah Walker what did you just say?! "Molly said you didn't have many people in your life and I know what that feels like. I thought maybe you could use an adult friend." Chuck's face lit up, and Sarah's stomach double flipped. I can start with friends.

"You would be the most beautiful baggage handler I've ever seen," Chuck said. "And I've done it again." Sarah giggled. You're GIGGLING!? What is wrong with you!?

"You've actually come up in other conversations I've had," Sarah began. Chuck lifted an eyebrow. "I run a security company, and I need a computer person. I hear you're quite good." Chuck smiled a tight lipped smile.

"I'm okay, but with Clara, I'm just not comfortable doing that kind of stuff," Chuck said, apologizing. Sarah nodded. "I hope that's okay." Sarah grinned and waved it off.

"But we're still down for games and dinner sometime?" She asked. Chuck's grin could have lit up the room. Sarah turned to go.

"See you tomorrow?" he asked. Sarah stopped, spun on her toes, and looked at him. Mom brings her…oh what the heck.

"Yes," Sarah said. "I'm trying to spend more time in the morning with Molly, so I'm going to be bringing her." And, now I'm lying just so I can be some guy who I don't even know baggage handler. I'm never going to hear the end of this from Mom.

"I look forward to it."

"Me, too. Bye, Chuck," and turned and headed for the door. She glanced back, seeing Chuck had headed for the baby's room. Mrs. Wood didn't say a word, but lifted her hand, Sarah gave her a high-five as she went by, exited the school, and headed toward her vehicle. She got in the car, turned on the radio, and Feeling Good by Nina Simone was playing. She sung along to the lyrics.

It's a new dawn

It's a new day

It's a new life

For me

And I'm feeling good.


"Walker?" Carina said, pulling her out of her thoughts of a certain tall, lanky, guy who was great with her daughter. Sarah looked at her two friends/partners.

"Did I miss something?" Carina looked at John who grunted.

"Walker, are you having a lady feeling?"

"John, you have more lady feelings these days than I do."

"Walker, did you get some?" Carina asked. Sarah's mouth dropped. "Nope, it was just a phase."

"Hhtt," Casey grunted.

"That's practically you being a gossiping hen, Casey," Sarah said, grinning.

"Who is it, Walker?" Carina asked. Sarah rolled her eyes.

"It's…no one."

"Uh-huh, then why the smile, the humming, and the oh so bit of a blush?"

"There's a dad at day care, well, not really a dad, his niece's parents died and he's raising her. Anyway, the day we told Molly she was adopted, she was a little sad at school and he noticed, and told her how his parents left him and his older sister raised him. He told that someone chose to raise them. Well, she wanted to meet his sister, who has died, and he told her that and he was raising his niece. Molly and Emma kinda staged something this morning to meet him, and I did." She looked up at the two of them, who were both smiling.

"AND?" Carina asked. Sarah grinned.

"He's a nice guy, who told me he had a lot of baggage." Sarah paused and looked at her friend. She continued on in a very quiet voice. "I told him I could be his baggage handler." Casey erupted in laughter and Carina snorted. Sarah put her hand over her head to cover her eyes. "I'm so lame. I also tried to get him to come in and see about being our computer guy because he's supposed to be very good about that sort of stuff."

"Oh, Walker," Carina began, still laughing. "Romance on the job. Terrible idea! Don't worry, I've figured out how to take care of all of it." Sarah gave her a look. "We find Piranha." Sarah's eyes got wide.

"He was THE best." Casey nodded.

"We get him to work for us, tell him that we can protect him with our government contacts, good idea, Miller," Casey said. Carina shrugged.

"What can I say, I'm more than a pretty face, right, Johnny?" Casey grunted and left. Carina turned to Sarah. "Sarah," she began softly. "I hope he's the one, because you deserve it." She reached over and squeezed Sarah's hand and left Sarah alone. Sarah smiled, turned on her music on her computer. Feeling Good played as she contacted everyone she knew with computer skills to help her find Piranha. Things were going good.