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Hi, I'm Molly! Here are a few things you might need to know, or maybe you just forgot. Five years ago, my mommy saved me and brought be to California. She and my granny Emma raised me like I was their own. A few months ago, I met my daddy; he didn't know it then. He was the kindest, nicest, and most wonderfulest guy I had even met. He told me how his parents left him and his sister raised him, and how she died and he was raising her baby. From that moment on, I decided I was Clara's (that's the baby's name Chuck is raising) sister. Now I just had to get Mommy and Daddy together, and I did. It took FOREVER (although a lot of people said it was really quick. I mean it took a whole week!) but eventually they got married, and today, Daddy is going to adopt me, and Mommy and Daddy are going to adopt Clara. And then, I'm going to make them go on their oneymoon, and order my baby brother. I'm gonna get a baby brother, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel I deserve a promotion from general, but Daddy says I'm retired….but maybe I'm going to just say I'm retired and work black ops missions (Uncle Casey told me about those, so I'm not sure if Daddy is allowed to know or not.) Anyway, it's the day I've been waiting for FOREVER AND EVER! I'm getting adopted. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And now Ch 24, Project OMAHA

Sarah woke up early. She slid out of bed, and walked down to the nursery, where she saw Molly just standing there watching Clara.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked softly.

"Just remembering what it's going to be like before I am not only child," Molly said. Sarah laughed softly.

"Are you okay with today?" Sarah asked.

"Mommy, are you suggesting I should walk away from the plan just before we reach the conclusion?" Molly asked. Sarah grinned.

"Well, let's let her sleep," Sarah said.

"What are you doing here?" Molly asked.

"Remembering what it was like before I legally had two daughters," Sarah replied. The two walked back out of the room and saw Chuck coming out of their bedroom.

"Is there a pre-party I wasn't aware of?" Chuck asked. There was a knock on the door, Chuck checked his watch. "Morgan?" Sarah nodded and laughed. Chuck went down, opened the door, and there was Alex looking embarrassed and Morgan had food.

"I'm sorry, Chuck," Morgan began. "But I thought you might need me."

"I'm good, Buddy," Chuck said. "But, you know you're welcome to come on it." He started to shut the door when he realized Casey and Carina were sitting in the driveway. He stepped outside and waved them in. "I can make pancakes!" Chuck yelled. Casey got out of the vehicle quickly.

"Big day, Bartowski," Casey said as he went inside. Carina followed behind.

"He's may be more excited than you are," Carina said. Chuck smiled. "Zondra is out in the car, on the phone with her boyfriend from Great Britain."

"Boyfriend?" Chuck asked. Carina winked.

"It's all Walker's fault," Carina said, heading in.

"I'll tell her you said thank you," Chuck said as he began to shut the door as he noticed two others walking up. "Bryce and Jill, how are you?" Bryce caught Chuck in a hug.

"I'm great, man," Bryce said. "Look I know we've had our differences, but I am so happy for you two."

"Thanks, Bryce, it means everything for me that you're here today," Chuck said.

"Chuck, I wouldn't be anywhere else," he said, and then slipped inside. Chuck found himself outside, alone.

"Hiding?" Sarah asked. Chuck spun around, smiling.

"Trying not to freak out," he said.

"It's going to be a good day, Baby, I promise," Sarah said. "Now get in here and eat breakfast."

"Yes, ma'am," he said grinning going, inside.


The Carmichael Industries crew took up most of the family court seats in the courtroom. The bailiff came in and asked all to rise for the Honorable Brenda Jenkins. She came in smiling. Chuck noticed someone sit down behind him and turned to see General Beckman and Roan Montgomery.

"General?" Chuck said.

"You think I'd let my favorite general get adopted and not be here?" Beckman asked smiling.

"Roan," Chuck said, nodding to him.

"Charles," Roan said. "Well done, well done."

"Thank you, Sir," Chuck replied.

"So we have two adoption cases today, where Mr. and Mrs. Bartowski want to change their legal status of guardians to adoptive parents. Would the two of you rise and raise your right hand?" Chuck and Sarah stood and were swore in. "I have the Final Decrees of Adoption here in front of me. I have recommendations from Dr. Beverly Charlotte encouraging these adoptions. I do however have a few questions." Chuck held Sarah's hand.

"Your hand is sweating," Sarah said.

"I know," Chuck said.

"I would like to talk to Miss Molly for a few minutes," Judge Jenkins said. Chuck blew out a breath and Sarah closed her eyes. "Is anything wrong?" the judge asked.

"No, they're just worried I'm going to talk about what they should do on their oneymoon," Molly said. The judge just looked at her. "My friend Jerry at school told me all about how you go on a oneymoon and call the stork." The judge nodded. "But, my Daddy told me that's not how things work. He also was the one who talked to me the day I found out I was adopted." Chuck smiled at his daughter. "Even though he wasn't considered my Daddy, he has been since that day. No one understands what I've been through like he has."

"Well said," Judge Jenkins said, grinning. "Mr. Bartowski, what possessed you to talk to her that day?"

"You ever see someone each day and they are happy and carefree, and then one day, it's obvious something is wrong?" Chuck asked. The judge nodded. "This little girl was down, and I just asked why. She told me what was wrong, and I knew what she'd been through. I have no parents, with only my sister to raise me, and then she dies…I understood."

"Mrs. Bartowski, you are already the adoptive parent of Molly," the judge stated.

"Yes, your honor," Sarah said.

"Does Mr. Bartowski have any clue what he is getting into with Molly?" she asked. Sarah laughed.

"He has some idea your honor, but let's be honest, even I really don't," she answered. The judge laughed.

"Mrs. Bartowski, do you hearby intend to provide a loving home for Clara?" the judge asked.

"I do, your honor," Sarah answered. The judge turned to Chuck.

"Mr. Bartowski, do you hearby intend to provide a loving home for Clara and Molly?" the judge asked.

"I do, your honor," Chuck answered. The judge signed a few papers, and looked up at the family.

"It is terrible the circumstances these two children have had to go through," the judge began. "The lost of parents is a terrible thing. However, you two have provided a home to these two beautiful ladies. According to Dr. Charlotte, Clara wasn't even verbal until Molly and Sarah came into her life."

"That's me," Clara yelled out, making the room laugh.

"And as we see, she is very verbal now. She also wasn't very mobile." She got up and walked over to stand a few feet away from the table. "Clara, can you walk over here?" Clara got down and walked over to the judge. Sarah had to fight the tears from falling down her face. "And according to Dr. Charlotte, Molly was a huge part of that." She looked at Chuck and Sarah who nodded."

"Your honor?" Molly asked. Chuck started to reach over, to get her attention to tell her no, but he caught the judge shaking her head. Chuck sat back. "I want to adopt Clara as my sister." The judge grinned.

"Clara who is your sister?" she asked.

"Olly!" the little girl yelled.

"Do you promise you'll always be her sister?"

"Yep!" Clara said.

"By the power invested in me, and the state of California, I hereby make you sisters. Go hug your sister, sweetie," she said, sitting Clara down. Clara ran to Molly, catching her in a bear hug. Chuck and Sarah were near tears.

"Thank you," he said softly. The judge smiled at them, and went back to the bench.

"Mr. and Mrs. Bartowski, it pleases me to no end, to say this court has no reservations about you being the adoptive parents of these two young ladies. These adoptions are granted, and are found to be in the best interest of the children, the parents," she paused and looked around. "And, the friends and family in this courtroom today. Today is a good day, and I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it." She rapped her gavel. "Congratulations."

"Thank you," Chuck and Sarah both said. Molly beamed at them.

"I knew I could adopt Clara," Molly said. Chuck hugged her and Clara as Sarah joined the hug.


5 Months Later

Sarah was thankful for the regular chairs in the 1st grade classroom. Chuck's height would have made him folding himself into one of the 1st grade chairs interesting, and humorous. Molly led them through what she had learned, and then she excused herself so they could talk. Sarah was proud of her. She had the best marks in everything.

"Anything we need to know?" Sarah asked. The teacher grinned.

"Know? Not really, hear because it's funny and you know how children are, yes," the teacher said grinning. "A few days ago, I overheard her talking to her classmate about Jerry, and yes, I was informed of Jerry's antics in kindergarten." Sarah and Chuck both smiled. "He's been the perfect gentleman to her, and they have become close friends. She has decided that she wants to marry Jerry, and was telling her friend." Shock and concern hit Sarah's and Chuck's face. The teacher waved it off. "Kids say all sorts of stuff at this age."

"Did she say she had a plan," Chuck said, his voice raising octaves. Sarah took his hand, whether it was for his comfort or hers, she couldn't say.

"I mean, yes," the teacher said smiling. Chuck tried to smile, but it looked like pain on his face. "She said, she has a team and a plan." Chuck started to slide down the chair. Sarah was sweating. He looked at her.

"Your hands are sweating," he said, wide-eyed.

"I know," she said, freaking out.

"I don't understand," the teacher said.

"Molly decided we should get married," Chuck said. "We were married a little over a week after we first met." The teacher looked from Chuck to Sarah. The smile feel. "What else did you hear?"

"She said it was a long term plan, that the earliest she would get married was after high school, but she really wanted to wait until after college. He needed to have a job, because she wasn't supporting him," she said.

"Good for her," Chuck and Sarah muttered. The teacher looked at them.

"Are you two okay?" she asked.

"Just getting myself mentally prepared to have Jerry as a son-in-law," Chuck said. Sarah looked at him let out a deep breath and nodded.

"You really don't think…" the teacher began. She looked at the two of them again. "You do." Sarah leaned forward.

"This child had at least five adults involved in her plan to get us together," Sarah said. "I mean, maybe she falls in love with someone else as she grows older." Chuck shook his head. "I know sweetie, the boy's a good kid."

"There's more," the teacher choked out, now worried. Sarah and Chuck turned toward the teacher. "She's having a minimum of three kids." Chuck shrugged.

"That's her and Jerry's concern," he said. The teacher looked shocked and Sarah began to laugh.

"I think what Chuck is trying to say is, she's going to do what she wants, so as long as she's happy, we'll support her," Sarah said. "I know you have other parents, just keep an eye and make sure they aren't doing anything inappropriate." The teacher smiled, and shook their hand. They went and got Molly and headed home.

"She ratted me out, didn't she," Molly said, walking to the vehicle.

"I don't know that I'd use the term ratted," Chuck said.

"Are you mad?" Molly asked. Chuck shook his head.

"I just want you to make sure you really love him," Chuck said. Molly nodded.

"Don't worry daddy, he has to earn my love," Molly said getting into her car seat. Sarah exploded with laughter. She came over and put her arms around Chuck's waist.

"I'll go home and start sharpening my knives," Sarah said grinning. Chuck grinned back. "Don't freak out, we got this." Chuck leaned in and kissed her. He pulled away, and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"That's one thing I know for sure, we got this," Chuck replied. They gave each other a quick kiss, got in the van, and started home.

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