I Hope You Dance

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Note: First published March 19th, 2003. Song lyrics removed May 15th, 2005 to comply with new policy. The fic itself isn't that great regardless, and will be de-suckified once I'm done with this cold/school/bout of writers block/all of the above.


She watched her son come in the room, which was dark except for the crack of light coming from the main room.

"Mama?" the boy said quietly.

"Come closer, Inuyasha. It's alright." She smiled sadly. She was going to miss it all. She would never see him fall in love, never see him discover new things.


"Mama, look!" the boy shouted happily, taking his mother a flower he had picked from the garden. "I never seen this one 'afore!" It was a deep red, and it was beautiful. His mother laughed, and took the flower. She twisted it into his hair.

"It becomes you, sweetheart."

"No!" the boy said, swiping at the flower, but he was laughing. "'Dat's what girls do!"

End flashback

Life was so fragile. It could be taken, or created, in the blink of an eye. Love was fragile, too. It could change someone's life for the better, or for the worse.

"My little Inuyasha, promise me you will never lose faith. No matter what happens, I will always love you and guide you, forever and ever."

"Inuyasha...I love you."

"Mama, don't say that!" the boy cried. "You're gonna be alright!"

"I'm sorry, Inuyasha, but...I..."

He buried his head in her blanket and cried. "I'm scared, Mama..."

"Inuyasha...don't be scared of what's to come. Stand tall and proud, and know that I will always be watching."

Just then, a sharp pain shot through her side. She gasped, and bit her lip to keep from crying out.

"Mama!" the boy cried, grabbing her hand.

"My boy...my beloved...Never be afraid to take risks, never lose hope, and promise me..." She closed her eyes.

"Mama!" the boy shrieked. A small smile formed on her lips, and with her last breath uttered these words:

"Promise me...you will live."

Years later, the boy, Inuyasha, sat in a tree overlooking his little corner of feudal Japan.

Kagome had told him that it was some holiday called "Mother's Day" and she had to spend it at home.

The word 'mother' had sent Inuyasha thinking about his own mother, and her last few minutes with him.

And what had she been thinking? Was she thinking about how he would grow up, alone? That was what the nothing-woman had said. Not that that was his mother, of course, but...could she have been thinking along the same lines?

And what had she meant by 'promising her he would live'? He sighed and looked around. The wind ruffled his hair, stirring dust from the nearby roads into the sky. As he watched the dust swirl upwards into the endless blue, Inuyasha realized just how small he was, and how huge the world was, and how there were so many questions that would never be answered, no matter how long he searched.

And he remembered how she said never be afraid to take risks and never lose hope. Was that what she had meant by 'promise me you'll live'?

She wanted him to live life to the fullest. And wasn't he doing that? Although when he was in a morbid mood, he would think back to his life, and wonder where had it gone wrong. But now...now he had Kagome, and...

She had said never be afraid to take risks. But he was. He was afraid to love, afraid of having his heart broken, like what happened with Kikyou half a century ago.

But he was not going to end up like that. He was not going to just ride along the roller coaster of life, and one day look back and wonder where his life had gone.

And he could swear that his mother was watching him, and smiling.