I'm a little nervous about this story idea because this is the first time I've ever written a fic for this genre but I'm excited to try. While I do love a good slow burn, this one won't be that slow! LOL.

I will be using the first several chapters to set up the story and then we will get to actually doing what the title says.

Nothing new here except this very important disclaimer... I DO NOT own anything Walking Dead related except the plot to this specific story!

Chapter 1

Hello friend,

I know it's been a while since you've heard from me but I have been struggling lately. Being a babysitter is not something I every imagined to be my dream job but that is what has been 'assigned' as my job here in the prison and I hate it. It's not that the kids are bad but they're not MY kids so I shouldn't have to keep track of them all day every day. Plus, I told Mr. Samuels that Lizzie was confused about what the walkers actually was and he brushed me off. I caught her again today feeding mice she had caught to them through the fences. There is something seriously off about that girl but nobody will listen to me.

I overheard Dad and Rick talking about making an escape plan in case this place ever got overrun like the farm and we happened to get separated we would all know where to go instead of just wondering around lost. I think it's a great plan but I think instead of just finding a random house to meet at, we need to find somewhere else that we can call home and store some supplies there so we aren't forced to spend months on the road again searching for a place. Especially now that we have more kids to worry about. I just don't know how to tell them that, it's not like they will listen to anything the kid who's not good enough for anything other than babysitting and washing dishes has to say. Frustrated and discontent does not even begin to describe the feelings I am keeping bottled up inside these days.

Carl caught me watching Daryl again today as he drove up the drive on his motorcycle. He is so damn handsome and he doesn't even know it. Ever since he came and told me that my boyfriend at the time, Zach, had been killed on one of their runs and hugged me tightly as I processed the information I can't get him out of my mind. Sometimes I dream that he would—

"Hey, I brought you something you've been wanting." Daryl said as he stepped into my cell with a blanket wrapped 'gift' in his hands interrupting me mid-sentence. Glancing down at the words on my page and the man standing in front of me brought a blush to my face.

I couldn't help but smile broadly and jump up from my bed, tossing my journal to the side. "What is it? I don't think I've said anything about wanting something specific." I said as I bounced on my feet in anticipation.

He shrugged as he handed me the bundle in his arms. "Be careful unwrapping it." He told me in his gruff way as he leaned back against the bars of my cell door.

Sitting the package down on my thin mattress I bent over to begin unwrapping the blanket slowly. Hearing Daryl groan from behind me caused me to smile to myself before I fixed my face to look at him over my shoulder. "You okay? You said to be careful." I told him with a small smile.

A simple grunt and nod was the only answer I got before I returned my attention to unwrapping the bulky item that lay on my bed. When I finally caught a glimpse of the black and blue frame I forgot all about going slow and quickly tossed the rest of the blanket off before picking up the beautiful crossbow. "This is amazing." I breathed out as I tested the weight of it in my hands before carefully laying it on the bed and throwing myself at Daryl in my excitement. "Thank you." I breathed against his neck as I hugged him tightly.

He wrapped his arms around and hugged me back. "You're welcome." He whispered against the side of my head.

Sliding my hands up his back so that I could grip his shoulders as I stood on my tiptoes to press a soft kiss to his cheek caused his arms to tighten around my waist. "Better watch yourself, little girl." He groaned as he shifted his hips away from mine that was pressed fully against him but it wasn't quick enough for me to not feel the effect my closeness had on his body.

Pulling back from him I looked him dead in the eyes. "I'm not a little girl any more, Daryl." I whispered to him as I slid one of my hands from his shoulder down his back and around to place it on his chest.

"You don't want to go down this road with me, Beth. You're too good for a guy like me." He grunted out as he slid his hands across my back before settling on my hips.

I quickly shook my head. "That's not true, Daryl. You are a good man. Everybody sees it and so do I." I told him softly as I stood on my tiptoes once again to place a quick kiss to his lips, surprising him.

He groaned as his hands tightened on my hips, pulling me flush to him. "Don't start something unless you plan to finish it. I'm not Jimmy or Zach. I'm too old to play teenage games." He growled as he slipped his fingers beneath the hem of my t-shirt causing me to inhale loudly and lean more firmly against his chest which caused him to growl as my hard nipples pressed against his hard chest.

"Okay." I told him as I pressed my lips to his once again. Before I could register what was happening he spun us around so that my back was pressed against the concrete wall of my prison cell and one of his hands was threaded through my hair cupping the back of my neck. He angled my head so he could deepen the kiss. I had shared deep kisses with Jimmy and Zach but never like this. This kiss was on a whole different level and I groaned when I felt his tongue slide along the seam of my lips demanding entrance which I readily granted.

Sliding both of my hands up into his hair I fisted the long strands tightly in my hands as I wiggled my hips against his to try and ease the ache that had formed there but he just pressed me harder into the wall as his hand left my hair to grab onto my hips once more. "Jump." He grunted out as he slid his hands over my butt and squeezed.

Without hesitation I quickly obeyed his command and wrapped my legs around his waist which pressed his hard erection into my aching center causing me to bury my face in his throat to try and muffle my moans at the feelings coursing through my body as his hips rocked into mine. "Daryl…" I trailed off as his hands slid from my butt, up my waist, and forward to my small breasts that were straining against the thin sports bra I was wearing. When his slid his thumbs over my aching nipples I bit into the side of his neck causing his hips to jerk into mine.

"Bethy! You in here?!" Maggie called out. Daryl quickly dropped my feet to the floor and pulled away from me with nearly black eyes. I watched as he reached into his pants adjusting the hardness I had been grinding on.

The only response I got out of him before he hightailed it out of my cell like his ass was on fire was a grunted "Training at sunup. Be ready." My knees finally gave out and I slid to the floor of my cell which is where my sister found me smiling down into my hands just a few seconds later.

"What was Dixon doing in here?" Maggie asked as she just barged into my 'room' and eyeballing my form as I sat in the floor leaning against the wall.

I looked up at her. "Not that it's any of your concern, Maggie, but I am a grown ass woman and can have whoever I want in my room." I snapped at her, my sexual frustration causing me to be snappy. "He brought me this beautiful crossbow and was telling me that training starts in the morning at sunrise." I told her as I pointed to the beautiful black and blue painted crossbow that looked practically brand new.

"I didn't know you were interested in learning how to use a crossbow. Who's going to watch the kids then if you're off playing with your new toy?" She asked as she folded her arms across her chest. She was the main source of my frustration these days. Everybody treated me like I was a naïve little kid and I wasn't anymore. After watching too many people I loved get eaten by the dead and losing my childhood home and two boyfriends, I was far from naïve. Which is why I wanted to learn how to use a crossbow. It was more effective against the walkers than a gun or knife. Plus, I was tired of being just the babysitter around here. "Have you asked Daddy about this?" She asked which just pushed me over the edge.

Forcing myself from the wall I was seething. "Didn't know an adult needed permission to learn how to survive in the damn new world we're being forced to live in, Maggie. And how about the parents of those children watch them for a change!" I told her as clenched my fists against my sides to try and tame my temper.

Maggie just shook her head and left my cell without another word. I walked over and slid the door shut which let everybody know that I didn't want to be disturbed, not like they ever listened anyways. Sitting on my bed I picked my knew crossbow up and ran my fingers over it to get a feel for it in an attempt to get my temper back under control. Once I had tested out the fit of the crossbow, which was a Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter according to the words engraved on the side of it, I rested it against the wall like I had seen Daryl do countless times before laying back against my bed closing my eyes to relive what had between Daryl and I.

It changed everything.

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