Tanwyn sat on the bench across from the girl and pulled out her phone .

She deftly hacked into the girls laptop and blacked out her screen .

"What the fuck?" Holly whispered to herself . She furiously hacked at her keyboard .

Tanwyn smiled . She sent a message to the girl's screen .

Look up .

The girl looked up from her screen Tanwyn saw the terror in her eyes .

Don't be afraid . We aren't here to hurt you .

Holly shook her head and attempted to type back .

"Shit ."

Holly shakily pulled out her cellphone . Tanwyn killed it with a keystroke .

The girl looked panicked .

We have seen your work .

Holly took a deep breath . Tanwyn watched as she pulled back her hair and tied it with a bandanna .

She pulled a USB drive from a pocket on her jacket and plugged it into the laptop .

Tanwyn nodded in approval as she lost control of the girls laptop .

Tanwyn felt a rush of air and a shadow crossed her screen . Tanwyn looked up to see the girl looming over her .

"Who are you?"

"Excuse me?" Tanwyn frowned

Holly leaned into Tanwyn's face . Her dark eyes gleaming . Not with anger, or fear, but curiosity .

"You hacked me. You're wearing some sort of weird pip-boy looking thing ."

Tanwyn glanced down at her arm . Surprised that the girl could see it . She squinted

"And fake freckles went out of style years ago. "

Tanwyn sighed . She patted the bench next to her .

The Holly sat .

"Are you with Anonymous?"

Tanwyn shook her head .

"Sorry what?"

"You know , anonymous? That big secret group of hackers . They leak the names of racists and shit ."

Tanwyn looked at her incredulously .

"No, but I'm glad you'd be excited to join them ."

"Well if you're not Them then-" The girl huffed .

"Torchwood ."

The Holly tilted her head .


Tanwyn chuckled

"Sorry . That just not a question I get asked often ."

"Clearly ." The girl crossed her arms across her chest . "So what do you want from me?"

Tanwyn slipped a small silver device from her pocket . She activated it, and slipped it to the girl .

" This device has access to all of the personal data for every individual in a one thousand kilometer radius ."

The girl snorted a laugh .

"Get out . That's fucking impossible . That's -" She watched the data stream down the front of the device . "That's my IP address ." She selected it and read the next line . "My name . My grades in school . My medical records . "

"Your financial statements, the blueprints for your childhood home . How old you were when you commited your first felony cyber attack on a classified installation ." Tanwyn smiled .

The girl looked down .

Tanwyn gently placed a hand on her shoulder .

"Look, I'm not here to judge you for your actions . And I'm not here to blackmail you . I just wanted to offer you the chance to work with that ." She pointed to the device .

"And what do I have to do?"

Tanwyn grinned .

"Walk with me ."