Outsider Chronicles: Needless Hero

Getting reborn into a world of superheroes should be awesome. Instead, its a world threatened by godlike entities and most people aren't even aware of it. Still, at least I know a good way to stay out of trouble!...I just jinxed myself, didn't I?

And we're back to get on track. Nothing to say here, so lets get started! Enjoy!

Chapter 15: Interlude

Alcott household

Coils goons were ready. It had taken a lot of planning and preparation on the part of both the criminal mastermind and the chosen agents for the mission. That, combined with Coil's power and the many different distractions Col had planned meant that this should have been an easy job. Get in, deal with the babysitter, grab the girl and go. Hell, at first it seemed that it would be even easier as the babysitter, a young woman with short black hair with red highlights, was asleep on the sofa, despite the fact it was the middle of the day. They had been told to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, so, so long as the girl didn't wake up, she'd be, at most, fired. Or possibly sued. Either way, it was no skin of the noses of the thugs.

The hired goons slowly made their way upstairs, careful to keep from making any unnecessary noise, and quickly located the little girls room, helped along by the glittery sign on the door that announced it as Dinah's room.. The agents quickly took up positions by the door. They didn't really think she'd give them any trouble, but you never could tell with Capes. The leader held up a hand and the goon closest to the door eased it open, revealing a room that definitely belonged to a little girl with the apparent owner of said room and their target sitting in the middle playing with a stuffed animal.

The team leader frowned slightly. Something wasn't right. The girl they were sent to get had dark brown hair, right? The little girl in the room had dark red hair, cut in a bob. Still, they were sent here to get the girl and her hair was dark enough to be seen as brown in the right light, so he'd follow orders. He gave another signal to his men and the goon by the door opened it fully, stepping into the room. As he did, the girl looked up, her dark brown eyes widening at the sight of the tall, masked man.

"Alright girly, come quietly and you won't get hurt," growled the goon as he reached for the girl.

The girl reacted predictably by screaming and swinging her stuffed toy at the man...sending him flying into and through the wall, taking out another two men who had been unlucky enough to be stood on the other side. The leaders eyes widened in shock. Where the hell did that come from?! The girl might be a Cape, but she was supposed to be a Thinker, not a Brute!

He was about to give his men an order to take the girl down, but before he could, a sweet scent invaded his nostrils.

"Whats that...GAHH!"

He screamed in pain as his muscles suddenly locked up, filling his body with the sensation of broken glass being driven into his limbs. He was barely aware of his men screaming as they too fell under the effect of the scent as he slumped against the wall, just as another girl stepped out of the room across from the girls bedroom. She was young, with long, wavy blond hair and light brown eyes, wearing a yellow and black dress with a white fan on her arm that was apparently the source of the scent as it was blowing out a faint cloud of pink dust.

"Well, it looks like Dinah's predictions were right on the money, again," said a voice as the babysitter from downstairs suddenly appeared out of thin air, "Coil did make his play today."

Now she was up, the leader could see that she was wearing a white blouse, a wide, blue skirt and brown thigh high boots. Her eyes were blue and her black and red hair stuck up at the back, giving the impression of speed.

"W-who are you?" hissed the leader through the pain.

The apparent lead girl smiled thinly, before her body seemed to flicker. She flicked her hand, sending the blood that now covered it splattering across the floor as the paralyzed goons all gasped through ruined throats as their life blood flowed freely.

"We are the Scythe," she said, "Speed, Power and Fragrance. We are Lord Saten's instrument in dealing with fools who try to take what is his."

The man swallowed. This was bad, really really bad. They had come expecting a helpless little girl, most of their preparations had been a just in case the girl managed to call someone if her powers tipped her off, but they hadn't expected to end up fighting three Capes with actual combat applicable powers!

"Luckily for you, you get to live," said Speed, "At least until you tell Coil that Dinah Alcott is off limits. If he tries to get her again, we won't be so merciful."

The thug never even saw the foot that knocked him unconscious.

Coil's base

Coil suddenly jolted in his desk chair as his head suddenly felt as if someone had rammed an axe into it. At the same time, the timelines he had active suddenly jerked and changed, revealing that, what had been two successful kidnappings of his newest pet, had gone horribly, horribly wrong. The entire team was dead, bar the leader, who had been knocked unconscious by an unknown female Cape who apparently worked for...Saten.

Coil bit by a curse. Saten and his group had been a thorn in his side for years and a big reason as to why he was in Brockton Bay. It was one of the few cities where the Black Spot had no branches, but now that had apparently changed. This was going to get messy.

The Cauldron

Contessa took a deep breath as she flexed her fingers, trying to relax as much as she could, strapped to the table as she was.

"One last time, are you sure about this?" asked Doctor Mother, "You know that if the dose is even slightly wrong, you will die."

"I know, but this NEEDS to be done," said Contessa, "Otherwise, we won't stand a chance."

Doctor Mother stared down at her oldest and best agent for a moment, before nodding and leaving the room. Contessa took another breath as she tried to keep from looking at the bag of slowly bubbling, reddish black fluid that was about to be pumped into her system. For the last few days, her powers had been acting up, the paths that were normally so clear becoming foggy and twisted, leaving only one clearly visible, although even that one was partly hidden. With little choice, Contessa had followed the path and ended up stumbling on something...strange.

Located in a cave hidden under Brockton bay, the woman had discovered a massive, desiccated body of...something. What it was, she had no idea, but her powers had chosen that moment to go completely out of control. On one hand, they were screaming at her to get as far away from it as possible, but on the other, the paths suddenly became clear. She needed this thing if they ever hoped to defeat Scion without massive casualties.

With that in mind, she had ignored the warnings for the first time and called in the teams to examine the creature and take samples. It was then that they discovered that getting even a tiny amount of the creatures corpse into a Human body was both deadly and messy after one of the scientists had accidentally dropped a container of the creatures blood and cut himself on a piece of it. Almost immediately, he had swollen up and exploded, covering the entire team in gore.

Despite that, her powers had directed her to collect a sample from the remains of the creatures heart and mixed it with her own blood. The resulting fluid was a slowly boiling mess that she swore she occasionally saw faces form in and generally looked extremely unhealthy.

"Alright Contessa, I'm beginning the procedure," said Doctor Mother over the PA system as she settled in the control booth.

They had no idea what would happen, so they were using one of the rooms usually used for experiments on Case 53s. Contessa nodded and braced herself. This was gonna hurt. Doctor Mother flicked the switch and Contessa found her eyes being drawn to the bag against her will as the thick liquid slowly began to ooze its way towards her body through the tubes connected to her. It took a moment to reach her and then...PAIN.

It was unlike anything Contessa had ever felt in her life. It felt like someone had injected molten lead into her veins while compressing her head in an industrial press. Her powers immediately went completely haywire, not helping the headache in the slightest. She could vaguely hear someone screaming and sumized that it was likely her. The pain and pressure continued to build until she was sure that either her head was going to explode or she would lose her mind. Then…everything stopped and her powers snapped back into focus.

The first thing she saw was two figures engaged in a fierce fist fight in the air above an ocean. One was obviously Scion, but the other was hidden in shadow, with the only thing obvious being the tattered cloak they were wearing and the glowing markings that covered his body.

Then, the vision shifted, showing something similar to a zodiac wheel, with 12 silhouettes, each with a strange symbol somewhere on their body, surrounding a 13th in the center of the circle. She couldn't see who they were, but she knew how to find them. Her power pointed her towards the cloaked figure, the central piece, the lynchpin for everything. If she could find him, they would win.

Contessa's eyes snapped open and she jumped off the table, completely missing the fact she'd just torn through the restraints like it was nothing, and hurried from the room to get started. Doctor Mother, still in the control room, was so taken aback by the apparent boost in strength that it took her a moment to scramble after her right hand in a manner that was quite out of character for her. Neither woman noticed that a symbol had appeared on Contessa's lower back.

Dallon household

Carol was feeling rather torn. She was currently sitting in her living room, watching her daughters spar in the back garden, something that, until the encounter with Agni, had never happened before as Amy had prefered to focus on healing. Since then however, the girl had changed. Oh, she was still extraordinarily kind and spent a lot of time helping at the hospital, but she seemed to have lost the endless sense of guilt that consistently weighed her down. Carol didn't know if that was good or bad.

On one hand, Amy was happier than she had ever been before and clearly in a much better place mentally, but on the other, that smile of hers was so much like Marquis that it made Carol feel ill. The changes in Amy's powers certainly didn't help. There had been a moment when Amy was being tested when she had created a cage of bone from her fingers, right before she had converted it into solid steel. For a brief moment, the image of Marquis had been overlaid on the girl. She even moved in a similar way to the bone user when she fought.

Except...that wasn't true was it? While there was no doubt that Amy's smile was physically similar to her birth fathers, it carried with it completely different emotions. Watching her daughters fight now, she could clearly see that. Marqus' smile carried a mocking edge, a sense that he was barely taking anyone else seriously, but Amy's carried only a fierce joy as she blocked Vicky's superpowered punch with a metal shield that had been her arm. Her movements were similar, but Amy's were far more direct, lacking any of the style and flourish that Marquis had.

It was rather ironic, but now that Amy was more like her Father than she had ever been, Brandish found that she could no longer see her as just Marquis daughter. Perhaps it was those similarities that made the differences between father and daughter stand out that much more. No matter how hard she tried, Carol just couldn't picture Amy ever becoming like Marquis. The chances of that happening was about the same as Kieser and Lung sitting down for tea and scones at that disgustingly twee little cafe on the Boardwalk.

Carol sighed as she drained the last of her coffee. She didn't really want to, but she knew she'd need to do it eventually. It was time for THAT conversation with her Daughter. She headed outside, not really noticing the change in mental label for Amy.

Hebert household

Danny Hebert was not a stupid man. Far from it actually. He was also not a man who missed details, a trait that served him well as the spokesperson for the Dockworkers association. He knew that he and Taylor were nowhere near as close as they used to be, but that didn't mean that he didn't miss the signs. He was well aware that she was unhappy, but the rift between them left him wondering just what he could do about it, not that he knew what she was unhappy about to do anything about said issues.

However, recently, he had noticed that Taylor seemed happier, more open, resulting in them having actual conversations at dinner rather than just awkward smalltalk. The conversations often ended up turning to the subject of Taylor's new friends, although he did note that she rarely spoke about what they actually did. He might have worried that she'd joined a gang or something, but he decided that, unless she started coming home with injuries every day or he found something incriminating in her room, he'd give her the benefit of the doubt.

Well, mostly. One of the friends she spoke about quite a bit was a young man called Adam who she seemed to hold in rather high regard. Naturally, as a Father, Danny's mind took the idea of his teenage daughter holding a teenage boy in apparent high regard while not really talking about what they did while out and about, put them together and decided that he really didn't like this young man, followed by the fact that he really needed to meet and get the metal of said young man.

Solely to get to know his daughters friends of course. Its not like he planned to threaten Adam with a blow torch from work or anything.

And with that, I'm done. Quite a range of POV's here and hoo boy was it a pain to write. So, lets start from the top.

Satens goons are in town and already kicking arse, although considering how strong those three are, its not really that surprising. I'm really looking forwards to pitting Agni and his team against the Scythe. Should be fun.

Coils boned and Brockton Bay may or may not be on the verge of a rather nasty gang war.

Hmm, the Cauldron is cooking something and I highly doubt its good news for everyone.

Carol's bit is the one I'm most worried about. I think I did a good job of her, but I dare say I'll get blasted for something. Then again, I didn't get any backlash for Panacea, so myabe not…

Danny's going into protective Father mode and coming to completely the wrong conclusions about Adam and Taylor. This is actually a precursor to the whole 'I'm a Cape' conversation thats inevitably gonna happen and soon. Should be fun. I wonder if you can guess what I have in mind?

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