(This fanfiction is dedicated to the memory of Arthur Rankin, Jr., who brought us so many great stories for the holiday season and for people who love fantasy.)

New Year's Eve. 11:59 P.M. One minute before the New Year begins.

A snowstorm at the North Pole. It was an extremely dangerous one, with the wind blowing snow and ice all around the place, by Santa's workshop.

A figure stood in the center of the snowstorm. "THE NORTH POLE IS MINE!" he yelled. "Surrender, Santa Claus!"

"Never!" cried Santa Claus/Kris Kringle. But snow washed over him, the elves, and all the reindeer, making it hard for them to stay on their feet. "Is there anything we can do?" he cried.

Just then an adult reindeer with a bright red nose stood up. His name was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

"Only the glow of my shiny red nose can stop him," he said.

"No, Rudolph! Don't do it!" yelled Santa.

"You're my buck!" said Donner. "You could die!" Mrs. Donner said nothing, but her fearful expression spoke louder than words.

"Please don't go!" yelled a female doe.

"I can only protect this place and all of you by using my glowing nose. We'll be alright, don't worry, Clarice," said Rudolph. He then flew straight towards the figure in the center of the snowstorm.

"RUDOLPH!" cried Clarice, and rushed after him. Both reindeer disappeared.

Santa and the others watched fearfully at the horrible sight. All they could see was a bright red light flashing in the snow. They did not know what was going on, and could only fear for the two reindeer.

12:00 A.M. The New Year began. Right at this point, a gigantic explosion shook the North Pole, blinding everyone. When they could see again, the snowstorm was gone. They ran to where it was, and gasped at what they saw.

There, lying on the ground were two baby reindeer right where the figure had been. One of them had a red nose, and it was glowing feebly.

"Rudolph!" cried Donner, Rudolph's father. Clarice's mother and father gasped. "Clarice!" Donner and his wife ran up and put the fawn onto his back. Clarice's parents did the same thing with their daughter.

"They've become babies again…" said Santa.

"Yes," said Mrs. Donner.

"H-how did this happen?" asked Donner.

"Their love to protect this place, each other, and everyone must have saved them from death, and must have given them a second chance at life," said Santa. "It's amazing what love can do sometimes."

"We can only raise them again, so that is what we must do," said Clarice's father. "Yes," said Donner. Clarice's father then turned to his daughter who was asleep on his back. "Oh, I hope my little doe is alright…"

"I'm sure she is," said Donner, and then turned to the sleeping Rudolph. "I hope you're alright too, little buck." He turned to Santa. "Will he be able to lead your sleigh again? And will he remember you, too?"

"I think he will be able to, when he grows up," said Santa. "His memories might return back then. Just do a good job in taking care of him and keeping him safe."

Donner then turned to the starry sky with the Northern aurora borealis lights flashing its beautiful shades of green, pink, and blue. "Will this be a second chance for me, too…" he said. He was remembering how he had treated Rudolph before. He did not realize that a beautiful woman with long red hair in a purple dress was looking at the small reindeer fawn on his back. Her name was Lady Boreal, and she cared very deeply for Rudolph too.

"I must now give you my gift, little reindeer," she said.

It was May. Donner returned to his home, letting the other reindeer know that Rudolph was growing strong, and he was happy because he knew that Clarice and Rudolph were both doing well. When he came in, Rudolph happily shone his red nose. This blinded Donner, and with a sudden impulse, he scratched off some dirt from the floor of the cave, but he remembered what this action had done, and with regretful feelings, scraped it off. Rudolph then giggled and cuddled up with his father. Donner giggled and hugged him, swearing to himself he'd never try to hide Rudolph's nose ever again. "You're my little buck, yes you are," he said to his cute little son.

Time passed, and Donner once again taught Rudolph what to do as a reindeer, and he and Santa taught Rudolph about Christmas and what Santa and the reindeer did. Eventually when his little buck was old enough, Donner took him to the reindeer games again to participate. On the way, Rudolph met a familiar looking doe with her father, and the doe could tell that he was familiar.

"That's Clarice, Rudolph," explained Donner. "Do you remember her?"

"Why…yes, I do!" said Rudolph. "I now remember! Clarice!" Donner looked on in surprise at first, but then realized that Rudolph had regained his memories on how he had met Clarice and the adventure he had gone on to save Christmas.

Clarice's father said, "Guess who that is, Clarice?"

"That's…Rudolph!" cried Clarice happily, running up to him. Both reindeer went up and nuzzled together. Both of their fathers laughed happily.

"I'm so glad to see you again, Clarice," said Rudolph.

"As am I," said Clarice. "Do you think you'll be able to pull Santa's sleigh again?"

"I don't know," said Rudolph. "But right now, we'd better get to the Reindeer Games." And off they went.

Comet, who was Coach again, recognized Rudolph immediately.

"Ah, I remember you last year," he said. "You're Donner's buck, aren't you?"

"Yes," said Rudolph. "I remember you. I'll be able to play in Reindeer Games this time, won't I?"

"Why yes you can," said Comet. "You're our hero who saved Christmas, and I wanna be your pal." Rudolph smiled. "Thanks." Comet then blew his whistle, and then all the new reindeer and Rudolph went off to play the games. During "Takeoff", Rudolph tried not to fly too high so as to give others a chance. Donner smiled happily as he watched Rudolph play. All seemed right.

Little did he know what he and his son, the most famous reindeer of all, would eventually experience over time…

(Opening Titles with Cast in Story. Opening Song: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Burl Ives)