Chapter 23

Warrick was parked around the corner and saw the display briefly. He hadn't seen the train or when they sat down, but when Grissom took Sara's hand he pulled away and headed to the diner. Warrick's phone started ringing. "Brown."

"Hey Warrick, where's our grub?" Nick's voice sounded tired.

Warrick smiled as he paid for the food in the drive through. "Right here bud."

"What's taking so long?"

"I had to help some people out." Warrick pulled out from the diner and headed back to the lab.

Nick's voice was now much happier. "You got them to talk, ah man. That's great.

"Yeah, well. I'll ring Griss in about 20 minutes and pick them up. They need time to talk."


Sara's fingers tangled in his salt and pepper curls as he kissed her again. Grissom pulled back slightly so his blues eyes were looking directly into her brown ones. "I understand if you don't want to talk about it, but."

"Talk about what?" She asked noticing he could hear her now.

"About 9 years ago."

Sara looked away. "Not really."

Grissom stared at her long enough for her to turn back to him. "I'm going to talk even if you don't listen Sara." She nodded and waited for him to start. He took a deep breath and jumped in feet first. "You were hurt badly, I tried to help you, but there was so much blood. I thought I was loosing you." He watched as her eyes welled with unshed tears. As the first tear fell he caught it and wiped it away. "I told you something I thought I would never hear myself say."

Sara shook her head and pulled away from him. "You said you'd forgotten Griss." She got up and took a few steps away from him. Grissom stood painfully and slowly approached her.

"I told you that because I was scared Sara."

She turned to him with tears. "Why? So that if I died you would never have to say it again, well Griss you never said it when I was in the hospital. You didn't even come and see me, just like this time."

"Sara please listen to me." He reached for her, but she took another step away from him.

She shook her head as she bit her lower lip, suppressing the sobs that she felt coming. "You get as close to me as you allow and when it gets too much you pull away so fast I feel like I've done something wrong. You stopped talking to me, I came here because you asked me and you pushed me away almost immediately. I try to talk to you and you will say nice things then retreat to your office and lead me to believe you've forgotten you said it at all. I can't keep up with you anymore Grissom." Tears streamed down her face. "Richards coming back made me realise that I could be dead right know and when I was in the hospital again it was like it was happening all over again; Richards torturing us then you never even coming to see me, NOT ONCE." She shouted as she turned to look up at the sky.

Grissom moved in front of her and squeezed her arms tightly not wanting her to pull away. Her energy seemed to drain from her as she fell into his arms. He held her to him as she cried into his neck. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know you wanted to see me. I thought you blamed me. This never would have happened if I didn't threaten him and - Josh would still be alive." Tears broke through his barrier and pooled down his cheeks into Sara's hair.

"How could I ever blame you?" Sara took his head in her hands. "When I love you." Grissom caved and kissed her passionately, hungrily, pouring all his emotions into the kiss. She returned the kiss as she pulled him closer to her.



The blue sky and sun shone down on the gravestone as the light breeze of the wind pushed leaves up into the air. The grass had been freshly cut and glowed a bright green under their feet. Ash placed flowers on his grave and stepped back into Nick's awaiting arms. She hugged him tightly as she looked down on the grave.

Sara hadn't been to see him in so many years, neither had Grissom. They both stood hand in hand looking over the graveyard. It was a lovely warm day, like the day at the park in San Francisco, where they had all grown close and made a packed to be friends forever. Sara squeezed Grissom's hand in reaffirmation of that promise they all made.

Josh's grave twinkled in the sunlight and reflected rays of light. Grissom and Sara walked around the graveyard, leaving Nick and Ash to head back to the car.

They passed several new graves and many aged ones. Grissom stopped behind Sara and wrapped his arms around her as they looked out at the valley. He kissed her shoulder and whispered in her ear so only she could hear. "I love you Sara."

She turned in his arms and pressed her body against his. "I love you too." He leaned down to capture her lips in a slow kiss.

Sara promised Ash that she would visit every year with her and that Grissom and her were talking more than they had in years. If Josh was alive today he'd be pleased that Grissom and Sara finally got together and that Ash also found someone special, Nick.


(I hope you liked it. This story was my hardest one to write. It may have gone flat a little in the middle, I got stuck, but I think I sorted it out. Look out for other stories to come. They are all written and awaiting to be posted, so keep your computer screens clean and mouse's at the ready.)