Chapter 10

The doctor ordered a head scan immediately to be on the safe side of any brain damage. Sara just kept quiet as the tests were done and tried not to move, it hurt too much. Her arms still didn't want to work and any noise made her headache worse.

Once she was settled back in her room with Grissom sitting on the edge of the bed holding her hand, the doctor filled them in on the results. "No more damage was sustained, so just the concussion and one hell of a headache." The doctor continued to check Sara's shoulder as he spoke. "Your shoulder should take a few weeks to heal, but again no serious damage."

"Thank you doctor." Grissom watched as he left them alone. Grissom turned to Sara and smiled. "You ok now?" He reached out and brushed her hair back behind her ear.

Sara was sat up holding Grissom's hand tightly. "I am now." Grissom ducked his head to look down at their hands. "I'm sorry I yelled at you and pushed you away. I was angry."

Grissom shook his head. "No need to apologise. I should have left you alone."

"It did me good that you were their Griss, If you didn't come in I'm sure I would have done something stupid." She leaned forward, but grimaced. "This is annoying."

"The painkillers should be working." He said looking at her with concern.

"Its not just that. All I want to do is kiss you." She grinned.

Grissom chuckled as he leaned into her gently and kissed her slowly. He pulled back after a minute or two. "That better?"

Sara giggled. "Ouch." Her shoulder spasmed with short bursts of pain.

"You'll heal, don't worry." Grissom squeezed her hand reassuringly. Both Grissom and Sara withdrew their hands at Catherine's knock on the door. Grissom moved to stand as she came in.

"Hey Sara, How you feeling?" Catherine asked after watching Grissom take a few steps away from Sara covertly.

"I'm feeling better than I did." Catherine sat in the chair Grissom sat in and took her hand.

"That's good. It's a pain but I need to ask questions."

Sara frowned. "Ok, but I don't remember much. I hit a wall after the explosion that was it."

"What about before?"

Sara closed her eyes to think back. She brought her hand to her head and moaned. Grissom was at her side in seconds. He took her other hand in his and covered the one clutching her head. "Sara?" Catherine smiled inwardly at the display, but kept a straight face at the seriousness of the situation.

"Just a headache. Doctor said I'd get them." She smiled at him then turned to Catherine. "I know that look Cath."

Catherine's smile broke through. "I must admit I've been waiting for you two to finally stop pining after each other."

Grissom's mouth opened then closed. Sara squeezed his hand. "We were not pining."

Catherine snorted. "Yeah right." Grissom sat on the bed close to Sara and put his arm around her. Catherine eyed them once more. "How long has this been going on guys?"

Sara leaned her head against Grissom's and sighed. "Month maybe more."

Catherine's jaw hit the floor as she shook her head. "No way we would have noticed."

Grissom smiled. "We're investigators too, we know how to hide the evidence." Catherine had to laugh.

"Well, I think it's about time."


Two weeks later, at Sara's apartment. The sun was out and shining brightly as Sara fell slowly to the couch. Her shoulder still hurt, but she could move it more than when she left the hospital a week ago. Sara closed her eyes and tried to sleep, but the headache that began when the sun hit her as she exited the CSI building was too bad to sleep. A knock at the door was not what she wanted. She groaned and stood unsteadily. She peeked through the peephole and grinned. She opened the door wide and shook her head. "I thought you might need some comfort food after the night we've had." He said holding up a large tub of chocolate ice cream.

"Yummy." She greeted as he lightly hugged her and kissed her cheek. "Come in."

"I plan to." Grissom grinned as she laughed.

"Well, I'm not too hungry at the moment, just tired."

Grissom frowned. "You have a headache?" Sara nodded grimly making it worse. "Let's get you to bed."

"I always wondered why you came every morning after work." She chuckled.

Grissom shook his head laughing. "Funny, come on. I know just the thing to help." Grissom put the ice cream in the freezer while Sara made her way to the bedroom.

Grissom entered the room with a wet flannel. Sara was lying on the bed with her arm over her eyes. He closed the blinds bringing the room to darkness and slowly sat on the bed and removed her arm to place the flannel on her forehead. "Hmmm, feels nice." Grissom gently removed her socks and started to massage her feet. "You know. the last time this happen. you were complaining of the outcome."

He slowly worked up her calf to her thigh. "I was not, I said 'I'll rub you feet more often if this is the result.'"

Sara laughed and shifted under his touch. "So you did." His hand continued to make there way up her body until he was leaned over her only inches from her face. "You also said that it was a turn on from what I remember."

"Did I?" He questioned as he brushed his lips with hers. He pulled away before they went any further. "But not this time."

"Why?" Sara raised both eyebrows at him.

"You have a headache that's why."

Sara threw the flannel to the floor and grasped his shirt tightly so he couldn't move away. "Headache gone." Grissom shook his head before she pulled him closer.


(Short but sweet I think. I'm a sucker for romance what can I say.)