Jump city angel: Chapter 4

Summary: After being told to do an assassination mission the H.I.V.E. Five tire of being Blood puppets so decide to rebel against him to the best of their abilities by becoming super heroes. Watch their trials and hardships protecting their new city. Made with the help of eternal mist.

I don't own Teen Titans or the HIVE five their own by DC comics.

Beta by awesomenaruto

In a police ambulance.

The rest of the Hive five woke up on medical beds, in a new room, wearing handcuffs.
See-more looked around confused knowing someone wasn't there, "Where's Jinx?"
"Is she gone?" Mikron tried to find her.
"She must not have made it," Billy said.
"Jinx..." See-more couldn't believe it.
They noticed they had inhibitor collars on them, so they couldn't escape.
"Dammit!" See-more snapped, pulling at it.
"Calm down, we need to see if there is anything we can use to escape," Mikron said, looking around and taking leadership since Jinx was not there.
"You're not in charge of us!" Billy snapped at him.
"Hey, I am the closest thing to a leader," He also was the only member of the original three left so that means he has seniority.
"You're a twerp," Billy retorted.
"And you're inbred, so what's your point?" He asked.
Billy punched him.
He glared, trying to punch back.
Billy grabbed him by his head and laughed at his struggle.
They started to get shocks from the collar.
"Stop it! Who's doing that?" See-more demanded to know.
"Must be a new prison system," He said. Who ever had them didn't want them to leave or cause trouble.
See-more pounded on the door.
The car started to move, "Great we are going to prison," Angel said. She normally wasn't going to talk, but once the HIVE find them in prison without the chip She and her friends will die.
Everyone stared at her.
"You can talk?" Billy gaped.
"Yes," She answered. She just never had anything to say before.
She sighed, "there's got to be a way out." knowing that her wings were held down with bandages.
Billy tried to muscle the door open.
"Don't bother, that is reinforced steel, we aren't going anywhere until we get our collars off." Gizmo said, "see if we can get something loose from the chair."
Billy tried with no success.
" See-more you help Billy search; me and Kywwkyd will try to free Angel's wings," he said.
"Got it," he sighed, seeing no way out.
He tried to rip the bandages off of the only remaining girl on the team.
"Ow!" She exclaimed.
"Sorry, but your wings need to be free." She and Gizmo were the only ones who could use (some of) their powers while wearing the collar.
"I know. I know."
"Any luck Kyd Wykkyd?" He asked, pulling on the wrapping.
He shook his head. They were trapped.
Gizmo kept pulling. "We are dead, we are going to prison. The HIVE agents will find us and kill us as an example to the others," he said, weeping.
The door opened. "Stop crying!" it was Jinx. She was alive.
"Jinx, you're alive," Gizmo said.
He smiled, "Can you get these things off of us?" Gizmo asked.
"I can try."
She shot pink energy, freeing them.
"I'm awesome," She said.
"Don't let your head swell up," Gizmo told the team leader.
"Too late!" She laughed.
"Where's an ice villain when you need one?" He joked.
"Talk later. Escape now."
He nodded; he would need to grab onto either See-more or Angel since his backpack was gone.
Now freed, The Hive five escaped into the night, all wondering what they wanted to do now that they were free. Jinx especially was wondering what she wanted to do with her life.
Finally, someone dared to ask the obvious question, "So where are we going to go?" Wykkid asked.
"An abandoned villain lair. I learned of its existence during a mission," Jinx replied.
"Alright," everyone agreed.
Once there, they found something to sleep on and everyone rested, wondering what the future held.
Jinx slept in a hammock she found where she noticed a lot of spare machines parts. She decided she would give them to Gizmo, in the morning.


Jinx woke up noticing she didn't have any pajamas.
"What?" She said groggily.
See-more heard her and asked, "You okay Jinx?"
She remembered last night. "Ya."
"Sorry we had to travel light." None of the five had anything personal that couldn't be replaced.
"I know," she said.
"We might have to go shoplifting for some new clothes," he stated, wanting to do what he knew.
"Sounds like a plan," she agreed, thinking of what would happen next.
He smiled, "I'll get the others up if you want," he suggested.
"Sure," she said with a sigh.
He did so, wondering what life with HIVE watching them would be like.
"I've been thinking," Jinx said suddenly, "we need to get back at the HIVE academy. And what does brother blood hate the most?"
"Insubordination?" Gizmo asked, thinking, not getting a sign that was the answer she wanted. "The only other thing I can think of is super heroes," the smallest one said.
"Superheroes," She confirmed with a catlike grin.
"Jinx did you have an allergic reaction to the anesthetic? Because it sounds like you want us to be super heroes?" Gizmo asked.
"Why not?" she said.
"Well, first off, less than two minutes ago we were planning on stealing for, well, everything, and we are basically the complete other end of the spectrum," he explained.
Angel was laughing at this.
"But what could possibly piss off Blood more?" Jinx tempted.
"Do you know how to be a super hero?" Gizmo asked, "I don't and neither does anyone else here."
"How hard could it be?" She rolled her eyes.
"If we go out, both the cops and HIVE will hire a sniper and take us out within the week," Gizmo argued.
"Then we get new costumes, new names," Jinx replied.
"We need supplies," Gizmo said, "supplies we have to steal."
"Then we steal that, and then do the hero thing," she shrugged.
"I will try, maybe we should have a trial run." Gizmo gave in, as a way to get out of this easily.
"Sure," She agreed, willing to do it with or without them.
"So what do you want to be called?" See-more asked, wanting to give her a head start.
Jinx thought about it for a moment. "How about... Lucky?"
"You sure have a thing for irony don't you." The debatably smartest of the team said.
"Well what are you gonna call yourself?" She retorted.
"You're serious?" He looked at her to see that she was, "If I have to, then Gadget." he said, thinking that maybe he should have a robot do his work.
"Nice," she grinned at him.
Angel thought about it, "Uriel, the angel of creativity," she said.
"That's sweet," Jinx told her.
"Wykkyd, you can be Erebos, the greek god of Darkness," she stated to the dark one.
He nodded his head silently.
"Now, what do you losers want?" Gizmo asked, figuring Billy and See-more had to have something of value.
"I'll be Six Shooter Shooter," He said.
"How about Eye-spy for me?" See-more tried out.
"Why not?" Gizmo asked, he didn't didn't want to do all the work but felt he didn't have much choice here.
"Duh," The one-eyed teen replied.
"Guess we just need to steal some clothes and some machine parts for me," Gizmo, now Gadget, said.
Then let's head out one last time in these costumes," Lucky stated, leading the way.
Gizmo thought about it, "I want a helmet," he declared.
"What for?" Eye-spy asked him.
"I need something to protect my head and give me an if with numbskull." The smallest HIVE said.
"Not worth protecting," Lucky laughed.
"I'll remember the next time you're falling to your death," Gadget retorted.
She just winked at him.
"Okay, where do we start?" Uriel asked.
"I say we get the parts I need for the costumes," Gadget said. He was thinking that if they started out large, they could get the smaller stuff at their leisure, and if they went in reverse they would just alert the police and make them more likely to react faster to them.
"Good idea," Lucky said.
Hoping this place had a good enough lab to supply them, the group left for supplies.
Uriel and Erebos were going to get the clothing. It was the easiest job since they were the less experienced of the group.
Lucky was leading the way to a tech facility, while Gadget and Eye-spy followed. Six Shooter was watching their backs.
"Remember, in and out, no theatrics," Lucky told them seriously.
"Ya ya ya," Gadget replied, not really caring about what she said.
She glared at him, while Eye-spy wondered if he would need new goggles.
"Take down the security system so we can get inside quietly," Lucky told the midget genius.
He did so, turning off the security camera and putting in a dummy video.
"Perfect," Lucky gave a cat-like grin. "Now let's not waste any more time," She stated. Then she motioned to Six Shooter and he sent clones in every direction to help carry the heavy stuff.
"Great," She smirked; this was going great, without a hitch.
All of a sudden a laser grid appeared in one of the rooms. "Damn, a generator, " he cursed.
"Can't you disable it?" She asked him.
"Maybe," He replied, wondering how it got on there in the first place.
Lucky was frustrated with the situation.
"Can't you make an explosion? " He asked Lucky.
"Not without setting off the alarm." She wasn't exactly precise.
"Give me a minute, " Gadget said, as a spider drone appeared.
She watched him and hoped he knew what he was doing.
"Lucky, that isn't mine," Gadget said, looking confused.
"Shit! Alright, get ready for a fight!" Lucky yelled.
Eye-spy tried to shoot the drone, but another one came.
Lucky blew it up, but that didn't help either.
"It seems to be adapting to our attacks," Gadget said.
"So it's a learning robot," Lucky frowned.
"Yes and it seems to have friends," he told her.
"Six Shooter, we need more of you!"
Six Shooter tried to stomp them and then dog piled them, but nothing had any effect.
Then another one appeared and zapped him before Lucky was able to destroy it.
Unfortunately, even that had no effect and it just recovered from her attack.
"Dammit," she swore, trying to think of a strategy.
"Six Shooter, make more and see if we can out number them," she suggested.
He nodded his head and started duplicating himself until he couldn't duplicate anymore. Even that plan wasn't able to work since more of those bugs came. The only good thing was that they were slower.
"Hack them or something!" Lucky demanded the little genius as she repeatedly blew up robots.
"They have one random signal generator," he explained.

"Then let's find it!" She decided.
"You have no idea how one of these works, do you?" He questioned. "It would take me hours to get all of them."
"Dammit," she swore again.
"But I think we can do something, but in order for it to work, we would need to get a lot of them in a small area," He said.
Lucky started to lure them to one place while they were trying to stun her. Luckily, they couldn't hit her, and she smirked at her luck.
Gadget smirked, grabbing a tool and smashing them while they were confused, while Lucky just laughed at what he was doing.

"We have to be quick before they realize what is happening," Gizmo stated, since back up could come at any minute.
She nodded and they quickly left with their loot.
Eye-spy smiled at all the shiny toys they now had.
"Victory!" She laughed.
Eye-spy looked over the parts, "Let's see if they have any lenses for me," He said, since they knew that his eyes were specials.
"Any luck?" She asked him.
"I think so, but some of this tech looks familiar somehow," he said.
"How so?" She asked him.
"I think it might have been something I saw at the academy, maybe?" He replied, not entirely sure since he wasn't their tech guy.
"Gadget?" She looked at the midget.
He looked at it, going from barely interested to staring at it intensely, "That's HIVE tech," he replied, wondering how he didn't notice it before.
"Why is it at STAR Labs?" Lucky wondered.
"I don't know," Gadget answered, "it's not like any major HIVE tech was stolen," he continued. Thought he would've suggested his backpack, but this was in no way similar to his bag.
"We'll have to look into it," she decided.
"Ya ya," he said. "Where are the other two?"
"We'll have to find them," Lucky told him.
"Okay, have fun wearing a jacket," he teased.
She stuck her tongue out at him in reply, while Six Shooter stayed behind to see if they had any weapons for him.

To be continue…


eternal mistchapter 3 . Apr 20

Uh oh

I hope it got you.

rmarcano321chapter 1 . Apr 20

The H.I.V.E. Five were hilarious on tv!

I've noticed that on the Teen Titans show, a lot of people are stronger than their comic counterparts:
-The Killer Moth in the comics is the most ineffectual of the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains, with a completely ridiculous, ill-fitting costume that looks like it was put together by a colorblind man. Here, he has an army of genetically modified bugs at his command, has a cool half-man, half moth hybrid look, and takes out the Teen Titans like they're nothing. Despite this, he's still the series' Butt-Monkey when it's revealed that his teenage daughter, Kitten is the one who runs the show. However, he is by far the coolest incarnation of Killer Moth.

-This series just succeeded in creating the most badass Robin incarnation in the history of DC Universe. Instead of being the comic relief sidekick to Batman, he's the leader of the Teen Titans, and a martial arts master. Having been trained by Batman his whole life really toughened him up, and that's what this series is getting at. He's so badass in fact, that there have been multiple instances of him putting up a better fight than his superpowered teammates.

-Dr. Light was nothing but a perverted weakling who couldn't even beat a bunch of kids in the comics. In this show, he takes the Teen Titans with ease. He is still without a doubt one of the least threatening villains, but he's powerful.

-Kid Flash counts. In most incarnations, the writers have to work around his story-breaker power of Super Speed. Here, they take it and use it to his full extent, and he spends most of the episode running circles around the Hive Five. The only way they manage to bring him down is by tiring him out, and that takes a long time.

-There, Aqualad is a water-bending Atlantean cop who was lusted after by Raven and Starfire (for one episode, at least), can summon nearby aquatic wildlife when in his element (up to and including whales), and has an understated amount of Super Strength (he's torn his way through the Titan Tower's front door, ripped off robot arms, and toppled pillars underwater). Not too bad considering he was written out of the original Teen Titans comic book because the writer thought he was useless.

-Raven as well. In the comics, she can simply teleport, heal other people, and sense other's feelings (nothing actually useful during a fight). Here, she uses telekinesis, can fly, knows sorcery, etc.

-The Madame Rouge in the comics, after a short tenure as a recurring villain, she winds up killed off for real and a source of guilt for Beast Boy. Here, her powers (stretching, Human Shifting) are greatly upgraded, making her an unholy fusion of Reed Richards and the T-1000. Nothing hurts her, except heat, and she just has to take a second to shapeshift into an undamaged form. The episode with Hot Spot alone being hunted by her makes her almost Nightmare Fuel, an implacable threat that can come from anywhere, look like anyone, and can't be held back for long even when your power is her Kryptonite Factor, and when she returns to battle Kid Flash, she's every bit as badass. He runs circles around the H.I.V.E. Five and looks so good doing it then she shows up and it's a whole 'nother story, able to shift fast enough to actually stretch out to grab Kid Flash when he's looking like a yellowy blur and then proceed to lay down a beatdown.

My response: Thank you, I like the show as well.

rmarcano321chapter 2 . Apr 20

Adaptational Super Power Change-Jinx has the ability of manipulating probability instead of magically commanding various natural elements and magical/mystical energy just like her comic book counterpart.

Adaptational Intelligence-Not by much, but Mammoth actually was even stupider in the comics, while in Teen Titans, despite still being dumb, at least he is smart enough to speak like a normal person.

Kyd Wykkyd, See-More, Gizmo II, Billy Numerous, & Private Hive were created exclusively for the Teen Titans show.

Adaptational Attractiveness-Gizmo went from a bald adult dwarf to a short boy.

Age Lift-Gizmo was originally a diminutive adult rather than a young boy. Though a Ret-Canon later established this Gizmo was the son of the original Gizmo.

My response: I didn't know that, amazing I hope they put them in the comics one day.

rmarcano321chapter 3 . Apr 20

Bruce Wayne finally shows up!

Jinx is an evil counterpart to Raven; both use dark magic, both have issues with their abilities, but where Raven (mostly) keeps them under control, Jinx seems to think that she's supposed to be as 'bad' as her powers are.

Mammoth is an evil counterpart to Cyborg (Big guy who's a Big Eater) and Beast Boy (The team's muscle).

Gizmo is an evil counterpart to Cyborg in practice and Beast Boy in personality. Like Cyborg, he uses technology to fight his enemies, while he's an immature jokester like Beast Boy.

Expy-Kyd Wykkyd's design and general demeanor makes him similar to Batman.

Expy-See-More is a composite of Cyclops and Tri-klops.

Expy-Billy Numerous is a lot like Multiple Man from Marvel Comics X-Men.

My response: Interesting idea, and good points.