OKAY so this isn't a chapter, but it is a bit of an update on the future of this fic!

Long story short: I DO PLAN TO RESUME AND EVENTUALLY FINISH THIS.There's some stuff that's happened to me over the past two years that I'm slowly working my way out of that can explain away the long delays and hiatuses

1) I've had two concussions in as many years, which made college hella obnoxious to deal with and delayed any for-fun writing

2) I had a friend bullied and harassed out of a different fandom, over petty shipping bullshit that was mostly made up. This greatly affected me, as it was my first real encounter with how AWFUL Tumblr and Twitter can be with the anonymous (cough cowardly cough) death threats, racism, pointless hatred and etc. This occurences was probably part of this next point.

3) My mental health *tanked* last year and has stayed volatile ever since. I'm sure some of you probably guessed that. But for me it's resulted in something akin to depression, a lack of focus on everything, including my interests, and general apathy that's progressively intensified.

However, there's light at the end of the tunnel for this bullshit. I'm about to graduate (fuck school, for real, I'm dying), and I've finally been convinced to see a psychologist - who almost *immediately* smacked me with a "This sounds like adult ADHD to me. Has anyone suggested that to you?"

The answer to that question - yeah, *I'VE* been suggesting that to my parents since uhmmmm i was sixteen? And nobody ever fucking listened.

But finally someone has, and confirmed the suspicion I've had all along: that I can't do jackshit to take care of my responsibilities not because I'm lazy, but because my brain said "yeah fuck you, I'm going to refuse to make enough of the fancy stimulant neurotransmitters that would make you a functional adult." AND THIS IS A PROBLEM THAT CAN BE FIXED. HALLE-FUCKIN'-LUJAH.

So, with this new solution, life's been somewhat improving for me recently? I'm still drowning in schoolwork, and I have bad days, but hopefully once I graduate that won't be a problem anymore - and at that point, I'll resume this fic that used to make me so happy to write. It won't be soon, by any means - there's probably at LEAST another month between here and me recovering enough to start writing Dragon Blade again. But things are looking up, I think.

At the time when the new story chapters begin updating, I will remove this chapter and the previous A/N chapters as I see fit. Hopefully you will all still get the appropriate notifications. And if not: I will be posting chapter updates with the appropriate links to ao3 and ffnet on my tumblr, which now has the username "davidoodles", and my twitter, which is "avtorSola".

In the meantime, I'll probably be most active on my tumblr, twitter, and other social media accounts. My twitter's pinned tweet has links to my ao3, Instagram, Pixiv and my (art) commission site, and I'll be posting links to my Deviantart, Redbubble and a few other social media accounts there shortly. Feel free to DM me on any of those websites, or shoot asks to my tumblr/curiouscat - I'm down to chat, even if it might take me a bit to respond.


Davi (formerly Sol/Sola)