Another Dear Evan Hansen one shot. I type those words way to often. So all the same stuff applies, Zoe and Connor are twins, Zoe and Evan are together and so are Connor and Alana. This is set when they are 22.And with all that being said, let's get on with the story.Zoe's POV

"Evan! Come look what my mum dropped off!" I called out to Evan, who was in the kitchen. "What is it Zo?" Evan asks as he walks into the living room. "It's a box of stuff from my childhood. I wanna show you stuff. Come on, sit down!" I say excitedly. He sits down next to me and I open the box and the first thing I find is my teddy duck who I named Duckie. "What's that?" Evan asks. "It's Duckie!" I squeal. "Who's Duckie?" Evan asks. "It's my duck that Connor got me for my fifth birthday.I used to take him everywhere" I say. "Really? He's pretty clean considering you took him everywhere" Evan says. "Oh he was usually filthy. I don't even know why mum still had him. I'm sure I packed him when I moved out" I say. "Why have I never seen Duckie? I mean we pretty much lived together when we were 17 and 18 and we've known each other since we were 3" Evan asks. "I kinda hid him whenever you came around. I was scared that you'd judge me for still sleeping with a teddy but when we were little I always kept him under my covers so he wouldn't get hurt through the day when I wasn't there to protect him" I say, embarrassed. "That's silly Zo, why would you think I'd judge you?" Evan asks. " I don't know. The only person who isn't in my family that has seen him is Alana." I say, still embarrassed and looking down. "Hey it's ok. Can I show you something?" Evan asks. "Of course" I say. He jumps up and runs out the room. I look through the box some more as I wait for Evan to come back. Eventually, I hear Evan cough to get my attention and I look up. He walks into the room with something behind his back. "Zo, I'd like you to meet Miss Sheep" Evan says as he shows me what was behind his back. It was a teddy sheep. "I've had her since I was 5 too." Evan explains as he sits back down. "I've never seen her either" I say. "That's because I used to hide her too." Evan says. "Why?" I ask. "Same reason as you. When we were younger I usually put her in the closet or under my bed so she could scare away the monsters" Evan explains. "Aww! That's so cute" I say and he blushes. "Now they can sit proudly on our bed as the teddy versions of us!" Evan announces. "Sounds good" I say. "Now let's go put them on our bed" Evan says, jumping up from the floor beside me. He grabs my hand and drags me up the stairs. We run into our bedroom and place our teddies on our pillows. "There we go!" Evan says happily. "Hey Evan, where has Miss Sheep been hiding for the past to years we've been living here?" I ask. "In the closet, scaring away all the monsters" he answers.