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The Dead King's Scepter...

Forged by the ancient king of Atlantis, this powerful weapon allowed the wielder to create earthquakes strong enough to sink islands and summon thunderbolts. Most of all, it allowed one to gain leadership over the deadly and malevolent race of underwater dwellers known as the Trench.

The Trench were savage creatures that live in the ocean depths. Not only was their appearance terrifying, they were also dangerous. With enhanced strength and senses, these violent creatures terrorized anything that entered their territory. They usually attacked in large numbers, so to encounter the Trenches likely meant doom for any poor soul who encounters them.

Through primal authority recognition, the Trenches believed that whoever wielded the Dead King's Scepter was their leader and would do anything the wielder commanded them, be it good or evil.

It so happened that Orm, also known as Ocean Master, was able to get his hands on the scepter that was believed to have been lost in time. With it, he was able to obtain a massive army consisting of Trenches. With it, he believed he could take over both the land and the sea, and wanting to showcase his newfound army and power, he caused an earthquake at a beach filled with people to damage the architectures there, and then he sent the Trenches to attack the people.

Fortunately, members of the Justice League arrived to save the day.












Chapter 1
Mysterious Attackers Out at Sea

It was nighttime when Ocean Master attacked a party happening at the beach. After a devastating earthquake ruined the party mood and tore down various buildings built at the area, thousands of Trenches ran out of the water and charged for dry land, attacking whoever they came across. While this happened, Ocean Master stood on a rock poking out of the sea and watched in glee as his army laid waste to everything before his eyes. He was liking his new army and the power of the Dead King's Scepter. He would use this to show land dwellers the might he possessed and also to punish them for having a long history of polluting the ocean.

Unfortunately for him, the Justice League received news of what was happening, and while they were unable to send everyone, at least nine of them were able to make it to the place to keep the damage caused from spreading too far in time. The league members that showed up were Batman, the Flash, Vibe, Jon Stewart of the Green Lantern Corps, Beast Boy, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Aqualad, and Cyborg.

As it was his half-brother who was behind this, Aquaman saw it his duty to stop him from causing any more harm. His wife Mera, while not a member of he league, followed him when she heard about what Ocean Master was doing, believing that she could be of help in stopping a family member.

A large-scaled battle ensued on the beach, and though the league was clearly outnumbered, they were holding their own with no issues, as the Trenches were no match for the fighting prowess of the heroes.

Being the master of fighting in darkness, Batman had no issues dealing with the Trenches at all, despite having no powers whatsoever. The Dark Knight moved around skillfully and speedily as he punched and kicked the Trenches that came near him. He also used various kinds of gadgets, such as Batarangs, smoke bombs, and tasers, to help take down his enemies.

The Flash sped around the beach, punching down any Trench that got in his way. In fact, he moved so fast that he didn't need to punch at all. All he had to do was run into them or past them to make them fall over on the ground.

Vibe wasn't the best fighter of the bunch, but he was still able to hold his own using his vibration powers. He sent vibration waves through the air, blasting the Trenches in the chests. He was also able to create portals that led to other areas of the beach, both to help himself maneuver around and also help the league members perform surprise attacks.

Cyborg was similar to Vibe in the way that he was capable of creating portals thanks to his Mother Box technology, which was what granted him his body in the first place. Combining that with powerful energy blasts fired from his shapeshifting hands, he proved to be a formidable foe for the Trenches. Being able to fly was a plus too.

Beast Boy transformed into various kinds of animals to battle the Trenches. For the most part, he preferred animals with great physical strength, such as elephants and buffaloes, so that he could plow down his enemies.

Plastic Man went wild with his shapeshifting body. From long-ranged punches to changing his hands into bludgeoning weapons, the former criminal had lots of fun beating up his enemies while making funny quips.

Jon Stewart, with his trusty Green Lantern Power Ring, created various kinds of constructs to take down his enemies. Being a soldier, he preferred using constructs of guns and army vehicles to battle.

Aqualad used his shapeshifting water swords to cut down the Trenches. He also took advantage of his weapons electrical properties by zapping the sea to electrocute Trenches that were in it.

Mera used her magical powers to control the sea. Forming them into constructs of spikes, she impaled several of the Trenches and also cut them up.

Aquaman used his trident to impale several of those sea monsters and also used his super strength to send them flying with powerful punches. After taking out several of them, he turned to his half-brother and said to him, "Orm! Stop this madness! I will no longer allow you to have things your way!"

"Then die trying to stop me!" Ocean Master said to him. "With this Dead King's Scepter, I will be unstoppable! All land dwellers will soon realize the power of us Atlanteans and surrender to us!"

"You give Atlanteans a bad name, Orm!" Mera said to him while fighting her enemies.

"No, I am showing them the kind of people we truly are! The sea has suffered to much under the hands of land dwellers!" Ocean Master said to her. "They shall now suffer for their ways!"

Enraged, Aquaman ran into the water and towards him, "Then I shall knock some senses into you!" He jumped out of the water towards Ocean Master and clashed his trident with his scepter.

Back on the shore, the rest of the league continued to fight the Trenches, and though they were doing a fine job taking them down, the number of their enemies didn't seem to be going down. "There's no end to them! At this rate, we're going to fight until we drop dead tired!" said the Flash as he stopped to take a break. He then turned to Batman. "Bats, you got any ideas?"

Before Batman could respond, Cyborg, who was standing within range of hearing the Flash speak, said, "I actually have an idea. I can open up a Boom Tube that targets only the Trenches and suck them all in."

"Sounds like a good idea," said Batman while busy fighting his enemies. "Will it take long?"

"I just need to give one a good scan and that's it," said Cyborg. He focused on one Trench that was constantly closing on him. As Cyborg avoided his attack, he did a quick full body scan on the latter and was able to obtain data on him. "All right, I think I've got this down! Time to warp them back to the deep sea, where they belong!" After blasting away that Trench, he used his internal computer to find the coordinates of the deepest part of the sea in order to open up a portal to that place.

It was at this same time Ocean Master summoned a thunderbolt onto his trident with the intention of firing a beam at Aquaman. The latter got out of its way, and the electric beam headed for Cyborg. Cyborg was just about to create a portal when he got zapped by the attack. That didn't stop him from creating a portal, however. A boom tube still appeared in the air, and it began sucking in the Trenches and nothing else. The sea monsters attempted to run away, but the force was too strong, so their number decreased at a fast speed.

"It's working!" commented the Flash.

Batman went up to Cyborg and helped him back on his feet while asking, "You all right?"

"Yeah... Just a small shock... Doubt it messed up anything," he replied. "Still managed to get the job done!"

Ocean Master saw what was happening and cried in anger, "No! You will not take my army away!"

"It's your loss, Orm!" Aquaman said to him. "Surrender now!"

The league watched as the Trenches get suck into the portal, but then they felt themselves being pulled towards it. "Um... Is it supposed to involve us getting pulled towards it?" asked Plastic Man.

Batman tried to retain his footing while asking Cyborg, "What's wrong? Why are we getting pulled in?"

"I don't know, but I think it may have to do with me getting zapped just now!" replied Cyborg. "Something must've gone wrong because of that!"

When the last of the Trenches was sucked in, the league members felt themselves getting pulled towards the boom tube stronger than before. "This is not good! We better get out of here before we all get sucked into it!" said Vibe.

"I can't close it!" said Cyborg as he desperately used his internal computer to do something about the portal. He ran closer to the portal, thinking it would work, only to get lifted off the ground and pulled into it. "Whoa! Ah!"

"Cyborg!" gasped Batman.

"Don't worry; I got him!" said Plastic Man as he stretched his arm into the portal to catch him. "I got him! I think I got him! I got... Whoa!" His whole body was suddenly pulled into the portal and disappeared.

The pulling force became stronger, and one by one, each of the league members got pulled into the vortex. Nothing else other than the members were being pulled into it. Beast Boy tried to increase his weight by transforming into an elephant, but that didn't help. When Mera got pulled into the portal, Aquaman cried out to her and intentionally jumped into it to go after her. The Flash tried to outrun the pulling force, but even with his speed, he could not escape the sucking force.

When all the league members had disappeared into the portal, Ocean Master was left, and he, too, got pulled into it. "Noooooooo! I will not be defeated!" he cried as he went into it.

Once they were all inside the portal, it closed up suddenly, almost as if it was intentionally trying to pull them all in before doing so.

A portal opened up above a small rocky islet, and members of the league fell out one by one onto it. Ocean Master also fell out, but he tumbled down onto the other side of the islet, whereas the others all fell on the same side.

"Whoa... What a ride..." said Cyborg, getting back up. "Everyone all right?"

"What happened back there? It's just like a black hole trying to eat us up..." said the Flash.

"Yeah, sorry about that... The electric shock must've fried my inner workings a bit and therefore caused the boom tube to go crazy..." said Cyborg.

Batman looked around and said, "It's daytime... Do you know where are we?"

"I'll see if I can hook up onto the internet to find out," said Cyborg. He created a hologram of a computer screen and tried to get online. "There's no WiFi connection here..."

"Since it's daytime, I assume we are on the opposite side of the planet," said Vibe. "Where did you want to send the Trenches to?"

"To the Mariana Trench," Cyborg told him. "However, since the boom tube got messed up when I got shocked, the location might have changed. For all we know, we may have ended up in a different universe altogether..."

"Different dimension? Eh, not like we've never experienced something like that before..." said Plastic Man.

"This part of the sea doesn't look familiar to me," said Aquaman as he surveyed the place. "I can take a swim around here to find something."

Meanwhile, Ocean Master was on the other side of the islet. He didn't care where he was at the moment. He was angry that the league got the best of him, and he wanted payback. "They'll pay for taking away my army and dropping me in this who-knows-where!" he angrily said. "Once I've reunited with the Trenches, I'll make them pay!" He then jumped into the sea and swam off at a high speed underwater.

Back on the other side, the league continued to talk about what to do. Beast Boy then noticed someone else on the islet. It was a little girl with pale white skin and hair of the matching color. She wore a white sleeveless dress and had what appeared to be stubby black horns growing out the sides of her head. "Um... Anyone noticed that... little girl over there?" he asked while pointing at her, and this caught everyone's attention.

All eyes turned to the little girl, who stared back at them silently. "What's a little girl doing here?" wondered Mera.

"And why does she look like she hasn't been under the sun for decades?" asked Vibe.

Wanting to know better who she was, Green Lantern asked, "Excuse me, little girl. Where are your parents?"

The girl stared at him for a few seconds before speaking in a voice that seemed to echo throughout the place. "Go home..."

"Pardon?" asked Green Lantern.

"Did she just moonspeak?" asked Plastic Man.

"It's Japanese," said Batman. "She spoke in Japanese just now."

"Go home..." said the girl again in Japanese. "Don't come any closer, I'm telling you...!"

"Look, kid," Green Lantern said to him. "We're not trying to hurt you. You don't have to be afraid of us. We just want to know what you're doing out in the middle of the sea." His Power Ring help translated what he said so that the little girl was hearing him speak Japanese.

"Go back at once...!" said the little girl, her voice raising in temper this time. What appeared to be black orbs with mouths lined with rows of teeth appeared from behind her all of a sudden, and when they opened their mouths, projectiles were fired at Green Lantern. He managed to defend himself with a shield construct in time.

"What the heck?!" he said in shock.

"Whoa! Did she just pull out those T-Sphere lookalikes and shot Jon?!" asked Vibe in surprise.

The league was surprised at what the girl did. Never had they seen someone so young armed with such a thing. Green Lantern landed next to Batman and asked him what to do, only to be interrupted by the Flash, who told them to turn around. They all turned around and were surprised to see multiple pale skinned woman standing on the water surface. Several of them had mechanical contraptions resembling cannons attached to either their backs or sides. Some of them seemed to have mechanical body parts, and one of them even had a large tail with a mouth at the end!

"Um... Did we stumble upon a pale women only club?" asked Plastic Man. "Because I think they're mad at us for trespassing..."

The women pointed their cannons at the league members and opened fire. Acting fast, Green Lantern formed a dome-shaped shield around everyone for protection against the gunfire. Mera then used her magic to make columns of water shoot up from the sea and crash back down onto each of the women, thus stopping the gunfire.

"Who are those people? And why are they attacking us?" asked Aqualad.

"I don't think any of us here knows the answer to that..." the Flash said to him.

The women were still standing on water even after being doused, and they continued their gunfire afterwards. Green Lantern created a wall to protect everyone, and on the other side of the wall were cannons that shot back at the women, blasting each of them. He then flew to one of them, one who wore a large black hat that almost resembled a monster's head, and bound her using a rope construct. "All right! What's the big idea of attacking us out of the blue?" he asked her. "Who are you people?"

The woman didn't respond; she only stared back with evil-looking eyes. Orbs with mouths appeared from behind her and fired projectiles at him, but he reacted in time by forming a shield construct and then backing away.

A girl wearing a black hood and sporting a massive, long tail with a mouth at the end got onto the island and swung her tail in Batman's direction. The Dark Knight hopped back to avoid getting chomped by its mouth, and then he threw a Batarang into it, where it exploded and pulled back fast. The girl was shocked by this, and then she glared at Batman angrily before making the guns attached to the sides of the tail's mouth fire at him. He back flipped out of the way and threw more exploding Batarangs at the tail to make it stop. He then rushed up to the girl, caught her by the neck, and asked her in a fierce voice, "Who are you?! Why are you attacking us?"

The girl didn't say anything. She simply grinned and then easily removed Batman's hand from her neck. She then flung him out into the sea.

"Batman!" Beast Boy cried out to him, and then he jumped into the water and changed into a dolphin to go rescue him.

"Enough! I am the king of Atlantis and ruler of the sea! How dare you attack me?!" Aquaman said in rage to the mysterious women. They paid no attention to him, however, and fired at him. He spun his trident at a high speed like a propeller and managed to deflect the projectiles in various directions. He then leaped towards one of the women, one with a single, black horn sticking out of her forehead, with his trident raised over his head and landed onto her, pushing her back onto the water and standing on top of her. Not showing any mercy or hesitation, the Atlantean stabbed her through the neck, and to his surprise, blue liquid gushed out of the wound. "What the?! Blue blood?!"

The woman cried in pain and anger as she shook Aquaman off her body. The Atlantean backed away onto the islet and told the others, "Whoever they are, they cannot be human."

"Yeah, saw that she has blue blood just now... Definitely not human..." said Vibe. "And she's still alive even after you stabbed her through the neck!" Sure enough, the woman still managed to stand back up despite being stabbed in a place that would normally kill a person.

Unknown to the heroes, a miniature jet was flying in circles high above them, and inside the cockpit sat a tiny girl. After seeing what was happening down there, she flew off in a particular direction at a fast speed.

Somewhere far in the distance, a group of girls were moving on the sea... on foot. Indeed, they were traveling on the water surface in nothing but seemingly their shoes, albeit high-tech looking ones. The jet from before appeared in the air above them and reported to a black-haired girl. Placing her finger against her ear, that girl received the transmission and nodded in response.

"What is it, Akagi?" a girl with a side ponytail next to her asked her.

"There's a large amount of Abyssal up ahead," said the girl named Akagi. "They're in the location we are heading to now."

"Well, that's obvious... That is one of their bases after all," said the girl with the side ponytail.

"Not only that, there are civilians in their base, and they are being attacked by the Abyssals!" added Akagi.

"What?! How come there are civilians in an Abyssal base?!" gasped a younger girl with a ponytail at the back of her head.

"I don't know, but we must hurry and rescue them while there is still time!" suggested Kaga. "Ship girls! Full speed ahead!"


Aaaand the story is out! If you must know, this story is inspired by a Team Fortress 2/Kantai Collection crossover entitled The Floating Fortress: Battle on the High Seas, by chief of RAGE. It's a really good story, so I highly recommend that you check it out!

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter and that you will look forward to the next one!