Have you ever had experiences with the supernatural?

Okay, take it from a realist like myself: That is a terrible introduction. As if it was specifically engineered to drive people away... which might have its benefits, actually.

It was the beginning of high school, my very first day in fact. And no, it wasn't some dramatic turning point of my life.

I hadn't found latent psychic powers lingering inside me. I wasn't approached by someone dressed in a trench coat, whispering "follow me inconspicuously". My thoughts did not reach for the vastness of space, I was just wondering whether I could have stayed up a little later the day before.

Either way, that was soon pushed aside by my new school's entrance ceremony, finding my assigned classroom, and some idle chatter before the teacher came. Then, as is unspoken tradition, everyone introduced themselves to the rest of class. Just your name, a couple of quick words, maybe about your hobbies, addressing rumours about you, or...

"... am not interested ordinary humans."

Oh boy. "The odd one out", is it?

I turned around as the surprisingly pretty girl behind me completed reciting her christmas wish list for the year, and probably every year prior.
Aliens, time travellers, "espers" and "sliders"? Well, only if you know the magic word, missy.

"That is all."

There was admir- well, exceptional resolution in the tone of her voice. The determination with which her eyes were now scanning the classroom made it feel like a well-practiced first-day ritual, though she didn't seem the type to repeat herself.

Somehow the suspense in the air still hadn't reached its peak and with the girl's eyes now staring back at mine I couldn't help but voice a remark, trying to match her serious tone.

"Was that supposed to be funny?"


Apparently she wasn't used to being talked back to. Noted, it won't happen again.

"Uhh, next!"

Ignoring her furious glare still locked at me, I turned back around and miss "Suzumiya" behind me retook her seat with an irritated huff. I didn't remember seeing her talk to anyone before, so I probably hadn't actually worsened her mood by much. Regardless, I made a mental note to apologize to her later.

And so, as the first day of classes came to an end, I nearly would have forgotten.

"Hey, about earlier, I didn't mean to -" The girl behind me completely ignored me and finished packing her belongings, then rushed out of the room before I had finished my sentence. So what I had said either must have hurt her beyond apology, or she was just grumpy for the sake of it and would have maybe already forgotten about it.

I chose not to let it bother me.

When I arrived the next day, it all came back to me the moment I saw her again. Still frowning and looking off to the window, as to make sure I wouldn't accidentally enter her view.

Whatever. I'm not the center of the universe.
She wouldn't hold a first impression's grudge for that long.
Then again, with a couple of minutes left, and nothing else to do...

Call me desperate, I made another attempt. It would count as good deed of the day.

"About yesterday, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you ..." Was that too nice? I'm not trying to "win her over" or anything. Back to the point. "... but you were serious, right?"

The girl, Haruhi, decidedly waited before turning her head and looking at me. "So what? Are you an alien?"

"No." I could have just said nothing, but it might be better to prevent possible misunderstandings.

"Then don't waste my time talking to me!" It appears as though swiftly turning away from people was among her favourite pastimes.

"Okay." Should I... I turned around first, not to play it up, "Just let me know if you need anything."

Another indignant "humph" ended that "conversation", if you can call it that. My lord, saviour, and new best pal classmate, "Taniguchi", called it that.

I ended up hanging out with him and Kunikida, a friend of mine from middle school, during break periods.

"Forget it!"

Over the last half-hour, he had carefully laid out the contents of Suzumiya's criminal record. Apparently they had gone to the same middle school.

"She has dated just about everyone at some point, just to break up with them shortly after."

"What did you expect, were any of them aliens?"

My joke didn't quite get through, visibly confusing him. What's the expression, "wearing your thoughts on your sleeve"?

"Urgh, come on, don't freak me out like that! One of her type is enough for the entire class, no, the entire school! Besides, there's plenty bigger fish in the sea." - Remind me, those are the ones that eat the smaller fish, right? - "Like Ryoko Asakura. She has to be ..."

I didn't pay much attention to his further ramblings. Everything important had been said. Taniguchi's character had been established as shallow teenage boy hunting for girls.

Assuming that a quarter of his stories about her were close to the truth, which was still up to debate, Haruhi Suzumiya's introduction had been appropriate. And the way she kept to herself showed it had been effective.

I had said my lines, my role in the play had been taken care of. These pathetic thoughts clouded my mind on my way home that day. Frozen still, I watched a crying woman at the train station. It wasn't the place for me, a complete stranger, to talk to her.

(author's comment:

everything written here has a cynical edge, don't take offense

this is attempt #3, experimental/crack-y and a little over-the-top because the others kept getting too long for my liking (this was a close call too)

not 100% compatible, but aiming not to get too OOC (esp. reg. non-Kyon)

heads up: a week of stagnancy means this story has been abandoned