A/N IMPORTANT - Spoilers for Season 2 Episode 8 - Dark Owl - Don't read if you don't want spoilers. Occurs the day after the events of the episode.

Tikki looked up at Marinette; she was busy scribbling something in her notebook. What Tikki had seen yesterday was too much to handle, she needed to assure herself that it was true. But she needed to make sure she wouldn't be seen.

When she knew Marinette wasn't looking down, she quickly shot through the bag and table, straight into Adrien's satchel.

"Woah!" the black kwami was jolted awake.

"Plagg!" Tikki whispered, she couldn't attract attention to the bag, or even alert Adrien. "So it is true. Adrien is Chat Noir."

"You were there yesterday too. Of course. And Marinette... is Ladybug." He was fully awake now, glad to speak to Tikki again.

"I..." she began, no knowing where to start, since the class would end soon. "I missed you, Plagg."

He looked up at her in shock. "I missed you too, Tikki. It has been a long time."

He thought back on the lonely hundred years since he had last seen her. He hid his emotions, of course. So did Tikki. So he was happy she told him directly. "But remember what happened last time they found out who was who." He added solemnly.

"Which is why they can never know who the other's identity is!" The red kwami exclaimed.

"Even if they are in love with each other." Plagg added.

"Wait... he loves her too?" Tikki gasped.

"Well..." Plagg hesitated. "Chat is in love with Ladybug. It's so cheesy, more than me. He said he loves her no matter who she is under the mask. He wanted to tell her so many times, and wrote her a valentine, but ended up..."

"...Throwing it away" she finished his sentence, processing the information.

"How do you know?" Plagg asked.

"Marinette found it in the trash. She thought it might be addressed to her, but it was actually for Ladybug?"

"Yeah. He got a letter back and it wasn't signed. He claimed it was 'from Ladybug'" he put his little hands in the air to suggest speech marks. "Was that from her?"

Tikki nodded. "I spoke to Wayzz." She suddenly decided to mention. "He wouldn't tell me who Chat Noir is, but he says he and Ladybug belong together. I guess we'll have to go back and I'll tell him what happened." The little red kwami nudged her old friend.

"You... you went to see Wayzz? As in, on your own, or with Marinette?" He jumped.

"Well I had to bring her..." Tikki defended herself. "We've been going to see him recently." She explained. "And there's something else."

"Tikki, why do you have to be rushing? You're always so serious. Relax! I miss you, I want to just... hug you." His voice died away as he became lost for words, and if he had skin any lighter, it would have gone red.

"Plagg..." her heart melted for him; she loved him so much, and she definitely wore her heart on her sleeve more than him. But she was also serious and knew when to be. "I love you too." She reassured him.

"But while I want to sit here in your arms, I have to tell this all to you. The lesson is about to end, and I can't come see you everyday, in case one of them see us." She finished.

"What's so important then, Tikki?" He reluctantly asked, lazily popping a piece of cheese into his mouth.

She took a breath, just as the bag was suddenly lifted. Her word became a gasp, then, "The lesson's over! I'll see you... when I see you. Just look out okay?"

Plagg smiled, and Tikki quickly few over and kissed him on the forehead. "Bye Tikki." He whispered as she shot back through the bag into Marinette's.

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