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Sam groaned, sitting up and nursing the pounding headache that he had somehow acquired. When his hand touched the ground, all he felt was the cold solid metal, not the soft bed that he remembered sleeping on. When he finally pried his eyes open, he noted, he noted that he wasn't in the motel that Dean and he rented for the night. "Where am I? Why does my voice sound so different?"

Sam ran his hand through his hair but stopped when he realized that even though his hair was long, it wasn't like arm-length long. He looked down and almost screamed when he saw two lumps protruding from his chest. Sam shakily reached down to his crotch and nearly cried. It was gone. The only thing that signified he was a man was gone. His clothes that he wore to sleep, a pair of pants and a black T-shirt, was now baggy on his new petite frame, even though he was still fairly tall for a female.

"Why must this happen to me... Dean! He must be worried by now," Sam sighed angrily and looked around. He was in a cage, a freaking bird cage, one that wasn't tall enough for him to stand, just enough for him to sit up. There was a door on the cage, a pickable lock holding it closed but he had nothing to pick it with! He observed the room that he was trapped in, there was a chair beside the chair in the fairly large room.

The rest of the room looks plain except for the few paintings on the walls and a table in front of the chair. Sam fumbled his clothes to find something to pick the lock but was interrupted by a door opening. "Hello there Sammy, looking pretty good," a voice said. In came what looked to be a human male around his own age, but Sam had a feeling that he wasn't human at all, despite appearances. The male in question had black spiky hair and unusually bright pink eyes, wearing a normal T-shirt with a zip-up red hoodie and jeans.

"My name's not Sammy. Who are you and what do you want?" Sam ground out through his clenched jaw. The man, seemingly oblivious to the hunter's anger, smiled at him as he walked around the cage. "I am Lukas. And as for what I am, well I am a Vampire." He stopped and looked at Sam, his eyes going up and down the girl's body. Sam hugged his body, cringing as he felt his breast press against his arms, then glaring at the Vampire. "Well, what am I here for?" He asked. Lukas hummed in thought for a second, then smiled brightly at the kidnapped, making the said person look up in confusion. Because seriously, Vampires being cheery?

"Well, since you are a major character in this plan of mine, I'll tell you. You know Vampires mate for life right? I'm centuries old and I'm bored. So I started searching for a mate you know, someone to have around so that my life won't be dull anymore." He explained. By now, the guy had already sat down on the chair, resting his head against his palm.

Sam had given up on finding anything to pick the lock with and looked at Lukas in question, wondering what this had anything to do with him being a girl and captured here. The Vampire brought his other hand up to look at his nails, continuing, "I've looked. At Vampires, humans, any reasonable supernatural creature but I still can't find one that I'm satisfied with. Then I found you and your brother."

Lukas smiled and his eyes glazed over. "You were perfect! You are brave, beautiful, intelligent. A spitfire. A feisty person. I liked everything about you but one thing. That you were a man. So, I went to a witch to purchase a potion. I slipped it into one of your meals and waited for the time that your brother left you alone. And grabbed you." He stood up and walked towards the cage, reaching inside and tilting Sam's head up to meet his pink eyes. "Such a beautiful girl you have become as well. Soon, you'll be mine." Lukas smirked and walked out the room. Sam sighed and glared at the lock. 'Damn it! The only thing I can hope for is that Dean would find me!'


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