Pumpkin Overload

Rating: T

Words: 326

Warnings: Indirect mention of bathroom activities. Other than that, just silliness between brothers!

Summary: A silly little blurb about a bad decision Dean made with pie. Hilarity ensues! Hope it brings a smile!

A/N: My friend and I got this idea from her similar experience via too much pumpkin spice! So here it is in silly fic form! Forgive me for the wackiness!


Sam chuckled and rolled his eyes at his laptop as the bathroom door, again, slammed shut, followed by his brother's approaching footfalls. No, not footfalls; loud stomping. Dean entered the study, grumbling and groaning. He threw down a newspaper next to Sam and slammed into the chair across him.

"DUDE!" Sam yelled, disgust on his face. "Don't throw that anywhere near me!"

Dean smirked, a mischievousness flashing in his eyes. "What? It's not like I wiped with it."

"Seriously. TMI, man." Sam, still disgusted, used his pencil to slide the paper far away from him. He eyed the end of the pencil, seriously considering disinfecting it. "Like I said: you can't go eating five large pumpkin pies in a single go."

"You shouldn't have challenged me." Dean threw a wadded up piece of paper at his brother. "You're an enabler."

"Pumpkin is a fiber source—"

"I thought that was an internet rumor." Dean interrupted, grabbing and opening the aforementioned soiled newspaper.

Sam opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted as Cas arrived in a flutter of wings.

"Hey Cas." Dean said casually, not looking up as he turned a page in the paper.

Sam couldn't help the grin that spread across his face. "Want some pumpkin pie?" He held out a pie container with a single serving sitting in the middle.

"No, I do not—"

But Cas was interrupted as Dean scraped his chair and raced back down the hallway to the bathroom, slamming the door.


The angel blinked and looked down at Sam, his brows squeezing together in confusion.

"Dean ate five large, discounted pumpkin pies in one go." The brother explained.

Cas looked down the hallway, taking a step forward. "Perhaps I should heal him."

Sam looked back down at the computer screen and laughed. "Nah, this is a lesson he needs to learn."

"SEND THE FREAKING ANGEL." Dean's strained voice echoed down the hallway. "9-1-1!"