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'Anthony.' The blue haired girl protested, fighting to keep her concentration as the boy on top of her kissed every inch of her neck. 'Anthony, we can't be doing this; we can't risk it.'

'Relax Evie.' He replied between kisses as he pulled her cape off her shoulders. 'It'll be fine.'

He removed his shirt and pressed his lips onto hers, knowing that the girl wouldn't need much more convincing. She turned her face away.

'No one can know.' She whispered after a pause, her eyes looking into his. 'Mal would kill you and then me if she knew we hooked up again.'

'My lips are sealed, Princess.'

The sound of retching echoed through the spacious en- suite as the Evil Queen's daughter heaved in front of her toilet for the third time that morning. She wiped the sweat off her forehead as she heard the door creak open.

'Oh my God, Evie are you okay?' Mal, after having waited at their meeting place for half an hour, had ventured inside the Castle Across The Way to look for her best friend.

'I'm fine, Mal.' Evie croaked, wiping her mouth with some toilet roll.

'E, look at me.' The blue haired girl did as she was told, her eyes heavy. 'That crazy bitch isn't telling you to lose weight again, is she? You weren't..'

'No, Mal.' Evie stood up and flushed the toilet, her knees almost giving way with the effort. She walked over to the sink. 'I mean, she is. I've been really bloated recently, but that's not why I was sick.'

'Well are you ill?' Her friend pressed, worry evident in her face. 'We don't have to go out if you are'

'It's fine, I've just been getting sick in the mornings but it passes. I'm just a bit dizzy now.' Evie briefly made eye contact with Mal in the mirror before looking away and drying her hands on the faded blue towel she'd swiped off the barges a few years ago.

'Morning sickness, E?'

Sex education wasn't taught on the Isle, but everyone knew the risks of sleeping together- whether through experience, rumours or dusty old biology books in the library. It was hardly a deterrent though when there was nothing else to do and the chances of pregnancy were slim. Evie smoothed down her hair and walked into her bedroom.

'It's not what you're insinuating, Mal. It can't be; I haven't had a period in months, same as you.'

Mal sighed before following her friend out of the bathroom.

'Evie, ever since the amount of rations from Auradon went up, I've been getting mine again. I've had the last two.'

At this revelation, Evie turned around to face her. Her eyes searched Mal's, as if she was hoping to find some proof that she was lying, or playing a trick on her. Instead, she just saw pity. Evie shook her head and took a mint out of the little tin on her bedside table.

'Drop it, M.' She said before starting to chew the mint. 'I'm just feeling under the weather at the minute. Shall we go and find the boys?'

Mal nodded slightly, clearly unhappy with the change in subject but she accompanied Evie to Carlos' treehouse anyway. They were nearly there when their path became obstructed by a tall, dark haired boy who smirked at them.

'Good morning Mal. Evie.'

'Fuck off Anthony.' Replied Mal, anxious to get away from the sleazy son of Anastasia Tremaine.

'Now that's not a pleasant way to speak to someone is it Malsy?' Mal raised an eyebrow at his audacity but he carried on talking smoothly before she could respond. 'And how are you, Princess?' He was addressing Evie now, his manicured hand reaching out to brush her hair out of her face. 'I've not seen you in my bed for a good few weeks now. You've not found a new fuck buddy have you?.'

Mal waited for Evie to slap him for his vulgarity, her eyes widening when she did no such thing. Instead, the blue haired girl smiled seductively.

'All good things come to those who wait.' She said, batting her eyelashes before leaning in to whisper in his ear. 'And you know how much better coming can be when it's been a while.'

The pompous boy flushed red at this, his previously confident manner disappearing as he concentrated on something- anything- other than Evie's sultry voice and how it made his pants tighten. He mumbled a response as the girls pushed past him, Evie rolling her eyes at Mal.

'Boys.' She said simply.

'Evie,' Mal began, confused at what she had just witnessed. 'Why the hell didn't you punch him in the face? He shouldn't talk to you like that. And what did you say to him?'

'Relax, Mal.' Evie sighed as the truth of what just happened dawned on her. 'It's not like I'm not used to it. And I flirted, just like mother always tells me to.'

'He's technically a Lord, Evelyn.' Her mom had told her when she cried about Anthony inappropriately grabbing her in school two years ago. 'It's not quite a Prince, but we both know you're not up to a Prince's standards yet. Never complain about attention from him again. Make sure you please him.'

'But Anthony? He acts like he's so entitled, and saying that about his bed after what happened last year, and Jay and me threatening him. He should be leaving you alo-Oh God Evie.' Mal stopped walking and looked up at her best friend, her face expressing a mix of empathy and barely hidden disgust. 'You slept with Anthony again?'

'Mal it doesn't matter who I've slept with, isn't that what you're always telling me?'

The girls were a few steps away from the treehouse now, but Mal was in no hurry to climb the ladder.

'It matters when it's Anthony, Eves! He treated you like shit last year, and it matters when-' She looked down at Evie's stomach, causing the taller girl to wrap her arms around herself defensively.

'When what, Mal?'

'You know when.'

Just then, a small face popped out of one of the treehouse's windows.

'Guys! We've been waiting for ages, come up!'

It was the always excited Carlos De Vil, who worshipped the ground that Evie walked on.

Mal turned to her.

'Are you gonna tell them?'

'I don't even know if there's anything to tell.' For the first time that day, Evie's voice was quiet and unsure. Mal noticed and dropped the issue, deciding to wait a while before bringing it up again.

The girls climbed up the rope ladder to be met with the sight of Jafar's son as well as Carlos, both of whom were playing a rather violent looking game of Snap with a set of old Auradonian playing cards: each Ace had a picture of the Genie, each 2 had a picture of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, each 3 a picture of Fauna, Flora and Merryweather and so on.

'What took you so long?' Jay asked, not looking away from the cards in front of him for even a second. Evie looked fearfully at Mal as they sat down on a ripped checked blanket.

'Oh we walked into Anthony Tremaine.' Mal replied, her voice dripping in disdain. 'He was as insufferable as ever'

Carlos sniggered at this as he continued playing the card game, eagerly waiting for a chance to say 'snap'.

The four friends sat together for an hour or so, trading jokes and anecdotes about things that had happened in the short time since school the day before. They were enjoying a peaceful silence when the screech of Cruella De Vil could be heard.


The boy froze at the sound of his mother's voice, his smile no longer visible and instead replaced by a look of fear. Jay reached out to pat his back and gave Mal a knowing look. She stood up and walked to the treehouse window.

'He's up here.' She said calmly, her voice travelling to the madwoman below her. 'What do you want, Cruella?'

'Now, now Mal. That's not how we speak to our elders, is it?'. Now it was Mal's turn to freeze as Maleficent appeared behind Carlos' mother, the Evil Queen and Jafar close behind. 'Be a darling and bring your little friends down here.'

Mal could only nod at the command, before turning around and looking at the others. Evie was watching her expectantly as Jay brought Carlos closer to him, his arm around his shoulders.

'Well?' questioned the long haired boy.

Mal shrugged.

'All of our parents here. They want to talk to us.'

Evie winced at this news as Jay and Carlos scrambled to their feet, the white haired boy still somewhat shaky.

'All of our parents?' Evie took her mirror out of her pocket, hastily pinning back a few stray hairs and checking for smudged make up before following the others down the ladder. She hoped that she looked presentable and made a mental note to stay as far away from her mother as possible.

'Children.' Maleficent began when they were all on the ground, her haughty manner commanding the attention of the crowd. 'We have just received news from Auradon that you four have been chosen to move there.' Her voice became sickly sweet the more she spoke, a warning sign that Mal had learnt to be wary of at a young age.

'Move to Auradon?' she questioned, her expression as confused as those of her friends, but showing a lot more fear. 'But why? And why us?'

'Because we are the worst of the worst!' Cruella cackled proudly, her cigarette in her hand. 'So they want our kids the most.'

Maleficent glared at the aging fashion designer, clearly unimpressed by her contribution.

'They want to take all of the Isle brats over, some ridiculous decree made by the Beast's son. We don't know why. What we do know is that you can achieve some marvellous things when you're over there.'

'Yeah, and make us proud for once.' This gruff interruption came from Jafar, his words stinging Jay as the boy remembered the multitude of punishments he'd received over the years for not being able to fulfil his father's wishes. In that moment, he was willing to do anything to prove himself.

'What do you want us to do?' He asked, his arm once again around Carlos in an attempt to make him feel protected from Cruella.

'You need to steal the Fairy Godmother's wand.' Said Maleficent with a smile, her eyes sparkling. Mal's heart felt heavy when she realised that her mother had never been that happy in front of her before, and that a fantasy about stealing an enchanted object brought her more joy than her daughter did. 'Steal that and break the barrier, and we'll know that you truly do take after us.'

'But how do we do that?' Evie spoke for the first time since leaving the treehouse, trying not to show how excited she was at the thought of leaving the Isle: of leaving her mother and Anthony and -

'Evelyn!' the Evil Queen snapped, stopping Evie's thoughts from wandering further. She stalked towards her daughter. 'Do not speak unless spoken to. And what on earth happened to you? You look like a wharf rat, not a princess.'

'Sorry Mother.' Evie murmured, bowing her head. Grimhilde sighed.

'We are sure that you'll find a way.' Said the Queen, addressing all of the teenagers. 'After all, you must have inherited something from us.'. Cruella and Jafar laughed at this and even Maleficent snickered as the Evil Queen continued, muttering so only Evie could hear. 'Even if you didn't inherit brains or beauty, you might have inherited an evil streak.'

'You will be picked up tomorrow.' Maleficient declared, turning her back to the four and starting to walk away with the other villains. 'And you best be ready.'

When they were left alone again, the friends didn't quite know what to do. They stood in silence for a few seconds until Evie shrieked and hugged Mal, then Jay and Carlos.

'We're going to be free!' she exclaimed breathlessly, her eyes starting to fill with tears. 'We're going to be in Auradon!'

The boys started laughing then, Jay telling Carlos how wonderful he'll feel without Cruella constantly berating him. Evie felt Mal grab her arm and turned to her, smiling, only to be pulled aside.

'How do you think the people in Auradon will react to your little problem?' Mal hissed, her words sounding more mocking than she intended them to. 'You can't ignore this, Eves.'