Chapter 1: HH

It was a dark room, like all of the others. How could it be anything but dark. The ambience skilfully designed to evoke fear and desperation in even the most resilient of players. The dimly lit entrance to the room resembled what John Kramer's soul would have looked like if he had have witnessed first-hand, the love of his life, Jill Tuck, being placed into the reverse bear-trap by non-other than the man who should have died. Mark Hoffman. Jigsaw, or John, as he preferred to be called (after all, the media invented the name Jigsaw, not John) believed everyone deserved a chance. A chance to live, a chance to be reborn; Hoffman was a cold-blooded killer, with no remorse, emotions or feelings left.

You could even go as far as to say that Hoffman was numb because of how he found her. Angelina, his sister, who was working downtown for the Metropolitan Police Dept. at the time, when she went missing. Hoffman arrived at the murder scene and it was immediately apparent who was behind it. A drugs-peddler known as Seth Baxter. Seth was a woman-beater. Those who knew him knew that it wouldn't be long before he killed something, or someone. For that reason, he had few friends - fewer people to report him, at least, that's how he saw it. You may know the rest. Hoffman was pissed that Seth was released from prison, just 5 years after the brutal slaying of his sister, who was a prime candidate for promotion at the time.

Hoffman abducted Seth and subjected him to what became known as "The Pendulum" game - except, it wasn't much of a game at all. Billy the Puppet was used to introduce the task that Seth had to perform, to save his life. Seth was required to press a button to stop the pendulum. The problem was, Seth couldn't save himself. It wasn't that he was beyond redemption - although some would argue he was, but the large steel pendulum blade that swung back and forth had no connection to the "stop" button that Hoffman had placed behind a crushing device. As he pressed the button, his fingers were systematically crushed flat whilst the pendulum continued to swing until his innards splattered around like an artist flicking a brush dipped in a deep red paint on a canvas. None of that matters now.

The darkness was terrifying. It was impossible to see anything.

"Hello?" a voice cried. The vocals echoed around what now appeared to be a chamber. The preamble of Billy the Puppet, could be heard for a split second. The hissy crackle synonymous with the deep-rooted feeling of fear reached every corner of the room. The television was fuzzy, much like when you can't get a signal with a cheap antenna - the noise was deafening - more so than any previous incarnation of a game.

"My ears! Turn it down!" begged the voice. Suddenly, Billy the Puppet appeared on-screen. A flashlight in the chamber clicked and then shone into the abductees eyes.

"Hello, Hoffman. Oh, I've been waiting for this moment for some time. Whilst you've been kept in captivity, work was being carried out so that a special trap could be designed and built just for you, should you survive your game. But you didn't just survive the game, did you, Hoffman?" Billy's mouth opened and closed at a different time to the voice. Hoffman looked, for once, almost frightened.

"What the fuck do you want? Who is this?" Hoffman attempted to say.

The video continued. "You killed my wife." Billy exclaimed, the raspy voice of John Kramer reverberating around the chamber.

"What? What the fuck? John? You're dead. Who is this?" Hoffman appeared to be grunting.

"Oh this isn't a pre-recorded video. I'm with you live and direct. The internet is a powerful thing, is it not Hoffman? Without the internet, and access to all of those computers in the force, you wouldn't have seen half of the things you did. You wouldn't have been able to lock up Seth's younger brother if you didn't use the internet to buy drugs, ship them to his house, then have his house raided after you planted them on him."

*Flashbacks occur of Hoffman on the dark web, ordering illegal drugs to Seth's 18-year-old brother. *

"You didn't think I knew about that, did you, Detective Hoffman? Your problem, is that you're rotten to the very core. There is no salvation for you. I gave you a chance. I said you wouldn't walk away untested, and you will not." John said, his gruff vocal chords grew increasingly angry as he continued with the introduction to the game.

"But for you, that wasn't enough. You wanted to hurt Seth like he hurt your sister. All those beats. So, you went after Seth's family. You cut the brakes to his mother's car, didn't you?"
*Flashbacks occur of Hoffman cutting brakes to Seth's mom's old 80's Ford before she drove off and crashed on the freeway".

"Fuck you John. Fuck you!" - Hoffman says, muffled.

"Some would call it karma, some would call it fate. But your sister's murder was brought about by your obsession with trying to make your sister see that Seth wasn't right for her. But you know what really grinded my gears? When you killed Seth without giving him a chance to live. In my name. You almost ruined my legacy. And then… then you killed my wife, without giving her the chance to live. So, Detective Hoffman…listen, and listen very carefully when I say: I want to play a game".

*Saw music plays*

"You are wearing a reverse bear-trap. However, it has been modified so that even if you manage to stop the mechanism from ripping off your disgusting mouth for a second time, a blade hidden inside the trap will trigger and will pierce your jugular vein and you will bleed out in the cold, wet chamber you find yourself in. However, to prove I am not like you. There is a way out. To release yourself from the trap, there is a four-digit number you need to find before the clock reaches zero. Look deep into your soul and find a way for me to forgive your sins. Salvation is often referred to as a religious act. As they say, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. And remember, he who cast the first stone. The scriptures aren't random."

*Clock begins to count down. Billy the Puppet continually laughs*


Hoffman made a dash towards the torch and grabbed it with both hands, swinging it around in desperation to see where he was and what he needed to do to survive. A full-length mirror stood to the right of him, next to the mirror stood an old, wooden table.

*Flashback to Saw II - the table was the same table that John had used to place a cup of water, prior to the Detective Matthew's assault. *

Sitting on the table was a safe which required the 4-digit pin to open, just as John had said. A set of pliers and a stone lay just below where the torch was. Just slightly to the right of the stone was a small blade, approximately 4 inches in length, glistening slightly from the torch's beam. An x-ray of Hoffman's mouth with a red 'X' on his wisdom tooth lay underneath the rock. Pliers, a stone and a blade. Hoffman began frantically thinking what he needed to do. Jigsaw's clue rattled around in his head: "As they say, an eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. And remember, he who casts the first stone."

"Oh my god," Hoffman said, breathless. "You want me to take my eye out? My tooth?" The re-designed reverse bear-trap allowed just enough room for the pliers to reach in and rip the tooth out from the back of his mouth. Hoffman began tearing the tooth out of the back of his mouth.

*Camera starts whirling around the room as the clock continues to count down*.

"Arghhhhhh," cries Hoffman, 30 seconds. "Fuck you".

Hoffman wrenched the tooth out of his mouth. Feeling dizzy, he proceeded to turn over the tooth, revealing a number on the side. 6. Hoffman then grabbed the stone, throwing it at the mirror. Behind the mirror, a number was on the piece of paper. 4. Two numbers. Hoffman needed two more. 15 seconds was displayed on the countdown timer.


The eye for an eye clue was now obvious. Jigsaw had marked an 'X' on one of Hoffman's eyelids, signifying which eyelid to remove. Having smashed the mirror into tiny shards of glass, Hoffman dropped to his knees, searching for a large enough shard to see which eye had the 'X'. The underneath of the eyelid would contain two numbers, which would have completed the set. The four numbers needed to be entered into the safe in order of lowest to highest.

1 second left on the clock. Hoffman looked up to the ceiling, for he knew that he had not completed the task, thus awaiting the inevitable. Billy The Puppet stopped laughing.

The bear trap flew backwards, causing catastrophic damage Hoffman's lower jaw. His jaw dislocated as his head flew backwards, splitting his cheeks on each side, leaving his tongue exposed. Blood began spritzing from the holes in Hoffman's remains. The knife activated and slid with speed and intensity into Hoffman's jugular vein, causing severe blood loss - the nail in the proverbial coffin so to speak - he was dead, but the blade ensured he couldn't escape the game without winning it legitimately. Hoffman's limp body fell to the ground. John smiled, although shed a tear for his wife as he gazed through a peephole he had drilled in the wall for his premium, front row seats.

Billy The Puppet began laughing.


*Saw music plays*