Chapter 3: The Cure for Cancer

Patient Name: Kramer, John

Identification No. 1345-9874-OW-A23

Date: 03/24/04

Physician: Dr. Lawrence Gordon

History: Diagnosed with an Inoperable Frontal Lobe Tumor or Glioblastoma Multiforme of the left temporal lobe for which he underwent chemotherapy and external beam radiation therapy. He presented suddenly nine months later with progressive aphasia and right-sided hemiplegia.

The medical report was enough to cause someone to have a heart attack. Ironic, as the inoperable tumour would also lead to death. It seemed that there was no way out. Death was on its way. The grim reaper was laughing as he picked up his recently sharpened blade and dragged it on the cold, wet concrete before lurching towards Kramer. John's dreams were getting worse. He didn't want to leave behind Jill, who was due to give birth to their son, Gideon within a couple of months.

*** Flashback ***

The name Gideon was derived from the Gideon Meatpacking Plant designed by John back when he was on top of his game in the civil engineering world. The GMP was John's first building and was a roaring success; the local newspapers praised him for bringing business back to the community and in turn, help Art Blank to get his name out there. Both John and Art formed the Urban Renewal Group, which was a foundation to help low earners succeed in getting their own homes. Soloman Bates had helped to get the URG up and running, but John didn't care for him too much.

Soloman was a weasel who liked to help drug dealers store their cash in off-shore accounts in return for a little bit of the proceeds, which he'd then buy from the dealers at a reduced rate. The gangs couldn't turn him down – they got to shift their funds and more of their product, whilst Art Blank was there as backup if a lawyer was ever needed; Art was no angel. If there was money to be made, Art would defend you if you'd killed his own dog.

John was sitting at a café just a few blocks down from the GMP when he got a call from Art.

"Listen, John. We need to talk about the Urban Renewal Group, ok? But before we do, I need to speak to a guy named Ivan, ok? Soloman introduced me to him and I need to get him acquitted. Let me come meet you, we'll speak to Ivan, then we'll talk business?"

"Art, I don't want to be the fly on the wall for one of these scumbags you defend." John stated, clearly so that Art knew where he stood.

"I'm on my way. We haven't got much time, let's get this done. I'll bring Solomon to make it all a little more comfortable."

Soloman turned up to the café along with Art. As per usual, Art looked slick as ever, with his expensive suit, frizzy hair and cocky walk. His over-confident smile was overbearing and beginning to get on John's nerves. The sight of those pearly white teeth, those piercing blue eyes and the overpowering cologne was Art to a tee.

Soloman was wearing a pinstripe suit; he liked to compete with Art. The pair of them would wear expensive suits and try to outdo the other. It was ridiculous and getting less funny every time they met up, but John still enjoyed sniggering at them like they were a pair of fools. Out of the corner of John's eye, a rotund man was walking towards the café.

"Let me guess. That him?" John asked, pointing to the plump gentleman making his way to the bar.

"Ivan Landsness!" Soloman said, standing up with his hand out, ready to greet the fellow. The pair shook hands before business started.

"Nice to meet you Ivan, my name is Art. Now keep your voice down, we're in a public area, but you need to tell me what you've got going on? If I don't get complete honesty, we're off."

Ivan looked sheepish and was sweating buckets. There was something off with his character. The guy also smelled funny, as if he hadn't bathed in weeks.

"I did a few, but not all of them." Ivan responded.

"Did a few, what?" John asked.

"Well I work in the hotel. I just get myself in trouble sometimes but I'm not a bad person."

John explained that he didn't want to know what Ivan had done to make him ask Solomon to get Art involved.

"I've got a court case coming up. I need your help. Some girls in the hotel got drunk, climbed in bed with me now they're saying I raped one of them. I already got an investigation for murder going on, ya know?"

"And did you?" Interrupted John.

The four men looked at each other, shocked John had asked what they were all thinking, or shocked because John was suggesting there was a chance Ivan might possibly be innocent. Ivan wouldn't know right from wrong if he was singing a hymn in Church or bashing someone's head in with an iron. Ivan was guilty as charged, but he'd deny it until Kingdom come. Ivan was a prolific liar who had screwed over many people in the past, present and he was determined to keep lying in future, too. He was a serial rapist who enjoyed voyeurism. He'd kill his victims to stop them talking, or take photographs of their brutal assaults so that he could threaten to release the photos to their family and the world, should things go any other way than how he wanted them to go.

"I got money. I'll pay you Art, just get me off these charges. If I don't have a hotel job, I don't got money. And if I don't got money, I've got no life. I'll die, Art."

Ivan was a deplorable deviant, not only had he raped women and stole their dignity, he stole their cash too – Ivan had amassed large sums of money by stealing credit cards and petty cash from his victims. Art wanted it all. That's how Art worked. John watched as the group exchanged details and Ivan went on his way. John made a mental note – Ivan would likely get his charges dropped once Art started as his defence lawyer, so perhaps Ivan would need a chance to redeem himself later down the line. John was pissed that Art and Solomon were so corrupt and went to walk away from the table.

"John, where are you going?" Solomon asked.

"Away from you two. You know, I can't believe you're willing to defend scum like him. He doesn't let people live their lives. He's a cold-blooded murderer, but to you two, you just see dollar signs, don't you?"

Art chimed in with a response about how important the Urban Renewal Group was. John had seen enough of Art and Solomon for tonight, so he returned to the old, stained wooden stool he had been sitting on before picking up his luke-warm mug of coffee and taking a sip.

"You know. I think it's time to close the Urban Renewal Group." John said, placing the pearl-white mug down, gazing at his co-founder. Solomon and Art shrugged as John walked away, presuming he would be back apologising to them. John had no intention of ever working with the two men; associating with criminals is one thing, but defending murderers and rapists was another.

Later that day, John received a phone call from Dr. Lawrence Gordon. Gordon had asked John to visit the Angel of Mercy hospital because the results were ready.

"John, please ask for Logan at the reception. He will give you your scan results and then I need to speak to you."

John made his way to the hospital which was situated downtown, just a short ride out of the city centre. After pacing around the waiting room, John was called in by Logan. Logan didn't seem particularly well. From a mental perspective, he wasn't fit to be working. He tried to hide it but the recent death of his wife, along with his post-traumatic stress, he wasn't at his best. The results were crushing – how could it be that Ivan, an overweight murderer was in relatively good health and John had an inoperable brain tumour. Just before John left the office, Logan warned John about Gordon.

"John, I've known you for a while now. I know this isn't exactly any of my business, so please, just keep this between me and you. Gordon has been, well, a little touchy recently. He said he has problems at home. His wife, I guess. I don't know why I'm even telling you this. Just, just don't let him treat you the same way he treats us. Anyway, I'm glad you joined the Health Insurance scheme, it's a good move John, a good move."

John thanked Logan and made his way to see Dr. Gordon, as Gordon had instigated that the pair meet following the scan. Dr. Lawrence's office was clean. Meticulously clean. Gordon didn't seem to be as obsessed with Carla as Logan had suggested, but it was clear that there was some animosity between the two doctors.

"What's with Logan?" John quizzed Lawrence.

"Oh him? What has he been telling you? The damn guy had Zep following me around. Said I was acting strange. Can I let you into a secret John? And please, don't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. I'm getting real suspicious of Logan."

"Well, I guess my tumour can wait."

"I'm sorry John, it's just that. Oh god, I don't know how to tell you this."

"I'm dying? It's ok, we've got to enjoy every second we've got, doctor."

"No. Logan has been stealing cash from the hospital. Some elaborate scam with a guy called William. I'm not sure of his surname, he works for Umbrella. You know, the Medical Insurance company?"

John's eyes opened wide, inviting Gordon to tell him more. Gordon sat down opposite John, looking highly important with a stethoscope around his neck, hanging over the blue shirt and ivory-white lab coat he was wearing.

"Well, you see, Logan has been referring patients to this William guy, William Easton I think it is. He asked me to refer you in return for a cut of the profits. It's a big scam, let me tell you. So the way it works, is that I refer you, you pay masses of money into William's insurance company and when you die, I get a percentage of the money you've paid in. William targets people who don't have long left. Most insurance companies want healthy people, but William preys on the other half of society, those who aren't healthy."

John was burning up inside. Logan had already referred him to William's insurance policy, and he had, as Gordon said, been paying significant amounts of money for the privilege. John told Gordon he was already a member, and Gordon devised a plan right then and there on the spot.

"I'm sorry John. I didn't mean for this to ruin your day. First your results and now this. I just like to operate ethically and Logan isn't doing things by the book."

"Why don't you report him? What's stopping you, Dr. Gordon?"

"I'm a professional, ok? I've got no secrets, John. And I don't want to report a colleague. He was the one who hired me for pete's sake. I can't report him, but I've got another idea. Here's my plan. We'll figure out if William really is a crook. I've found some new research about a new form of treatment for your condition. There's this Professor, located over in Norway. All you need to do, is read up on his research and go ask William if he'll invoke your insurance to pay for the treatment. Once you, or we, get a response, we'll have proof that William is a fraudster."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. In walked Dr. Adam Heffner, a pathologist and one of Gordon's closest friends.

"John, meet Adam. He's my most loyal friend in this place. We go back years. If you ever need anything, just ask him."

After shaking hands, John began quizzing Heffner. It turned out that Heffner was working for the Metropolitan Police Department and usually got tasked with autopsies on folks who had been murdered, killed or who had committed suicide – the gory ones.

"I'm glad I've not seen that porter around here tonight. What's his name again? Zepp?" Heffner knew all about Zepp – it seemed like everyone did. Zepp was a quiet guy, who not only looked like a mouse but acted like one. He'd notice whether you'd brushed your hair that day or drank liquor the night before – he'd literally sniff you like a rat, so he had the ability to report you had you drank a bottle of bud before your shift. But Zepp would only report you if you did something he didn't like, such as asking him to perform a task he didn't like.

John stood up abruptly, causing Dr. Gordon and Heffner to look at him, wondering whether he was going to lash out, or quietly walk away.

"Heffner, can you and I speak, for a moment?"

Heffner obliged John's request and the two of them began talking privately. Gordon was unable to hear the exact conversation, but it revolved around the death of John – as Heffner was the man to talk to about autopsies and organ donation, Gordon thought nothing of it, and returned to his work.

"Ah, so you know about Logan's scam. Well don't you worry, I'm the one who talked Gordon out of it. He was considering it, but only because he's worried Logan is going to break up his family."

"Break up his family how? My god, I thought you were all medical professionals, yet here we are, debating fraud. I can't seem to get away from you people."

"John, I can assure you. I deplore financial fraud," Heffner explained. "I hate the fact Logan tried to get Dr. Gordon involved, but I can't report it. Logan has threatened Gordon with exposing him for cheating on his wife. You better not divulge this to Gordon, but he has been having an affair with a girl called Carla. If I spill the beans on Logan, I break up Dr. Gordon's family. He loves his family."

"Loves them more than the poor, dying humans that Logan is profiting off?" John retorted, squinting, awaiting Heffner's response.

"John, I understand your position. I want you to live. What can I do to help you? Whatever you want, just say the word and it's as good as done."

John and Heffner continued talking for some time, before the pair nodded in agreement, shook hands, and went their separate ways, without saying goodbye to Dr. Gordon.

*** The following events take place during Saw V: ***

"Hello Detective Fisk. If you're listening to this, you will be attending a very bloody scene. One man will walk out unscathed, with a child named Corbett. Corbett is the daughter of Jeff Denlon – who is likely dead. Isn't it strange how this guy is becoming something of a hero. The hero who asked you to keep him informed following the death of Seth Baxter, the man responsible for the murder of Angelina. But you look up to and trust your colleagues, don't you? I urge you to ask the first man to walk out of the building about how many survivors there are. An honest man has nothing to hide."

Hoffman walks out the building holding Corbett, who was wearing her favourite purple pyjamas whilst the police sirens wailed in the background. The blue and red flashes highlighting John's "Gideon Meat Packing Receiving" signpost. Hoffman had little more than a bloody nose as he placed Corbett on the ground.

"Where's my Dad?" Corbett asked.

"He's going to be ok" Hoffman lied, staring the girl in the face, as if that would make his words all the more believable.

Fisk came running towards Hoffman, remembering what John's tape had said.

"Are you able to walk? What the hell happened? Where's Rigg?"

"I tried to help. He didn't make it. Nobody made it." Hoffman lied yet again.

In that instance, a voice could be heard loud and clear, "We got a live one!". Agent Strahm was being escorted to the back of the ambulance. Fisk was confused. Everything John had said, had came true. Now should he venture into the building? There was no need. Hoffman had either lied, or he had no idea about Peter being alive – that is, if he was alive and the paramedics had been able to save him on his way to the hospital. Detective Fisk looks at Hoffman, squinting as if it would help him to decipher whether Hoffman was hiding more.

*** The following take place after Saw 3D ***

*** Gordon is showed to turn the lights out on Detective Hoffman ***

"Game over"

***Flashback to conversation with Heffner and Gordon ***

"Gordon, I promised you no secrets. So this is what needs to happen. I need you to follow these orders exactly as I lay them out in front of you. I told you to act immediately if anything happens to Jill. Well, something is likely to happen, soon."

"And why don't we stop it?"

"I have something in place for Hoffman. I have gave Jill a box for after my death. She will know what needs to be done."

"Your death?"

"Yes, Doctor Gordon. In order for me to have the Norwegian fly here to treat me, I need to be dead. The contract I signed with William says that if I die, Jill gets a payout. In my will, I have left the Gideon Meat Packing plant to Jill. She has already found a buyer who will pay as soon as word spreads that I am no longer alive."

*** Flashback prior to Saw: 1 ***

"I need a favour of you Solomon. I require a mask. Think Freddy Kruger, or Jason Voorhees. All of the best guys have one. Why can't I?"

"I know a plastics guy, he does 3D modelling, silicone, he can hook you up?"

"That sounds like just what the doctor ordered."

*** Scenes showing a 3D model of John being made to look as if he was dead. Whispy white hair filled his head. A surgical cut to relief pressure on the brain had been made. The dead John looked perfect – enough to fool anyone who wasn't paying complete attention. ***

"This will likely be useful in future." John said, smirking, impressed by the civil engineering brain he possessed.

*** Scene returns to John, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Heffner ***

"Dr. Gordon. This may be the final thing I ask of you. If Jill is dead, then you, along with another two men of your choosing, must overpower Hoffman, and place him somewhere that means something to you."

"Dr. Heffner. You have the most important task of all. You are to use the silicone body I have had created with excruciatingly intricate detail. This body is to be filled with organs of another corpse in the morgue. You are to make it look like I am truly dead."

"John, this is crazy talk, but i'll do it."

"And one more thing, Doctor Heffner. Detective Fisk has a decision to make. I have been able to psychologically infiltrate his mind and he now suspects Hoffman. If Fisk ignores the signs that he is standing next to the Jigsaw Killer after Hoffman walks out with the girl, and chooses to walks into the building, you will drug him whilst wearing the pig mask. My son Gideon was due to be born in the year of the pig – that mask must be worn."

"Gordon. Whilst Heffner is keeping watch on Fisk, I need you to be inside the building, ready to tend to me urgently, should I be assaulted by any of the players. I will take precautions to minimise any harm on my person."

Heffner and Gordon were making mental notes of John's requests, for this was to be his most well-thought out plan, and the blueprint was incredibly complex – complex enough to fool Hoffman, one would hope.

"And finally, Heffner. I will appear to swallow a tape at some point during the game. The tape is a blank. The real tape is in the bag I slipped into your jacket pocket as we began talking earlier tonight. This tape must be found in the stomach of the dead me. All that said and done, I will be able to finance the Doctor from Norway to allow me to be his test subject for his experimental cure for my condition. And that, is the cure for cancer."

*** Saw IV , V, VI, 3D – Explained ***

John Denlon lifted up the saw, intending to cut John's throat. In his blind rage, he didn't manage to see John pressing a button which was connected to the barely visible contraption he had wired around his neck. As John promised he had taken several small, precarious steps of preventing his own death. The step John employed, was having Amanda replace the steel-bladed Saw with a plastic, foam-tipped Saw following Dr. Lynn Denlon's decompression on John's brain. Solomon's connect had also made a paper thin, silicone fitting for John to wrap around his own neck. The skin-colourisation made the silicone all but invisible to the naked eye.

John Denlon started up the blade and slashed it across John's throat. The foam tips just covered the plastic, so little pain was felt as the foam grazed the silicone, as John pressed the 'blood button', causing copious amounts of blood to squirt out of his neck. John Denlon stood, triumphant as his wife knew that she would be dead any second now. John then swallowed what looked like a tape, but was in fact, cleverly concealed sleeping tablets to help to knock him out temporarily, for what happened next, would be the showstopping finale he had hoped for.

Heffner, seeing that Fisk hadn't yet made his way into the building, made his way to the back of the Meat Packing Plant where the car was waiting. Dr. Gordon brought in the silicone body and placed it on the surgical bed, helping a tired, ill John to Heffner's getaway car. The cure for cancer would be a medical success, although substantial amounts of money had been paid to keep the results of the trial a secret.

John believed that Heffner would almost definitely call the cops on John's fraudulent death once he came to his senses, so he had devised a way for Hoffman to kill Heffner following the autopsy. Jill's task, was now to kill Hoffman, thus ending the game. To John's eternal shame and sadness, Hoffman had killed Jill. It was now time for Dr. Gordon and his accomplices to capture Hoffman. John returned, free of cancer, alive, to test Hoffman one final time.

*** Flashback to Chapter 1: Hello Hoffman ***