Marinette and Adrien were in the park, taking a stroll near the Trocadéro. It had been a few months since they both revealed their secret to the other, and subsequently started dating. However, they still hadn't told any of their friends about their secret identities, because they didn't want to jeopardize anything. "You know, we haven't really had any akumatized villains to fight recently…" lamented Adrien. "And that's a bad thing? Come on, no one in Paris has gotten angry recently. Even we deserve a break," said Marinette. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a blue hole appeared on the wall. It tossed out two short figures: a guy in a cap and a blue shirt with the letters "HMD" on it, and a blonde girl in a cyan outfit. Marinette and Adrien, unsure of what to do, stood there in shock. Suddenly, the boy groaned and rubbed his head. "What was that?" he asked the girl. "I dunno…but I have a feeling we're not in Movieland anymore," responded the girl. "Um…are you guys okay?" asked Marinette. The boy and the girl both looked up. "Yea, we're fine, but, uh…where are we?" asked the boy. Adrien pointed to the viewable Eiffel Tower in the distance. "…Oh." "My name is Marinette, and this is my boyfriend, Adrien," introduced Marinette. Adrien waved. "Who are you two?" "I'm Joe, and this is my girlfriend, Silvia." Joe grinned.

Silvia looked angrily at Joe. "Joe, if you plan on staying here, I hope you know you need to find a way for our V-Watches to work." "Oh yea, those things on your wrist that let you transform into superheroes, right?" asked Adrien. "Yea, they're pretty cool. I become Viewtiful Joe, and Silvia here becomes Sexy Silvia!" explained Joe. Adrien responded, "Oh, I know! I'm a big fan of your movies." Marinette gave him a look of confusion. Adrien explained, "Joe and Silvia can use those watches to turn into superheroes in movies. Sounds pretty familiar…" Adrien slyly hinted. Marinette responded with a very clear no. Adrien pulled her aside. "So what if they know? It's not like they'll go and tell everyone, they literally just met us!" Adrien argued. "But we just met them too! We don't know if they'll blab or not!" responded Marinette. She looked back at them. "…Though, if they're fellow superheroes, I'm sure they can keep a secret," she added. Adrien looked at them as well. "Hey Joe, you're a big fan of superheroes, right?" Joe nodded excitedly, while Silvia just shook her head. Marinette quickly pulled them, along with Adrien, aside. "Okay, well, you can't tell anyone this, but…we're Ladybug and Cat Noir."

Joe nearly exploded. "You're the Ladybug and Cat Noir?!" Marinette quickly shushed Joe. "Careful, Joe, we can't have everyone knowing our superhero identities." "Yea, yea, I know the whole spiel," Joe replied nonchalantly. "Why not?" asked Silvia. Adrien explained, "There's an evil villain hiding in Paris named Hawk Moth, and he's after our Miraculouses." "Miraculouses?" asked Silvia. Marinette showed her earrings, and Adrien showed his ring. "They're the things that let us transform into superheroes," continued Adrien. "Correction: they're one of two things that let you transform into superheroes," said a voice from Adrien's shirt. Suddenly, a little black cat-like creature came out of Adrien's shirt, and a little red bug-like creature with black spots came out of Marinette's bag. Joe and Silvia jumped back. The black creature started, "Name's Plagg. I'm a kwami. I give Adrien the power of bad luck and such." The red one added, "I'm Tikki! I give Marinette the power of good luck!"

Joe slowly walked towards Plagg in awe of this new reveal. Silvia, completely freaked out by Tikki being able to talk, nearly screamed. Marinette quickly covered Silvia's mouth before a sound came out. Tikki continued, "Remember, no one must know about us, so you need to keep this a secret." Joe and Silvia both nodded. Marinette lifted her hand off of Silvia's mouth. Adrien turned to Silvia and asked, "So why exactly are you here?" "Well, we don't exactly know," answered Silvia. She gestured to the wall where the portal was. "It popped up in our world, and Joe got a little curious," she explained, while turning angrily towards Joe at his mention. "Hey, it could've been a new adventure! I miss those guys from Tatsunoko and Marvel!" Joe defended. "And look where we are now! We're in Paris, with the one and only-" Marinette quickly shushed Joe. "-the one and only Ladybug and Cat Noir!" Joe finished, whispering the last part. Adrien, however, pointed out, "That's true and all, but we haven't exactly been given the opportunity to fight crime recently. Things have been surprisingly calm." "Well, I, for one, wouldn't mind a tour of Paris," declared Silvia. "You know what they say, it's the city of love!" added Marinette. "Come on, we'll show you around. But you get the special kind of tour! Tikki, spots on!" Marinette transformed into Ladybug right before Joe and Silvia's eyes, and Joe nearly pooped his pants of excitement. Adrien laughed. "Plagg, claws out!" Adrien followed suit by transforming into Cat Noir, and grabbed Joe. Marinette grabbed Silvia as well, and the two took off.

The portal, however, was still open. And soon after the four had left, a purple figure with horns and wings popped out. "So, my rival ended up here, did he? I'm sure it won't be hard to find him. He's my rival — he HAS to fight me! And this time, I'm going to beat him!" the figure declared, before taking off. After the figure left, the portal closed.