I'm not entirly sure where I'm heading with this. So far it will be a series of ficlets that follow my story/game in Elex. I haven't finished it yet - at the moment I started chapter 3, so: please no spoilers ;) These short fics will follow the journey of "my" Jax and at the start of each I will always write a short note at what point of the story he is. I do this so you can avoid to spoiler yourself with quests you haven't done yet and because the fics may not be in chronological order. It will have much companion interaction and there will be Falk/Jax fluff. You've been warned ;)
Thank you for reading! Please note that english isn't my native language so please forgive me my mistakes - but feel free to show them to me!

The first short story takes place after completing Falks personal quest but otherwise pretty early in the game.

I leave my life behind, ruined by my hand

No-one to blame this time, I'm forsaken in this land

And everything is changing

All around it's blazing.

Nik Ammar – The Burnin'

While sitting around the campfire and munching some meat, Jax watched Falk deep in thought. That dork could've died today. It has been freaking close. And even though Konrad said something about 'not having to worry about it cause he's only a machine' Jax was worried. Which was strange. To worry about something or someone was new to him. He didn't like that feeling. Made him weak. He also didn't like that Falk was sitting at the campfire, watching the starry nightsky like nothing happened. Not like he had a big, fat bandage around his chest. Not like he's been on the brink of death.

"... and these so called zodiac signs were used in the old newspapers for some kind of interesting fortune telling. I think stars are magnificent and fascinating", Falk told Caja and pointed at the sky.

"I think they are simply beautiful", Caja said.

Maybe Jax didn't even realize that he kept staring at Falk, but others sure did.

Ray cracked a mischievous smile. Seeing Jax deep in thought usually meant he was brooding over some newly discovered feelings. Seems like Ice Boy was melting after all.

Eventually Falk caught Jax starring. Curiously he turned to the former Alb commander and studied his face.

"Jax", he said, watching him in silence for a few seconds while Jax got pulled out of his brooding and thinking. "I notice that you have magnificent eyes."

Duras spurted the sip of beer he's been drinking into Cajas face and Ray immediately burst from laughter. Jax' eyes widened, maybe from embarrassment, maybe from confusion. Falk on the other hand couldn't understand why his words should've been funny. Duras was busy trying to breath again, Ray couldn't stop laughing and even Caja smiled, while she wiped her face.

"What? That's just a fact", Falk said completely oblivious. "Magnificent just like the stars-" - "Dude, dude, stop!", Ray said, wiping a tear from his eye, "I can't breath!"

Jax grunted. Anger and embarrassment formed in him and he didn't even know why. Stupid feeling shit. But there was something else. He was... flattered? Maybe? He didn't know.

The headaches got worse; the Elex detox. "I don't have time for your stupid jokes", Jax grunted and got up to make his way up to a little creek. Maybe some cold water would help him.

Falk turned to Caja and shrugged. He seemed confused. "I wasn't joking. I'm not good at telling jokes." Caja hid her wide grin behind a bottle of water. "I know, I know... but it was funny nevertheless. You're the only one who's able to get Jax out of his little shell. And this is just... funny to see, you know?"

Magnificent eyes. Oh boy. Jax was watching his mirror image in the water of the creek. There was nothing magnificent on that scarred, stern face. He shook his head and splashed water in his face, distorting his mirror-self.

"That was funny" he heard a voice next to him.

Jax wasn't easy to startle and so he just turned his head with a deep sigh and saw Ray.

"What do you want, Outlaw", he grunted.

"You don't look so well, Boss. Something on your mind?"

At first, Jax didn't answer. He just splashed another wave of cold water into his face, but it didn't do much."Nothing. My head's a bit... well whatever. What do you even care?"

Ray shrugged and pulled out something from his jacket. "Let me care all I want. Maybe this'll help, hm?" he said and shook an Elexpotion between his fingers. Jax barley suppressed the urge to grab the little flask in Rays hand. He took a deep breath.

"Hand it over."

"Just when you tell me whats really turning your head around." Jax just grimaced angry so Ray turned the Potion quickly over. "Okay, okay. No need to tell me anything. Just thought you maybe want to talk. People talk, you know?"

"Yeah", Jax grunted, "They do all the time."

And with these words he chugged down the potion.

Oh sweet, cold Elexrelief. The constant humming between his ears didn't stop, but it calmed down a lot. And not only the headache: the confusion, the embarrassment, the anger and this other feeling he couldn't even name also went silent. Like they got buried under snow and ice. His thoughts became clear again. His focus. It must've been a strong Elexpotion; Jax didn't even want to know where Ray got it.

"Thank you", he said blunt, "that helped indeed." And with these words Jax left Ray alone again.

Konrad was right. He could look like a human, act like a human, even think like a human but after all... Falk was just a mere machine.

Nothing else.