Rowe Branche

Long Black Hair

Golden Eyes

Short(5,4 ½'')


Fair Skin Tone

Likes Graphic Tees

Fan of black skinny jeans

Military boots

Loves Classic Rock and Old Country

Has 6 ear piercings in each ear

Has 4 tattoos(flower on finger, anti-possession on shoulder, rose on wrist, geometric unicorn on ankle)

Has Freckles across her nose and sparsely on areas of her body

Favorite Color is Cherry Red

Loves Netflix

Longish Oval Nails(usually white)

Loves going to Walmart at Midnight and wandering

Mainly In TWD and Supernatural fandom(but is in a lot more, just not as serious)

Looks kinda intimidating but is very lovable and polite

Can turn into actual devil(not really) if provoked


Has a pretty floral green wand

Was an orchestra kid, plays piano

Has anxiety if talked to about specific subjects(family, stress, suicide, death, etc.)

Has a really pretty light blue 1969 chevy truck CK 10 series

Live in apartment with Jade and Flora

From South Arkansas

Heavy Accent

20 yrs old


Majoring in Veterinary Medicine

Has never had alcohol

Has black cat named Rosie

Dean Larson

21 yrs old

White Guy

Brown Hair

Shaved sides with Longish semi-curls on top

Dark Brown Eyes

Tan Complexion

Few Freckles over nose


Toned and has a good build, but not too skinny

Favorite Color is millennial pink

Loves Old Rock

Architecture Major

Has 2 Tattoos(plane on forearm, and play button over suicide scars

Very Smart

Loves Classical Music


Has a leather moto jacket that he wears all the time

Wears jeans(skinny-ish)

Brown Combat Boots


Openly nerdy and smart

Very sweet but protective

Likes Whiskey on the rocks only

Doesn't like to get drunk

No Drugs

Plays guitar

Came from loving family but was suicidal because of bullying

Loves Netflix

Has grey Maine coon cat named Romeo

Jade Lockett

Long wavy light purple hair (natural color is dark red)

Mint green eyes

Tall( 5'9'' )


Pale( has freckles across her nose and on her shoulders, you wouldn't notice them if you didn't look closely and she hates them )

Obsessed with classic rock and emo music

Fan of all dark colors( fav color is midnight blue )

Converse or docs always

8 piercings (multiple ear piercings, 2 tongue piercings, and eyebrow bar )

10 tattoos and counting ( anti-possession behind right ear, angel wings on back, peter pan behind left ear, dark mark on inside of left forearm, deer on right bicep, peacock feather on inside of right middle finger, treble heart on left pointer finger, music notes on inside of left middle and pointer fingers, music notes coming out of right ear, Quote on inside of right forearm )

Long nails

Hot topic obsessed

In every fandom you can think of

Addicted to her phone

Spoiled, sassy and rude but super nice to her friends and sister

Was in anger management and therapy while in high school

Has really bad anxiety( gets panic attacks that are triggered by major negative emotion or when people take her stuff and won't give it back )

Smokes and drinks all the time even though underage

Will fight you if you mess with her car( Black and blue 1968 CHEVY CAMARO SS 350)

Art major at UCLA

Really good at art and singing

Lives in fully paid apartment with sister Flora( no rent )


Has always wanted to ride a motorcycle

Texas pride!

Has no accent but southern accent gets REALLY thick when mad or sad

Has white girl husky with one ice blue eye and one pale yellow eye named Artemis

21 yrs old

Elliot Rosen

Fluffy brown hair with a slight curl

Silver eyes

Tall( 6'4'' )

Toned and slim but not too skinny

Lightly tanned

Loves classic rock

Likes all colors( fav color is dark red )

Has good fashion sense

Hidden piercing ;)

1 tattoo( compass on the inside of right forearm )

Likes Nike

Huge nerd but hides it behind his jock front( it comes out sometimes and he gets embarrassed and blushes )

Naturally good student

Was the perfect son and got a full ride scholarship off of football( is running back)

Super nice and friendly but gets shy around new people

King of binge-watching Netflix

Stands up for people no matter their social status

Would NEVER bully someone

Drinks at parties but has never gotten drunk

Nervus to try drugs of any kind


Rides bike to clear head if thinking too hard

Marine biology major at UCLA

Lives down the hall from Flora and Jade in fully paid apartment( no rent )


Wants to graduate in top 10%

Really good at guitar

From Ireland

Transfer student

Sexy accent

Parents where killed by drunk driver right after his 18th bday( He wears their wedding rings on a necklace and is SUPER protective of them )

21 yrs old