A/N: While some authors out there have found the means of getting these two together back when they were in high school/college (a commendable feat, I must say), I lack the ambition to go that A/U. That being said, I thought I'd take a jab at pairing them off after the first case where Deeks meets the team, at the end of 1x19 ("Hand to Hand"). This is, and will likely remain the earliest of my "missed opportunities" stories.

Disclaimer: I warned you this was coming; that if I were a writer on this show, or had any stake in it, that this sort of thing would have been featured. Alas, I do not.

Rating: It shouldn't be surprising to anyone who's read my prior stories that this one is firmly rated M.

Deeks still isn't sure what possessed him to do it. But he has to admit, the fact that Special Agent Blye had given him her number when he asked for it back in that— what was it? A boat shed?— was the silver lining to an otherwise crappy day. He'd taken off from the precinct as soon as his boss had quit chewing him out. LAPD didn't like loosing out on investigations to federal agencies. Especially not federal agencies that don't even have any real jurisdiction in the city.

It was still early in the afternoon, but he'd been working for the past forty-eight hours. He'd be back at his desk soon enough, so the paperwork could wait. Instead, after he hopped in his car but before he started it, he decided to take a shot in the dark and shoot off a text. It took him a couple of minutes to compose a message with the correct amount of chill, but he finally managed to send Blye an invite for a drink or two that evening.

Her reply came quickly, and while he was driving. He'd never so bad wanted to look at a message. But common sense won out, and he put it off until he had at least reached a red light.

[Kensi Blye: Sure. Send me your address, I'll pick you up. When?]

Deeks' thumbs worked like lightning to send a response before the light turned green. He failed to do so in time, but considered it worth getting honked at.

[215 San Juan Ave. #223. Any time is fine. Let me know.]

He wore a grin plastered on his face for the rest of his short drive home. Maybe today was looking up after all. He wondered about his chances with a woman as drop dead gorgeous as her. But as fine as she was, he was pretty sure from the way she carried herself that she could probably kick his ass… which only intrigued him more. If nothing else, grabbing a few drinks and hearing some stories from an undercover fed would make for an interesting evening.

He kicked around his apartment, surprisingly anxious for a meet up that wasn't even a date. He had been picking out a clean shirt and had just settled on a white button down when there was a knock at the door.

"Blye! You got here quick," he exclaimed when he opened the door to see the tall, stunning brunette standing there.

"Your place is pretty close to… where I was," she explained. "And Kensi is just fine."

"Oooh. So intimate so fast," he said, smirking.

"No, no," she corrected him quickly. Her eyes narrowed, but she continued to smile as she went on, "Just, no one calls me Blye."

She seemed cheerful enough still, but Deeks knew he had hit a nerve. He idly wondered if she had daddy issues or something.

"Come on in, Kensi," he said, motioning her through the door. "I was just going to throw on a clean shirt."

"Sure." Closing the door behind her, she motioned at the cuts above his brow and asked, "How's your… face?"

Deeks chuckled as he absentmindedly tidied up some trinkets on his coffee table. Looking back to her he answered, "Just a scratch. Had to make it look convincing."

"So you're saying you think you could have taken Sam?" she inquired skeptically. "A guy who you shouldn't have even been in the same weight class with?"

"I could go for a rematch, yeah," he agreed. "They say size isn't everything, but I'm not exactly small myself."

Kensi raised her eyebrows at him and continued to look on at him in amused silence. Deeks blushed slightly when he realized where her mind must have gone.

Clearing his throat a little nervously, he changed the subject. "It's barely three. They let you off pretty early over at NCIS?"

"Not always. But you know how it is," she shrugged. "Working undercover means odd hours. Plus, I didn't have much to write up for this case. When I left, Sam and Callen were, uh… doing paperwork."

Kensi laughed at herself for some reason, and Deeks cocked his head to observe her while he tried to figure out what exactly was funny about what she had said. Writing it off as an inside joke or something, he continued on to his bedroom to fetch his clean shirt.

He tossed his worn t-shirt into his hamper, and had just picked up his white button down when he jumped in surprise. Kensi was standing in his bedroom doorway, leaning against the frame with a cocky grin on her face. She had ditched her jacket, shoes and shoulder bag and was eyeing him up and down.

"Geez, Kensi!" he shouted, instinctually holding the shirt up to cover his (already fully clothed) groin.

She laughed at him genuinely, and pretended to cover her eyes with a hand. Peeking through her fingers she told him, "Sorry, I didn't realize you'd be so shy, given that you left your door open. I'm, uh… looking for your bathroom."

Deeks had recovered somewhat from the shock and regained his composure. He couldn't be entirely certain, but he was pretty sure she was flirting with him. In the most gravely voice he could muster, he answered sarcastically, "A likely story."

She smiled knowingly and looked at her feet before meeting his gaze again with confidence. She had taken a few steps towards him with her arms crossed before admitting, "Fine. You got me. I was actually going to suggest that we skip the bar." Deeks froze as she reached out tentatively to ghost her slender fingers up the centerline of his bare chest. With an astonishing amount of bravado she finished, "Since I've decided that what I actually came for, is right here."

His eyes went wide and his mouth hung agape. Despite the joke he had made, he honestly couldn't believe what he was hearing. He continued to watch her, entranced as she pulled her t-shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. She took his hand in hers and tugged him away from his closet and towards his bed. Returning her hands to his chest, she pressed up against him. Finally stirred from his paralytic state, he brought his own hands up to her waist, and dropped an exploratory kiss to her shoulder.

Kensi let out a sigh as he peppered kisses up her neck and to the corner of her jaw. As his lips moved towards hers though, she broke away and pushed him roughly down onto the bed behind him. He shifted back in anticipation as she crawled on top of him and straddled his lap.

Deeks let his hands move instinctually to Kensi's hips and squeezed her thighs, but his head was still in disbelief.

"Wait! So what exactly is happening here?" he asked despite being perfectly aware that she was unfastening the belt of his jeans.

"You need me to spell it out?" she responded sarcastically.

"A little," he answered with a lopsided grin and a nervous laugh. Things like this never happened anywhere but in his fantasies. So he was pretty sure he was being pranked or something.

"Well," Kensi started to explain as she folded her arms behind her back to unfasten her bra, "we're going to finish undressing. Then, if you're willing and able—"

"Oh, I am," he interjected once her bra had fallen off of her shoulders.

"—You're going to help me blow off some steam."

Deeks was transfixed by her perfect breasts, inches from his face. He gulped and managed to respond, "Just like that?"

"Yeah. Just like that." Kensi narrowed her eyes suspiciously at his hesitation. "What? You have a girlfriend, or something?"

"No," he answered quickly.

"Or maybe," she offered casually, smirking at his inability to compose himself, "you'd rather spend a few hours at a bar trying to impress me enough to go out with you again. And then work for the chance to end up back here anyways?"

"Um…" Deeks was having difficulty forming coherent thoughts. Which was understandable with the way she had settled on top of him; her breasts pressing against his bare chest, and her hips grinding against his. Even unbuckled, his jeans were getting awfully restrictive. "You have a point."

"Let's just skip the pleasantries, shall we?" she suggested, raising an eyebrow as she looked into his eyes, giving him a good look at the contrast between them he had barely noticed earlier.

"You got it."

For the first time since she came over, Deeks took control. He rolled his new friend to her back and busied himself with unfastening her jeans and pulling them down her long legs. He slipped off of the bed momentarily to shed his own pants, stumbling around clumsily while he stepped out of his socks as well. She laughed at his antics and shifted further up to his pillows, hooking her thumbs under the waistband of her underwear as she did so, pulling them down just an inch.

Deeks crawled back up to her, and brought his face to hers. He wanted badly to kiss her lips, but she tilted her head up and he settled for the soft skin on her neck instead. Careful not to suck too hard and leave a mark, he kissed his way down her shoulders and chest until he finally made it to her breasts. As he focused the attentions of his lips on each of the soft mounds, she continued to push at her panties until they were half way down her thighs. Catching on, Deeks reluctantly pulled his lips from her smooth skin to help her remove them completely.

When she was free of her underwear and her legs fell open to him, Deeks briefly made a mental note of how the removal of such a small amount of fabric really could make all the difference. From his position on his belly between her knees, he really had the opportunity to admire her. She kept herself extremely well groomed; bare save for a patch of curls above smooth lips that were already glistening in anticipation. He gazed, dumfounded, for just a moment too long.

"You gonna stare? Or are you gonna do it?" Kensi asked him impatiently, propped up on her elbows so she could glare down at him.

"You trust me to? So soon?" he asked, meeting her gaze hungrily.

"It's eating a pussy, not open heart surgery," she informed him, running her fingers through his shaggy hair and encouraging him to move his head closer. "It's not that complicated."

"And yet, one can do it wrong," he replied in a low voice, his face now so close that his hot breath on her sensitive skin made her shiver.

Just before he put his tongue on her, she managed to encourage him by saying, "True, but with that silver tongue of yours, I'm hoping you won't."

Taking that as a challenge, Deeks went to work and her head hit the pillows with force. It wasn't difficult for him to figure out what Kensi liked; she was extremely responsive to his every touch, and he quickly found that tickling her clit with just the tip of his tongue made her writhe and dig her heels into his back. He took pleasure in teasing her though, so he switched to mouthing at her with his lips for several seconds at a time.

He would have liked to bring his fingers into the mix, but after a few minutes she had gotten so worked up that she held his head between her legs in a vice grip. Not that he was complaining, but he had no choice but to carry on as he was. As she became acclimated to him, he grew more voracious in his attentions. When his teeth grazed lightly against her sensitive nub, she cried out loudly and twisted her fingers almost painfully in his hair. Pressing his tongue against her clit as hard as he could, he sucked on her flesh until her breathy moaning turned into sharp panting.

Still breathing hard, she settled down and finally relaxed her leg hold on him. He kissed the flushed skin between her legs for several moments, watching her face until she finally opened her eyes and looked down at him. The heavy lidded smile she gave him sent a jolt through his chest, and all he could do was grin back as he crawled back up the bed when she beckoned.

Kensi pushed on his chest and shoulders when he reached her level, and rolled him to his back. She held his gaze as she shifted down his body, dragging her palms along the smooth, defined planes of his chest and ab muscles. When she reached the waistline of his boxers, she wasted little time in pulling them down and yanking them off of his ankles. Deeks was already quite rigid and losing more of his composure by the second. So when she took his length in her hand and started dropping her head down to him, he grabbed her by the elbows and tugged her reluctantly away.

"Whoa, there! Maybe hold off on that until next time?" he suggested playfully.

"What makes you think there's going to be a next time?" Kensi retorted, continuing to tug on his shaft.

"Ouch," he said bluntly. He hissed slightly when she pressed on a particularly sensitive part of his cock with her thumb. Taking both of her wrists in his hands, he leaned forward to tell her, "Well, I'd best make this one count, then."

Deeks crawled out from under her and scooted off of the bed. He disappeared from the room momentarily, and returned after ten seconds or so of digging around in his bathroom. In his hand he held a very small box of very large condoms.

He tossed aside the wrapper before rolling on the condom. When he was all set to go, he crawled back on the bed and hovered over Kensi, settling between her legs. But before he could get any further, she pushed on him and again rolled him to his back. This time, she straddled him and rocked her hips, rubbing her clit along the length of his cock. She reached down to guide him to the right place, and Deeks let out a soft moan when he could feel the heat radiating from her. She held herself steady above him, and slowly sunk down.

He pushed up into her steadily and she felt so good around him that he had to pause to keep himself from losing it right there. She settled over him, resting her weight on her elbows. But as her face neared his, she turned away again automatically. Undeterred by her hesitance to be intimate, he instead planted several wet kisses on her breasts, taking as much of one as he could into his mouth as she began to move on top of him.

For a minute or so he was mostly still, content to let her ride him at her own pace. Then he grew restless and thrust up into her with speed while she held herself steady above him. They kept this rhythm for several minutes; alternating between who set the tempo whenever the other started to tire. And in this way they were able to keep a frenzied speed until both of them had given in and were slamming erratically into each other, careening towards the edge. Every so often she would meet his gaze with those hypnotic, mismatched eyes of hers. But then she would look away again after a moment. Her soft moans, growing harsher by the minute, were punctuated with satisfied words of encouragement and the occasional swear word.

For his part, Deeks managed to keep his noises limited to incomprehensible growls and groans. Whenever the urge to shout something out passed through his head, he managed to bite his lip and focus instead on the goddess who's body was wrapped around his.

Deeks could feel Kensi coming undone on top of him. She pressed her palms flat against his chest to keep herself steady as he bucked up into her repeatedly. When she began to surrender to the sensations that were controlling her, she practically collapsed on top of him and clung tightly to his shoulders.

"Come on!" she cried in a harsh whisper. "Don't stop!"

He couldn't even fathom the possibility of stopping now. But his eloquent response was to simply groan a little louder and hold a little tighter to her hips as he helped her ride him hard.

Finally, she latched onto his mouth with hers. Though, she didn't caress his lips so much as she devoured them, biting his lower lip gently with her teeth. Deeks took what he was offered, and responded with enthusiasm until her aggressively cute nibble turned into a heated kiss.

She cried out again. And this time he was sure she was coming. Her eyes had slammed shut and her mouth was latched onto his neck. She had stopped bucking her hips and was instead gyrating them against him, seeking as much contact as she could with his cock buried deep within her. With her tight convulsions around him, Deeks could no longer hold himself back. He started moving again so he could make three or four more strokes before the waves of ecstasy washed over him and took control of his body.

"Ah! Fuck!" he blurted before he had regained his composure. His heart raced and his breathing was labored. All he could do was lay there beneath the sated woman collapsed on top of him.

"Oh! My God, Deeks! That was…" Kensi trailed off, also at a loss for words. She lifted her head to look at his face, and asked him, "What was your first name again? Martin?"

The way she had just called him 'Deeks' moments before almost made him forget his own name.

"Marty," he corrected. "But Deeks works for me."

"Deeks," she repeated back to him.

The pair separated, and Deeks padded off to his bathroom to dispose of his rubber and wash up a bit. When he returned, Kensi remained naked and had sprawled out across the entirety of his now very rumpled bed.

"So, you ready to go grab those beers or something?" he asked, kneeling on he foot of his bed.

She hummed and considered him for a moment, smiling. She sat up so she could run a hand up his slightly sweaty shoulder. "Something," she responded licentiously while she pulled him further onto the bed with her. "Definitely 'or something.' That is, if you're ready for a rematch."

A/N: For no other reason than that I want to, this is going to be a two-shot. I have a second chapter in progress that synchs this dirty little story up with the timeline of the episode better.

Also as a side note: there is no uniform, consistently accepted way to write text conversations in literature. The way I went with is the one I hate the least.