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Episode 1

A New Arisu

Yang Arisu looked outside the window of his house. He was wondering if his day will come. His day of going on a major adventure. "Yang," his mother Xiaomu called "come downstairs for breakfast! You're father made it!" Yang grabbed his backpack and ran down stairs. He sat next to Xiaomu as she was drinking a mug of coffee. His dad Reiji placed a plate in front of Yang. "Hey Mom. Hey Dad," he said as he looked at the plate of food in front of him. It was toast, rice balls, and pancakes; Yang's favorite breakfast. "This isn't usually what you make, Dad," Yang stated. His eyes then had a look of suspicion "You and Mom having another baby?" Reiji chuckled. "No son. Today's a special occasion," Xiaomu smiled as she rubbed his head as she walked to the sink. "It's going to be your first day of freshman year in a new town!" she told him. She was right after all. Yang and his parents had to move to the countryside of Japan on the account his parents were out of commission Shinra agents and couldn't stay in a city. Not only that, Yang needed a new high school. He wasn't getting the education he needed from his teachers in a private school, so he's going to a public school in hopes of the teachers giving him better lessons. After breakfast Yang walked out of the house, backpack around his shoulders, and took out his map. "Let's see... school should be on... the left," he told himself as he walked left.

Once Yang got to the school, he noticed the time: 7:30 AM. He was early so he walked around the school. The boy took out another piece of paper, which was a school schedule. As he looked at it, Yang ran into a girl around his age. She had light blonde hair with silver streaks. Some of her hair looked like ears and she wore a white puff sleeve top along with a white plaid skirt. She turned around and giggled. "I'm sorry! I should have looked where I was standing," she said as she extended a hand to help Yang. Her eyes were yellow and brown, and she had black and red fingerless gloves. Yang took her hand and stood back up. "I don't blame you for standing. I was looking for my home room class. I'm new here," he told her.

"Oh awesome! I've only been here for a week, and I know my way around here already,"

"You think you can show me around?"

"Yeah! Umm... I'm Missy. Nice to meet you!"

"My name's Yang. Yang Arisu,"

"Arisu... where have I heard that name..?" Missy asked herself as she started to take Yang around the school. "This here is the cafeteria. The lunches are usually delicious," she told him as they looked around seeing students eating. Yang rubbed the back of his head. "For some reason, my parents don't trust the food at schools so I make my own," he said as he showed Missy his bento. She inspected the bento and smiled. "It's perfect! My aunt makes mine,"

"Your aunt?"

"Well she's technically not my aunt... She and my dad live together,"

"Who else do you live with?"

"My other aunt, my two uncles, my best friends, and of course my parents."

"Big family. I just live with my mom and dad,"

After school, Yang was about to walk home when he found a red notebook. "This must belong to Missy," he told himself. As soon as he picked it up, he saw Missy and two other people. One of them was a girl with half blonde, half pink hair, yet her eyebrows were brown in a red, long sleeve shirt with something metallic under her backpack. She had a pink skirt that faded to a light shade of purple. On her wrists were silver bracelets with blue gems. The boy had a blue hoodie with a white t-shirt under it. He had a black eye which there is a 50/50 chance that he got it from a fight. His blue jeans had tears, which must not have been a problem because the school's dress code allowed it. "You didn't tell anyone too much about us, right?" asked the girl. Missy shook her head. "I told a student about my family life, but not everything," she replied. The boy nodded and took out a remote. He pressed the red button and opened up what appeared to be a portal. Yang's eyes widened. "Are these the rifts Mom and Dad tell me about..?" he asked himself. After the three walked in, Yang followed them in. He fell onto the ground, causing the three to turn around. Yang looked up to see a pair of leather boots belonging to the girl, Missy's boots, and the boy's steel toed sneakers. "Damn! We got someone from the school here..." said the girl. Missy knelt down and helped Yang up. "Yang? Why are you here?" she asked.

"Well, I found your notebook. I was going to give it to you, until I overheard you guys talking... Then you went into this rift thing and... What's going on?!"

"Yang it's something you can't know about,"

"Yeah. We better send you back to where you came from," said the other boy. Yang grabbed his wrist. "Wait! I'm actually curious about what's happening," he said. The other girl took Yang's hand and gave him an angered look. "Listen kid, Missy's right. This is something you can't know. Especially with Missy's mom, she's-" A door to a building opened. It revealed a woman with blonde hair put up in a ponytail in a white, long sleeve dress with a blue short sleeve cardigan on her. She had those blue eyes that matched the other boy. "Ash," she began "what's going on?" The boy, called Ash, had wide eyes. "Uh, nothing mom! We were just sending this guy back to his world," he said referring to Yang. The other girl giggled, commenting "Ashy got busted...~" This comment caused Ash to scowl at her. The woman looked at Yang and had wide eyes, seeing his appearance. "Well don't send him back yet... Come inside. All four of you," she whispered as she walked back inside.

Yang and the others walked inside as he closed the door behind him. He looked around noticing the building wasn't quite big, but wasn't small. "Soma, kids are home!" the woman announced. A man in a white and gold coat walked downstairs. He had tan skin and a very light shade of blonde like Ash. His pants were blue and his shoes were black and gold. There was a red and black bracelet thing like Ash as well. This must have been Soma. "Hey Leanne," he said as he hugged the woman, who was called Leanne. He turned his head and patted Ash's head. "Hey you," Ash chuckled. "Hey Dad," Soma turned to Missy and the other girl. "Missy your mom and dad are in the living room, Nosova your parents should be in there too. If not, look in the kitchen," he told the other girls. Missy went into the living room with Nosova, the other girl. Soma noticed the Yang standing in front of him and Leanne. "Leanne, is this-" Leanne nodded. Soma turned toward him and said "Look. I know that this may seem bad, but... don't rat us out to your parents," Leanne frowned, adding "Please... She's got a daughter and a husband now...," Yang looked at the two confused.

Nosova listened in on the conversation. She was with a guy who had blonde hair, a red jacket, black t-shirt, blue jeans, a white scarf, white sneakers, and black glasses. "Who are you talking about? I don't get it... What would my parents have to do with you guys? And how do you know them?" Yang asked.. "You know what?" Soma began. "Forget what we said. Let's just send you back to your world," Yang started to plead. "No! This is something I have to know! If I don't know, then I'll never expect the things that could happen," Leanne's voice was heard now. "It has to be this way, kid... Your life, your parents' lives... her life could be in danger," Nosova looked at the other person listening with her. "Daddy..? I don't want them to die..." she told him. "I know, Noso... Look, we're not going to let Arisu's son get them,"

"Right. I'll trip him, and you shoot!"

"What? No! We'll let him run, you trip him, THEN I'll shoot him,"

"We can't hurt a child, Zephyr! That'd set a bad example for Nosova and Missy..." said a woman's voice. The woman had half pink hair half magenta hair and green eyes, like Nosova. She wore red glasses, a blue off shoulder sleeve sweater and a pink skirt with white boots. The guy, called Zephyr, turned to her. "I think it's a little late for Nosova. Missy? I don't know... she was born and we ado-" he was shushed by the woman. "Right. Sorry, Alisa." he whispered. A man with his blonde hair let down was hugging Missy, who was crying. He had brown eyes and wore a black leather jacket over a white t-shirt. "Yeah it wouldn't be a good idea to say that around my baby girl, Zephyr..." Missy looked up at him. "Daddy? I don't want Mommy to go away... She never did anything bad... but I don't wanna lose my friendship with Yang either..." The man rubbed her back. "It's okay, sweetie... We'll figure a way out of this. Right now though, she's in danger. And if she told him, she could go away for good,"

"Then so be it." said an unknown voice. A woman with light gray and gray hair walked out of the shadows of the living room. She had a silver dress on along with light gray slippers on her feet. There was a red jewel on her head along with a red marking beside her chin. "Vashyron, I over heard what was going on. I'm going to talk to him. Tell him what's going on," she told them. The man, Vashyron shook his head. "No. No, I'm not gonna lose you again!" he said. The woman put a hand on his cheek. "I'll be fine," she said as she walked to the other room. Leanne and Soma froze for a moment when they saw her. "He has to know..." she told them. The two nodded slowly and left. This left Yang with the older woman. "I know you don't know me," she began. "but your mother and father did... My name is Saya. I am an Ouma agent," Yang couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was he really in front of an Ouma agent? An agent of a group that rivals his parents group? "However," Saya continued "I had decided to leave that part of my life. You see..."

~Flashback: Ouma Japan Division~

"Saya," said a male voice. "You have failed me four times. Not even America's Ouma Agent could help you..." Saya was in front of him, hanging her head in shame. "Yes sir... I am truly sorry," she said as she was standing next to a blonde woman with black rabbit ears. "You know what this means... Don't you?" asked the male voice. Saya frowned. "Yes sir... I will leave immediately so you can kill me..." Saya began to walk off until... "No! Boss sir! Let Saya desu free!" said the rabbit girl. Saya turned her head as a tear fell from her eye. "Sheath..?" The man smirked. "And why should I let her go..?" Sheath looked away from him. "If you let her go... I'll take her place! Yes! If she's free from here! Please desu!" she asked him. The man grinned. "Alright then. Saya, you're from your services. Now go, before I actually kill you..." he said. Saya didn't know what to say. All she did was hug Sheath and ran.

~Back to Yang and Saya now~

As Yang listened, he was eating a bag of chips given to him by Saya. "I never saw Sheath again because I couldn't turn back. I had to go to another world... That's when I came here. I had to hide from them," she said as she was getting him something to drink. "So why here?" Yang asked. "This place isn't exactly... uh..."

"Suiting for a woman like me? Well, it was the only place where there were people I could trust,"

"Those kids didn't seem trusting..."

"Who? Nosova and Ash? They're just trying to protect Missy,"

"You sure about that? Cause Nosova was staring at me... along with some other guy,"

"That was her dad, Zephyr," Saya whispered "his wife Alisa is an android, so you know what that means..."

"I heard that!" Zephyr called from the other room. Yang laughed as Saya giggled. She looked at the floor and sighed. "Yeah, but he's a good baby husband and father. He raised Nosova with Alisa at 17... So young," Yang threw the now empty bag of chips in the trash can. "So what about the other one? Ash. He's kind of strict..."

"Ash wasn't always like that..."

"He wasn't?"

Saya shook her head. "No, he was kind and friendly. I thought it was his father Soma, but it was really a traumatic experience..."

"That figures... So you wanna tell me more about what's going on?"

"Well," Saya began "I came here, but you knew that already. When I did, I was tired and wouldn't know what to do when they saw me,"

~Flashback: Basel~

Saya knocked on the door. She was out of breath from running and searching for the place she was looking for. It was late at night, so no one saw her. The door opened revealing Vashyron, but with a brown leather jacket and his hair tied up in a ponytail. "Saya..? What are you doing here?" he asked. He was about to take out a gun if she tried anything, however she began to pass out. Before she could, Vashyron dropped his gun and caught her. He was confused at first, but then picked her up and carried her inside. "Zephyr, Leanne. Wake up!" he called out. Leanne walked down the stairs as Zephyr got up from the couch. Leanne had her hair up in a ponytail and had sweatpants with a white long sleeve shirt with a cute pig on it. Zephyr had a white t-shirt on and boxer shorts on. His hair was a little longer than it was a while ago. "What's Saya doing here? Isn't she supposed to be dead..?" asked Zephyr.

Vashyron gave Zephyr a look, making him stand up as he laid Saya down on the couch. "I'm glad she's not..." he whispered to himself. Saya's eyes started to open. "Alright, give her some room," Vashyron told the two as he backed up. The werefox looked around and sat up. She looked at her surroundings. "Sorry for being an inconvenience... but it was my fourth strike..." she said. Zephyr raised an eyebrow. "Fourth strike? Care to enlighten us on that..?" he asked.

After explaining the story, Saya sighed. "I understand if you guys don't want me here... I'll stay for tonight and-" Saya was interrupted by Leanne. "We'll talk about it..." she said as she stood up. Vashyron and Zephyr walked with her and they started to talk in the kitchen. "Guys," Leanne began. "I'm not sure if we should help her..." Zephyr crossed his arms. "I'm not sure either... I mean what if we were caught smuggling a former member of a terrorist organization?"

"If she stays here, she'd probably betray us..."

"And if we don't, she'll die. Whether she's killed or not..."

"Vashyron what do you think?" Leanne asked Vashyron, since he was their leader. He looked away from them. There were too many pros and cons with this. Saya was evil and tried to destroy the many worlds. Then again, she had nowhere else to go and it'd be nice to help her. "Leanne," he began "get her something to eat. Zephyr, you go get her a blanket and a pillow... Well? Move!" The other two hurried off as Vashyron walked back to Saya. She sat up and let him sit next to her. "You'll be staying for a bit," he told her "but you have to remember these rules: First off, don't leave this place unless you have a disguise. Second, if someone is at the door get one of us. If we're not here, don't answer it. Finally, if you need anything, just ask. We'll get it. You got all that?" Saya nodded.

~back to Yang and Saya now~

Yang looked at her starting to understand everything. "I see... so if you went anywhere else, they'd turn you in to my parents..?" Saya nodded at his question. "Yes. I had to reveal myself to you because I wanted you to understand that I mean your parents no harm anymore..."

"Well... I believe you,"

"You do..?"

"Yeah. I'll tell my mom and dad you won't attack them anymore. No wait! I'll do something better..."

Saya giggled as Yang was thinking.

"I got it!" he exclaimed. "I'll tell them about Missy and what you've made her into: a sweet and bubbly girl!"

Saya looked down, a worried expression on her face. "You are a sweet boy... Though I'm not sure about that. I don't think she's ready to be introduced to your parents yet..." Yang had a look of disappointment, but nodded, agreeing. "Right... I forgot. My bad...," He stopped talking when he saw that Vashyron peaked in from the other room. He motioned Saya to get over to the room. "Excuse me," Saya said as she left Yang in the kitchen.

"What are we gonna do with him?" Zephyr asked as Nosova stood between him and Alisa B.. "Well if we let him stay, his parents are going to come look for him. And if they come here, they'll think we've kidnapped him," Leanne explained. Soma nodded, adding "And if we let him leave, he'll tell his parents anyway," Vashyron had his head in his hand as he shook his head slowly. "Damn it all... you'd think this would all go well and we wouldn't have had to go into hiding..." he said. Missy tugged on his leather jacket. "Does this mean it's me and Mommy's fault, Daddy..?" she asked. Vashyron looked at his teenage daughter. He gave her a concerned look and hugged her as he wrapped an arm around Saya. "Oh no... of course not, Missy. You and your mommy didn't cause this..." he said. Saya looked at the floor as she hugged her husband. "I say we should let him stay for tonight, then send him back tomorrow," Alisa B. suggested. As the group talked, Saya left with a piece of paper she took out of Vashyron's pocket. She went upstairs and sat on the bed in their room. She picked up the telephone and dialed what was on the paper. "Hey... It's me. Saya. You're son found his way into Vashyron's world... can you get him?" she asked.

As the group discussed what to do, a knock was heard on the door. "I'll get it," Nosova told them as she walked over to it. She opened it to see Reiji and Xiaomu standing at the door. "Hello. Is your uncle here?" asked Xiaomu. "Which one? I have two. Well even though I'm not really related to them...,"

"The one from this world," Reiji added. Nosova stood there for a moment, then looked away from the door. "Uncle Vashyron! Some people are here to see you," she said as she walked away. Vashyron looked up and saw Reiji and Xiaomu at the door. "Reiji? What are you and Xiaomu doing here? Did your son call?" he asked. Before any of them could answer, Saya answered for them. "No. I did," She walked downstairs to see them. She held out both of her wrists, waiting for them to arrest her. However, Reiji and Xiaomu did nothing. "Saya," Reiji extended his hand. "We're out of commission. That means we're not working at the moment. Peace?" he asked. Saya stood in silence. So did Vashyron and the others. She then put one arm down, and had the other remaining. She then shook his hand, replying "Peace."

In the kitchen, Yang was raiding the fridge looking for another snack. However he closed it when he heard someone walk in. "I wasn't stealing food!" he exclaimed. He was then hugged tightly by the arms of his mother. "Yang! We're so glad you're okay!" she said as she squeezed him. "Gah! Mom?! Get off me!" he said as he tried to get out of Xiaomu's grip. Yang then managed to slip out of his mother's arms and walk over to his dad. "Dad! I can't believe you guys are here! ...How did you get here?!" he asked, ecstatic and confused.

Reiji and Xiaomu joined the group for dinner. Yang, Nosova, Ash, and Missy ate in the living room while Reiji and Xiaomu were eating with the other parents. Saya tried to eat, but Vashyron kept playfully pulling her fox-like ears. "Vashyron, please! I'm trying to eat," she said as she was giggling. Xiaomu's mouth was full of food as Reiji was talking to the group. "So I understand why Saya had to come here. But how did Alisa B. and Soma get here? Did Saya bring them here?" he asked. Zephyr nodded. "Yeah... She gave us these things that let's us visit their worlds when we can," Zephyr shown the two a small black remote with a red button on it. Leanne smiled and added "Saya gave two to our son, and Zephyr and Alisa B.'s daughter,"

In the living room, Nosova and Ash pulled out the two remotes. "These bad boys are what helps us travel through dimensions. Though we specifically use it to go from here to school," Nosova told Yang as she ate. Ash rolled his eyes knowing that Nosova was talking with her mouth full. "Why can't I have one?" Missy asked. Ash sighed and shook his head. "Missy we've been over this... If you had one you'd get lost. And if you got lost, you'd have to call us," he told her. Nosova glared at him. "Why do you gotta be like that to her?!"

"I'm just trying to protect Missy!"

"So am I! But am I rubbing in the fact she can't have a remote like that?!"

"Hey you two! Knock it off! Don't make me shoot bullets into the roof," Vashyron yelled from the kitchen. This silenced the two teens. "Huh. You guys really do fight a lot..." Yang muttered. Ash finished eating and left in anger, yet the anger doesn't show. Nosova turned to Ash and told him "We fight because he won't admit to his trauma..."

At night, Yang was sleeping on the couch. In Missy's room, she slept in her bed with Nosova and Ash sleeping on the floor next to it. Reiji and Xiaomu slept in a room next to Leanne and Soma's room. Zephyr slept in a bed next to Alisa B., who slept in a capsule. As the others sleep, Vashyron and Saya looked out the window and were talking to each other. "I don't know what to do... I love our little angel too much to let her go anywhere..." Vashyron told her. Saya put her arms around his neck. "Yet Missy needs a break from the routine she goes through. Vashy, she needs this... If we really love her, we have to let her go..." Vashyron looked away from his wife for a moment, then looked back at her. He smiled and stroked Saya's hair. "Okay. We'll talk to Reiji and Xiaomu about it tomorrow,"

Yang slept on the couch until he was awoken by a poke on the shoulder. He looked up to see Missy, who was upset. "Missy, what's wrong?" he asked. She stroked back her long hair. "Can I sleep with you..? I had a nightmare..." Yang's eyes widened. They were both around the same age, but Yang was still concerned about what'll happen next. However, because Missy was his friend he moved over so she can lay next to him. When Missy laid next to him, he asked "What was your nightmare about..?" She looked down and stroked her hair. "I saw two purple butterflies flying. At first I thought it was a peaceful dream, but then I saw they were flying above my mother... she was... bleeding, because she was shot and stabbed... then I heard whispers of small children saying 'it's your fault we're dead'. Then I woke up crying..."

"Whoa... Missy that's pretty... dark."

"Yeah I know... I have it every night since I was three..."

"What happened when you were three..?"

"I found out... I was supposed to be a triplet..."


"I don't know... I keep thinking I killed them..."

Missy started crying. Yang had small tears in his eyes from hearing her story. "Did you tell your parents about these nightmares..?" he asked. Missy shook her head no. "Too scared..." she said. Yang hugged her gently as she cried into his shoulder.

The next morning, Xiaomu and Saya saw Yang and Missy sleeping next to each other. Saya smiled as Xiamou took a picture with her camera phone. "This is too cute," she whispered. Yang groaned as he woke up. He looked up seeing his mother and Missy's mom staring at them. "Ah! I-I didn't do anything to Missy, honest!" he exclaimed, panicking. Saya and Xiaomu laughed at him, causing Yang to look confused. Saya playfully poked his nose and winked, confusing him even more. "You're not mad..?" he asked them. Xiaomu giggled. "No silly! We're mothers, we know what goes on," Yang chuckled nervously. Missy woke up from the noises. "Hey there Missy... how's my little miracle?" she asked in a soothing voice. Missy yawned. "I'm okay..." she looked at Yang, then back at her mother. "Mommy... can I talk to you and Daddy about something..?" Saya's look turned from calm to worried. "Oh... of course baby... Come into me and Daddy's room and we'll talk," Saya picked Missy up and walked towards her and Vashyron's room. Saya opened the door, seeing her husband still asleep. "Vashyron," she whispered. No response.

Saya rubbed his shoulder. "Vashy..."

He chuckled in his sleep. "Not tonight, my foxy...~"

Saya smacked him with the pillow, waking him up.

"Gah!" he shook his head. "What? What is it?" Vashyron saw his wife confused, but then noticed Missy was in there with them. He sat up as Saya sat next to him, holding Missy. "What's wrong princess?" he asked her. "...I keep having nightmares... They're about two purple butterflies circling over either you or Mommy, but... you guys were dead... and the butterflies tell me it's my fault you and the butterflies died..." Saya and Vashyron looked down. "How long have you had these nightmares..?" Vashyron asked.

"Since I was three... At that age I found out-"

Saya finished her sentence "You were supposed to be a triplet,"

Missy nodded. "Was...was I a mistake..?"

Vashyron put his hands on her shoulders. "No baby, no... You're the most precious thing to ever happen to us. We're glad to have you as our kid," Saya hugged Missy from behind, a single tear in her eye. "We'll always love you, Missy..." Missy smiled. "I love you guys too..."

At the Arisu home, Yang put his bento, bagged snacks, some extra clothes, and a water bottle in his backpack. He picked up his cell phone and texted 'Ready to go!' A few minutes later, a portal opens up in Yang's room. Missy came out of it with a backpack on her back and a smile on her face. What Yang noticed most was the fact she had a remote of her own. "I've said goodbye to my friends and family, did you say bye to yours?" she asked. "Not yet, but I will now," He ran downstairs to see his mother and father smiling. "Bye Mom..." he said hugging Xiaomu. "Be good to Missy, okay?" Yang nodded then went over to his father. "Bye Dad... take care of Mom, okay?" Reiji nodded, smiled, and played with his hair. "I will... You've become a new Arisu," he told him. Yang smiled and goes back to his room to see Missy. "Let's go see the new generation," The two walked through the portal. Yang finally has his day of adventure.

To be continued...