Episode 7

A New Justice

Yang played a game of pinball in the Arctic Fox's arcade. He was doing quite well at it, while Missy was taking a nap in one of the many beds. Yang finished playing pinball and walked over to her, gently shaking her. "Hmm..? What's up Yang..?" she asked, rubbing her eyes. "I'm just checking on you is all," he said, smiling. "Hey guys," Quinten said, crossing his arms. "You wanna see the world we're heading in?" The kids nodded and walked into the driver area. Quinten pressed a few buttons on a screen and zoomed in on the map. It felt like Japan, and yet something was different about it. "Hey Quinten, are we still in Japan?" Missy asked. Quinten chuckled as data formed on the screen. "Yes and no. It is Japan, but not the Japan we know. This is the 1930s. According to what the scanner says, this is a world where they use steam powered mechs." Yang and Missy gasped in awe as they stared at it. "Does that mean that this world is a world where World War II never happened?" Yang asked. "I said 1930s, so it didn't start until 1939, so... who knows. But it seems that it may be the great depression, and yet there is no depression or job loss, so I guess there is no World War II in this world." Quinten said, giving out an explanation for what happened. "Anyway, we'll be landing in about 20 minutes so grab your things and prepare for it." He added as he continued steering.

~1930s Japan~

Quinten landed the Arctic Fox in the road, where it looked like what a 1930s town would look like, but it felt more like a 1920s town. Yang and Missy got off the Arctic and looked around. "This town looks very nice!" Missy said, wandering around and giggling. Yang leaned against the wall, smirking. He watched as Missy was exploring the shops, and looking at the beautiful 30s fashion from Japan. "Ohhhh I wanna buy it all! Too bad I only have regular cash... I don't have any Yen or whatever they use in this time period..." she said, pouting a bit. Yang was about to go over to Missy when they heard a girl struggling. They turned to see her, carrying a bunch of boxes, trying to balance them. "Help! Someone please help before they fall!" she said, looking like she's about to fall like the boxes. Missy ran over to the girl and grabbed some of the boxes, revealing the girl to have black hair and light brown eyes. "Thank you so much... These boxes are full of shoes for the Imperial Theatre actresses. They have to either replace them or buy new ones for new costumes." she said, sighing. Missy tilted her head. "You're welcome. What's the Imperial Theatre though?" she asked.

"Oh it's the most wonderful theater ever! They have the most beautiful plays. I'm going to become an actress like my mother. But I'm also learning how to fight with swords from my dad. My mom sometimes trains me though,"

"Wow your parents must be very strong."

"They are. Especially with the stories they've told me. I'm Tsubaki. Tsubaki 'Shinguji' Lowell,"

"Pretty name. I'm Missy."

"As a thank you for helping me carry all of these, how about I buy you whatever you like? I do work part time at the Imperial Theatre as a janitor. And it pays well if I help the actresses with what they wear."

"Yes please! Hold on let me tell my friends where I'm going,"


Tsubaki had done what she promised: buy Missy whatever she wanted. And she bought her everything in the store Missy loved. Missy carried the boxes and bags of clothes Tsubaki bought her, and put them in the Arctic Fox. Yang rubbed the back of his head. "Uhh sorry about that... Missy doesn't get out much. And neither do I... I'm Yang." he told Tsubaki. "Tsubaki. And I don't mind. Missy's such a helpful person, and I've saved a lot of the money I earned." She said, putting her hands behind her back, then looking curiously at the Arctic Fox. "What a giant steam beast!" she said, looking amazed as she touched it. Quinten chuckled. "Not a steam beast, miss bow. It'll take a while to explain, so I'll talk to you later. Why don't you show Yang and Missy around? Maybe take em to your place." he said, leaning against the Arctic Fox.

Tsubaki nodded. "Come with me Yang, Missy, I'll show you where I live." The younger girl took Missy and Yang away from the city area and into a more traditional Japan area. "It's like I'm home..." Yang said, smiling. Tsubaki giggled at his saying. "The neighborhoods mostly look like this. I've grown up here my whole life. But... there's one place I go to visit. My father's world... Two of my friends live there. That's how I figured you were both from different worlds too," Yang nodded, but added "We're from Japan, but a different timeline." Tsubaki pouted a bit at the fact that she was wrong, causing Missy to giggle.

They then reached to a house that looked like all the other houses, except the name had 'Lowell' above Kanji that said 'Shinguji'. The kids came into the outside and looked around. A lovely pond was in the left corner, and a cherry blossom tree in the right. A skinny, blue with slight graying dog with a pipe in his mouth trotted over to Tsubaki, letting out a bark. She smiled and petted the dog. "Hello Repede. Are Mama and Papa here?" she asked. Repede barked and walked up to the sliding door. The kids walked to the door as Tsubaki opened it. "Mama! Papa? I'm home from town!" she announced, taking her flats off and placing them aside by the door. Yang did the same thing, and grabbed Missy by her arm before officially coming into the house. "Take your boots off Missy. It's a tradition in Japanese culture," he told her, smiling. Missy nodded and took her boots off, setting them next to Yang's and walking to the living room area with him. Tsubaki extended her hand to a beautiful woman. "Yang, Missy. This is my mother," she introduced as the woman gently stood up. "Shinguji Sakura. Nice to meet you both. Would you like some honey milk?" she asked politely. Yang and Missy nodded and sat across from her, Tsubaki sitting next to her.

Sakura poured some honey milk in three cups for the children, then handed it to them. "Tsubaki, how are the girls at the theatre?" she asked, holding her cup gently. "They're wonderful!" Tsubaki told her, then looked at Yang and Missy. "Mama hasn't been feeling well. So she's taking a week off from the theatre," Missy nodded and looked at the honey milk. It felt warm in her hands, but it smelled sweet. "Go on Missy, try it." Yang told her, smiling. Missy took a small sip from her cup and giggled. Sakura smiled and looked at the two, curiously. "You children look so familiar... Especially you, young lady," Missy tilted her head in confusion, Yang sensing trust and distrust-the trust towards himself, but the distrust towards Missy-he looked at Missy and gently took her hand, and stood up with her, bowing. "Well it's been nice meeting you both, but we must go," he told her, taking Missy to the entrance. Before they put their shoes on, Yang saw Sakura had stood up at the fact that they were going to leave because of what she had asked. Looking at her apologetic eyes, Yang realized the trust she had was for both of them. He stopped himself and Missy, then headed back to them.

"I'm sorry... I just didn't think anyone from this time period would recognize my appearance. Or Missy's for that matter," he apologized. Sakura smiled and nodded, placing her hands on both of their heads. She looked at Yang first. "Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu... I always thought they'd have two kids. You look just like your father Yang," Sakura looked at Missy, looking closely at her. "You're...Saya's daughter?" she asked Missy. The little girl nodded.

Sakura closed her eyes and smiled. "We teamed up with her once. I thought she had died... Then again, I'm unsure of how Ouma works."

"I only know Ouma in the stories my mommy tells me..."

Sakura giggled, but then formed an annoyed face. "You're also that old pervert's daughter I see,"

Missy tilted her head in confusion.

"I suppose he settled down a bit. Especially with someone like Saya..."

"I dunno what you mean,"

"Er, you will when you're older..."

Repede gently nudged on Sakura's stomach, sniffing it. "R-Repede? What's wrong?" she asked, curious on what the dog was doing as he continued to sniff. He tried to remove the sash around her waist, but Tsubaki called him. He let out a gruff bark and walked over to her. "Silly boy~ You just wanna eat what Mama had for lunch, don't ya?" she asked, petting him. Yang laughed a bit. "Speaking of which, I could use something to eat." Sakura smiled. "Me and Tsubaki will make you something," she and Tsubaki went to the kitchen to cook. Repede grabbed the back of Sakura's sash with his mouth, gently trying to pull her back. "Now Repede, let me go," Sakura told the blue dog as she gently pulled him off.

Yang laughed more as Repede laid down near the kitchen. However, he noticed Missy wasn't very amused. Just confused. "Is she having a baby?" she asked Yang. Yang shook his head.

"Nah dogs are like that a lot. Especially around the people they love."

"Oh... oki! You're much more experienced than I am, Yang so you know more than I do,"

"Oh ahahaha, thanks Missy." In truth, Yang didn't really think about that possibility. Repede suddenly got up and growled. He was sensing something as he managed to slide the door open somehow. Yang and Missy took out their weapons and followed him.

~back outside~

The children and dog saw a boy Tsubaki's age, fighting off three terrifying looking demons. He soon was clawed in the chest by one of them, causing him to fall on the ground. Yang and Missy began to engage in the battle.

~battle beginning~

The teens attacked an enemy known as a Kouma Kagizume, the one that attacked the boy. Yang takes out the two platinum revolvers and shoots bullets of fire and ice; Missy cutely looks at the enemy, then crosses her arms, giving it the cold shoulder, then stabs it with a knife. Yang changes his Katana to a shade of brown and green, and stabs the ground, causing a powerful earthquake under the enemy's feet; Missy sprays perfume on herself, pours poison in it, and then an explosive, then throws it at the Kouma Kagizumw. Yang changes his Katana and stabs the ground, causing a powerful earthquake under the enemy's feet; Missy sprays perfume on herself, pours poison in it, and then an explosive, then throws it at the enemy. Yang shoots his opponent with his guns, then changes his katana to the water element, slashing the enemy, throwing it up in the air; Missy slashes and shoots behind the opponent, slipping and shooting while sliding on the water from Yang's attack under the enemy after being thrown in the air. The Kouma Kaizume is defeated.

~battle interference~

One of the other enemies, a Kouma Ekisha was about to spit poison on the the boy that was laying defensless, however Tsubaki intervened by slicing off its head with a katana that included a black handle with a pink ribbon tied on the end of it. "Get back, Kouma!" she said in a serious tone. She turned to an enemy called Kouma Sandan and slashed it multiple times. She even punched it a few times before delivering a final slice with her sword.

~battle end~

Tsubaki kneeled next to the boy, gently turning him over. It was revealed he had pink hair, and wore white with pink and gold lines in his jacket, while his pants and shoes were white with blue and gold lines. His fingerless gloves were white with pink lines, one bloody due to being above the scratch on his chest. "That's definitely not a clean cut, Rentaro..." Tsubaki muttered, Repede handing her a white cloth. She took it and thanked him in pets, tearing the cloth apart. She began to remove the jacket and shirt under it, and bandaging the boy's wound. "You know him Tsubaki?" Yang asked her. "Yes, Rentaro's a really close friend of mine..." she said, quietly. Once she finished dressing Rentaro's wound, she listened to him, trying to see if he was breathing. Rentaro was breathing a bit, but it was shallow breaths. "..! Ren, please! Don't die on me... please..." Tsubaki whispered, tears falling from her eyes. "Is he breathing..?" Missy asked, kneeling next to Tsubaki. The girl nodded, but didn't know what else to do.

"Is his breathing small..?"

Tsubaki nodded as she cried more.

"His blood flow may have clogged up... I need something to drain it out,"

Yang texted Quinten, telling him he needs a syringe. Almost immediately after the text was sent, a drone flew down, freaking Tsubaki out a bit. It carried a small package that looked well wrapped, but easy to open. Yang took it as the drone flew away, opening it and giving the syringe to Missy out of the three kids. She carefully placed it under Rentaro's bandaged wound, pushing down slowly, then pulled up as some blood was being drained. Rentaro's brown eyes opened slowly as Missy took the syringe and placed it back in the package, and the first person the boy saw was Tsubaki. He smiled gently and placed a hand on her cheek. "Don't cry, Tsubaki... I'm fine..." he whispered.

Yang looked at Missy, surprised that she had known what to do. "Missy... how did you know? How did you know that you needed to drain excess blood? Or possibly body fluids?" he asked, smiling. Missy had a saddened face, as she looked down. "I saw something similar happen... to my mommy..." she told him. Yang felt concerned, as he took her hand gently. Missy looked at him and smiled at him, blushing. Yang blushed as well, looking back at her. The two let their hands go as Tsubaki helped Rentaro stand up. "We have to take Rentaro back to the Empire in his world. His mother could heal him," Tsubaki told them. "But how..? The Empire is so far away..." Rentaro asked. Yang dug through his pockets and took out his remote. "These can open up a rift to the Japanese palace and we can take him-"

"I'm not from Japan..." Rentaro told him.

Yang stared at him, confused. "But how do you know Tsubaki?"

"His father is from Japan, but he and Ren live in Terca Lumireis, along with his mother." Tsubaki told the older children.

Missy put her hand on her chin. "Turkey... Luminescence..?" she thought it was called.

"Terca Lumireis, Missy." Yang explained, turning to the younger kids. "So in other words, another world? So how did you get here, Ren?"

"Something pulled me in... and once I found myself in Japan again, I was in the middle of a Kouma attack..." Rentaro told them.

Yang pressed the button on his remote, opening a rift. "Alright let's see if this leads us there..." he said, he and Missy heading inside the rift. "Tsubaki," Sakura came out of the home, walking to her. "Be careful, and say hello to Ogami-san for me." she said, smiling. Tsubaki nodded and gently hugged her mother, leaving with Rentaro as the rift closed. Repede nudged the woman's hand gently, asking her to get inside. Sakura petted him and walked in the house with him.

~location: Terca Lumireis, Zaphias~

Yang, Missy, Tsubaki, and Rentaro landed in what looked to be a castle. "Whoa..." Missy said as she walked around the castle. "Y-yeah, this is my home..." Rentaro said, slowly falling to his knees from his wound. Tsubaki sat next to him and held him. "Ren-Ren?" called a small child's voice. Rentaro looked up slightly to see a small, two year old girl in a white and blue princess dress, with her black hair up in pigtails. She saw Rentaro, giggled and ran to him, hugging him... and hurting his chest even more. "Ahh..! Hey Jessabelle..!" Rentaro told her, hugging her back despite his wound. A man with Jessabelle's black hair, but spikey, a white dress shirt, greenish tie, black pants,and in an orange vest picked he up gently. "Jessa, don't run away from me like that," he told her, smiling. His smile went away once he saw Rentaro on his knees. "Hi Dad..." he said, smiling a bit.

The man placed Jessabelle down and looked at him. "Ren what happened to you?! Your mother's going to kill you then me if she found out you were injured in a fight!" he told him, sounding worried. "I fell into Japan due to a rift... and got into a Kouma attack, and one of them scratched my chest... If it weren't for Tsubaki, I would have died..." Rentaro told his dad.

The man sighed. "Alright let's get you to your mother..." He lifted his son up and looked up at Tsubaki. "Hello Tsubaki... Thank you." he said as he took him to another room, not seeing Yang and Missy. Tsubaki ran after them but stopped for a moment. She turned to Yang and Missy, bowing, running back to carry Jessabelle, then left them. The two decided to follow her, in hopes of exploring the castle more. The group saw a lovely woman in a white and gold dress with hair like Rentaro's and eyes like Jessabelle's. She ran to the man and Rentaro with concern in her eyes. "Ren! Are you okay?! Where did you go?!" she asked, worryingly. Soon she hugged him as golden light surrounded her. Soon, Rentaro's chest was completely healed. Not only that, his scratch was gone. "Thanks Mother," he said, standing as if he felt refreshed after a nice bath. The woman then gave the man an angry look. "Ichiro Ogami, I told you he was still too young to wander the castle by himself! You never know when a rift can appear out of nowhere!" she said, having her hands on her hips. The man looked embarrassed. "Sorry Estelle, I didn't mean to lose sight of Ren... I was watching Jessabelle too, and she's always so adventurous..." he apologized, feeling guilty.

Estelle had formed a look of guilt as well, holding his hands. "Oh no! Did I hurt your feelings? I'm sorry... I was just worried about him..."

Ichiro hugged her gently, looking confused but going along with it. "Erm... It's okay Estelle. You're forgiven,"

Estelle and Ichiro turned to see Yang and Missy. "Huh?! Reiji is that you?! You're... shorter than normal," Ichiro told Yang, causing the boy to look confused. Estelle kneeled down to look at Missy. "Oh Saya? I thought you... W-well, anyway you recolored your hair. And... became an adorable little girl!" she told Missy, giggling. This caused the WereFox/Human girl to smile and blush a bit. Rentaro had realized something as well. He didn't even get to introduce himself to Yang and Missy, nor did Tsubaki introduce them to him. "Oh umm... My name is Prince Rentaro 'Sidos Heurassein' Ogami. But uh, don't call me Prince. Just Rentaro or Ren is fine. Ogami Jr. works too I guess..." Rentaro introducing himself, nervously and trying to have confidence. Missy giggled a bit and smiles. "My name's Missy. I never met a prince before... let alone a princess." she told him, hugging Rentaro, causing him to blush, Tsubaki forming that same comical angry face her mother made.

"And my name's Yang. Yang Arisu," he told Rentaro, extending his hand. Rentaro shook it once Missy let go of it. Ichiro and Estelle looked at Yang and Missy. "Yang and Missy huh?" Ichiro asked, his hand on his chin. "I expected Reiji and Xiaomu to have children... but Saya? I didn't think she liked them," Missy pouted at this statement. "W-What he means is, we never expected someone as lovely and scary as Saya to have a daughter of her own. D-do you have a father?" Estelle asked. Missy nodded. "Yeah I have a daddy!"

Ichiro put his hand on his hip. "What's his name?"

Missy tilted her head as her ears flooped a bit. "My daddy's name? Vashyron. But my mommy calls him Vashy." she said, sticking her tongue out a tiny bit.

Estelle looked a bit shocked. "O-oh goodness!" Ichiro also has a shocked expression. "W-well I suppose that makes sense..." Missy was confused on both of their faces. This happened twice in one day, what was the big deal about her parents? "Maybe we should move on. I am commander Ichiro Ogami! Of the Imperial Floral Assault Force!" Ichiro told the children, with a look of seriousness. Estelle just smiled. "And my name's Estellise, but you may call me Estelle," Missy gave them an even more curious look. "Does that make you both King and Queen?!" she asked energetically.

"Y-yes technically speaking but..." Ichiro told her, becoming nervous again.

"Well... While we are royalty, we prefer not to live like it,"

"So you're both living normally? Why are you at this castle though?" Yang asked, crossing his arms.

Rentaro shrugged. "We use this place as a vacation home or if there's an emergency going on here. Same with Japan, but for commander duties. Those take longer to do apparently."

Estelle giggled. "Our true home is the city of Halure. That's where I make children's books! And my family helps me read them and spread the word."

Jessabelle tugged on Rentaro's pants. "Ren-Ren?" she asked innocently. Rentaro picked her up. "Sorry I forgot about ya!" he told her, then turning to Yang and Missy. "This of course is Jessabelle. She's my baby sister. Jessabelle, this is Yang and Missy. My two new friends," he said. Jessabelle looked at Yang and Missy, then laughed. "Ya-Ya and Mi-Mi!" Missy was 'aww'ing, as Yang was smiling. Ever since he met Quinten, he didn't really understand how people from different worlds could love. When he met Missy, Nosova and Ash, he got a bit of a better understanding. Yang was becoming very used to this idea, becoming confident that he can unite Ouma and Shinra. "Where Tsu-Tsu?" Jessabelle asked, the group noticing Tsubaki was gone. Rentaro looked concerned. "Oh no... I hope I didn't break her heart..." he told himself. Ichiro patted his son's shoulder. "I'm sure she's just looking for her father. But we should look for her just to be safe,"

Estelle picked up Jessabelle as they and Ichiro went down one hallway, Yang, Missy, and Rentaro searching another. They stumbled upon the banquet hall, all three feeling a bit hungry. "I don't think I ate anything since we were on the Arctic..." Missy told them, holding her stomach. Rentaro nodded in agreement. "I could eat something too..." Suddenly, Yang started smelling food. "Mmmmm... something smells delicious..." Yang muttered, slowly walking and smelling for food. He came into the kitchen, seeing what he thought was a woman with her hair pulled up. However once they sensed Yang's presence, the person turned around to reveal that he was a man. His eyes were a silver-like gray, wearing a black kimono top, pants, and boots with a purple sash around his waist. On one of his hands was a brown fingerless glove, and on his other wrist was a gold bracelet with a red jewel.

"How did you get in here?" the man asked. "U-uhh! I uhh... smelled your food and..." Yang stuttered, trying to get the words out. The man looked away. "Well I guess my cooking was going to attract hungry kids anyway..." he looked back at Yang, seeing Rentaro and Missy behind him. He sighed. "Well alright. Take a seat you three." The three children sat down at a table as the adult man brought a lot of food to the table. Missy and Rentaro started to eat slowly, enjoying the food. However while Yang did enjoy the food... he inhales it as if it was nothing. This made Rentaro speechless, but Missy giggled at this. The man sat with them and managed to grab some food before Yang could inhale it. "So... I know Ren, but I didn't think he had any other friends. Well, other than my daughter and Flynn's daughter that is." Missy looked up at the man. "Well Rentaro also has our friend Tsubaki too!"

"Her merns thurt Tsuhaki ish his dauer..." Yang reminded Missy, his mouth full of food. He swallowed the food, then looked up at the man. "So you're Tsubaki's father? What's your name sir?" He asked, shoveling more food into his mouth afterwards.

"Oh my name? It's Yuri. Yuri Lowell." he said, watching this child eat.

"Mur nurms Yurng Urisur," Yang told him, his mouth full again.

"I... didn't catch that. You're name is Yurng Urisur?" Yuri answered honestly.

"It's Yang. Yang Arisu." Missy told him.

"Arisu..." Yuri looked at Yang a bit, then looked at Missy. She looked at him with her big, innocent eyes. Yuri moved back a bit in shock, seeing the resemblance of her mother. "I thought she kicked the bucket..." he muttered. "Turns out she has someone to continue her-" Missy apparently heard all this, starting to form tears in her eyes. Yuri looked at her again, sighing, and patting her head. "I didn't mean it like that... Besides, she did help us out at one point..." he told her truthfully, smiling. Missy's tears disappeared, as a smile started to appear. "A-anyway, Yuri. We did come with Tsubaki... but we don't know where she went..." Rentaro said, shyly. The man looked at him, a look of seriousness. "And she didn't bring her mother or my dog?" he asked sternly.

Rentaro nodded quickly, sinking down into his sear, terrified. "Y-yes sir..!"

Silence. Then Yuri laughed. "I'm just messing with ya, Ren,"

"M-messing with me?" he asked, sounding confused (or pretending to be).

"Yeah, don't be so scared,"

"...Yeah. Yeah! O-okay," Rentaro said, looking away in shame, Missy taking notice of this. "If I know my daughter, she'd usually explore down where the Imperial Knights used to live. Sometimes I'd catch her in Flynn's room," Yuri told them, eating a bit of food. Yang finished his food, putting his hands behind his head. "Ahhhh that was good..." he said, sighing. Yuri smirked. "I guess he likes my cooking. I'm not that surprised honestly. A lot of people have said I'm pretty good at it." Yang nodded, standing up and stretching. Missy and Rentaro finished eating and awaited for Yuri to finish eating. Missy left with Rentaro to talk alone. "Hey Ren, can I ask you something?" the human/werefox girl asked. "Oh yeah sure," the boy answered, smiling.

"You seemed pretty scared when you were talking to Mr. Yuri..."

"...O-oh... you saw that, huh..?"

"Yeah is there something wrong between you two..?"

"I... I wanna be strong and brave. Like my dad... But I can't..."

"Why not?"

"Everyone just puts me down... The women at the Theatre say I'm a much weaker version of my father... and then Mr. Lowell always picks on me... Always making me feel terrified..."

"You said you fought against those Kouma things, right?"

"I was... fighting out of fear..."

"Well... you don't have to prove your strength and bravery by fighting,"

"I don't?"

"Yeah you can find other ways!"

"Hmm... maybe."

"And being brave... doesn't mean you don't have to afraid alone."

"What..? What does that mean..?"

"When you got hurt by those Kokomo..."


"Right yeah. I saw the look of fear on Tsubaki's eyes. She thought you were going to die,"


"And if you were afraid of those Kouma thingies, she was also afraid you were going to die to one of them. You both were afraid, but you both did your best to stay brave,"

Rentaro smiled. "Thank you, Missy..."

Yuri finished eating and stood up. He walked over to the three children. "Alright, I'll lead the way." he said, walking in front of them as the kids followed, Yuri sighing feeling like a mother duck leading her ducklings, because the kids followed him single filed.


The single file line didn't last long as Yang and Yuri were talking while searching for Tsubaki. "So Yang... you're really trusting of that Missy girl." Yuri told him, rubbing the back of his head. Yang nodded, looking back at Missy, who was skipping playfully as Rentaro looked around anxiously. "Yeah, she's pretty innocent. She's been through a rough life though..." Yang told the older man.

"I'll say. It's not easy being the daughter of an Ouma agent."

"Well... she's not one anymore..."

"Hmm? What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's as I said. Now I don't want you misjudging my friend's family."

Yuri smirked. "I was never misjudging. I was just more surprised than anything else."

"O-oh. Really?"

"Yeah. I mean she didn't seem to do anything wrong. If she did, that'd make me suspicious. Then again I did meet someone like that and didn't trust her at first..."

"A-anyway, where are we going?"

"Huh? Oh yeah. We're almost to our destination."

Then Yuri stopped in front of a door, causing the kids to stop as well. "This used to be Flynn's room before he began living in France." he said, looking over at them. "Who's Flynn?" Missy asked, tilting her head. Rentaro looked over to her. "He's an Imperial Knight. He lived here before leaving to live with a girl in Paris. But he still keeps his Imperial Knight duties when he's needed!" Rentaro says, smiling. Yuri nodded, and looked at the door. "Tsubaki used to hide inside here when she was little. When she was sad to be specific." he said, then knocked on the door. "Tsubaki? Are you in there?" Yuri asked, about to open the door. However, when he tried to the door was locked. He tried to listen through the door to hear anything. Nothing. "Tsubaki?!" Yuri called out, knocking on the door again, this time loudly.

"Maybe we need to break down the door?" Yang asked, suggesting an idea. Rentaro sighed. "Oh boy, my mom's gonna be mad..." he said to himself. Yuri immediately began slamming on the door with his shoulder. After a bit, the door broke down. "Heh. Deja vu..." Yuri muttered, smiling to himself and holding his shoulder after slamming it against the door for a minute. He saw what looked like Tsubaki standing in the middle of the room. But the feel of her... just wasn't Tsubaki. "U-umm... Tsubaki?" Rentaro called out. This girl felt startled when she heard him, and ran to attack him. "Ren!" Missy called out, trying to get the other girl off oh him. However, as soon as Missy touched the girl, she felt as if she had known of her bloodline somehow. This caused the human/WereFox to back away onto the closet, causing one of the doors to come open, and Tsubaki falling out of it.

"Tsubaki..!" Rentaro called out, trying to reach her, only to get continuously strangled by the mystery girl. Yuri pushed her off of him, having the hood on her head fall off. Her hair was black with dark pink and pale yellow streaks. Her eyes were shown to be dark pink and widened with insanity. Something about the way she looked threw Yuri off, causing him to stare at her. "Are you..?" he muttered, then she growled, charging at him and about to stab him, only for Tsubaki to get up and take the attack. She was hit in the shoulder, but it was also close to her chest. "Oww..." she muttered as she fell to her knees. Rentaro ran to her side, holding her. "Tsubaki! Are you okay..?" he asked gently. Yuri clutched his sword tightly. "Yang, you and Missy go get Estelle. Ren, you watch over-" Yuri was interrupted by Missy. "Wait! I can heal her..." she said, looking away shyly. Yang looked at her all confused. "Wait, then-" before he said anything, Missy walked over to Tsubaki and Rentaro, kneeling next to her. The mystery girl attacked Yuri, but he manages to fight back. Yang looked down at Missy as she blew a kiss towards Tsubaki. It looked like pink magic flew from her mouth, as Tsubaki's wound started going away. Then... it was fully healed and her clothes were all fixed.

"Wha? How did-" Tsubaki looked at her injury, a bit clueless. "It's something I had for a while. I don't know why, and neither does my mommy... but that's not the issue now. We gotta take down that crazy girl." Missy said, pointing to the girl fighting Yuri. It was an even match, but Yuri was getting exhausted. "You need to retire. You're too old for this, Lowell... 10 years and you've lost your touch to the elderly disease..." the girl said, staring down at Yuri, who was looking very pissed off. "You nearly killed my daughter..! That's not forgivable! We'll kill you again, Zagi!" he said, standing up.

"Oooooh so close! But that's my dad's name... Mine's Zoey. I get that a lot~"

"W-what?! How..?!"

"You don't need to know 'how.' You just need to die!" Zoey grinned evilly, laughing maniaclly.

"No. He just needs someone to take you down." Tsubaki said, taking out her sword. Rentaro took his sword out, smirking with determination. "Huh? Then show me what you have then, brats." Zoey said, taking her blade out.

~Battle Begins~

Tsubaki and Rentaro began to fight Zoey. With four slices of her blade, Tsubaki's slashes create blue and pink rays of light, using an Azure Edge, with a touch cherry blossom finish as Rentaro throws faceless Kokeshi Dolls, slashing each of them onto the crazy teen, also cutting the dolls in half. Tsubaki charges at Zoey with a pink flame surrounding her, she punches the girl, forming pink sparks and slashes her, a pink wolf forming. Meanwhile, Rentaro is surrounded by a golden light under him as he prayed. Then he throws bombs, causing Zoey to burn. Tsubaki forms white slashes upwards as a tiger spirit emerges from her blade, while Rentaro shoots Zoey, as golden music notes are being used as bullets. Finally, Tsubaki continuously stabs the girl in an array of colors as Rentaro stood above a gold seal, praying. Like his mother he formed powerful, golden light lances surrounding Zoey, commanding them to stab her, sending her up into the sky, defeating her.

~End of Battle~

Zoey glared at the two kids who fought her. "This power you both use..! I've never felt so much!" she said before taking out a remote and using it to open a rift as she jumped through it, the rift closing. "Sheesh... she sure could use some sort of spell to calm her down," Yuri said, standing up. Tsubaki ran over to her father, hugging him. "Papa..! Are you okay..?" she asked, showing him concern.

Yuri smiles and rubs her head. "Yeah I'm okay. Although..." he looks to where Zoey ran. "It seems there's a new threat. Especially one who calls me old."

Tsubaki giggled. "You're not that old, Papa."

"Exactly my point."

Yang put his hand on his chin. "But if that were the case... where could she have gotten that remote?"

Yuri turned to Yang. "You familiar with what she had in her hand?"

Yang pulled out his remote. "Any of these familiar?"

Yuri walked over to him, looking at the remote carefully. "Uh something like that yeah. I have one, and so does Ogami, Estelle, Sakura, and Flynn. Though..."

"What's wrong, Mr. Lowell?" Missy asked, cocking her head to the side.

"Well... The one I, Estelle, and Flynn have is powered by something we call Warp Blastia. The ones Sakura and her friends own is steam powered."

"Really?! There are more?!" Yang asked, sounding very confused and curious.

Yuri took out a black and purple remote with some sort of smooth stone instead of a button. "We were given these by someone named Chizuro Urashima."

"Quinten's mom..? But how was she able to get..." Yang drifted off into confusion, Yuri shrugging.

"Hey I was more confused about that too. But whatever works I guess."

'I have some questions for Quinten and his mother when I see her again...' Yang thought to himself.

Ogami and Estelle walked in the room, Jessabelle following. "Is everything alright?" Ogami asked as Jessabelle hugged Rentaro's leg. Estelle pouted at Yuri. "Yuri! You broke Flynn's door down!" she exclaimed. Yuri laughed. "Ain't this a familiar scene." he said. The group left, and as soon as everyone had, Yuri fixed the door to the room it belonged to. "There. Now it's like nothing happened." he said, turning towards the group. "I guess we better go back to Japan." Yang said, taking out his remote and pressing the button, forming a rift. "Oh! You have one too?" Estelle asked, looking at the remote. "Huh? Oh yeah. Neat huh?" Yang asked awkwardly. "Hmm... You know, we may as well have a visit to Japan." Ogami said, taking Estelle by the hand. The queen picked up her daughter with her other arm. "Do you wanna go see auntie Sakura, Jessa?" she asked, giggling. Jessabelle laughed. "Auntie Sa-Sa!" she said. Yang smiled as everyone went through the rift.

~1930s Japan~

The group had began walking to Yuri's house, seeing Sakura sitting by the door with Repede. She was petting him while looking a little concerned. Yuri kneeled in front of the two, smiling. Sakura looked up and tackle hugged him, Yuri catching her, and kissing her cheek. Tsubaki giggled as she ran over to Repede, petting him. The dog let her pet him for a bit, then walked over to his owner and wife. Like earlier, he nudged Sakura's stomach, and while she tried to shoo him away, he wouldn't go. Yuri looked a little confused, then smirked. "You know Sakura..." he began. "Repede hasn't been like this since we found out you were pregnant with Tsubaki." Sakura blushed, a little embarrassed. "W-well maybe he's just like this out of boredom."

"He's been doing that for about a week. Not to mention he keeps trying to make you go and relax yesterday and the other day. I've seen it." Yuri smirked.

Sakuea looked away, a bit ashamed of herself for not telling him sooner. "I wanted to tell you when we felt ready for another child, but..."

Her words trailed off once Yuri put his hand on her belly. "Hey, I'm more excited about this than anything else. You don't have to worry." he said, rubbing his wife's belly. Missy turned to Yang and pouted. "Yang, you told me she wasn't having a baby!" she said, crossing her arms. Yang rubbed the back of his head, chuckling nervously. "Hey I'm not as smart as Quinten I guess..." Speak of the devil, Quinten stopped at the house with the Arctic Fox, causing Repede to bark at the strange vehicle. He stepped out of it, taking his hair out of a ponytail. "Okay Yang, Missy I got bad news and good news. The bad news is the Arctic's remote has a crack in it, and I'm gonna have to fix it. But the good news is, we can still go somewhere in the 1920s." he said, putting his arms around his head. Yang stood there confused. "Hey wait a minute Quinten! Why can't we use our remotes?!" he asked.

"Well for one, rifts about your height won't fit the Arctic."

"What if we combine our rifts? Like we use our remotes simultaneously?" Rentaro suggested.

"Nope. Bad idea." Quinten said, putting the goggles around his neck on his head. "Crossing the rift streams can pull us all in. The whole world if more than 10 use it in the same area."

"Goodness! It's that scary?!" Estelle asked, gently moving Jessabelle up to keep holding her, Ogami gently taking the small child.

"And if we stay here longer, it's possible Michael could track us down..." Missy said, sounding concerned, hugging herself.

"Michael?" Sakura asked curiously.

"He's another son of an Ouma Agent. A rabbit..." Yang said, putting his hand on Missy's shoulder trying to comfort her.

"Sheath's alive too?!" Yuri asked, sounding pretty angered.

"I've heard about her," Quinten said, crossing his arms. "But I'm not sure if she is... I wish I knew that much... My mom would probably know though. I'll contact her as soon as we leave."

Tsubaki and Rentaro walked up to Yang and Missy. "Let us come on your journey!" Tsubaki demanded, determined. "You wanna join us..? But what about your family?" Yang asked. "If someone is threatening to cause trouble in many worlds and not just ours," Rentaro began, putting a fist up. "We want to help you defend them!" Sakura smiled. "And we can take care of ourselves. Don't worry about us." she said, smiling. "We can't give you kids remotes yet, but we can trust you both to go on your first journey into the multiverse. Well with more than just one world..." Ogami said, going over to them, putting Jessabelle down. Jessabelle ran over to Rentaro and hugged his legs. "Bye bye Ren-Ren!" she told her brother, giggling.


Tsubaki placed a brown leather satchel around her, Rentaro placing a white one around him. "Tsubaki, listen sweetie. Papa and I want you to stay safe." Sakura said. "Yes Mama." Tsubaki said, bowing gracefully. "And if it isn't too much trouble, we'd like you to write to us. We want you to keep us updated." Yuri told his daughter, hugging his wife from behind. "And so we can keep you updated." Tsubaki nodded as Repede went over to her, nudging her hand. She pet the blue dog, giggling. Meanwhile, Estelle was doing things such as brushing Rentaro's hair, and fixing his jacket. "And make sure you write to us everyday. And don't get hurt! And... and be sure you get enough to eat!" she told her son in a frantic voice. "Erm... Estelle, I think he'll be fine..." Ogami said in a nervous voice, holding Jessabelle, who had fallen asleep. Rentaro smiled and brushed his baby sister's hair, making her smile in her sleep. The two children waved their final goodbyes as they hopped onto the Arctic Fox. Before they were about to leave, Quinten stepped off the Arctic. "Hey your names are Yuri Lowell and Estelle, right?" he asked. "Yeah why?" Yuri asked.

"...Do you know anyone by the name of Duke Pantarei?"

"! Uh yeah. We know someone by that name."

"Do you know where he is?"

Estelle shook her head no. "I'm afraid not..."

"I see... well, we'll be on our way now." Quinten said, getting back inside the Arctic Fox and taking off.

~Arctic Fox~

"Hey Missy," Yang began, sitting next to Missy. "You blew a kiss at Tsubaki and it healed her. But earlier with Rentaro you didn't do that. Why didn't you use it on Rentaro and how do you have that power?" Missy put her hand on her chin. "Well... it's kinda like my mom's, but the opposite effect happens. My mom hurts people when she does it, and I heal them. And I didn't do that on Ren, because I didn't want Tsubaki or you to be jealous..." she said, twiddling her thumbs shyly. Yang blushed a bit, but smiled. The two noticed the newcomers staring at all the strange technology in the Arctic. "You two better show them around before they break something." Quinten told them as he was driving. The Human/Sage Fox and Human/WereFox laughed as they got up and helped the two fully humans with the strange technology.

To be continued...