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The new student-11

"Well, come on then." She tried not to show her shock at the sight in front of her and played it off with coy indifference. It was obvious however, that he knew he was a fine specimen. It was as if the cloaks were a horrible, horrible joke and this was the punch line. The well defined but not overly muscular chest with the fine dusting of black hair that thickened up at his belly button that you could clearly see, because his black shorts were slung low on his hips. The shorts, which when in the right light, had an embossed Celtic snake design that seemed to move and came down to the tops of his knees leaving a pair of pale, but also well-defined calves, covered in black hair.

Hermione took all this in, in a single glance and walked toward Hogsmead knowing that the "Boys" would be following her.

Albus never told anyone how this place got here, but it definitely didn't belong. Off to the left behind a grove of tree's and on the other side of a very large rock was a water wonderland, complete with grotto, hot spring and waterfall. There was no one here today, which wasn't odd, not many people knew about it. Like the room of necessity, you only found it when you knew about it.

Hermione forgot all about the guys for a minute. She loved swimming and diving and all things water, so her first action was to climb to the top of the rock and dive into the deep pool. When she came up everything was silent, she was worried that the guys had left, but instead found them standing on the edge of the pool worriedly looking in.

"Looking for something?" Snape immediately wiped the scared look of his face and replaced it with one of his ten basic teacher looks, this time it was sneer.

"Only foolish children jump off rocks, are you a foolish child Ms. Granger?"

"I guess so. Are you chicken?" She knew he couldn't back down from a challenge and nearly laughed when she saw the look of worry cross his face followed by steely determination. He stomped off toward the rock and she and Samuel waited. When at the top he stood looking into the water, Hermione considered calling him back down. She realized how scared she was now watching him at that height preparing to jump. Unfortunately she waited a second too long and he had already jumped when she felt her voice rising in her chest and her mouth opening to call him. His body jerked at the sound of her voice, turning to look at her.

Hermione sat next to his bed in the hospital wing, waiting for him to wake up. Tears ran unabashedly down her cheeks and Samuel was sitting in a chair at the foot of his bed fidgeting and looking very scared and anxious.

"He's going to be fine Sam, I promise." Samuel looked up at her, his eyes red from the unspilled tears.

"My mom's the only person who ever called me Sam." As if on cue a tear ran down his cheek.

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again."

"No, it's ok. I don't mind when you do it." He gave her a weak smile. She motioned for him to sit next to her and he scooted his chair over.

When Snape woke up he felt something in his hand, he turned his head to look down and felt the headache but the pain was quickly replaced by something close to happiness at what he was seeing. In his hand was Hermione's, she was sitting in a chair next to his bed and fell asleep holding his hand, the chair next to hers was occupied by his son's lower half and Hermione's lap was occupied by his upper half. Hermione's fingers still resting in his hair. He had a mental image of Hermione humming a tune while stroking Samuel's hair and holding his hand watching Samuel fall asleep and then following herself. Unfortunately the need for a restroom was greater than the comforting sight in front of his eyes. He deftly wrenched his hand out of hers and fumbled to the loo.

When he returned he tried to resume the same position, taking Hermione's hand in his.

"I thought you were trying to get away from me." A whispered voice came from the seemingly sleeping person. She opened one eye and looked at him, then grinned, still whispering she turned slightly to look directly at him. "How are you getting on?"

"Oh, swimmingly." Hermione grinned at the pun. "I'm fine, just a headache."

"Oh, yes, Madame Pomfrey asked me to give this to you when you woke up." She handed him a vial full of purple goo. He downed it quickly and laid back on the pillow feeling the pain subside. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"Pain is good for one thing, it makes you realize that a normal day is a good one." Hermione found herself staring at his lips. Without thinking she moved her hand to his cheek, turned his face toward her and lowered her lips to his. It was a chaste kiss, but sweeter than any other kiss she had ever had. She pulled back and looked into his now open eyes. It seemed an eternity that she fell through the bottomless pit of his eyes, but when she felt Samuel stirring, she pulled herself away.

"Sam, your dad is awake." She gently shook his shoulder and didn't notice the look that crossed Snape's face at the use of the nick-name. Samuel sat up rubbing his eyes and looked at his dad. In a moment of pure childish indulgence Samuel threw himself on his father and began crying. Snape, feeling a little uncertain, awkwardly pat his back.

"Samuel, what is it?" Samuel pulled himself up, teary eyed and looked at his dad.

"I was so worried, I lost mom and I then I thought what would happen to me if I lost you and then I started to think about everything we haven't done and I got really scared. I'm sorry."

"There is nothing to be sorry for Sam. You were worried and scared. It makes perfect sense." She looked at Snape to convey the message that this was not the time for his particular brand of compassion. "What say, we go get some dinner? I'm sure the house-elves would be happy to get us some food."

"Ms. Granger, you are willing to use those poor house-elves to get food. You slave driver." Snape smirked at her remembering S.P.E.W.

"Well, I could leave you here all by yourself." She lifted an eyebrow and gave him one of his own looks. She and Samuel got up to leave.

"Just wait a minute, let me put some real clothes on." He got out of bed, wearing a pair of pajama's. He pulled his shirt off and gasped. Hermione turned to see a long cut on his shoulder. She remembered seeing blood when she levitated his body to the castle and assumed that was where it had come from.

"Sam, go on down to the kitchens and get some food, we'll be down soon." She smiled at him and he gave her a quick hug then left the room. She went to Snape and tried to help him.

"I can do it myself woman. I have had much worse than this." She didn't back down and continued helping him taking his shirt off.

"Yes, I know, I was here for much of it, but that was years ago. You haven't had to do this in a while and I would like to help you." She made sure that the cloth didn't touch his cut and lifted the shirt off of him. She grabbed the medicinal supplies from the table and cleaned the cut. "I wonder why Madame Pomfrey didn't heal this?"

"My skin doesn't take to well to magical healing. If it's not a life threatening cut she usually lets it heal by itself." Hermione put a clean dressing on it then smoothed her hands over his shoulders. He turned to her and put his hands on her waist, looking into her eyes again. "I think you just want to see me shirtless." She grinned.

"Wouldn't you take the chance to see me topless if you could?" He growled down at her and lowered his head claiming her lips in a less chaste kiss.