First a sharp screech then a loud clank pierced through the silent night of British Columbia, which were caused by a now damaged sport car that was beyond recognized, there seemed no chance would anyone that was in this hatchback survived the impact.

Then, all of a sudden, one part of the scrap metal that once was the car door was pushed open violently, and an unknown creature emerged.

Observing closely, one could easily found the creature resembled the size of adult brown bear, yet its snout was similar to Northwestern wolf. There was some remnant of teared fabric, mixed with blood, clung on its fur, but if someone push aside the thick hair, there was no cut to be found on its skin.

The werewolf-like creature seemed both shocked and confused, and after the wrecked car as well as a moveless body inside came into sight, its already frightened eyes turned wider.

", no! No! No!" After it exclaimed in horrified, the creature ran away immediately, completely ignorant to the fact that the man stuck in the ruined car, who went by the name Victor Creed, slightly stirred under its scream.

Never in his life Victor had been so furious toward his half brother, truly Jimmy can be a pain in the ass sometime, and ditched him for some frail, still went missing for nearly half year was beyond enough for Victor.

It's not like anyone, or any "human" could harmed Jimmy, hell they had survived any attempt to kill the two brothers in the past hundred and thirty years, Victor, however, sometimes wondered if Jimmy was still the whining little brother he took under his wings at Howlett Estate in that fateful day.

Sniffing the air before strike the poor victim that could never see the rising sun of tomorrow, a faint scent met the killer's hyper-sensitive nose. The new scent smelt familiar though... Victor thought, smelt like... Jimmy!

Immediately forgot about the assigned mission, Victor departed for the direction from which the scent came, not knowing this decision would entirely change the next thirteen years of his life.

Several miles away from Victor and the accident scene, a young boy had yet to pass his puberty was panting near a cabin, he was still covered in destroyed cloth from his transformation and shed blood from the accident. And Finally his tiredness reached him and he collapsed.

Before he passed out he saw a man a little shorter than his father walking out of the cabin, and heard a snikt made by the six adamantium claws that slid out from between his knuckles.

Author's Note

Long story short, we all knew that Logan went back in time and changed the past in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Since it happened in 1973, and from the opening credits of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, we knew that Victor and Jimmy fought in Vietnam War and met Stryker there, so why was Jimmy with some unnamed mob boss' daughter, Gwen, in New York, when he was sent back by Kitty?

So here is my theory, Victor was about to drag his brother into another important war in American history at the same day future Logan was sent, and since the future Logan left to find Charles and Eric, the two brothers never involved themselves in Vietnam War, and thus never met Stryker or joined Team X, but the past Jimmy did eventually been turned into Weapon X, as X-Men: Apocalypse showed.

Still there's a question, where was Victor? What was he doing between the events of DoFP and Apocalypse? And what butterfly effect would bring to the brothers' bond before it was shattered? And this fanfic is my answer, hope you like it, and I owed nothing except for my OC, James "Jimmy" Creed, whose mutant name had yet decided.