Shielding Pain

C6: Heart to Heart

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Bella's POV

A few weeks later Jane and I were called by the three Queens, and since we were not doing anything else besides getting to know each other in the most intimate of ways for the last week, we were glad to get out of our room again.

Renee had been badgering us about going shopping and it seemed like Alice had been behind that, so after a week of asking, begging and the occasional threat from Jane, we finally relented agreeing to go shopping with Renee, Heidi, Alice and Rose once we were done with whatever the Queens required of us.

"Do we really have to do this, Isabella? I really don't want to spend a day shopping with that bubbly pixie and your mother." My dark said a bit grumpy, and it took a lot of control not to coo at her because she looked so adorable.

She of course caught on and glared at me, although there was little heat behind it. "We promised love, and we do have to report to the Queens first, perhaps they have a mission for us that just can't wait."

She huffed a little but followed me to the Throne Room anyway, although she kept her arms crossed across her chest the entire time.

I couldn't help but smile and wrap an arm around her waist as we walked to the Throne Room, and thankfully that eased her agitation a little, because I had learned that an agitated Jane is no one's friend, not even mine. "You know Isabella, if you were anyone else but my mate, you would have died a thousand times already with all the teasing you have been doing to me lately."

"I should have died a thousand times before I was even turned, or even met Fuckward. I have always been accident prone, and have broken more bones than I care to count. I just think you are so damn adorable when you are being teased, and I know you have to portray this badgirl image to the outside, which is why I only tease you in our room, since I know no one can hear us in there." I said softly.

Jane smiled softly and pushed me into a dark alcove, hugging me tightly. "I know you are extremely cautious with where and when you tease me, and I didn't mean to bring back bad memories for you, but I do wonder what Renee did when you had so many accidents."

"Like I said before, she was never really a mom for me, except when I got hurt. She always cared for me and tended to my wounds whenever I got hurt. I remember the first time I broke my arm that she stayed so calm when she drove me to the hospital, ignoring every red light she passed on the way. She stayed with me when James had attacked me, and she was there every minute of the day, making sure I didn't feel alone and getting me everything I could possibly need." I said softly.

She smiled at that. "I'm glad to hear that, because after hearing this I have half a mind to have a serious talk with Renee."

"You won't need to love. When it mattered she was an amazing mom to me. She noticed very early on that I needed a best friend more."

Jane nodded and gave me a soft kiss before we continued the trek to the Throne Room.

The moment we entered the Throne Room, the three queens smiled at us. "Good day you two, I trust you are doing well today?" Didyme asked with a smile.

"Of course we are, my Queen." Jane said respectfully.

They all smiled at us. "We called on you for a reason of course, and it involves your planned shopping trip. With the threat of Edward and his army looming, we want you to be on the lookout for anything unusual while you are out. Anything that can give us another advantage over him will be good." Athenodora said seriously.

We nodded and I couldn't help but smile at the slight scowl on Jane's face, for which of course she gave me a glare.

"There is one other thing we wanted to inform you about. Due to recent developments between Esme Cullen and Alec, she will stay here as a member of our Guard." Sulpicia said with a smile.

"Could I ask what developments those are, my Queen?" Jane asked softly.

They smiled at that. "Allow me to answer that, dear Jane. It has been revealed that Esme is Alec's mate, and that is also the reason they aren't here at this moment, you know how newly mated couples are." Marcus said as he joined us.

I could see that my dark angel felt a bit conflicted about this. "Are you okay, angel?" I asked softly.

She smiled and nodded. "I am, I'm glad my brother finally found his mate, but it is a bit difficult to believe that that Cullen woman is his mate."

"Personally I guessed it was something like that, given how they practically swooned for each other when Alec had to bring her to her room, which I guess he didn't, but instead took her to his room. It was something similar to the look you had towards me when we first met." I said with a smile.

She smiled and nodded. "With that being said, I think it is time you girls get going, because there is a pixie haired vampire that is bouncing around to go shopping." Didyme said with a smile.

We nodded and bowed before we made our way to the entrance of the Castle, where the others were waiting for us, with Jane scowling a bit the entire way.

Thankfully Alice was distracted enough by Renee to be too exuberant, and it was anonymously decided to place her in the car with Renee and Heidi so that Rose could ride with us, since that would ensure that this day wouldn't fall apart before it even began.

We also decided that I would be driving this time, and surprisingly Jane chose to sit in the back so that Rose could take the spot next to me, which I didn't really mind, since we had a lot to talk about during this trip.

"So Bella, how do you feel about the fact that Esme is now basically your sister-in-law?" Rosalie asked once we were on the road.

I groaned softly at that. "Please don't refer to her as that, it sends disturbing pictures into my head. I still think of her as my mother in some ways, so to think of her as that is a bit disturbing."

Rosalie smiled at that. "I was just teasing you Bella. it's unfortunate you can't blush anymore, I always enjoyed making you blush."

"It's just as well, it was one of the things I hated about being human, especially since my vampire sisters were so adept at making me blush." I said with a smile.

"I seem to remember that not only they were good at that, my love." Jane practically purred in my ear.

I smiled and gave her a quick kiss. "You still are better at it then even Alice ever was, my angel, mostly because you stir things inside of me that I never even knew were possible."

Rosalie laughed lightly at that. "As cute as you two are together, you two better don't start anything that you can't finish, unless you either want to have an audience or mind letting me out of the car first."

Jane growled lowly at her. "You better not be kidding yourself here, blondie. What Isabella and I share will never have any form of an audience. No one other than myself is worthy of seeing her in the most intimate of ways."

Rosalie smirked at that. "Really, short stuff, then maybe I probably shouldn't tell you about that time Alice and I caught her naked at our home."

Jane growled loudly and in my rear-view mirror I could see that Jane was doing everything to control herself, and I knew I had to diffuse the situation quickly before she snapped. "It's not as bad as Rose makes it sound love. It had been raining heavily that day and since I am like ten clothing sizes bigger than Alice, I had to change into some of Rose's clothes to avoid pneumonia, and being the clumsy girl that I was, I of course managed to get myself tangled in the legs of the pants, and when Rose and Alice heard the crash I made on the floor, they literally caught me with my pants down, and a full view of everything, since there was no way I would ever wear something as skimpy as what Rose passes for underwear." I said softly.

Jane glared murderously at Rose, but relaxed a whole lot. "I take offense to that, Bella. My underwear is not skimpy, just sexy."

"A lace red see through thong and bra is skimpy, Rose, especially when I have to be the one that has to wear them, how was I even going to explain it to my father if he ever found them in the laundry." I said with a quirked eyebrow.

She smiled at that. "I never even thought about your father, but I guess that would have raised some questions, but I guess that was half the fun, and I had to admit you looked pretty good in my clothes, albeit that they were a bit long for you."

I smiled and nodded at her. "That's probably because you are a lot taller than me, not to mention better endowed in some areas."

Rose laughed at that. "Hey, if you got it, flaunt it, that's what Alice always says anyway. I have to admit that it I not always agree with her choices, especially when it comes to clothes."

From the corner of my eye I could see that Jane was completely relaxed again and I was glad for that, since she really looked seconds away from ripping Rosalie apart a few minutes earlier.

The more I looked at her through my mirror, the more I could see there was something bothering her, so I pulled over into an abandoned parking lot and asked Rose to take over while I got in the back with my mate. "What's wrong angel? You look troubled."

She smiled faintly and rested her head against my shoulder while Rosalie pulled out of the lot again. "I am troubled, love. I sometimes forget that we haven't been mated for that long, and don't know a lot about your former life, or how you entertained your friendships. I love you with every fiber of my being, but you are still mostly an enigma to me, and sometimes I wonder if my possessiveness of you towards the Cullens will drive you away from me." She said softly, almost broken, and it broke my heart to hear my dark angel be so insecure.

"Rose could you let us out here, and tell the others that we'll be there a bit later? Jane and I have some things to talk about." I asked softly.

She only nodded and pulled into the side of the road, where we flashed out of the car and into the surrounding forest.

Jane's POV

Once we were both sure no one could hear us, Isabella pulled me against her. "I guess we really should have talked about this earlier, it was never my intention to make you feel upset, you do know that, right my dark angel?" She asked softly.

I nodded and relaxed against her. "I suppose we should have, but our relationship took off so fast that I think we both never considered talking about this. I have always been very guarded about my past, and even within the Castle I have very few friends, so I don't know how to act friendly with others." I said in an equally soft tone.

She smiled and pulled me into a kiss, which I gladly accepted. I wasn't used to feeling so vulnerable, especially not around my own mate, but something told me that it was not entirely me that was causing this.

Suddenly we both stiffened when an unfamiliar smell entered our nostrils. We shared a quick look with each other and thought exactly the same. Newborn.

Soon enough we saw a young girl who seemed to be focused on the both of us, her eyes bright red and teeth bared at us.

We both growled while Isabella lowered her shield over me, and immediately I felt my confidence returning. This girl must have some kind of emphatic gift, unfortunately it will not save her.

She foolishly charged us, although she didn't get very far due to my own gift. She screamed in pain and Isabella and I took our time in dismembering her.

"Did that help any love, now that you've had a chance to vent your frustration?" She asked with a soft smile.

I nodded and tackled her to the ground with a smirk, kissing her passionately. "I think that little bitch was an empath of some kind, which made me feel so vulnerable. I'm feeling more confident than ever."

She smiled and pulled me close. "Then I think that bitch must have been trailing us for a while, which would make this a big possibility that Fuckward is behind this and that he is closer than we think."

I growled at that, just the thought of that bastard coming anywhere close to my mate was enough to send my instincts into overdrive. "I hope he shows his face today, that way we can end him together."

She smiled as we got back up. "I don't think we would be that lucky my love. He has always been very good at letting other people do his fighting for him. Even when we will finally face him, there will be a lot of newborns we have to cut through."

I smirked at that. "With the numerous gifts in the Volturi his army will be nullified in no time, which leaves us a clear path to him."

Isabella smiled and gave me a quick kiss before holding out her hand to me. "I promise that we will talk about this love, but I think we should wait until we are back in our room at the Castle, where we will have the privacy we need for this emotional talk."

I nodded and kissed her before we took off in the direction of the city, where I was sure that the other had already raided every clothing store available.

Alice's POV

When we saw Rosalie arrive alone in the parking lot, we all knew there was something wrong, and Rose quickly confirmed that fact when she told us what happened. Thankfully we were still on the parking lot and not a lot of people were about, otherwise we would've had a problem when I slipped into a vision of Bella and Jane fighting a newborn.

I knew one newborn wasn't a problem for them, but it meant that Edward was closing in on Volterra and that he would be ready to attack soon.

When I came back out of my vision, I saw Renee and Heidi staring at me with curious looks on their faces, which was probably because they had never seen me like this.

"What did you see Alice?" Rosalie asked softly.

"I saw Bella and Jane taking out a newborn of Edwards army. I saw her before and she was quite powerful. But you know that a single newborn doesn't stand a chance against both of them, and I also saw that they will be here in about ten minutes." I said with a smile.

They all smiled at that. "I'm glad they're okay, Jane was a bit off in the car, a lot more possessive of Bella than she usually is. She couldn't even tell the difference between a joke and a serious comment anymore."

"That's really unlike Jane, she usually enjoys a good banter, especially with other women." Heidi said with a bit of a frown.

Renee smiled and kissed her mate softly. "I'm sure she'll be fine love. Bella is pretty good at improving peoples moods, unless that has changed in the past year." She said as she looked to Rose and me.

"When we got to know her, her world seemed to revolve around Edward, or rather with him being a vampire, but as soon as she started to bond with Emmett, we could see that she was the one in need of cheering up, it was pretty telling how close she stayed to Alice or him at times." Rosalie said with a smile mostly to me.

I nodded in agreement as I could smell the two girls approaching us, and I was sure the rest of us could smell them as well. "We should not push them for information, they'll tell us when they are ready." Rose said softly.

We all nodded and smiled at them as they jumped down from a nearby rooftop, landing a few feet away from us, and I could see that Jane's trademark scowl was back in place.

"Hey everyone, ready for this shopping trip?" Bella asked with a bright smile, which unnerved me a bit, she had never been so enthusiastic about shopping before.

"Of course we are, we've been waiting for you two to get here so we can get this started, there are only so many hours in a day that we can shop in." I said with a similar smile.

"We talked about this exuberance about shopping, pixie. There is no need for you to go crazy here." Jane said menacingly.

I was used to this by now, so I only smiled at her. "Take it easy Jane, I was just joking, I happen to like shopping as much as you like your job, so let's try and keep it civil for the humans, okay?"

She growled softly and huffed a little before Bella hooked her arm through hers, stopping her from commenting right now.

We made our way to one of the nearby malls, where Renee took Bella for some long needed bonding, and Heidi took Jane, since she was less likely to antagonize her as Rose and I were still testing our boundaries with the volatile little vampire.

This left me with Rose, which I didn't mind one bit, since our tastes in clothes were similar enough for this to be a fun day.

Renee's POV

As Bella and I made our way through various stores, I couldn't help but notice how much more happier she looked now that she was a vampire, and while it is of course the wish of any mother that her child be happy, I couldn't help but feel guilty about the fact that I had practically abandoned her at a very young age, at least emotionally.

As always Bella noticed there was something wrong with me, and after paying for our things, she took me to one of the restaurants in the mall, and after we placed our orders she looked at me with as serious a look as I ever seen on her face. "What's wrong Mom? You've been looking at me a bit weird ever since we entered our last store."

I smiled at her. "Your observation skills never cease to amaze me Bella. I was merely observing how much happier you seem to have been in the last weeks, and exactly how much I failed you as a mother."

She smiled and gave me a quick hug. "It's okay. I have thought a lot about everything in the past couple of weeks and I have come to the conclusion that I can't blame you for any of it. It taught me to stand up for myself when it was necessary and how not to be noticed in a crowd. You were there for me when it mattered the most, like when I came out and Charlie threatened to kick me out. Or when I hurt myself or whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on. You knew I needed a female friend more than a mother most times, and while Alice is and will always be my best friend, you are a close second together with Rose. You will of course always be my Mom, who I will still come to when it gets a bit too much for me, that will never change. But the reason I am so happy is Jane. She is my everything, and I have never felt that for anyone."

I only smiled at that. "I'm glad I was able to teach you the most important things in life. I know I wasn't much of a mother, but I always made sure to be there for you when you needed me. You are the best daughter I as a mother could have ever wished for. You really are a miracle. I also know that my time as your mother is mostly over, but I'm still glad that we are still able to be such great friends."

"Like I said Mom, you'll always be my mother and I will still come to you whenever I need to have a heart to heart that I can't have with Jane or Alice. I will always need you in my life, and that is why I am so glad you were turned before I was, otherwise I would have requested the Kings and Queens for you to be brought to us as well. I just can't live without you in my life, and who knows, perhaps you can finally learn some new technologies without it running away from you." She said with a smile.

I laughed and nodded. "I'm sure I will. Heidi has already been trying to get me to take selfies of our shopping trip today, but I swear that technology still hates me, I have already broken three phones since I've been turned."

"You'll learn Mom, I'm sure your mate will teach you exactly how to use a smartphone, otherwise Alice or I will help you with that." She said with a smile.

I smiled and nodded at her. "I suppose you're right. Heidi has been helpful in multiple ways, and I am not just talking about this new life we now both lead."

"Mom, as much as I enjoy our close relationship, I think some things should be left unsaid. I think I want to know as much of your bedroom exploits with Heidi as you want to know of mine with Jane." She muttered softly.

I couldn't help but smile at her. "That's true, but I do like to tease you like I have always done, Bells. You know you need that from time to time."

She growled softly, but I could hear there wasn't any real meaning behind it. "Come sweetie, let's go and shop some more, I think we've had enough of heavy talk today." I said with a soft smile.

Bella nodded and after paying we continued our trip through the mall, laughing about most of the things we saw the humans do, which was exactly how we ourselves had behaved before being turned.

Jane's POV

When Isabella and I were back in our room later that evening, since the pixie's shopping trip had lasted most of the day, although I had to admit I did get some nice clothes out of it. Isabella and I were currently cuddled up together in our bed after we had just given our report on the attack to the Queens.

"What are you thinking about, angel. I can practically see the wheels in your head turning." She said softly.

I smiled and kissed her. "Just thinking about everything that happened today. That newborn brought back a lot of things that I thought I had buried in the recesses of my mind."

"Do you want to talk about it? Or should I tell you a bit more about myself like I promised?" She asked softly.

I only nodded and repositioned myself a bit, so that I was lying in her arms, with my head resting against her amazing breasts, which made her smile at me.

"I don't really know how to start this, so I'll just start at the beginning. I was a little bit clumsy when I was younger, and with every bruise or broken bone I got, my mom was always there to hold me and help me. I'll admit that it hurt a bit that she wasn't more of a mom when I was growing up, but looking back I needed more of a female friend. Most of the friends, and I use that term loosely here, were boys. The girls were always a bit too over the top girly for me, so I kind of became a tomboy. When my parents got divorced it was a given that I was going to go with my mom, since my dad and I never really connected. Around the time that I turned fifteen I knew that I liked girls, and had some flings as well. My mom supported me so much in coming out that she actually bought a shirt that said 'I'm not gay, but my daughter is' that still embarrasses me to this day. When I moved back to Forks a year later and I met the Cullens, I was immediately fascinated with them, and while it may have seemed I was in love with Edward, I really wasn't, to be very honest I was enthralled by Rosalie more, since I really like blondes." She said softly as she kept stroking her fingers over my hand.

I couldn't help but smile at her. "I think I owe your mother, Rosalie and the pixie an apology. I really thought there was something more to your devotion to them, but now I realize that they really are your friends, and I should thank them for caring for you and loving you until we met."

She smiled and kissed me. "I think my mom would love that. She is really scared of saying something wrong and upsetting you. She cares a lot about you, just because you love me so much."

"I'll go talk to her in a few days, if we don't get any summons from the Queens of course. But I suppose it is my turn to tell you something more about myself."

"You don't have to, my angel. I know everything I need to know about you just by being so close to you. I know talking about your past hurts you, and the last thing I want is to hurt you by reliving it." She said sweetly.

I only smiled and kissed her softly. "Then we will not talk about it. The past does not matter anymore, only the future in front of us, and I couldn't think of a better woman to stand by my side, or in tonight's case, under me." I said as I ripped her robes off and started sucking on her nipples.

The last thing I heard before I lost myself in pleasuring my mate were her divine moans as she tangled her hands in my hair.