AN: This takes place immediately after Taylor crashed at the end of chapter nine.

I woke up to a camera flash and the sound of a Polaroid being printed out.

"Huh, whagh?" I asked in a dignified manner.

"I'm sorry," Dad's voice said, "I didn't mean to wake you but this is just too precious."

I sat up and blinked my eyes open. My blanket slipped from my body onto the floor. The first thing I noticed was that I was still holding Opal in full wand form. I was sort of holding her across my chest. The second thing I'd noticed is that I'd apparently fallen asleep in my Princess costume. Th third thing I noticed was that I was a foot above and two to the right of my bed.

"We are never doing this again," Opal declared solemnly, "being pinned between your arms and chest is most undignified." I noticed she was a little wet. "Also you drool in your sleep, Princess. we'll have to work out a way to fix that unregal habit."

Dad walked away, shaking the photograph he'd just taken. About a minute later the last three caught up with me, and without powering down I went after him to destroy the evidence.