Chapter 11: True Talent

That night, Gabby had just changed into her nightdress. "This was a great day, Carina." said Gabby, as she sat on the bed. Carina snuggled up beside her. "I performed on stage, I saved Miguel, and De La Cruz is in jail." she said.

Carina barked happily. "(Yawns), all in all a gran dia." said Gabby. Then she turned out the light, got into bed, and fell asleep. In the dead of night, Carina heard something, and opened her eyes.

By Gabby's window was an old woman wearing a black cloak. Carina barked, but the old woman just put something on the windowsill, transformed into a bird, and flew away. Gabby opened her eyes, and heard Carina barking.

"(Yawns), Carina go back to sleep." she said, and she closed her eyes again. When Carina saw that the woman was gone, she went back to sleep.

The next morning, Gabby woke up, to feel the sun on her face. As she sat up, and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, she saw something on her window. "Que?" she asked confused. She got out of bed, and walked over.

On the windowsill was envelope. Gabby picked it up, and on it said, "To: Gabby". She opened it, and found a letter. "Dear Gabby, I've been watching you, and as one of the guardians of the Land of the Dead, I think you're worthy to have this. From, Senora Misterioso." she read.

Also in the envelope was a skull shaped talisman. "Oh dios mio." Gabby whispered. At school Miguel was waiting outside for Gabby. "Where could she be?" he asked himself. Then he spotted a black Bentley, and knew that was her.

Pedro dropped Gabby and Carlos off, and drove away. "Hola, Gabby." said Miguel. "Miguel, you won't believe what I found this morning." said Gabby. "Que?" asked Miguel. Gabby reached into her pocket, and pulled out the skull talisman.

"Hey, that's just like my skeleton talisman." said Miguel, pulling his out of his shirt. "And the note that came with it said that a guardian of the Land of the Dead was watching me, and said that I was worthy to have this. And it was from a Senora Misterioso." Gabby explained.

"That's the same woman who gave me my talisman." said Miguel. "Do you think..." Gabby asked. "There's only one way to find out. We'll try it out after school." said Miguel. And with that being said, the two went inside.

The school day went on normally, and when school ended, and Gabby told Pedro where she'd be the two tried it out. They met behind the school, and Gabby took out her skull talisman. "I wish we could go to the Land of the Dead." she said.

The talisman started to glow a bright green, and in a flash they were no longer in the Land of the Living but in the Land of the Dead. "It works." said the two together, then high fived each other.

With her own talisman Gabby was able to go to the Land of the Dead, and summon her abuelita whenever she wanted. By the time it was time for the talent show, Gabby was all ready. Her parents bought her a beautiful pink dress and rainbow colored seams, and a matching headpiece.

The night of the show, everyone who wanted to watch sat in the auditorium, and the contestants were backstage. Gabby peaked outside the curtains, there were lots of people out there. "Casa llena." she said nervously.

"Esta bien, Gabby?" asked Miguel. "There's just so many people out there." said Gabby. "Don't worry, you'll be great." said Miguel. "I hope so." said Gabby. "You know, I think our relatives deserve to see us." said Miguel, pulling his talisman out of his shirt.

"Si." agreed Gabby, pulling hers out. They both wished their relatives were there, and when they looked out, they saw that they were all there, Miguel's family and Gabby abuelita. Then Dona Rodriguez stepped out.

"Bienvenido, everyone to our talent show." she said. One by one each student went on stage doing their talent. Gabby's brother had just finished playing his flute, and the audience clapped for him. "That was Carlos Lopez, and next we have Miguel Rivera and his guitar." said Dona Rodriguez.

Everyone clapped, as Miguel got ready to go on stage. "Good luck Miguel." said Gabby. "Gracias." said Miguel, and walked out on stage. He played and sang the world is mi familia and never missed a note or strum.

Peaking out from the curtains Gabby saw that everyone was enjoying the music, especially the deceased ones. When he finished everyone applauded, and Hector whistled. "Gracias Miguel, and now we have Gabby Lopez dancing." said Dona Rodriguez.

When Gabby heard that she froze a little. Miguel saw, and lightly tapped her. "Hey, you'll be great." he whispered. "Thanks." said Gabby. She took a deep breath, and walked out on stage. She stood in the center as, the spotlight shined on her.

There were a lot of people in the room looking at her. But she saw her family smiling at her, and her abuelita gave her an encouraging look. Gabby smiled, and signals the DJ to start the music.

As soon as it started, Gabby began her dance steps. With every beat Gabby did the right step. Her family was very impressed, and Esperanza looked proudly at her granddaughter. After the music ended, Gabby took her final position.

Everyone clapped, and Gabby couldn't believe they were doing it just for her. She curtsied, and left the stage. "Gabby you were asombroso." said Miguel. "Gracias Miguel, it felt so good to dance." said Gabby.

Once all the acts had gone, it was time to announce the winners. "Now, we've seen lots of wonderful talents, but we only have three prizes, so here are our winners." said Dona Rodriguez.

Everyone in the audience crossed their fingers for their kids, and the kids held their breaths. "Third place is Jose Martinez." Everyone clapped, as Jose came out with his ventriloquist dummy. "Second place is Miguel Rivera."

Miguel came on stage, and everyone clapped, his family clapped the loudest. "That's our great-great grandson." said Hector to Imelda. "And finally first place is...Gabby Lopez." When Gabby heard that she couldn't believe her ears.

She was so in shock she didn't move, until one of the kids gave her a nudge. Then she slowly walked out on stage, and collected her trophy. The three winners took a bow, and Esperanza was proud.

"That's my granddaughter." she said proudly.

When the show was over everyone went home. Gabby's family was so proud of her, and it felt good being the center of attention for a change. "Gabriella...I mean Gabby. You were great." said Maya.

"Si, a wonderful dancer." said Jorge. "Just like your abuelita." said Alberto. "Gracias." said Gabby. Even her siblings were impressed. "I never knew you were such a good dancer." said Antonio. "Well I had good lessons." said Gabby.

"It's a great talent you've got there." complimented Susanna. "You were even better than me." said Carlos. "Gracias, muchas gracias." said Gabby. "I think this calls for a celebration. Sebastian." said Jorge.

"Si senior?" asked Sebastian. "Whip up a molten lava cake for dessert." "Coming up Senior." said Sebastian. "My favorite." said Gabby. After the cake was finished, the Lopezes had a good dessert of lava cake and ice cream.

Late that night, Gabby put her trophy on a shelf. It felt good to have a trophy in on her shelf just like her siblings. Using her talisman, she summoned her grandma. "I wish mi abuelita was here." she said.

In a flash, Esperanza appeared. "There's the star." she said. "Abuelita." said Gabby hugging her. "You were great tonight, a true dancer." said Esperanza. "Gracias for all the lessons. Now I have a trophy." said Gabby.

"Well be prepared, I just know you're gonna win a lot more in the future." said Esperanza. After another hug, Gabby sent her grandma back, and settled down to bed.

After the talent show, things went better for Gabby. The other kids actually talked to her, and saw that she wasn't a stuck up snob at all, but a really nice girl. As for her relationship with Miguel, they grew to be the best of friends.

They did like like each other deep down, and spent a lot of time together, but I think being called boyfriend and girlfriend would take a couple years, but they didn't mind waiting. With their talismans they were closer than anyone in Santa Cecilia.

The End, and b on the lookout 4 my newest coco story, Coco: Vicky Style