Title: His Father's Son

Authors: Dana Juliet3:162000

Rating: PG

Warnings: None except wrestling violence and mention of someone that's dead. And cussing.

Summary: One son's quest for answers leads to all sorts of revelations and problems.

Author's note: Thanks to Jules who is my CO-writer. She helped me take this story in a direction it was never going. Though, I did say it's her fault ;).

Disclaimer: Anyone you don't recognize in this fic is mine! Won't say who it would spoil the story. Everyone else belongs to themselves, WWF(E), or other promotions.

Start of a Dream

I laced up my boots. I'm in Ohio Valley Wrestling also known as OVW. And yes that's still running. They closed Heartland down a long time ago. I've been here for a few days and I hate the talk that I hear and all of the questions. I don't remember it! I was only four at the time!

Everyone expects me to be some great wrestler because my dad is. Or rather was. I want to make him proud but I don't think I'll ever be as good as he was. I hope to make him proud as he watches me from heaven.

People are jealous because they think I'll automatically go to WWE because the McMahon's feel guilty over what happened. And of course it doesn't help that one of my 'uncle's' runs the place. But really, they should blame Vince for pushing to sign that monster. My sister said that many people on the net were always saying he'd kill someone in the ring some day. Funny, he did. Who knows if he didn't if I would have followed in my dad's footsteps?

I was four years old when it happened so I don't remember it. Correction I didn't even see it. And I barely remember my own father. My mother is against me following in his footsteps but what can I do? I want to continue his legacy. And thank God, Bill Goldberg's no longer around.

"Dan Benoit! Get your ass out here" Chavo Guerrero yelled.

I gave up on my boots they'd have to do as is.