Nidhog: The Coliling

Danny calmly watched his daughter in the midst of her mediations as he thought, her form occasionally bulging and shifting here and there as she worked on a complete transformation. From what he could tell, her ordeal in the locker had tainted her transformation, and rather the a regal, menacing, or really any other form of majestic, healthy dragon.

She instead, appeared to be some sort of emaciated dragon with dark green and purple scales. Even stranger. The one time she had managed to get her head transformed, she had coughed out a cloud of purple smoke that had killed the plantlike nearby and burnt the ground like an acid.

And while it was concerning that her form was so different, was really had his attention now was far more pressing.


The scheming snake was apparently responsible for the tumult involving his daughters healing. When he first came back to Brockton, Coil hadn't even been a player, and now he thought to interfere with a dragon?

According to the blond Tattletale, Coil had a secret base underneath an unfinished Fortress Construction site. When Taylor went to sleep tonight, he would journey out to the base and bring it down around the villains ears, leaving it a smoking ruin.

Scene Break Time Line - A

Coil started as he felt more then heard a crash that shook his hidden lair and thrummed in his bones. Turning from the latest reports gathered by his soldiers and a number of his spies, he swiftly brought up the security feeds, just in time to see a massive, scaled, black form blitz through the 12ft steel vault door and continue through the hallways, literally running over any of his mercenaries that got in the way. The luck few who managed to dodge or get away from the initial charge were unprepared for the the tail with razor sharp spikes that lopped off limbs, or the fiery breath that burnt the very air in their lungs.

Coil snarled in rage as Nidhog charged through his base.

Timeline - B

Thomas Calvert frowned as as he sat down into his chair with a glass of a whiskey in one hand, the fact that Nidhog apparently had figured out that he was behind the deal in his daughters healing, meant one of two things. Either Nidhog still had a large system of informants, even after his years of retirement, or the far more likely, and far more irritating option, Lisa had decided to finally buck her shackles.

His little thinker must have been getting desperate to go to Nidhog of all people.

He would have to make her pay for that mistake. And pay dearly.

But as he reclined in his chair he heard the distinct ratcheting clack of a cocking gun.

Calvert swore, and made to dive out of his chair, intent on going for his weapon, but he was too slow and he felt the bullet burst open his chest.

He collapsed the timeline.

Timeline A

Coil sat in shock as Nidhog destroyed the base around him. They had known his identity. And had sent a competent killer to his home to make sure that he died quickly there as well. That meant they must have known his power as well, or at least were paranoid enough since he was known to use body doubles too confuse pursuers and ensure his own safety. But he did have one option left. He split the timelines again, and in one he started the bases self destruct and made for the escape tunnel. The blast from the charge littering the base would be enough to level a city block, but he already knew it wouldn't kill the dragon.

What it would do is give him the opportunity to escape, and not to mention allow him to 'die' in the explosion and set up somewhere else.

Perhaps Florida? There was no significant Protectorate presence, and it would be ripe for a new setup with its still functioning shipping lanes.

The real issue with that would be selling it to Cauldron. He shrugged mentally, one problem at a time. First he had to escape. And of course that was the instance when, almost as he was at the end of his escape tunnel, the light shining through and filling him with hope, a leonine shape with with wings leapt into the tunnel roaring with a corpse like rattle.

Coil couldn't help himself.

There were two of the damn things now?!

This dragon, unlike the one that was still rampaging through his base judging by the explosions, was small, at least compared to the bigger one. It was about ten feet long, with taloned paws, a long tail with a single spike, with green, black, and purple scales. The strangest thing was how cadaverous it looked, with prominent rips and emaciated limbs, and patches of its scales looking like they were rotting off.

It growled menacingly, curls of purple smoke coming from between its clenched jaws as it advanced.

Coil held up his hands and hoped it wouldn't kill him. That hope was dashed when it let loose a hacking cough and abruptly a wall of the purple smoke came towards him.

Coil turned to run, and then felt the smoke hit him, and then screamed in agony as he began burning, the fog, the purple death was highly acidic and was eating through his costume, and then through his flesh, then bone.

And the Coil died for the second time that day.

Coil jerked as he felt the other timeline collapse just as the door to his office burst in and a draconic humanoid strolled in, Mr. Pitter, or at least a large portion of the man's corpse clutched in one taloned hand.

Coil opened his mouth to speak, and then felt the weight of Mr. Pitter's corpse thrown hard enough to break the sound barrier impact his chest.

And Coil died for the third and final time that day.