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Chapter 44

Reach Into His Heart

(Two Decades Ago)

It was late in evening when Inoue Namikaze found herself searching for her eldest son. For someone so young, he was getting quite better at hiding his presence from her with every passing day. A brief but significant testament of his potential, something which the Uzukage and the other higher-ups had witnessed much to her worries.

They wanted to utilize that potential but she feared the kind of life she would condemn her son to if she agreed to their demands so soon. It was a choice which she wanted him to have a say in...

A brief yet sad smile arrived upon her lips when she caught him walking through the Field of Heroes.

It was a unique place within Uzushiogakure, one that didn't exist yet among the rest of the world.

Some called it extravagance, some waste of resources, but in her opinion the giant statues of their village's heroes served as an inspiration to the next generation like her son.

Although she never wished for him to get a place in this field, for everyone of the warriors present here had earned their spot posthumously during the founding of their village or the never ending defense of their homeland in the conflicts that followed after.


Her handsome boy looked up to give her a brief smile which warmed her heart as she arrived by his side and placed a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

"I was searching for father's statue, Mother" he stated honestly, and caught her brief wince.

"He's not here, is he?"

Inoue briefly regretted his sharp intelligence for catching her discomfort so easily unlike her younger son Nagato who had inherited his father Yahiko's clueless nature sometimes. Minato took after her and his biological father Tobirama, yet was more closer to his step father-Yahiko who loved him like his own.

"Only the extraordinary can earn a place here, son. Your father died heroically by sacrificing his life to defend his comrades but it was also his duty to do so. The First Uzukage's son, Haruto lead a small group of men and held off two naval fleets sent by the newly founded Kumogakure and Kirigakure. He destroyed those forces and bought enough time for the Uzumaki clan to reach these islands and fortify their new home albeit at the cost of his life" she explained patiently, while pointing her hand in the direction of the said young man's statue.

"Then I'll do something extraordinary on my own someday to get father a place here so everyone can remember him forever" assured Minato with determination,

A lone tear appeared in Inoue's eyes as she hugged her child but also decided to let him know the reality.

"Only truly extraordinary but dead heroes can get a place here, Minato. I don't want you doing anything reckless to get anyone here" she warned him,

"We are at war with Kumogakure, Mother. Father died protecting us from those day I'll crush them once and for all to avenge him. If I defeat our sworn enemy, then the Uzukage will have to give me some reward. Then I'll ask him to give father a place here for my achievement" he promised her resolutely,


"Don't worry, Mother. Someday I'll destroy the enemy that killed our clan, threatens our home and took father away from us. I don't know how...but I'll find a way"

(Present Day)


For the first time in his entire life, he laid eyes upon the source of his life's misery and hardships. It was a daunting sight as the place was literally built among rocky mountains going as far as touching the clouds that roamed across the highest peaks of the village.

Many nights he had dreamed about someday arriving at this place to avenge what it took from him.

"I am about to honor our promise, Mother" he thought nostalgically,

"I never thought this day would come" whispered Kushina with tears in her eyes,

He looked at his oldest friend and understood her feelings perfectly as she had spent the last decade of her life working towards the achievement of this moment.

"We always talked about crushing Kumogakure but for all our Spartan power, not once could we come even near this bastion much less cause any harm. If only our comrades could see this now..." said Kushina with content and sadness present in her voice at the same time,

"I'll give them a gift much better than this one. A new world which we had always dreamed of creating, but they died before it could be achieved entrusting us to see it through for them" promised Naruto,

"It will be very costly to capture" warned Kushina, pointing at the massive territorial disadvantage they were currently in.

Their victory at Hydara didn't come without cost. Granted, the Third Raikage was killed alongwith his entire army including those that tried to flee when the battle was lost, for the 501st under Kisame were in no mood for mercy and hunted them down to the last man by raining death from the skies.

It was a massacre that shook the very foundations of this nation.

Their invincible leader perished alongside 15,000 of their finest shinobi resulting in the fall of the entire Northern front to Kirigakure forces. The news broke the token garrisons desperately trying to hold the eastern flank consisting of their valuable towns and cities which were soon occupied by the Kirigakure Navy with the help of the 99th Legion led by their Anbu Commander and Jinpachi of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.

More than half of the Land of Lightning had fallen including their feudal lord's capital when the 10,000 strong army guarding it saw more sense in preserving their sacred city and its citizens instead of letting it turn to ashes only to protect a young leader who had failed to protect his own nation and did not even have the courage to face the enemy that was invading them; granted the Raikage had also failed miserably but to his credit he died in the line of duty and facing the enemy like a true shinobi. It also didn't help that most of the men guarding the Capital came from the impoverished North and some from the Eastern shores of this nation and when Zabuza and Ameyuri surrounded the Capital with a 15,000 strong force (Only 5,000 of which were Kiri shinobi and the rest came from the Northern and Eastern provinces of this very nation who were in open revolt against the feeble Daimyo who exploited their territories without giving much in return, the only reason he had even stayed in power for a few months after the assassination of his predecessor at the hands of Kirigakure was the fact that he had the Raikage's backing, now with the Kumo leader killed there was no one protecting him), the 10,000 men guarding the Capital were reluctant to kill their own breatheren for such a leader and saw no chance of surviving when the 501st flew right over their heads making it clear that siege was not an option and they would be stormed sooner or later.

Kirigakure's forces soon occupied the Capital and three of the Seven Ninja swordsmen were holding it at the moment sending only the 501st back to their main army upon their Kage's orders for the final push towards Kumogakure.

Not everything had gone in Kirigakure's favor though. They had invaded this nation with a 16,000 strong army in the North as well as East, and a diversionary force of 7,000 led by General Abe, Yagura and the defeated forces of their civil war in the South who were the only ones holding back the Raikage's son A, the Kinkaku Blackops and Kumo's last standing army of 10,000 men from aiding the now deceased Third Raikage.

From their main army under their Kage's command, Kirigakure had lost nearly 4,000 fighters out of 16,000 with most perishing at Hydara and the others in prior or subsequent skirmishes. Even their Mizukage had lost his left arm to achieve these victories, a prize which many shinobi considered to be their great failure.

Their situation in the South was even more disturbing.

General Abe was a fine commander and had the full support of the Kaguya and Hagoromo clans alongside other forces who were determined to hold the line and survive in order to receive the full pardon and reclaim their place back in their society as per the Fourth Mizukage's promise. They even had the Three tails Jinchuuriki in their support. However they were outnumbered and faced a relentless and disciplined enemy in the form of the deceased Raikage's son, the Kinkaku Blackops and 10,000 strong warriors who became even more desperate to march back towards their village when they heard of their Raikage's death.

Out of the 7,000 Kiri forces in the South, General Abe was barely left with less than 2,000. Their desperate attempt to hold the enemy from going back to Kumogakure's defense had caused massive casualties with Lady Reika Kaguya herself perishing in combat rendering her clan leaderless for the moment.

Kirigakure's Southern army was as good as finished and was barely managing to hold the territories they had captured. Yet they had caused losses of more than fifty percent to A's force leaving him with barely any chance of saving his nation unless he received reinforcements from his allies Iwa and Suna which seemed highly unlikely. Still, word was he was marching back towards his village to make his final stand.

It was why Naruto had charged towards Kumogakure with 3,000 of his veteran forces in full speed. Granted, it was far from enough to take this village; well protected within high mountains but it was all he could muster, now that his forces were spread across this vast nation to hold entire territories.

He needed more men if he was to continue his campaign, a problem he would have to look into sooner or later.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he felt a slight pang in his missing arm which made him clench his only remaining fist, an act which Kushina didn't fail to notice.

"It still hurts, doesn't it?" she asked sadly,

"Not as much as when I lost it. I am trying to recreate my lost arm with the help of Sage Art Mitotic regeneration but the damage is too extensive. It will take me months if not longer to grow it back...if I can at all" he whispered hesitantly,

"I am so sorry" whispered Kushina, but he shook his head.

"It's a price for my sins. With each victory, the mountain of corpses I stand upon grows taller. I owe it to everyone who has died-ally or enemy alike to succeed and give their sacrifice meaning. Compared to what they have lost, mine is insignificant" answered Naruto honestly,

Before Kushina could reply, she saw Mangetsu and Haku walking towards them from the corner of her eyes.

The two Swordsmen saluted their Kage who gave a brief nod in return.

"It's a fortress, Lord Fourth. They have less men than us, mostly young genin and chunin but they are well positioned. I could also sense the Two Tails Jinchuuriki's presence. She's a young girl and I doubt she can control the beast's power fully, but even a small attack from her could wipe out our entire force" reported Mangetsu honestly,

"We'll need more forces if we are to capture this village. There is no other way" pointed Haku disappointedly,

They were intrigued when they saw Mei walking towards them with a set of three pronged kunai-their Mizukage's signature weapons apart from his cursed sword. Wordlessly, she handed those weapons to the two confused swordsmen who looked back at their Kage.

"Launch a brief air-raid with the help of the 501st who have joined us for this mission. Your target is to hit the Jinchuuriki with one of the weapons and scatter the other kunai at strategic points throughout the village" instructed Naruto,

"The enemy will seal off those sections or destroy the weapons before you can teleport our forces in waves inside the village" pointed Mangetsu,

"I know"

Mangetsu was about to argue when he suddenly froze as he glanced at Mei and the chained Eight Tails Jinchuuriki being hauled up by their men to the frontlines. His gaze connected with Haku who had arrived at the equally disturbing thought which made them glance at their Kage hesitantly who didn't flinch or cower away.

"This is the last bastion of the enemy's strength. A symbol of their nation's founding and unity, with the feudal Capital gone...this is the only place holding their remaining forces together. Take it away and they shall crumble soon while also sending a message to the remaining factions in this war" explained Kushina frankly,

"It's just like you said, Mangetsu. We don't have enough strength to take this place in a frontal assault. We need to get creative" said Naruto seriously,

He explained his strategy to his comrades in detail and except for Kushina, the rest were quite taken aback by the strange idea.

"If this works, we can occupy this village with minimal losses" suggested Mangetsu carefully,

"I think it's worth a shot, your tactics and plans have never led us astray even once, Lord Fourth. Without your ideas, we would have never reached this far" said Haku confidently, earning a nod from Mangetsu and Mei as well.

"We'll make this work, Naruto" promised Mei,

He nodded respectfully and watched as the the swordsmen and Terumi clan heiress went off to make their preparations leaving him alone with Kushina who looked at him curiously.

"We can simply destroy this village with Tailed beast bombs now that we have two Jinchuuriki in our ranks" suggested Kushina,

"No. Killing shinobi in war is one thing, but we will not kill non-combatants of this village in a merciless attack. We will not send any wrong message for the populace of this nation to openly turn against us and join A's ranks. Capturing it should be enough revenge, Kushina" he rebuked her,

"It's just hard for me to not have such thoughts after what they did to us" she apologized sincerely,

"The Imperium of Man that we wish to create shall include all of humanity, including our enemies. Defeating their military is enough, there is no need to massacre their civilians needlessly. We need to lead by example and face any difficult thrown at us. We owe it to the mountain of corpses and pain that shall take place in this journey"

"I know. It's just...hard to not make these people face the misery they inflicted on our comrades and nation" admitted Kushina reluctantly, earning a gentle smile from her oldest friend.

"I understand"

He walked away to inspect the troops leaving her to stare at his retreating back.

"I wonder if other people across the world will ever truly understand your dream for humanity and this suffering world" thought Kushina somberly,

A dream of eliminating the boundaries of nations, to bring different cultures and ethnicities together, to share the beauty and resources of this world together instead of constantly fighting over it forever, to end the cycle of hatred in order to create...

A United Human Race.

One that could rule their world together in peace and take to stars to explore the universe.

A small smile came upon her lips as she watched him interact with his army which looked determined despite the odds against them. There were smiles and cheers as he interacted with many of the troops whose respect for him had reached legendary levels after his personal sacrifice for their victory at Hydara.

A Kage willing and capable to fight his own battles and win.

Naruto-The Great.

More and more people across the world had now started to believe in his legend which warmed her heart. She didn't know what the future held for him or for them all...and even if their dream of uniting the entire human race was to end in failure...

Then what a failure! It would still tower over other people's successes...many would mock them perhaps, but there will be others who would share that dream and continue pursuing it to someday unite this world.

She had to believe that she was fighting for that above everything else.

(Feudal Capital)

Ameyuri was not at all pleased by the congregation that had been called for abruptly and in secret by Zabuza. She bitterly glanced at Kisame and Jinpachi who had decided to attend a meeting that their Kage didn't know about. They wanted Mangetsu and Haku to be present for this discussion as well, but since the two of them were campaigning with the was not possible to call them here without arousing clear suspicion.

"This is treason" she hissed furiously,

"I agree. I still can't believe what you guys told me. Do you have any proof except for speculation and the words of a dead Kumogakure officer who could be desperate to sow seeds of discord among our ranks?" asked Jinpachi angrily,

"We would have proof if Ameyuri had not chopped him in half. Atleast get to interrogate him to discover the truth" scolded Zabuza,

"And allow him to create even more mistrust with his lies? Never!" yelled Ameyuri fiercely,

"It's Lord Fourth, Zabuza! If not for him, we would have been dead long ago! He saved our asses so many times, helped us win a civil war, unite our nation and turn the tide of the war. You're asking me to believe that our nation's greatest hero is a foreign spy? It's absurd!" protested Jinpachi,

"Be grateful we haven't killed you yet for such treasonous thoughts ourselves! Say any of this nonsense to our army and the shinobi will burn you alive" warned Ameyuri mercilessly,

"I'd like to see you try" challenged Zabuza murderously,

As the two Swordsmen grabbed their weapons, another murderous killing intent made them pause and glance at Kisame who glared at both of them furiously.

"You're Generals in this army for god's sake! Act like ones instead of brats!" reprimanded Kisame,

"And who made us Generals, Kisame? The very man whom you two are believing to be a traitor, he risked his life countless times for our sake, even lost an arm defending us! Is that how you repay his loyalty towards us?" countered Ameyuri, earning a nod from Jinpachi as well.

Zabuza and Kisame couldn't meet the righteous stares of their comrades as they couldn't help but remember all that Naruto had done for them and their nation, all that man had sacrificed to get Kirigakure to this point.

"He saved Mangetsu's life, got us an alliance with Konoha, challenged an entire army led by Lord Hagoromo for us so we wouldn't have to kill our comrades, risked his life for us and every Kiri shinobi in every battle even going so far as sacrificing his arm so we may live. He served himself as bait in this campaign so our comrades wouldn't die needlessly! Victory after victory we have achieved under his command, so much that we are on the verge of crushing the most powerful military in the world!" argued Jinpachi passionately,

"Or the greatest traitor! Hate me for my doubts but I have serious questions about certain events and especially how he got us military technology that once belonged to the Spartans from Uzushiogakure! How he suddenly found an extremely powerful Uzumaki mercenary that has proven her worth in this campaign more than many of our seasoned shinobi, whose become more closer to our Kage than any woman of our village ever had? Naruto is my friend and I will march with him to hell itself, but I am also a shinobi of Kirigakure! My loyalty is towards my country first or is that treason to you both as well?" asked Zabuza sharply,

It was Jinpachi and Ameyuri who lowered their heads and looked away as they had no answer towards those words and Zabuza's piercing stare. They disliked what he was believing for their leader but couldn't deny he was a loyal shinobi of their nation.

Kisame sighed and stepped in between the warring trio.

"Let's not do anything any of us might regret later. For now, let's focus on conquering this nation completely. We need to keep our army united and launching a coup against our Kage will break us apart, even lose this war and suffer terrible consequences. Once we have crushed Kumogakure's last forces and have this nation firmly within our hands, the six of us including Mangetsu and Haku will confront Naruto and ask him to answer our questions. That means not spreading any conspiracy theories among your men, Zabuza! Or inciting hatred towards any fellow Seven Ninja Swordsmen or going to Naruto behind our backs, Ameyuri! This stays only between us!" explained Kisame strictly,

He could clearly see neither of the swordsmen liked the proposition completely, but they begrudgingly accepted it and even shook hands with each other on Kisame's insistence.

"You better have a good enough apology ready for Naruto once your stupidity is quashed!" taunted Ameyuri, and was surprised when the taller man nodded gently.

"I'll gladly accept any punishment he deems fit for my suspicions towards him, and I want that to be case truly...but if I'm right then what do we do, Ameyuri?" whispered Zabuza worriedly,

The remaining swordsmen paled for a moment as that possibility made their hearts skip a beat. Something like that...

"If you ever develop a vengeful heart and want revenge. Come and face me" recalled Kisame, the very same words their Kage had said to them all while sparing the children from the ninja clans that had fought against them in the civil war.

"We can't take him on all know that. He's too strong" said Zabuza hesitantly,

"Maybe if the Six of us joined together..." whispered Jinpachi,

"We'd be dead before we could blink, branded as traitors in the eyes of our people. Even if we somehow managed to kill him, our people would hate our guts if not burn us alive for killing the greatest and most powerful Kage of our nation! They'll never believe us without solid evidence and even if we do present that, we need to have a successor ready to avoid another civil war" confessed Kisame,

"The only one who can assume that mantle is Mangetsu Hozuki. He maybe young, but is the son of the Second Mizukage, the Hozuki clan leader, a proven warrior and general. Even so, it may start another civil war and make us lose everything we have gained so far making the sacrifice of all those who died meaningless, including Lord Gengetsu" pointed Ameyuri sadly,

"Then what do we do?"

That was a crucial question which none of them had a definite answer to yet...if not ever.

Madara Uchiha raised a curious eyebrow when the young Mizukage appeared in his hideout answering the summons he had sent out.

"You're an arm short" he commented with a smirk,

"Did you ask me here for taunting?" asked Naruto flatly,

"On the contrary, I heard of your situation and thought I could help if you want. Also, I have something else for you...a gift for your commitment to our cause and your recent victories" said Madara frankly,

"I'm listening. But where is my brother and the other Spartans?" questioned Naruto,

"Iwa sent reinforcements in the form of 5,000 shinobi led by Ohnoki. I sent the Spartans to stop them, don't worry I also sent my personal reinforcements for their support. Besides they are Reanimated shinobi, they can't be killed again" assured Madara, when he saw the worry on the young Kage's face.

Naruto remained silent after hearing that and took up the seat offered by the older Uchiha on a nearby rock in the inhospitable hideout.

"During my last encounter with Hashirama, I managed to steal some of his chakra and DNA. It was powerful enough to rejuvenate dead cells, prolonged one's longevity like it did mine, even capable enough to grow artificial limbs and an army of clones" confessed Madara with a smirk,

"What are you saying?" asked Naruto in shock, unable to believe what he had just heard.

"I can help you get a replacement arm, considering you are a Senju descendant directly related to Hashirama's family...the operation shouldn't be a problem. That is if you want such a thing, more importantly you'll need more men if you are to continue your campaign of conquest beyond the Land of Lightning. You have already drafted as many able bodied fighters from Kirigakure without having an adverse impact on its economy, draft any more and you risk creating social mayhem and many other problems. Am I wrong?" asked Madara sharply,

Once again, Naruto was impressed and intimidated by the Uchiha's foresight in regards to his personal situation and the war's future.

He had not admitted this to anyone even Kushina, but he had been taking pain killer medicines to stem the agony of his wounds. The doctors had done their best to stop any infection or life critical predicament but his strength had been reduced considerably.

He was struggling with ninjutsu, not yet used to performing hand signs with one hand alone. He could still perform jutsu but it would take extra strength and time, a luxury he wouldn't get in battles.

If his allies or enemies ever came to sense this weakness, there were bound to be consequences which he wanted to avoid.

More importantly, he had left Kirigakure lightly protected in order to launch the campaign in the Land of Lightning. Both nations were vast in area, population and resources but ravaged by war (Kiri from the civil War and Kumogakure through his campaign), he would need thousands upon thousands of more fighters to replace the losses he had suffered and fortify both nations under his rule, not to mention continue his conquest across the world to truly unite humanity.

"What do you want in return for this 'support'?" asked Naruto cautiously,

"The Two Tails, Three Tails and Eight Tails Jinchuuriki, or the beasts inside of them" replied Madara seriously and looked directly into his eyes without a flinch.

"They are crucial assets and I simply can't make them disappear without my commanders and men raising serious questions. Even if we somehow are able to pull it off for the Two Tails and Eight Tails since they are enemy assets, the Three Tails is held inside Yagura-a disgraced Mizukage, but an important figure. His disappearance will raise alarm!" countered Naruto, earning a nod from Madara.

"I have a plan to address those concerns. Still, if any type of coup happens against you...I'll help you personally to crush it. More than that, I'll lend you the support of my 100,000 clone army of Zetsu's"

Naruto's eyes widened in absolute shock when Madara released a seal on the ground and it was only then he felt the presence of so many creatures right beneath the ground he was standing on.

Some of them even emerged from the ground to greet him.

They were humanoid in form but with completely inhuman in the form of their short green hair, yellow eyes and completely white bodies and no sexual organs. Few of them transformed right before his eyes to take the perfect form of himself and other shinobi from different nations earning a wicked smile from Madara.

"They can conceal their presence well from most shinobi, can travel through ground unnoticed, absorb and supply chakra to their allies, and take the forms of the shinobi they have stolen power from-even copy most of their personality, chakra signature and fighting techniques. They are excellent spies and decent fighters ready to do my bidding or yours if I command it. They are the beings I created from Hashirama's DNA, albeit they are much weaker than him" explained Madara proudly,

"I don't understand...with your power and past legend alongside such an army at your command, why do you need me to crush the shinobi system?" asked Naruto suspiciously,

Madara sighed while dismissing the creatures who went back into the ground much to the Mizukage's uneasiness at the creepy display.

"Just like Hashirama, my name is well known across the world. I already explained this to you but seems you have a short term memory. I can crush the foolish Kage's but can't control the nations after that victory, I am warrior-not a ruler. If the shinobi world discovers I want to erase its existence and have an army at my command, they might just unite to stop me" said Madara with a chuckle,

"Wouldn't that be a good thing? Be the anti-hero that unites the world against him to create peace?" teased Naruto mockingly, earning a grunt in return.

"Cheeky brat! If that would have been enough to achieve peace, I would have already done it. No, those fools will simply go back to fighting each other after they have dealt with me, if they ever manage to defeat me that is. More importantly, it would be hard for me to capture their tailed beasts which are vital to my plan. Once I start capturing them in open war, the nations would realize sooner or later and conceal their prized assets which would delay my plan for years" explained Madara,

"And I am your solution to all of that?" asked Naruto skeptically,

"You're just another ambitious Kage trying to expand his borders in the eyes of the others. Your reputation is growing day by day, but it hasn't yet reached the one I or Hashirama have. You can continue crushing the shinobi system, gathering tailed beasts for me and stabilizing the world. By the time the foolish Kage's realize the true threat, it will be too late. I'll make sure of that" promised Madara,

Naruto remained silent which got him an inquisitive look from the older Uchiha.

"I am being asked to marry once again to save my clan from extinction. The only one I can compromise for such a thing is Mei Terumi who happens to be the Six Tails Jinchuuriki. I won't let you extract her tailed beast which will get her killed" warned Naruto,

"Get me the other tailed beasts especially the Nine Tails and we won't need to extract the Six Tails from your future wife. Just a portion of its power should be enough to execute my plan if I have the others" compromised Madara reluctantly,

Lady Mito.

She was the current Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tails, a key military asset of Konoha and more importantly his aunt by relation. A woman who had actually been very kind to him.

Getting the tailed beast out of her would lead to...

"What's the matter? Are you having doubts now? Yes, getting the Nine Tails would start a war with Konoha and the Senju clan, including Tobirama" said Madara with a frown, receiving a sharp glare from the blonde.

"I know the agreement! I'll honor my promise, you uphold yours" replied Naruto curtly, some anger clearly visible in his heated tone.

"I never said it would be easy. Despite what has happened, they are family to you. But we must keep moving forward to create true peace. I respect the sacrifices you have made and will continue to make for that dream, and I want you to think of me as your ally. I understand what pain you carry within you...come with me" said Madara compassionately,

The Mizukage blinked in surprise at the softer tone of the Uchiha and silently walked behind him towards a secluded room.

"Where are we going?" asked Naruto curiously,

He watched Madara make a hand sign and a coffin arose from the ground, and as it started to open the Uchiha turned back to face him and placed a comforting hand upon his shoulder.

"I hope this helps heal some of the pain in your heart and gives you hope for the future we are trying to create"

He gently patted the Mizukage's back and walked away as tears arrived in the young man's eyes when the person inside took their first steps and looked at him in equal shock.

The young Mizukage's lips trembled and tears fell from his eyes as he looked at a pair of beautiful blue eyes that haunted his dreams every night and heard a voice that he had forgotten.


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