Chapter 58


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(Land of Fire)

Ino looked at the vast feudal capital around her where the Daimyo of her nation currently resided alongside majority of the noble lords that supported him. These leaders were responsible for supporting Konoha's existence and also bankrolling its never ending wars against other nations.

After what happened at the Kage Summit, where the greed of this nobility led to another needless war in which thousands of warriors were going to die.

It is not humanity or their own nations that they seek to protect; but only their own power, homes, wealth and dynasties.

She clenched her fist bitterly as she remembered Naruto's parting words to her before he went to war and as she arrived in the capital and watched the nobility living a life of senseless lavish while sending others to die in their war made her blood boil.

For far too long, these feudal lords have controlled the fate of shinobi and the whole world. For the sake of our race's future, they must be eliminated. I started this revolution in the Land of Water, and spread it across the Land of Lightning, Land of Frost and Land of Hot Water. But there are still a few feudal lords left, namely from the Land of Fire, Wind, Earth among the major ones alongside those of minor nations. Regardless of the outcome of this war, they must all be eliminated right down to their last bloodline.

That is the sole purpose of the Cobra Unit which I want you to lead. With most of the militaries focused upon me, the feudal lords will have less security to defend them. I already have some of my best units stationed across every target of importance alongwith their supporters from the nobility. I want you to lead the operation to eliminate the Land of Fire's Daimyo personally, as he is the key to this entire corrupt system- being the most powerful and influential political leader in the world. When the time comes, we shall bring the feudal system that has taken away our freedom crashing to its knees...

This shall be Humanity's coup against those that have taken our freedom to peace and prosperity.

Ino had felt something awaken within her heart upon hearing the dream of the man she loved dearly. The fact that it was the greed of these same leaders that had made Naruto a wanted criminal in the world only sealed their fate in her eyes.

She also understood as to why the feudal leadership across the world feared Naruto Namikaze and wanted him to be eliminated even at the cost of another world war that would probably cross all brutality in known history.

For them, he was the devil who sought to destroy everything they had built for themselves and their future dynasties over the past several thousands of years.

"We are ready"

She turned around in her room to find one of the Zetsu standing at attention and looking at her expectantly even as the moonlight shone upon her face.

"Then let's end this corrupt system" she declared resolutely,

(Land of Lightning)

"My dear warriors, It's time to come home"

Mangetsu Hozuki watched the crushing effect of that order given by General Abe, the temporary leader of their nation had on their entire army including members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.

Even the veteran General looked heartbroken through the Astral Communication link as he gave that fateful order.

"This is not a war of our making. I cannot in good conscience risk the future of our nation or send anyone of you to die in such a senseless conflict" explained General Abe,

"The General's right, men. We heard the former Mizukage gave you a visit and what transpired afterwards, but the fact is that you are the greatest army in the world in service to the greatest nation and not a single man" reminded the Anbu Commander through the Astral projection,

Mangetsu saw sadness evident in majority of their army with only a rare few looking content with the decision. Another smaller and rebellious section looked outraged and voiced their protest quite openly but didn't get much support from their fellow comrades who remained silent.

"We are not the greatest nation or the greatest army in the world anymore"

The Hozuki clan head's loud and clear declaration made the entire army stop its bickering and General Abe alongside the Anbu Commander to look at the Second Mizukage's son who stepped forward.

"We dreamed of it once and stood up for what was right against impossible odds" confessed Mangetsu sadly, as he remembered all the struggles and all the ones they had lost in the pursuit of that fateful dream including his own father, Gengetsu Hozuki.

Haku and Ameyuri's eyes teared up when they saw Mangetsu's own eyes become moist, a deep emotion that started spreading across the Kirigakure army.

"We waged war against feudal tyrants, not support or abstain from wars that continued their oppression at the cost of precious lives and the future of our children" said Mangetsu honestly,

General Abe and the Anbu Commander lowered their gaze as those words held a bitter truth which was harsh for them to accept.

Mangetsu then looked at Zabuza and Kisame alongside many others who still looked unconvinced.

"Naruto-The Great, our enemies and the shinobi world christened Lord Fourth as such for his military conquests and genius. But for me, he is the symbol of the dream which we all shared together. One for which my father sacrificed his life alongside thousands of our comrades, for which we undertook the Great March in the past.

God knows I disagreed with Naruto on a few issues, hell I even didn't like him that much in the beginning" admitted Mangetsu with a chuckle, eliciting a similar response from Zabuza and Kisame alongside many in the army as they vividly remembered the friction between Mangetsu and Naruto in those early days.

"Even so, he inspired us all to be better. Not just for ourselves, but for our comrades, countrymen, our nation and even those not aligned with us. One of his greatest achievements in my eyes is the fact that he turned us from a barbaric and highly divided army into not just the strongest, but also a moral army to some extent. Something which very few of our adversaries can claim in this age of treachery. The reason I followed that man into hell and beyond is because he can see a future I can't even imagine"

Jinpachi found himself agreeing with every word confessed by Mangetsu before everyone and he saw many in the army alongside the leadership started feeling the same impact.

"For better or worse, Naruto became the family we chose for ourselves. After my father died, Naruto became everything to me. A Father, Brother, Friend, and Commander. He not only saved my life, but rescued me from darkness and supported me in marrying the woman I loved. No matter what happened or his real truth, I can never repay that debt" admitted Mangetsu, and saw Haku nodding at him with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sure many of you feel the same"

He was satisfied when nobody disagreed with his opinion for deep down they could not deny the truth of what Naruto Namikaze had done directly or indirectly in their lives, most of it good.

"It's true that there are a lot of unknowns and things Naruto could have been honest with us about from the beginning. But I feel he was trying to do his best to keep us safe, he still failed but I cannot disregard his sincere intentions for us. I don't trust the other nations for their promises and alliances are only for their own benefit, sooner or later they will revert to treachery and violence. But I do trust the Commander whom we have followed into suicidal battles many times and one who brought everyone of us home-Alive or Dead and looked after our families as if they were his own"

Haku joined her husband upon hearing his proclamation even as a stunned silence enveloped the entire army and made General Abe gawk at the leader of the most powerful clan of Kirigakure.

"Naruto is fighting for a peace that includes all of humanity. I have thought about this a lot and can only think of one thing : As to what greater ambition can a human being have in life than to bring a real, lasting and permanent peace for all mankind. That's a cause worth fighting for and noble enough to die for and risk everything we have built"

Kisame and Zabuza alongside a few others in the army including General Abe felt something within their hardened hearts rekindle upon hearing that goal.

The Seven Ninja Swordsmen saw Mangetsu looking directly at them with moist eyes even as the rest of the army looked at their leaders and strongest fighters

"Naruto is my friend"

Zabuza couldn't help but remember the way Naruto had embraced him back into their group even after all the accusations he had laid against the Mizukage. Nor could he deny that voice within his heart...

"He is our Brother"

Haku, Ameyuri, Jinpachi, Zabuza and even Kisame's eyes widened a little upon hearing Mangetsu's declaration for nothing could change the fact that Naruto was one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, their Kage and all the history and bonding they had shared.

General Abe and the Anbu Commander glanced across the army and saw hardly anyone who didn't look ready, not after what Mangetsu said to them all.

Even veterans like them couldn't deny the voice within their hearts and when General Abe looked at the haori in his office that their former Mizukage had left as a gesture of respect, he felt courage flow through his heart.

Mangetsu sensed the unspoken feeling surging through the entire army, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen and even General Abe alongside the Anbu Commander.

"Let's accomplish the impossible for humanity's future and bring our brother home"

(Land of Earth)

Kitsuchi and his men had been taking some much needed rest after a day's long march towards the enemy stronghold in Mountain's Graveyard region. It was still taking everything they had to work alongside ninjas and warriors from other nations, most still didn't trust each other and were barely working towards a common goal of defeating their enemy.

He doubted such alliances would last in the long run and the world would soon revert back to constant warfare of dominance.

But he was a shinobi and that's what they were born for.

If only he had realized his mistake sooner...

For soon enough, their camp was attacked with such swiftness and ferocity that thousands of their allies were killed in the opening moments itself. Hundreds more were slaughtered with a ruthless efficiency as they tried to gather their bearings.

Kitsuchi hadn't thought it was possible to ambush an army this large in size with decent fortifications around their camp, but their enemy had done just that with less numbers on their side.

But what they lacked in numbers was certainly made up by their technology and the power of the Spartans from Uzushiogakure.

He had never faced them in battle before, but did remember they had thwarted Ohnoki and his group from aiding the fallen Kumogakure in the earlier war. Their exploits in the First Great Ninja war were also known to him to an extent.

But nothing could do justice to their true power and ferocity, which Kitsuchi and his men faced in its entirety now as they tried to defend the main gate of their camp.

"Earth Style: Rock Bullets"

Kitsuchi and his men launched hundreds upon hundreds of rock bullets at lightning speed towards their advancing enemies and saw the leading female Spartan officer signal her fellow comrades.

"Shield the Zetsu's!" roared Kushina defiantly,

In the blink of an eye she created a massive red colored barrier that protected majority of the Zetsu force behind her even as two dozen Spartans formed the Vanguard around her and continued advancing.

Kitsuchi's and his men tried more attacks but were all repulsed by the shielding provided by the armor that the Spartans were wearing. All the while their enemies continued launching hundreds of kunai projectiles from their mechanized weapons that took down the entire frontal line of the coalition defense.


Kushina's warcry bolstered the resolve of the ones following her as she threw a dozen explosive tags to shred many more enemies and true to her training, she was the first to lead the assault making Kitsuchi abandon his own caution and run forward to answer her challenge.

"For Humanity!"

The Spartans leapt into the battle behind their commanding officer and switched to close quarter combat by taking out their curved blades. The Hidden Rain forces were their first victims, the unfortunate men and women tried everything in their arsenal to take down the enemy special forces but couldn't even break the shields protecting them, much less make a dent on their formidable armor.

Kushina and her men gave no quarter as they unleashed a bloody carnage making limbs, heads and dissected corpses of their enemies crumble beneath their feet or sent flying back towards their approaching comrades from Iwagakure.

Even as she plunged her sword clean through an Amegakure chunin's heart, she could see hundreds more furious and determined Iwagakure warriors charging towards her Vanguard.

"Hayate! I need air support!" she cried out to her fellow Spartan officer who had achieved crucial aerial superiority for their side by dropping the Nova Bomb right in the middle of the enemy camp which eliminated Iwagakure's Bomber squadrons alongside a large chunk of their forces and commanding officers.

"Acknowledged! Strafing them now- roll over the rest immediately after I am done!" replied Hayate swiftly on their communication line,

Kitsuchi had been leading a counter-charge in person to support the crumbling Hidden Rain forces when he heard a buzzing noise and looked up to see a platoon sized airborne Spartans flying straight towards them.

"Earth Style: Rock Shelter!"

Following his lead, many other Iwa shinobi started creating earthen walls around their entire force to shield themselves from the incoming bombing.

Hayate saw the majority of the enemy force had quickly taken cover inside a well protected earthen dome even as Kushina and her men struggled to clear up the enemy Vanguard supported by thousands of Zetsu's who launched a savage reprisal against the crumbling defenders.

"Sir, we can't breach that thick a defense with our explosives!" warned one of his Commandos,

Hayate agreed with that assessment but also realized he had to break the enemy at any cost. Unlike the shinobi from other smaller nations, the shinobi of Iwagakure were out for blood after what was done to their village. If allowed to join the melee, they would inflict heavy casualties among his comrades and their side needed every fighter they could save in this battle for the rest of this war.

He was codenamed Lion, the only one to receive such honor among his Spartans.

He remembered sacrificing his life before in the First Great Ninja War alongside his squad to allow the others to escape.

"I'm not dying today and neither I will allow anyone else of my friends to die!" he swore silently, as he looked at his Chakra Armor.

Kushina had also realized the problem their air support were going up against and cursed when dozens of holes opened from the entire earthen wall fortification as the Iwagakure shinobi covered within it launched multiple earth bullets which took down several platoons of Zetsu's and made her Spartans use their armor's Chakra shields desperately.

If that wasn't enough, Kitsuchi launched his own attack swiftly.

"Earth Style: Erupt!"

Giant pillars of rocks erupted from the ground blasting several Zetsu's and sent two Spartans flying away with brutal force. Kushina flinched even as she fought for her life knowing her casualties were increasing swiftly and the enemy finally had an officer that was making them fight back competently.

Kitsuchi slammed his hand on the ground making his next move even as his disarrayed enemy tried to survive the onslaught launched upon them.

A small hill erupted from beneath their position raising their shelter and creating a series of rocky hills preventing the enemy from breaching inside their main camp unless they destroyed his position first.

His men created several fortified bunkers upon the newly created hill giving them enough openings to counterattack against any enemy attempt to climb the hill. The Spartans and their Zetsu fighters had completed eliminating the unfortunate Hidden Rain defenders whose sacrifice had bought their coalition enough time to fortify their position and regroup their forces under Kitsuchi's command.

Many Zetsu's tried to climb up the hill but were mercilessly struck down by rock bullets launched by Iwa forces or swept away by massive rock boulders or muddy waves that were sent crashing down upon them relentlessly.

Kushina and her men took shelter behind a barrier which she created even as she tried to use it to climb the hill only to be pushed back by the earth beneath her feet turning to mud courtesy of the Iwa defenders up top.

"Tough bastards!" she hissed respectfully,

"Kushina, I'll give you an opening. Charge the hill on my signal!"

She looked up towards the skies to see Hayate flying high in the sky with his platoon not far away from him.

"Your explosive tags won't destroy much, Hayate!" she rebuked him,

"I know that! But we Spartans have something in our armor which is way more lethal than any explosive tag!" challenged Hayate bravely,

Kushina's eyes widened as she sensed the growing buildup of energy inside Hayate's Chakra armor, the Biju energy powering it made his shields burn like an glowing sun as Hayate fell towards the hill with terrifying speed, his warcry for his men echoing across the battlefield.

"1st Platoon! CHARGE!"

Kitsuchi wasn't able to warn his forces quickly enough as the Spartan officer crashed upon their hill unleashing a destructive shockwave that vaporized many of the bunkers nearby to dust and sent hundreds of Iwagakure shinobi falling off their makeshift hill like dominoes. Those who were lucky fell on the side of their own basecamp, others fell down towards the Spartans and Zetsu's waiting on the other side to meet a brutal end.

The Iwagakure officer himself was sent crashing away and coughed violently as a few of his ribs broke from the fall.

As the dust started to settle a little, he was horrified upon witnessing most of the hill was flattened, their bunkers nearly eliminated and massive casualties among his men in the form of dead, wounded or shell shock.

Anger surged through him as he saw the Lion Insignia Spartan that caused this destruction weakly trying to stumble up and regain his bearings. It was a miracle he had survived at all, but his prized armor that gave him this much power was in a mess, a few Iwagakure survivors shared Kitsuchi's hatred for the Uzu commando and rushed towards him.

Hayate knew he had broken a few bones and torn many ligaments in the crash, his armor was in a really bad shape and his vision was extremely blurry as he watched several shadows charge towards him.

Grabbing his kunai launcher, he tried to fire in their direction only to realize it too had been broken in the crash.

Undeterred, he fixed his prized family tanto on the tip of his broken kunai launcher as a makeshift bayonet and got back on his feet ignoring the chilling pain. Even if he couldn't see properly, he was still a Commando and was trained for situations like these.

Using what little sensory capability he had, Hayate ducked an attack from the first enemy and jabbed his weapon straight through the enemy's neck making the now identified man gurgle painfully before the tanto was wrenched out and stabbed through the heart of another comrade of his that tried to attack the Spartan.

He heard a dozen more combatants charging towards him and prepared himself once again until suddenly explosions rocked off all around him alongside the screams of enemy forces. Thundering above all of it were the war cries of his platoon members who fully exploited the opening he had given them by massacring the exposed enemy survivors.

"Kill them all!" roared Kushina fiercely, as she too charged up the hill alongside her Spartan forces and several hundred Zetsu's.

Kitsuchi transformed his fists into hardened rocks and jumped towards Kushina even as the two opposing armies got into a brutal close quarters combat. The difference in technology and skill were made quite clear when Kitsuchi's men fell upon the Spartans leading the assault.

Many attacked with conventional weapons like swords, spears, shuriken- all of which were easily deflected by the chakra shields or couldn't even make a dent on their titanium armor. Their enemy paid for that disadvantage as the Spartans slaughtered them down like cattle or sent them flying down the other side of the hill in a display of their enhanced super human strength.

Many others were tackled down to the ground and butchered mercilessly by the cannibalistic Zetsu's.

Kushina dodged a swift punch from Kitsuchi and struck the left side of his face with a solid punch breaking half of the man's teeth. His remaining fist struck her armor and pushed her back but even as she was sent reeling back- the Spartan commando fired several kunai from her weapon that struck several points across Kitsuchi's torso.

He roared defiantly in an act of courage that astonished Kushina and her eyes widened when she sensed the build up of chakra within the badly wounded Iwa officer as he started bringing his hammer fists down upon the crumbling hill.

Realizing the danger, Kushina alongside many of her Spartans riddled the Iwa officer's body with dozens of kunai from all sides and silenced the brave man forever when a few pierced his head making the giant stumble lifelessly to the ground.

The fall of their fearless commander alongside the unending onslaught of the enemy forces who continued arriving in more numbers broke the resolve of many defenders as they started fleeing back into their basecamp by jumping down the hill.

A few dozen brave ones stood their ground in an act of astonishing defiance.

"For Iwagakure!"

"For our fallen countrymen!"

Explosions once again rocked across the makeshift hill as hundreds of Zetsu's burned or were torn to shreds, even an entire squad of Spartans were sent crashing away when many Iwagakure shinobi blew themselves up to cause grave damage to their enemies and buy time for the rest of their comrades to retreat to a better position in the basecamp.

Kushina and her men mopped up the remaining defenders swiftly before they could cause more casualties.

She rushed towards Hayate afterwards who was being treated by some members of his platoon.

"You crazy bastard!" she exclaimed out of joy and relief,

"The enemy are fighting back bravely, Kushina. Destroy them quickly, go!" replied Hayate honestly,

"What about you?" asked Kushina, concern evident in her worried tone.

"I'll live. So will some of our wounded Spartan comrades thanks to our armor, give me your kunai launcher. I can still fight and provide you support fire from this position"

Before Kushina could raise any protest, she witnessed multiple explosions occurring all across the enemy camp. From the eastern flank, she saw Kasumi and her forces charging down the hill after bringing down the entire mountain upon the enemy camp in that direction. From another direction, she saw Naruto and his Spartan squad descending down in a daring assault taking down enemies swiftly.

In the far distance, she witnessed more explosions and carnage as Nagato's group attacked the stragglers in order to route them and prevent additional enemy forces from reaching their besieged camp.

"Go, GHOST!" yelled Hayate fiercely,

Her friend and fellow officer's determined order made her steel her resolve once more as she handed him her kunai launcher and switched to her sword. Zetsu's dragged a few wounded Spartans to lay them beside Hayate who in turn ordered his platoon to follow Kushina's lead and support her advance through the enemy camp with aerial support.

Kushina seized the initiative and lead from the front once again by jumping down the hill as Hayate and his wounded troops started providing support fire from above even as their vanguard followed after the fiery redhead.

Nagato and his squad flew across the open skies carrying out a carpet bombing over the badly exposed ground enemy forces swiftly and without mercy.

A lot of their targets were feudal warriors, civilian levies and supply units who tried to fight back with arrows, spears, lightning and earth based ninjutsu but were not swift enough to hit the flying Spartans or weren't able to breach the shields provided by their Chakra Armor.

"Ash Release: Swarming Tornado!"

Nagato unleashed his attack as a large swath of ash was released from his body which swept across several enemy squads and supply wagons quickly. They were all taken off their feet as a dark tornado of ash took place across the ground which continued gathering more men and supplies as it raged through the battlefield much to the horror of the Allied forces.


Without mercy, Nagato ignited the tornado under his control creating a magnificent explosion that burned hundreds of fighters to their death and created several more explosions raining lethal debris across the battlefield as the supply wagons caught in the attack also went up in flames.

"Ash Release: One Thousand Strikes!"

Finishing the next set of hand seals, Nagato launched a wave of sharp projectiles made of ash which caught fire before they pierced through the flesh of hundreds more enemy troops caught out in the open completely. The Spartans following him continued bombing and launching kunai from their launchers inflicting more losses.

Their Zetsu support units joined the massacre by suddenly emerging from the ground and leaping across isolated pockets of enemy squads in overwhelming numbers.

It was then Nagato initiated his next move for even now the enemy still had massive numbers on their side and would counterattack strongly if granted even a small reprieve or a capable commander to unite them.

A few squads of Hidden Grass and Hidden Rain ninjas suddenly started attacking the feudal warriors of Iwagakure's Daimyo much to the horror of shinobi from the Land of Earth.

On the other side of the battlefield, it was Hidden Stone shinobi that were attacking their allies and civilian levies from other nations.

Nagato smiled a little when he witnessed Zetsu units camouflaged as Allied forces under his orders cause even more chaos across the battlefield by making them attack each other even as the Spartans rained death from the skies.

In the absence of their Kages and senior officers, the enemy resistance crumbled rapidly.

Their distrust of forces from other nations reached its peak as many allied units started attacking each other, the feudal warriors and civilian levies who were forcefully drafted into this war simply threw down their weapons and ran for their lives, a handful smarter ones saw through the deception and continued attacking the Spartans.

Nagato made sure to silence those ones with overwhelming power and made them burn to death.

In the next few minutes, organized enemy resistance crumbled completely with Nagato's forces mopping up the survivors.

Shock and Awe.

Nagato was satisfied with the way his troops had lived upto the motto of their Unit and made the enemy pay a very dear price tonight. But the battle was far from over...

"Deer, take a squad of Spartans and few thousand Zetsu's to maintain chase. Harass and disperse the fleeing enemy in various directions so they don't regroup and launch a counterattack. But don't make them too desperate to survive or they will fight back out of necessity, give them room to save themselves. I'll gather the rest of forces and attack their basecamp, our comrades need more help there" commanded Nagato,

"Acknowledged" replied his Spartan comrade with a firm salute, as he started rallying their units to carry out his orders.

Nagato and a few other Spartans alongside remaining Zetsu forces then turned towards the enemy basecamp currently undergoing a devastating assault from three directions.

He loaded his kunai launcher before pointing straight at the enemy.

"Time to close the trap, boys! Let's go!"

Kasumi Uzumaki descended down from the eastern flank of the enemy basecamp alongside her few Zetsu squads after having brought down the mountains directly upon their heads leading to severe loss among their supply stores and medical units.

Unlike her other fellow officers commanding larger assault teams, her force wasn't large enough to aid in a direct assault after their element of surprise was gone nor did it have any Spartans except Kasumi herself.

But their task was probably the most crucial one.

She was the finest marksmen among the Spartans and had the best performance in Search and Destroy operations. It was why Naruto had assigned her this responsibility.

Deadly projectiles flew from her kunai launcher striking vital organs of the dazed survivors, she didn't wait to finish the ones who couldn't even move as the Zetsu's were more than happy to finish that task.

Undettered by the carnage around her, she continued checking her corners as she advanced towards where her recon had predicted the enemy's communication unit was before the attack.

When she rounded the next checkpoint, she found three Iwagakure Jounin guarding a fortified tent which had survived the mountain crash thanks to the efforts of these shinobi. They looked at her coldly but without any surprise followed by charging towards her without hesitation.

She fired from her kunai launcher but the skilled ninjas dodged the projectiles or deflected them away with their own kunai's which made her grin a little.

A worthy challenge.

Discarding her primary weapon, she switched to close quarters combat as the enemy closed in upon her.

"Wind Style: Razor Waves!"

One of the Jounin's was torn to shreds as the Spartan unleashed her ninjutsu suddenly making his remaining two comrades gain some distance quickly lest they meet the same fate.

"Earth Style: Earthquake!"

Kasumi gathered a large amount of chakra from her armor as she maintained her footing even as the ground around her shook violently. In the blink of an eye, she charged forward and transported herself right in the middle of the two shocked Iwa Jounin's.

"Water Style: Execution!"

Two water bullets were launched from her hands which blew through the brains of the enemy Jounin's and ended their existence without hesitation. As their bodies collapsed to the ground, Kasumi equipped her kunai launcher and marched towards the tent.

As she entered inside, she found a badly wounded Iwagakure communications specialist grinning at her defiantly.

"You're...dead...Spartan" she whispered with a cold laugh,

Kasumi froze in her spot when she witnessed the dying woman had already initiated an Astral Communication link, a unique technology which her homeland had only shared with their once ally and now turned enemy Konohagakure, who had now shared it with their new allies.

"It's too late"

She tightened her grip on the kunai launcher in her hand when she saw Tobirama Senju looking back at her coldly through the Astral link.

"Reinforcements are on the way, Spartan" he warned in an icy voice devoid of anything but cold rage,

"Bring it on, Hokage!" challenged Kasumi bravely, only to receive a smirk from the reinstated Hokage.

"It's a shame really, Spartan. You gave your lives once to save his and now he will end you all today"

Tobirama's haunting words sent a chill down Kasumi's spine even as the Hokage terminated the connection and the Iwagakure communication specialist laughed at her and received a kunai straight to her head from the Spartan.


Kasumi swirled around and exited the tent to see a massive explosion happening in the direction of the basecamp's main entrance as hundreds of Zetsu's and a few of her Spartans comrades including Hayate were sent crashing away.

The hill they were upon was swallowed away instantly in a tsunami of trees that started consuming multiple Zetsu's mercilessly and made the Spartans run for their lives.

As the dust settled from the initial salvo, she witnessed a sight that made her tremble for the first time.

For in front of them were the Edo Tensei forms of Hashirama Senju and Izuna Uchiha alongside an entire company of Uchiha and Senju clansmen who were all out for blood.

"Naruto, we have a big problem!" she informed her leader immediately,

"I sensed it, Hawk! I'm tied up with three Kage's right now! Tobirama must have teleported a quick reaction force to aid his desperate allies. Is that the chakra of who I think it is?" asked Naruto worriedly,

"Yes" whispered Kasumi hesitantly, as the enemy reinforcements joined the battle.

Their arrival made the previously crumbling enemy defenders inside the basecamp roar in triumph and renewed courage as the Spartans and their Zetsu forces found themselves getting pincered.

"Can you hold?" asked Naruto,

Kasumi looked in horror as hundreds upon hundreds of Zetsu's were again torn to shreds courtesy of Hashirama's wood style attack and Izuna Uchiha activating his own Susanoo even as the other Uchiha's and Senju's engaged the Spartans in direct combat.

She was a little relieved when a fearless Kushina lead a counterattack against the reinforcements and was joined by Nagato as he arrived with additional forces.

The female Spartan watched a wounded Hayate fight for survival and it made her remember losing him in the previous war.

It was not happening again!

She charged towards the frontlines and loaded a fresh magazine inside her weapon with cold determination present in her eyes.

"We will"

Every Spartan inside the basecamp heard Naruto's fearsome warcry across the entire battlefield which made them fight back bravely against what was probably the toughest battle of their life so far.

"Bring it on!"

As the fighting began in all brutality, Naruto made an urgent astral communication call to his own allies now that their enemy had done the same. Soon enough, he found Madara Uchiha looking back at him curiously at the other end which turned into jubilation when the blonde showed him the presence of his arch rival on the battlefield.

"I've been waiting for this, Hashirama!" grinned Madara, excitement clearly evident on his face.

However that feeling didn't last long when Naruto showed Madara the sight of his own beloved younger brother-Izuna Uchiha reincarnated and forced to fight through the power of Edo Tensei.

For the first time, Naruto witnessed absolute hatred and frightening blood rage arrive in Madara's awakened Mangekyo Sharingan.

"They'll pay for this"

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