Anne thanked the cashier and walked out of the general store. Just as she was walking out Gilbert Blythe the handsome young man whom she had, a crush on since she was 15 was driving past. When he saw her he stopped and tipped his hat.

"Need a ride?" said Gilbert with a cheerful grin.

"Well...no..maybe" exclaimed Anne after realizing she had too many packages to carry and it was getting quite cold out. As they drove down the winding roads towards Green Gables, Anne hoped that maybe this time he would ask her to go out again. Though she hoped, Anne didn't quite realize that it may actually happen They pulled up in front of the long white picket fence in front of the house shimmering in the moonlight. Anne could see the light of thee kerosene lamp in the parlor and could see the shadow of Marilla bustling around in the kitchen. Alright snow began to fall as Gilbert leaned in to kiss Anne. Shocked at first Anne didn't know what to thin, but then she let her lips touch his, and she was glad she did.

Manilla having heard the jingle of bells on Gilbert's buggy, had walked over to the window. Much to her surprise she saw Anne and Gilbert kissing beneath the big oak.

"Anne Shirley you get in here at once," cried Marilla angily.

Anne ran towards the door bidding Gilbert good night, Marilla hustled her inside scolding her for being out after dark and letting a young man drive her home and then kiss her!

"But I love him!"

Anne stormed up to her room in a tizzy not wanting Marilla to scold her further. An hour passed and Marilla came upstairs knocking on the door of Anne's gable room.

"Anne dear, I'm sorry. I just don't want you to get hurt, and Lord knows how people will talk if they saw you with him after dark."

"Oh Marilla, I know you only want what's best for me, but I have grown up, I can make a few decisions for myself these days."

"I know, I you're still my little girl and I just want what is best for you."

Anne flung herself into Marilla's arms and they sat on the bed in an embrace.

"Oh I do love you" said Anne.

The next morning Anne came downstairs to find Marilla cooking a big breakfast, and getting ready for church. Anne in her Sunday best sat down at the table hoping to avoid the topic of last night. Much to her relief Marilla said nothing about it and went on with her day. After church Anne went with Gilbert driving in his sleigh, admiring the beauty of Avonlea in the winter.