aAN: Hello there everyone and welcome to yet another fanfiction made by my sarcastic ass. Now I'd like to thank you all for checking this out and giving it a chance, even if you weren't satisfied in the end. The fact alone that you read it kind of makes me feel like a normal person instead of an outcast half the time, but we're not here to discuss my life. You all came to read another Jaune insert due to him being the kind of character some people can relate to yeah? Well let's get into it ladies and gentlemen.

Jaune ran to the docks and hopped on the last leaving ship that had begun to leave to the open sea. Hot tears and mucus dripped down his face as his heart pumped double the amount of what it was capable of. As the ship slowly left the harbor and went out onto open sea, he looked to the side and saw nine individuals look at him with rage and hurt in their eyes. Pulling out their weapons and firing whatever ranged attacks they could throw towards the ship. A sniper round barely nicked the side of his head before he ducked down and scrambled away. He blanked in fear when a road of ice paved its way through the water and every single individual began to quickly sprint towards him, albeit at a shaky pace due to the slick traction of the ice.

"Oh Oum." He cried out in fear as they began to get closer and quickly scrambled to the captain's quarters, finding the man half asleep. Jaune shook him awake and backed away when the man quickly stood up and glared down at him.

"What the hell are you doing on this Dust ship boy?!" The captain screamed in Jaune's face, making him reel back.

"T-There's people after me sir!" He said fearfully, making the captain grumble something under his breath and look to see there were in fact people on a road of ice heading towards them.

"Why are there people after you son?" The captain sighed angrily.

"They thought I hurt one of our friends." Jaune replied hastily.

"And did you?" The captain asked.

"No! I would never! She's one of the cooler people I hang out with!" Jaune shouted almost instantly.

"And you thought it was a good idea to lead them to my ship? With Dust that is headed for Atlas?" The captain asked.

"I didn't mean to sir! Please, they'll kill me if we stay here! Let me stay!" Jaune begged. The captain looked at the boy then at the nine hounding after him, then back at him before pinching the bridge of his nose and going to the controls of the ship and speeding it up. Jaune looked to the side and saw that they were getting further and further away from the people he used to call friends. He didn't even understand what he did wrong in the first place, one moment he was joking around with them then the next minute he was running from them and the authorities after he supposedly hurt Blake. How did he even hurt her when she was leagues above him and wasn't even near him at the time, so how did he even put her in the hospital? Once they were nothing but tiny dots in the distance he slumped down the railing and started to cry at the whole situation.

The crying lasted for a few minutes before he saw a shadow loom over him and looked up to see the captain of the ship standing in front with a stern expression on his face, he didn't look too happy in the slightest.

"You got some explaining to do boy." He said lowly, making Jaune gulp.

"So you mean to tell me that you were accused of hurting one of the best first years, put her in the hospital, got convicted of the crime, ran from the police, Beacon and your friends, and thought that you could disappear on my ship?" The captain sighed.

"Yeah, pretty much." Jaune mumbled. He had spent the last hour telling the captain of what has transpired over the last two days and decided that trying to lie to the captain was a no go since the man turned out to be an old investigator who wanted to take it easy the rest of his life and was very good at reading people.

"Hmm." The captain hummed as he rubbed his chin then went silent for a minute. "I believe you." He shrugged.

"Y-you do?" Jaune asked hopefully.

"Yeah. Not trying to be an ass... well I kind of am one but that's besides the point. Kid, you barely look fit enough to take on a Beowolf. So I doubt you actually managed to beat the girl." The captain said making Jaune deflate.

"Thanks." He mumbled.

"Hey, I'm just speaking the truth. Besides. If you were lying to me then I'd throw you in the ocean and let the sea Grimm eat you." Captain chuckled.

"Not making me feel better captain." Jaune said quietly and looked away from the older man.

"Not my job to... tell you what kid, if you manage to help me with a shipment then I'll let you stay." He said.

"Yes! I'll take it! What's the job?!" Jaune asked desperately.

"Whoa there kid, calm down. I never said this was easy in any way. The job I'm doing is taking these Dust crystals to the Schnee shipping yard to meet up with a representative." The captain said and made Jaune blank immediately.

"Captain?" Jaune asked meekly.

"Just call me Sully kid, the title captain is only good for crew mates but even then they call me by my name." Sully said making Jaune nod.

"I never really told you but... Weiss Schnee is part of that little group that was hunting me down." Jaune said. Sully's expression turned flat as he stared at Jaune with a dead expression.

"You fucking kidding me?" He deadpanned.

"No sir." Jaune gulped. Sully stared at him a little bit longer before exhaling deeply and grabbing a bottle and popping it open before taking a deep swig of the alcohol then twisting the cap on.

"Either one or two things is going to happen; you're either going to pull this off and join my crew or I'm going to kill you for dragging me into this mess." Sully said in a dark tone. Jaune nodded quickly and followed Sully as he lead him towards a room in the lower deck, gazing all around to see how old this ship must be. It had to be a few decades at least with all the rust starting to build up, indicating that this part of the ship hadn't been maintained in years. They finally came across a heavy door and Sully twisted the knob with some difficulty. The door finally opened and Jaune was immediately taken aback at the condition of the quarters, despite it looking old and gross, it had a certain shine to it. He caught a pair of garbs at the last minute and looked at them then Sully, who rolled his eyes.

"Put them on kid. We can't have people noticing you when we arrive." Sully said.

"But won't we arrive in Atlas in a few days?" Jaune asked.

"Not in this boat kid, we're arriving in a few hours. So get those clothes on and be ready to deliver this Dust with me so we can get paid." Sully said and left the room. Jaune looked at the clothes and raised an eyebrow at its style; the shirt was a blue button up one with pockets on the breasts, the pants were tan khakis that were folded up a bit at the ankles, and the shoes were black dress ones. It gave a very business casual look in his opinion. He put the outfit on two minutes before he walked out the room and made his way back up to Sully, who was drinking from the bottle again in the captain's quarters.

"Well damn kid. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you didn't look like a complete fuck up." Sully laughed.

"Again. Not helping." Jaune said.

"Eh." Sully shrugged and turned back to the open sea with a small smile on his face. It was quiet for a minute before Jaune's scroll started buzzing, that's right. He forgot to discard of the scroll while he was running for his life. It continued to buzz and he shakily grabbed it and looked at how many missed calls and texts he had received, not a single one had a welcoming sight to be honest. Each one was from his former friends had sent a very lengthy message about how much shit he was in when they found him, his fear began to tenfold when he saw a message from Sun and how he was going to make him suffer. While he was reading the messages, he began to sniffle a bit when even Pyrrha was believing the lies about him hurting Blake, and she was the last person who was supposed to believe any of this. No, she wasn't like this. If she really believed it then she would have slapped the cuffs on him instead of letting him get a head start. Nora and Ren also gave him sort of a head start but he could see that they were holding something back. Team RW(B)Y didn't even hesitate to chase after his head, neither was Sun or Neptune.

He gave a heavy sigh and waited for the ride to end. Despite the fact that this boat was sort of big, it still went at a pretty fast pace, which surprised him immensely. He could feel the air dipping down to colder temperatures as they approached the kingdom, already feeling queasy.

"Alright kid, stay next to me and we'll be in and out in an hour." Sully said, handing Jaune a hat before docking the ship. He looked at the hat and gently put it on to keep his face from being seen and grabbed a nearby coat, throwing it over his shoulders and begin to walk next to Sully.

"Into the depths." Jaune muttered and walked towards the docking yard.

Both men had dealt with the shipment rather smoothly considering the fact that Jaune had become a wanted man, apparently news reaches around the world fast. He had almost gotten spotted had Sully not intervened and came up with a rather ridiculous name for him, calling him Johnny Topside. He still didn't know how the older man convinced the Atlesian representative that the made up name was real. He didn't care at the moment since they were out on the sea again, finally leaving the cold militant kingdom. It technically took longer than an hour since the ship needed to be refilled and unloaded but that was besides the point. Right now both of them were in the dining hall, eating some food that was from a fast food joint near the harbor.

"Hey Sully, why don't you have a crew?" Jaune asked, taking a bite from his food.

"Believe it or not kid. I had one but they all left." Sully said, picking at his food slowly.

"Why?" Jaune asked.

"Got afraid of the Grimm and weren't built for the seas I guess. No worries though, I still have your scrawny ass to help me around." Sully chuckled.

"Thanks, because you make me feel so much better." Jaune said sarcastically. Sully barked out in laughter before settling down a bit.

"Despite the fact that you 'hurt' one of your friends, you aren't so bad kid. A little rough around the edges but alright overall." He said making Jaune smile a bit. Both began to discuss their lives and how they came to moments they were discussing right now, even though Jaune had no reason to trust this man or even tell him about his life he still felt obligated to discuss everything. Whether it was from the fact that he had no one else or he just felt like sharing something, it didn't matter since Sully didn't seem too judgmental about his whole situation. Although he did scold Jaune a bit when he told the other man how he forged his transcripts to get into Beacon, though he later brushed it off and claimed everyone makes mistakes, it's what you do with those mistakes that define the person you are in the future. They must have discussed each other's lives for hours since the sky was practically dark, both decided to cut this conversation short and turn in for the night. Sully showed Jaune an old room that needed to be maintained but was still in relatively good condition and said that it was his from this point on.

"So what's the first thing we're doing tomorrow?" Jaune asked, with the door cracked.

"I'm showing you the works of the ship then we start training you for deep sea diving." Sully informed.

"You ever find anything good?" Jaune asked.

"Eh, little nick knacks but I mainly scrounge around for underwater dust." Sully shrugged.

"I thought this was a cargo ship?" Jaune asked.

"I carry cargo but it's not an actual cargo ship. If I had that then I would sell it in a heartbeat." Sully said.

"Because you can't maintain it?" Jaune voiced.

"Oh yeah, not to mention sometimes I'm not allowed to check what's inside the containers because I'm paid not to, which doesn't sit right with me." Sully said. Jaune nodded a bit before closing the door after wishing Sully a goodnight, to which the older man wished back and informed him that from now on they stick together, through the thick and thin. Just knowing that he had someone to rely on lifted his spirits a bit in comparison what had happened in the span of a day, technically two since he was arrested the night before yesterday and spent the night in jail until his trial. They were supposed to be his friends and fellow huntsman, so why were they now his executioners and enemies... he wouldn't consider them enemies yet because who knows if they'll look further into the case. Those thoughts were pushed down into his gut as he sat down on the bed before lying down and staring up at the slightly rusty ceiling and closed his eyes, thinking about the open sea life.

This life wasn't as bad as he thought initially, started off a little rocky with him still being the clumsy dorkable knight that everyone loved/hated as of right now. Over the past few months he and Sully had been taking up jobs and getting the ship in better shape while looking for crew members but had no luck so far. They both had a steady routine that was followed without question; wake up, eat, get in the shower, start cleaning a part of the ship listed for the week, look for jobs, and finally see if there were any people looking for a diving/transporting job. They decided to cross out the look for crew members since they came to the conclusion that it was working just fine with the two of them. Less resources used and more money for them to spend; to which he bought more hoodies, jeans, and shoes, also a nice suit because Sully said he had to. Their source of income usually comes from diving for sunken items and delivering them to collectors and archaeologist. They had been offered jobs from the SDC but usually declined them due to the hunt for Jaune still being on, and Sully was going to be the last person to sell him out to get some money. Despite what the media said about the kid, he was telling the truth, aside from the fact that they later found out about his forged transcripts and added more weight on his shoulders. It didn't help that he kept the scroll which was still receiving messages from his former 'friends' and Sun. He barely even knew Sun and already didn't like him at all, hell Sun barely knows Blake so why is he even in this? This didn't make any sense-

"Kid?" Sully's voice rang out next to him.

"Yeah?" Jaune asked, leaning on the railing.

"Let me see your scroll." Sully said with his hand out.

"Okay." Jaune mumbled and took one last look at the eight of them before handing Sully the scroll. He flipped through a couple of pictures and snorted before his face went flat and he looked Jaune in the eyes for a minute, after a couple seconds of staring he chucked the scroll overboard. Jaune's eyes practically bulged out of his head as he watched the hand held device be thrown overboard then spark when it made contact with the water.

"Sully what the hell?!" He shouted and looked as the scroll sunk deeper into the ocean.

"You were becoming a depressing pillar. Plus it'll do you some good." He shrugged.

"And how is this good?" Jaune asked flatly.

"You won't have to read those threats anymore and we won't be getting tracked anytime soon." Sully said.

"How did you know I was-" Jaune was interrupted when Sully stuck up a hand.

"You leave your scroll on at night. I read some of them and concluded that they were still sending you threats even if you didn't reply back." He said.

"How were we being tracked." Jaune asked.

"For someone as young as you are, you sure don't know how technology works." Sully commented making Jaune sigh.

"Just tell me how." He sighed.

"Fine, call it an old man's intuition." Sully shrugged.

"Okay... so how what are we going to do now? I mean, all the jobs are done, the ship is clean, and we have no set destination." Jaune said.

"Eh, we could always head over to the Grim waters." Sully said. Jaune's eyes widened when he heard that.

"No way! We agreed that those waters were too dangerous with just the two of us." Jaune argued.

"Come on kid, where's your sense of adventure?" Sully smirked.

"Here. On this boat. Where I will remain until we get another safe job that doesn't involve us getting eaten alive and-" Jaune stopped when he saw Sully have that signature smirk on his face, telling him that he was about to do something drastic. "You're still going to sail us there, aren't you?" He asked.

"Oh yeah, set the course twenty minutes ago." Sully smirked. Jaune slapped his face and looked up at the ceiling while releasing a heavy sigh, this job was going to get him killed one of these days.

"How long until we reach there?" He asked.

"About five hours from now. So you might as well get some sleep before getting geared up." Sully said.

"Fine. You owe me for coming along with you." Jaune said and began to walk away.

"I mean not really but semantics." Sully shrugged and walked towards the control room, grabbing a cigar from a case in a small cupboard and placing it in his mouth, lighting it and taking a long drag. Despite him saying they were going to the grim waters, they weren't. They were actually going to a certain part of the ocean that ships were rumored to disappear. It wasn't really going to be dangerous but it did require a keen eye just in case there were any water Grimm in the area.

"We are about to be some goddamn treasure finders." He said, pulling out a bottle of rum and drinking from it. Waiting for the next deep sea dive.

This was possibly the craziest, stupidest, and most illogical thing Sully had ever proposed to him.

"Are you kidding me Sully?" Jaune deadpanned.

"No. If I was then I'd be laughing by now." He said with a straight face.

"So let me get this straight. You said we were going to grim waters to look for treasure but now you want to go a certain part of the ocean that holds some city underwater that may or may not exist." Jaune pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Yes, just think. If we find it then we'd be millionaires." Sully said.

"I joined you to hide from everybody, not make my appearance known." Jaune said. After that sentence all the color drained from Sully's face. He suddenly remembered why he took Jaune underneath him, to keep the kid safe from his 'friends' and other people after his head; it was wrong of him to even think about taking them to the middle of the ocean that may or may not even have this famed underwater city.

"Sorry kid. Guess I got a little carried away." He laughed sheepishly. Jaune rolled his eyes and began to walk out of the room but stopped in the middle of the doorway.

"Hey Sully. This may seem kind of unnatural for me but... do you still want to look for this city?" Jaune asked. It went quiet for a moment and the room became a little stuffy after a few minutes of silence before Sully cracked a smile.

"I thought you didn't want to find this city?" He smirked.

"Eh, we aren't doing anything and I just didn't want my face in the public if we do find it. Never actually made my decision." Jaune said.

"So we are going to do it?" Sully asked a bit hopefully.

"On one condition." Jaune pointed.

"What is it?" Sully asked.

"If we do find it, then I want to be the one who sees it first." Jaune said. Sully cupped and rubbed his chin for a minute, murmuring something to himself before looking at Jaune again.

"You got yourself a deal. Take some pictures though." Sully said.

"Got it." Jaune nodded.

"Well, no sense in dilly dallying. Let's get to it!" Sully shouted.

"Full speed ahead!" Jaune shouted back. Both shared a laugh and sat back in their chairs as the ship sped through the water at a steady pace, not enough to get them there on the dime but fast enough to where they didn't fall asleep and miss it. Sully opened up a bottle of rum and took a swig before handing it to Jaune, who looked at the bottle then back at the older man.

"I'm not old enough." He said.

"Doesn't matter. You're part of my ship which means you follow my rules. And one of my rules is drink when the captain offers you it, you never know when you'll have another moment like this." Sully said. Jaune looked at the bottle for a minute before grabbing it and looking at its contents, this was going to be the first time he's ever had alcohol. He was about to give it back to Sully but then thought back at the past events that had transpired over the past few months, he was blamed for a crime he didn't even commit, betrayed by those he called friends then later by his family, and sent death threats by those so called 'friends' at Beacon. His gaze fell over the only person who took him under his wing when he didn't have to, showed him kindness, taught him everything he knew about maintaining a ship, and actually gave a shit about his well being.

"Fuck it." He said and drank a large portion of the bottle, feeling the burning liquid pour down his throat and make his kidneys scream in protest. Sully grabbed the drink back and drank the rest of it before sitting back and gazing at the open sea in front of him, laughing when Jaune let out a loud belch then cursed like a sailor. He had taught him well.

They had come across the area in which the so called 'underwater city' was located. Despite it being nothing but open sea that stretched for hundreds of miles, they could almost feel that something was there, waiting to be discovered. They had spent hours preparing for this moment and were all set and ready; it turns out Sully had a specialized submersible that was at the bottom of the ship, a section he hadn't even seen yet. They had somehow dragged it to the side of the ship and let it hang on a series of pulleys and strong wire rope.

"You sure this thing will keep me safe?" Jaune asked as he got inside.

"100%. A couple of buddies of mine had designed it themselves. Built strong enough to take an underwater Grimm and leave with a couple of dents. I wouldn't put you in this thing if I knew it wasn't." Sully said. Jaune nodded and closed the hatch, jerking around a bit when he felt the submersible lifted a bit then dropped into the water. He placed his hands on the controls and began to navigate through the water, taking in all its beauty. The radio suddenly crackled and Sully's voice came on.

"How's it lookin down there?" He asked.

"So far so good. Nothing to see yet." Jaune replied.

"Alright kid, don't stay out too long. I've been getting reports that a storm is coming and I want you on the ship before it hits." Sully said. Jaune snorted in amusement at the older man's concern.

"Roger that captain." He snickered, knowing the other man hated that title now.

"Eat an ass Jaune." Sully laughed back. The two shared a quick laugh before they went silent for a few minutes. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of the submersible moving and the water passing by, other than that it was silent. It began to get darker as time passed by and Jaune still hadn't found anything other than old sunken ships from the past and the local marine life going about their activities. This was starting to get ridiculous, if there really was an underwater city then he'd see it by now. At first, he didn't want to go on something as trivial as this but as the hours passed his curiosity got the better of him and he wanted to actually see if this city was real or not. Though judging by the fact that it was almost midnight and the waters were starting to get more rapid he decided that this was a wasted expedition.

"Ugh, might as well turn back now. There isn't a single goddamn thinnnnggg?" He drawled when he came across a series of lights that shinned from below. He narrowed his eyes and focused them to see if he was hallucinating but later widened them when the submersible got closer and closer slowly to reveal a large structure. It began to heighten in mass as he came over a cliff's edge and saw something, a vortex of some sort. But through that vortex lied what they had been looking for.

The underwater city.

"H-holy shit." He gasped and let his jaw go slack. He couldn't believe his eyes. Right here in front of him was the city Sully was talking about, the myth that sent ships and other sea-based vehicles missing, never to be found. Yet here he was staring at it with his own two eyes. Barely wasting a second, he picked up the radio and spoke into it quickly.

"Sully! Sully pick up the radio!" He shouted quickly. He could hear the older man's voice ring out from the other side.

"Jaune? What the hell are you still doing out there? It's almost midnight." Sully yawned tiredly.

"I found it! I actually found it!" Jaune said excitedly.

"What?!" Sully exclaimed, giving the radio his full attention.

"Yeah! I'm staring at it right now! Holy shit, it's fucking huge!" Jaune gaped when he saw a whale swim near it, making the city seem all the more glorious.

"Kid, you just discovered the famed underwater city! Hahaha! Goddamn I knew you had a knack for finding things underwater, it's in you genes! Quick, snap a picture and get your ass up here! The storm is coming quick." Sully said. Jaune brought out the camera and snapped a few pictures, sending them to Sully and started to turn the submersible around. He started making his way up the surface with a huge smile beaming on his face before it dropped when he felt the submersible shut down, slowly sinking until it was at the cliff's edge.

"Sully?" He spoke into the radio. There was jumbled static on the other end before Sully's voice rang out.

"Kid! Get your ass up here now! The storm's hit!" He shouted through static.

"I-I can't! The submarine isn't working. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!" Jaune panicked as he looked around and saw how dark it was without the lights on. There was more static on the other end before it went quiet for an hour until Sully's voice rang out.

"Kid, the storm's passed. You need to get up here fast before the second one hits." He said.

"I can't. The submarine shut down and it won't start up again." Jaune said, trying to get it up and running again.

"Shit, okay... we just need to attach the cable to the top of it then I can pull you up." Sully said hastily. Jaune could hear scrambling on the other end before it went quiet again. Why did it stop so suddenly? One moment it was in top shape then the next it was down and wouldn't start up again. His hopes seemed to be lifted up when he felt the cable attach and slowly drag him up to the ship but stopped suddenly, making him look up quizzically before he jerked to the side as the submersible dropped. It seemed to go quiet again before Sully's voice rang out, except this time it seemed panicked.

"Jaune, okay listen kid. I ran into a bit of a situation." He said.

"What kind of situation? Are you okay?" Jaune asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. The cable that was pulling you up isn't. It snapped which means I'm going to have to replace it." Sully said.

"Crap, how long is that going to take?" Jaune asked.

"About an hour or two, maybe longer since the second one is coming." Sully said.

"Alright, just hurry up okay?" Jaune asked.

"I'll try kid. While you're down there see if you can take some more pictures, there should be a zoom function on the camera if you toy with it a bit." Sully said before disappearing. Jaune nodded and began to toy with the camera for a minute before he found a knob on the side that was the zoom function, he tried not to zoom in too much or else the focus would start to blur so he kept it right at the edge of the focus zone. Boredom began to make its way into his system as time passed; he checked the time on his watch and saw that it was two-thirty in the morning. The waters were pitch black and waved around wildly, jerking the submersible around ever so slightly; it didn't help that he was on the edge of a cliff, staring through the vortex which made his fear tenfold. What the hell was taking so long? This boredom was beginning to kill him.

"I swear if he's drinking again I'm going to-" He was interrupted when the radio crackled.

"Sorry it took so long. The storm was worse than the last one." Sully apologized.

"It's alright, you got the cable fixed?" Jaune asked.

"Yeah, it's shorter than the last one so you have to bring the sub the rest of the way." Sully informed.

"That's the problem, I can't. The sub is down and it won't start up again." Jaune said.

"Shit, alright. Let me think of something." Sully said. Jaune cursed out loud and sat back in the seat, sighing in annoyance at the whole situation; he looked back at the vortex and noticed how it seemed to get bigger the last time he looked. It seemed to be sucking rocks and fish in it, growing larger and sucking bigger things in. His eyes widened when he felt the submersible shift a bit then slowly move towards the vortex.

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! Sully!" He shouted into the radio.

"Yeah?!" He shouted back.

"It's sucking me in!" Jaune screamed.

"Ahahahaha!" Sully laughed, not believing what Jaune said seriously.

"I'm not joking Sully, the vortex is sucking me in!" He shouted. Sully immediately stopped laughing and widened his eyes when he ran to the side of the ship and saw a bright light far down, he squinted his eyes and saw Jaune's submersible begin to move closer to it.

"Oh shit! Hang on kid!" Sully shouted as he ran to the controls and lowered the cable, he waited until there was a jerk and smiled a bit when he felt the cable connect to the top of the submersible. There was a loud whirring sound as the submersible was being pulled up; it went on for a minute and he quickly ran to the side of the ship to see cable come up... but there was no submersible. It was just the snapped rope and a large tear. His mood immediately took a turn for the worse as the rain began to fall again, he let out a large cry of despair the longer he stared at the cable then at the now dark ocean. This wasn't supposed to happen, the kid wasn't supposed to go missing along with the rest of the missing people around these parts. He was supposed to take care of him when everybody else turned their backs on him. What kind of captain leads his crewman to their deaths for something as trivial as a myth? A shitty one.

"Oh Oum. I'm sorry kid. I'm sorry." He cried as he leaned against the railing and clenched his eyes shut. The guilt had already began to chew at his insides and make him feel like shit. "Oh Oum, he was so young too. Not even an adult yet and I got him killed." He cried some more. He slowly walked towards the control room and began to steer the ship back to mainland with tears in his eyes.

Jaune panicked as he was sucked into the vortex and saw it close when he was through, this would have been cool if he wasn't having a panic attack right now. Despite the beautiful and calming sight of the underwater city before him, this wasn't anything to be calm about. He already tried contacting Sully but only received static, the submersible was still offline, and not to mention he was floating aimlessly in the middle of the water. All was quiet for a few minutes as the submersible just floated in the middle of the water before a forceful voice came up on the radio.

"Attention unidentified submersible. You are entering highly restricted property, state your business or you are to be fired upon." It boomed, making him gulp.

"I'm a deep sea diver that was scrounging around for sunken items." He said quickly.

"It seems you have somehow found us while searching for your 'items'. Do you mind telling me the truth?" The voice deadpanned. He gulped when he realized that he was caught lying.

"Okay! We were searching for this place but didn't believe we would find it!" He replied.

"Yet here you are. Who else is with you?" The voice interrogated.

"No one! It's just me. My captain and I were separated and I have no way back!" Jaune said. It went silent on the other line as his heart beat faster than what it was meant to do and his breathing was quick. The voice reappeared after a few minutes of silence. During the silence the submersible went online again and was functioning at maximum capacity.

"You have been cleared to enter but know that you and your vessel will be search thoroughly." It said.

"Got it. T-thanks." Jaune replied nervously and directed the submersible towards the lit area, which he assumed was a docking bay. On the way there he gazed around in awe at the many structures that seemed to be holding their own against the pressure of the deep blue. A vast array of neon lights decorated the sea in spectacular fashion. The ride there was cut short when he reached the docking bay and was taken a hold of by a clamp. The door behind him closed and he waited a few seconds before all the water was drained from the room and he was lifted, catching sight of a few large figures staring at him with stern expressions. The hatch was suddenly ripped open and thrown to the side and a pair of hands gripped his shoulders and forced him onto the cold tile. Bright light blinded him for a second before he focused his vision and blanked when he saw multiple guns pointed right at him, each bearer having a stern expression.

"H-hi." He gulped nervously, not deterring their stern gazes. It was quiet for a minute before a wealthy looking individual split the group of gunmen apart and stared at Jaune with a neutral expression.

"What are you doing around these parts stranger?" He asked.

"I was with my captain and we were looking for this place but we didn't think we'd find it and I got sucked into this weird thing and now I'm here." Jaune answered quickly.

"Do you have anyway back?" The individual asked.

"No, the thing that sucked me in closed right after. I don't really want to go back either... well I kind of do but don't." Jaune said as he rubbed his shoulder.

"And why not?" The wealthy man asked.

"Because I was convicted of something I didn't do. Look, I don't have anywhere else to go okay? I-I just want some place where I can stay for a minute." Jaune said quietly. The man was quiet for a minute before sighing and sticking a hand out to Jaune, who looked up at it and took it. He was hoisted up and patted on the shoulder before looking at the man that was slightly shorter than him, had dirty brown hair that was combed back, dark brown eyes, and fair skin.

"Well kid, since you don't have anywhere else to go I might as well show you around. What's your name?" The wealthy man asked.

"Jaune... but my captain just called me Johnny. Johnny Topside." Jaune flashed a smile.

"I like Johnny Topside better, suits you better with your rugged looks. Well Johnny... Welcome to Rapture." The man introduced as he lead Jaune to a door and opened it. Showing him the full beauty of Rapture at its finest.

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