Delta and Eleanor shielded their eyes from the light of the Bullhead above as they walked down the ramp and onto the dock. They saw countless police cruisers nearby along with several Huntsmen and Huntresses. His porthole slowly bled to an angry red color as did Eleanor's as they stared at the authorities carefully. Both of them ignored their orders and instead focused on the sight of them, while listening to the rain pelt their suits. He looked at her and signed for her to leave once he fell, that he'd give her and the other two enough time to escape while he kept the authorities busy. This was probably one of the last times he'd see her, as much as he wanted to stay with her and raise her along with Jenna, he would gladly give himself up to keep them safe.

He set his hand on the ground and pumped as much EVE as he could through his arm. A large wall of ice blocked the ship off from everyone and he saw some of their eyes widen a bit as he stood up. The rain slowly started to fill his EVE back up and Eleanor bent her knees a bit before jumping up and decided to teleport away in a puff of purple smoke. He used her distraction to bring out his machine gun and fire near the authorities, making some of them duck behind the cruisers while he rushed behind the countless shipping containers. He jumped up on and latched on to one of them, using his strength to haul his body up.

There were shouts and orders being thrown but he ignored them and continued to lead them away from the ship. A puff was heard behind him and he saw Eleanor crouching next to him, watching the authorities constantly go between the containers while the Huntsmen and Huntresses start to hop up on them to get a better vantage point.

"What should we do?" She asked.

"We will render the authorities unconscious, but if the Huntsmen and Huntresses prove too much of a threat to Sully and Jenna, we'll have to kill them." He signed.

"Understood." She nodded before looking ahead and seeing a Huntsman get up on one of the containers. She had managed to teleport behind him and with enough force, stab him in the back of his knees. He screamed loudly before she kicked him in the side and knocked him off the container. The loud sound of metal ringing was heard and she had to teleport away to avoid oncoming fire.

He looked down and saw four cops below him, making him jump off the four shipping containers and land next to them with a thunderous crash. They quickly turned around aimed their weapons at him, firing every round at him but they all bounced off of his suit. He growled and charged them, picking two of them up and slamming them against the containers. The other two quickly tried to fire more rounds at him, but he raised his arm up and shielded his himself and slammed his fist into one of them, making him spit up copious amounts of saliva and fall unconscious from the pain. The final one ran out of ammo and tried to reload but he clamped his hand around her throat and lifted her up, letting her feet dangle.

She gave a painful choking noise and tried to hit his arm but he just increased the grip until she eventually stopped, falling unconscious from the lack of oxygen. He whipped his head around to see a couple more running towards him, and he threw her body at the group. They all fell down and he rushed off after setting his hand on the wet ground and creating a wall of ice to block their path. His large footsteps gave away his position but he just barreled his way through any authorities, rendering them unconscious half the time or on the ground in pain. He knew he was worsening his situation attacking them, but at least if he went to prison, they couldn't put the deaths of cops on his record.

Cops weren't of any concern to him, it was more Huntsmen and Huntresses that were a problem. There was the faint static in his head when he looked at the group of Huntresses and it was irritating. He knew it was probably a memory trying to resurface from the dark corners of his mind, but now wasn't the time. Through the maze of gigantic containers, he lumbered through them; seeing a few unconscious bodies on the ground from Eleanor's work. He was glad she didn't resort to killing as the first solution to certain problems. She seemed to remember that they weren't in Rapture and these weren't Splicers, they were people too.

Sometimes he wished he was in Rapture rather than the surface, since up here was just as bad, if not worse. He didn't even understand why they dedicated all these resources into finding him. There were several groups that posed more of a threat and that didn't include Grimm, which was humanity's biggest foe. While he may not have been the smartest, even he knew better than to recklessly pursue someone who wished for nothing but to be left alone. If anything, he blamed Ozpin for probably issuing this whole manhunt. The bastard did kidnap him in the first place after he denied his request.

He stopped when four Huntresses stood in his way. They looked experienced, but that didn't matter. They were in his way and he'd do everything to either knock them unconscious or kill them. The latter really didn't bother him too much since they brought it upon themselves. That annoying static in his head was deafening, so much that it drowned out what they were actually saying. It made him stumble a bit before shaking his head when a small memory seemed to finally resurface. It was their names and their last action they seemed to take against the blonde boy.

A deep bubbling sense of hate seemed to fester within him and he pulled out his drill, spinning it furiously and charged at them. All of their eyes widened when he dashed towards them at an alarming pace and had to dive out of the way when he swung, impaling the side of the container with the drill and flicking chunks of it around. He ripped it out and started to swing at them while letting the drill spin quickly, aiming to skewer them and turn their insides into a bloody paste.

His porthole was a deep, bloody red and he let go of his emotions for a second. That snarl seemed to make the hair on them stand up a bit as he charged them quicker, growing faster with each lunge. At this moment, he truly didn't care if he killed them; it would be considered a blessing at the moment to satiate his bloodlust.

Eleanor threw an unconscious body into a container with one hand and frowned when the blinding light of the bullhead managed to capture her in its sights. Her eyes narrowed and she jumped up on the containers quickly, running and jumping across them before catching sight of a crane. She jumped up on it and started to scale it quickly, making sure her foot was secure before bouncing to the next section of it. When she reached the top, she managed to teleport into it and scare the pilot. A small wave was given from her and she retracted her needle and slammed her fist onto his face, making him lean forward. The bullhead started to careen around and she grabbed the controls, angling it a bit and letting it crash at an open area.

She grabbed the pilot before the crash and had managed to teleport out before throwing him into one of the police at the cruisers. They all aimed at her and she jumped up on the hood of one of the cruisers. When they began to fire, she seemingly danced around their bullets and would strike them harshly. Half of them would either end up stabbed in non-lethal areas or be knocked out with a simple fist to the face. One of the last ones up managed to shoot her and she rushed up to him before gripping his shoulders and headbutting him. His body fell to the ground with a thump and a small splash before she seemingly rocketed to the side when something struck her.

Her body skid against the ground and she dug her needles in the ground before flipping up onto her feet. She saw several Huntresses and Huntsmen there, but three made her narrow her eyes. They stared at her and she did the same before dashing towards them and jumping up in the air. They fired at her and she twirled out of the way before using her telekinesis to grab a shield that was thrown and throw it back at Pyrrha. She started to stab but had to jump out of the way when Nora brought her hammer down and shook the ground. Ren aimed his guns and fired but she kept dodging out of the way and had to go on the defensive when he started using his blades.

He slashed at her and she deflected each strike before crossing her arms and letting her needles catch the blades. It was a stalemate for a few seconds before she jumped up and kicked off of him when Nora rushed towards her. She narrowly dodged the wide swings of the hammer and spun out of the way when a spear was thrown, followed by a shield.

"How troublesome..." She whispered as she back flipped over the sword and shield and observed them from a distance. The heavy rain pelted her suit and she charged at them, feigning a jump before slamming her foot down and dragging it across the ground, splashing water in their faces. As expected, they covered their faces and she charged at them. Pyrrha was the first to recover and she started to jab her spear at Eleanor, redirecting each needle stab at her before retaliating with her own. Eleanor tried to jump back but Pyrrha's semblance activated and she was floating in place. Ren and Nora jumped towards her and were about to slash and bludgeon her, but she had barely managed to teleport away.

One of the containers made a loud ringing noise when her boots impacted it and she stood on it, sitting down a bit and catching her breath for a quick second. She saw an older looking Huntress standing at the ready.

"This is more troublesome than I had originally anticipated." She breathed.

"It wouldn't have to be so if you just surrendered peacefully." Glynda said.

"No, you all have been fanatically following us for a year and a half. Over a simple situation." Eleanor said.

"He's a murderer, and he's brainwashing you." Glynda said.

"Father only killed in self-defense, something some people must do. If it wasn't for himself then it was for us, surely you all know that." Eleanor rotated her neck a bit.

"We do, but him killing that guard at Beacon is what sealed his fate." Ren said.

"Yet you seem to ignore the fact that he was drugged and kidnapped." Eleanor countered. It was silent for thirty seconds as she just caught her breath, and she decided to entertain them some more. She crossed her right leg over her left one and placed her head on her hands, tapping the sides of the helmet.

"You seem relaxed for someone who is in an unfortunate situation." Glynda narrowed her eyes.

"I am relaxed at the moment. While I do prefer a good tussle every once in a while, diplomacy is sometimes key to diffusing a situation." Eleanor stated calmly.

"Trying to talk your way out of this?" Nora asked.

"That's the plan to be honest. You seem like a bright girl to be honest, someone who wishes to make as many friends as possible and keep them." Eleanor stated, noticing Nora's grip on her hammer shift and tighten a bit.

"..." She didn't say anything and her hair just covered her eyes as droplets of rain fell off the edges.

"You lost someone, didn't you?" Eleanor asked.

"... Shut up." Nora whispered.

"A shame... I wonder what you did." Eleanor tapped the bottom of her helmet.

"It's none of your business." Ren said as he stepped forward.

"It's personal, I get it. I'm not one to push on personal matters. Just know that whatever you all did to them probably won't forgive you. You all seem like the bunch to not look into certain matters." Eleanor said finally and had to jump out of the way when an grenade was launched towards her. Her hands gripped the edge of a container and she flipped over it when a hammer struck the spot she was at.

"I said shut up!" Nora stared at her.

"I already have." Eleanor said, twirling when the hammer barely scrapped her helmet and she skid against the ground. Her body was encased in a purple aura and she was suddenly flung into a container, making her cough up some spit. She slid down and quickly stood up to avoid a slash from the boy. It started to drone on for the next several minutes, with her dodging their attacks and doing some of her own, but it was clear the advantage was theirs. It was five on one and she was starting to get tired from the constant pushing of herself. As experienced as she was, it was clear they had trained most of their lives in order to deal with things like these.

Pretty soon, if push came to shove, she'd run like her father told her to. She'd leave him to suffer despite her not wanting to. Both of them promised to stay together forever and he promised to be there to see her grow up. She promised to always have his back despite falling down countless times.

Neither one of them were good at keeping their promises.

Delta was flung into the open area and his back skid against the ground, splashing water all over it. He was helped up by Eleanor and he stared at the Huntsmen and Huntresses, as well as the unconscious authorities. The girls he had fought against had caught him by surprise, and they were more coordinated than what he originally anticipated. They had managed to use his rage against him and it cost him half the battle.

He was tired. From what he heard; physically, he was only reaching twenty at this point. Mentally, he was probably reaching his late thirties. The constant stress of raising two daughters, working to keep them safe and educated, and having to deal with threats had taken a toll on his mind. All the running wasn't good for them, and he'd rather be out at sea looking for treasure than be here fighting on his last leg. His gaze went to Eleanor and saw her suit have cuts and dents in it, indicating she had been fighting valiantly too.

Both of them were exhausted. The minutes had droned on and neither side would submit so easily. While the two of them did know how to put up a good fight, neither had trained endlessly like the adversaries in front of them. To be honest, this had to be their hardest fight so far, up against so many opponents, but they still managed to put up some good resistance. He grunted a bit as he stood up to his full height, feeling the EVE slowly return to his system as the rain continued to pelt him. The Huntsmen and Huntresses glared at them while they did the same. Both of them ignored their demands and took up stances.

Eleanor's hands lit up with fire, burning so hot that it evaporated the rain before it could make contact with it. His hands were suddenly coated with ice and he created an iceberg as soon as his hand hit the ground, sending it towards the other party. Naturally, they moved out of the way, but they weren't expecting Eleanor to throw numerous fireballs into it and create a large mist of steam. He gave a loud whistle from inside and she started to teleport around the area, creating a large patch of smoke within the steam to cloud their enemies visibility.

There was coughing and he barreled forward, his thunderous stomps creating large shock waves in the ground and he slammed his fist into the first person he came in contact to. It sounded feminine and he barely caught sight of their body flipping in the air before he gripped their leg and slammed them into the ground. He spun around before throwing their body into a patrol car, causing one of the doors to dent. Spinning around, he backhanded someone else away from him and heard their body skid against the ground before a crash was heard. He stumbled forward when two kicks were sent his way, giving out a snarl as he turned around and stumbled more when a glowing individual kicked him again and disappeared.

The steam and smoke seemed to open up when the red haired huntress sped towards him in a flurry of roses. He threw his drill forward but she maneuvered around it and hooked the scythe around it, bringing it up to his neck. It was turned off and he leaned back as the bladed part clashed with his drill, his eyes widened when the white-haired girl charged towards him with her weapon pointed at him. At the last second, he kicked the blade upwards, throwing her off before grabbing her with his left hand. She gagged violently as he grip tightened.

"Weiss!" Ruby called out. The moment she loosened her grip on Delta, he leaned forward and threw her off guard before spinning around with Weiss still in his hand. She slammed into her and both of them were suddenly in his grip and slammed into each other. He threw them onto the ground with enough force to crack it before tossing them towards Yang, who barreled towards them with red eyes. Once their bodies collided, he pulled out his machine gun and aimed it at them, pulling the trigger a second later. All of them barely had time to react and quickly dove out of the way of the oncoming fire.

A loud roar tore from his throat as he continued to fire, only stopping when it ran empty before he switched to his Rivet gun. The steam and smoke had cleared at this point and he barely got a shot off before a black ribbon wrapped around the gun and threw it to the side as it went off. He wrestled with the ribbon before heaving it towards him, gripping the assailant. As soon as he did, he saw his hand encased in rock and he snarled in anger when it wouldn't come out. His porthole was a demonic red at this point and he slammed it into the blonde boy he maimed months ago. With enough force, the rock statue broke and his gun was free.

He fired at the boy but he kept dodging out of the way of each shot, making him frown. Pretty soon, all of his ammo was out and his breathing began to get ragged. He looked to his left to see Eleanor still battling the other team and older Huntress. Her suit was more dented and he could see each tear in it, revealing her pale skin. There was a series of loud claps and she had managed to teleport away and look at him, seeing his hand glow a vibrant blue. She nodded and jumped up high in the air before he slammed his hand down and sent out a wave of electricity.

It traveled through the water on the ground quickly and Goodwitch's eyes widened before she jumped up in the air and used her semblance to pick up all the unconscious police officers. RWBY had managed to jump up onto the cruisers to prevent themselves from being electrocuted as did Ren and Pyrrha. Nora didn't have enough time and was electrocuted thoroughly. A sudden cry tore from her system and she convulsed in place for a few seconds before falling onto her rear. While it only was a few seconds in total, it felt like eternity for her.

He pulled his hand out of the water and breathed harshly before noticing that her body was still cackling with electricity. Her grip on her hammer tightened and she tightened the muscles in her legs before rocketing towards him. Both of his eyes widened, as did Eleanor's, when Nora suddenly swung upwards with all her might and managed to hit him. His large body was suddenly spinning in the air quickly and his helmet was ripped off, soaring even higher. A second went by and he landed on his chest, facing away from them. A few seconds later, his helmet landed in front of the Huntsmen and Huntresses, cracking the concrete below.

"Father-" Eleanor's cry was interrupted when Nora smacked Pyrrha's shield like a baseball and sent it careening into her stomach, throwing her next to him. She gasped out in pain when all the air left her body and tears welled up in her eyes.

He slowly and shakily, lifted himself up to a kneeling position, staring at his reflection in the water below. There was the blonde boy looking at him sadly before being replaced by his actual reflection. A pained groan met his ears and he looked to his right to see Eleanor cradling her stomach, whimpering in pain. He ignored the rain pelting his head and drenching his hair before he whistled to get her attention. When she turned to him, he saw her porthole change colors and flicker a bit. A smile was sent her way and he signed to her.

"Run." He signed.

"N-No." She coughed hoarsely, flipping her body around and coming to her knees while clutching her stomach.

"Someone needs to take care of the other two. Eleanor, please. There's no telling what these people will do to you three if you're caught." He said.

"We'll do it together, we're getting out of here." She tried to say.

"Ellie... please. Use your plasmid to get the boat away. Your plasmid will work if you try hard enough. It's not just for living beings anymore." He smiled sadly.

"You... you promised we'd stay together forever after Rapture." She started to tear up. Even through the helmet, he could practically see the tears leaking from her eyes. It was a heartbreaking thing to witness, but he wanted them safe. This was the way for now. Just before he could say anything else, he blocked a projection with his body and stumbled before using his cyclone plasmid to fling her in the air before using his telekinesis to push her over the giant iceberg. He heard her call towards him in anguish and reach out to him while he just smiled sadly at her.

"I love you, sweetheart. Take care of Jenna and Sully for me. Think you can do that for me, rascal?" He signed one last time before her body disappear over the iceberg. The sound of the boat horn met his ears and he saw a huge gust of purple smoke. He didn't realize the tears that leaked from his eyes before his arm suddenly lashed out and caught a shield. It started to vibrate a bit and he just heated it up to a sufficient temperature before it lost its magnetism.

"Give up! Your transportation is gone, we have you surrounded, and we outnumber you." Glynda ordered. The other Huntsmen and Huntresses readied themselves and picked up combat stances. He slowly turned around and let his hair cover his eyes before lifting it, revealing his face to them.

Everything went quiet for both parties when Delta turned himself to them. To them, it was as if they had seen a ghost. Right in front of them was their long lost friend, the one who they had wrongfully accused of a crime and wanted back to apologize. Yet, it was also the one they had been chasing for the past year and a half and were ready to put down like a rabid dog. A mixture of emotions ran through their minds at the moment. It was a toxic mixture of shame, regret, and horror.

They wanted to cry, rush up to him, and plead for them to forgive them. Something told them that it wasn't the Jaune they knew. This was somebody else, a monster that hid behind a diving suit. It was as if that thing had ripped his face off and took it as its own and was posing as him.

Yang felt this particular way, the same went for Weiss.

Ruby and Blake were stricken with horror that their friend had become this thing.

Ren felt heartbroken that the one he could call a friend and brother was now a violent beast that had its hatred directed towards them. It was as if all the shame decided now was the time to explode into his system.

Nora broke down and sobbed right on the spot. To her, it was as if she had committed a violent crime that her fearless leader was accused of.

Glynda's riding crop suddenly felt loose in her hand and her arm dropped down as she stared in shock. Her former student, who she had decided to let stay at Beacon became this... abomination that killed anything that it threatened it. The more she stared, the more she noticed how much he had changed. His eyes were no longer blue, but a horrible yellow, bordering on red glow. It seemed like someone tore his throat out and replaced it with a slab of plastic, barely having the common courtesy to put the flesh back. The thing that struck her the most was the numbers tattooed onto his forehead, like someone had experimented on him like a lab rat. Who did this to her poor student?

Pyrrha felt like breaking at that moment. Her entire life seemed to have shattered the moment she saw the barely recognizable face that was her former teammate. What happened to him? To think that she had been one of the causes that he disappeared. Three long years, bordering on four, of regret festering in her system after pushing him away. The only one who treated her kindly, made her laugh with his dorky nature, and even gave her a reason to finally break free from being called the invincible girl. Instead, she was staring at an abomination of him, one that glared hatefully at her.

"J-Jaune?" She stuttered, her own body carrying her. Her emotions had started to cloud her and she wasn't thinking straight anymore.

"..." He just stared at her with narrowed eyes. It's not like he could respond with words anymore, the thing in his neck wouldn't allow it.

"We've been looking for you for so long." She started, tears brimming in the corner of her eyes. The drill on his arm seemed to move every so often as she got closer.

"Ms. Nikos, get back!" Glynda ordered.

"We wanted to say we're sorry. For pushing you away, not hearing your side of the story." She continued, ignoring Goodwitch. Tears were actively leaking from her eyes and regret bled from her eyes.

"..." He still stared, letting the rain replenish his EVE. They all started to approach him slowly, almost as if approaching a cornered animal, making his eyes narrow.

"If you can forgive us, we'll try to help you-" She suddenly gagged when she got too close and his hand wrapped around her throat, lifting her up off the ground effortlessly. Her legs dangled in the air as she kicked wildly.

"Pyrrha!" They all cried out in unison and rushed towards her.

A violent roar tore out of his throat, making them stop and cover their ears. Delta just glared at Pyrrha and slammed his forehead against hers, eliciting a loud crack from it. He ignored the pained cry escape from her and threw her into one of the containers with enough force to dent it. They all cried her name once more but had to jump back when he charged towards them, drill spinning furiously and thrown towards them. Bits of concrete picked up and was flung in their faces as he charged each one. He heard Nora give out a startled cry when he charged towards her and tried to skewer her with the drill, only to be tackled out of the way by Ren.

"Jaune! Stop this, you don't have to fight anymore-" Yang shouted as she jumped onto his back, but he fell backwards and slammed her onto the ground. She gasped in pain and tried to stand, only for his foot to impact her chest and throw her away. A loud crack was heard from her ribs but he ignored it.

Delta roared again when three projections impacted him and he turned to Sun, charging towards him and swinging. The faunus flipped over his swing and kicked him in the back of his head, rolling away from another one. He tried to run away but his body was suddenly floated up in the air and pulled towards Delta, who gripped his face and slammed his head into the ground.

Blake wrapped her ribbon around his arm and pulled, only to be thrown into Sun and both barely had time to roll out of the way when the drill impacted the ground. She sent another stone replica at him, but he barreled through it like a tank and drop kicked her into a cruiser. A pained gasp came out of her mouth as she felt like she was hit by a train, causing something in her body to break.

Ruby sped towards him and swung at him quickly, but each strike wasn't meant to hurt kill him. She noticed how he would block against the blade and seemingly ignore the blunt end. His eyes showed nothing but feral rage directed at her and she felt like freezing up. As much as she wanted to think of him as a monster, she knew deep down that Jaune was in there. Her mind went back to him helping her up from the ground their first day at Beacon; only to be brought back to reality when the same person slammed his knee into her chin and knocked her backwards.

He threw his arms to the side and roared again, only to be thrown to the ground by Glynda. Her semblance was working and she sighed in relief, only for herself to be floating in the air with his telekinesis and thrown onto the ground violently. The ground cracked below her and she rolled out of the way when his foot crashed near her skull, almost turning it into a bloody mess. She blocked a particularly nasty punch with her forearms and felt her aura shatter and one of her arms break. Her body was sent flying and she landed unconscious.

As he turned around, he quickly moved to the side when a rapier was thrust towards him and almost struck him. Her eyes widened when he gripped her wrist and squeezed tightly, his face close to hers. She could almost smell the alcohol on his breath and screamed when his sharp teeth bit into her shoulder and tore a chunk out. Blood spurted from the wound and he slammed her onto the ground, over and over again. He spun around quickly and threw her onto the ground before stomping on her leg, making a loud snap be heard by all. She screamed once more as he raised his leg to crush her skull but was knocked to the side by a fist.

His body skid against the ground before he rolled onto his feet. Sun's eyes widened when Delta was in front of him, mouth open and sharp teeth ready to sink into his flesh. He brought up his staff just in time to catch it and was leaning back. He stared up at him and he eyes continued to widen when his weapon began to creak. With tremendous force, Delta broke part of the weapon before his hand clenched around Sun's face.

"Dammit, Arc, stop this! We're trying to help and apologize to you! If you stop fighting, then we'll try to find something for you and your so called daughters!" Sun shouted, although it was muffled. He brought up one of his shotguns but Delta grabbed his arm with his left hand and started to slowly freeze it. There was a scream and it was ignored as the arm froze before being ripped from the socket. Blood gushed from the wound like a faucet and Sun continued to scream. It suddenly was muffled when Delta gripped his face in his left hand and insects started to pour into his mouth.

Delta threw sun onto the ground and watched as he flailed around violently. The insects started to chew their way into his throat and dig further in, stinging every place they could. Eventually, they started to chew at the flesh upwards and reach his eyes and nose. The eyes suddenly burst open like wet balloons as the bees chewed through them and flew in the air. He stomped over to Sun's body and stomped on it violently, breaking it and pushing more blood out of the wounds.

A shrill scream met his ears and he turned to see Nora cover her mouth in horror. He simply stomped over to her and picked her up with his telekinesis, only for her to fall short when he ran out of EVE. She took this chance to scoot away from him fearfully. This wasn't Jaune anymore, this was a abomination of the ocean, but fear seemed to cloud her mind.

"Jaune! Just listen to us, okay! We don't want to fight you anymore!" Ren said as he stepped in front of him. He was ignored and headbutted before being thrown by the side.

Delta didn't care. If they wanted to fight, then he'd give them one. They had no problem attacking him before, so why did they now? Each one of them called him this Jaune kid, but he wasn't anymore. It was fine though, their emotions clouded their judgment and hindered their ability. It was either them or him, and he'd be damned if he went before he could at least take a few of them. He already took one of them out, and that was enough, but he wanted the rest of them gone.

Though... he didn't know if he could do that. He was tired, and on the verge of collapsing. His entire body screamed at him to stop, but he just couldn't, not until each one of these scum were dead at his feet. There were spots in his vision now, after fighting for so long it was starting to take a toll on him. The constant stress on his body was starting to force it to shut down a bit.

The minutes droned on as they pleaded for him to stop and he didn't listen or care. It eventually morphed into an hour of them doing the same thing and he still didn't listen. Though, they noticed that his attacks were starting to become more sluggish. Whenever they were thrown or kicked, it wasn't up to its full potential and it lacked its strength a bit. The same could be said for them. They were just as tired, both sides had fought each other to the bring of exhaustion and neither were willing to give in so soon.

He blocked one of Yang's punches with his hand and kicked her in the stomach before slamming her head into the ground. Picking her up and punching her into Blake, throwing both girls down onto the ground. He ducked underneath one of Ruby's scythe slashes but stumbled when Nora kicked him in the back of the leg and threw him onto his knees. They all held onto his arms and tried to restrain him, but he just barely threw them off before shakily standing to his full height. Once again, he was knocked onto his knees and restrained.

He snarled wildly and thrashed around a bit like a wild animal before Glynda used her the last of her semblance and Pyrrha encased him in metal. Like before, he struggled but almost got out this time before he was encased in enough metal to keep him from moving. He thrashed around and snapped whenever someone tried to get close to him while they all just stared at him with regret and horror. Each one was injured and they could hear sirens in the distance coming to their location.

They all breathed harshly and they looked at the time. Every single one of them had nearly been killed by him for hours and he was still going. None of them could look at Sun's corpse as bees were still burrowed inside of it.

Everything sort of became a blur as the specialized units loaded him into a large van and ambulances arrived for them. None of them knew what the Arc family was going to do when they found out their son/brother was found alive, but he was a monster. They had won, the Harbor Abomination was finally apprehended and brought to justice.

Why did it feel like they still lost though?

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