~Generic Pokémon POV~

I heard the ball click shut behind me, as the light went with it. I was entrapped in darkness as my feet were cushioned with something soft.

I picked one of my feet up with a start, kneeling down to sniff at the sudden softness where it had been. Then, a thin bluish-white beam of light illuminated around me, dowsing me in a soft glow as my eyes traced its movement around me to meet back up with the other end of the light, in the area that had closed behind me earlier. I tilted my head at it.

A voice came from somewhere, from outside, "Yes! I got it!"

My ears twitched as I could hear all the excitement in my new Trainer's voice as he celebrated his catch. I tried to put the sound to the back of my mind after a moment as I turned back to examine my surroundings further. The thin bluish beam gave a buzz as a wall of bushes surrounded me, fake of course, framing both me and the "door."

I could see the soft thing beneath my feet clearly now, it was like a soft, poof-y cloud that smelled nice. I couldn't help it then. It was luring me to curl up on it and take a nice nap.

I spun around a few times to get comfortable and dug my claws into the comfy material. Almost instantly was I contentedly deep in a dreamland, my eyes hazy as my face stared at the door.

Again, I could hear the sound of my Trainer's voice, this time talking with someone else, but I let it float above my head harmlessly.

I think I could get used to this.