When I woke, the hangar was dark. Pitch black, actually. I had no idea how long I was asleep, but after blinking a few times, I found that my eyes adjusted quite well to the darkness. Actually, I could completely see. Hmm, weird. I thought. I stood up and stretched, feeling more refreshed than ever. I sighed as I finished stretching and decided to braid my hair while I was waiting. It started out as a normal dutch braid, but after a few seconds my hands started moving in intricate ways. When I was done, I walked through the ship, eager to find a mirror, or any reflective surface. I entered a small room behind the living room, which turned out to be the bathroom. I turned around and looked behind me, surprised at the braid I saw.

It was more intricate and beautiful than I ever would have imagined. Strands of hair weaved in and out of each other, and it seemed to form a shape in the middle, where all of the strands combined. I wasn't sure, but it did look like a spear. I nodded in approval and climbed out of the airplane. I weaved my way through the various aircrafts, making my way towards the door. As soon as I opened it, I was greeted with a surprised face. Loki. I held my hands up and manipulated his mind, but not before he whispered something. "Mal?" He asked. Again, that name.

I was too quick for him to react and block my magic, and I took the time to slip away. Why did people keep calling me Mal? I don't understand. I changed my clothes, instead wearing a long, glittering dress that flowed around me as I walked. I hoped to fit in with the ladies around the palace, instead of looking like an outsider.

I crept into the big room, only to discover it empty. Huh, weird. Usually the room was never empty. I went to the large window and looked out, examining the trashed landscape. People milled about, and a giant parade seemed to be going on. It was in honor of the Hulk.

I had just spotted Thor in the dense crowd when I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I flew up to the rafters and hid, watching as Loki stormed into the room. My eyes flowed blue. Hatred and anger filled me as I watched the prince circle the room.

"Where is she?" He muttered, cursing in a bunch of different languages.

I waited until he stood still the crawled until I was directly above him. He was looking out of the window when I slowly lowered myself on top of him. I twisted my hand and watched as he collapsed in pain. He thrived, struggling to get on his back. I landed and straddled him, snarling when he tried to speak.

"You wanted me? Here I am." I snapped twisting my hand again.

"Ma-Mal, stop." He begged, his face turning purple as he struggled to breathe.

"I'm not Mal!" I shouted.

"You-you are!" He rasped. "Mal, anoited Princess of Asgard, betrothed to Thor Odinson. My best friend!" He shouted. His hand moved and visions suddenly filled my mind.

I was in a blue dress with an iron corset. I was standing in a great hall, next to Thor who grinned. Loki was next to him, anger and sadness wafting off of him. Odin Allfather rambled on about how his son, the God of Thunder, was going to marry me, the Goddess of Life.

I shook the memory away and leaned back, resting on Loki's body. He gasped as I stopped hurting him. "What was that?" I asked, keeping my hands poised above him, ready to fight.

"Memories. You don't remember?" He asked, cocking his head.

"Obviously not." I snapped. "A week ago I was in an airport in Germany fighting half of the Avengers with the other half. And before that, I was an ordinary high school girl with powers. Now, some psycho bitch kidnapped me and brought me here. To you. So now I'll get my revenge and be on my way."

I held my hand up and aimed an army of spears at him. "Wait!" He called, raising his hands. "Revenge? What revenge?"

"You killed my mother." I snarled. He looked confused. "You killed so many people when you invaded Earth. You woke these powers. You ruined my life!" I screamed, punching him in the nose. Blood streamed out of his nose as he groaned and shut his eyes.

"You're strong," he said.

"No shit," I hissed. I placed my palm on his forehead and searched his memories. I saw me, well, an older me. Mal, I guessed. Before I died. Then I saw the purple man from my nightmares. He was torturing him, threatening to kill him if he didn't do as he said. He forced him to invade earth with empty promises.

I pulled back and gasped, rolling off of Loki. He stared at the ceiling before pushing himself onto his elbow. "You speak the truth," I said, turning to look at him.

He nodded gravely. "I'm sorry for killing your mother. I'm sorry for invading your planet. But if I didn't, Thanos was going to kill me and everyone around me."

I glared at the prince. "You only care about yourself, Loki." I snapped, pushing memories down.

He looked hurt. "No," he whispered, shaking his head. "No, I cared about someone. She meant everything to me. Then she was murdered. And now she's back." He smiled at me.

My eyes widened. "You cared about her, the warrior princess. Not me. Not the girl from New York." I shook my head, pushing down a tidal wave of feelings and memories. Some how, I cared about Loki.