A/N- I apologise in advance for ableist language that will appear throughout this fic. Please know that it's NEVER OKAY to call someone "crippled," or "handicapped," or anything else that demeans people with disabilities. Some people use legs, others use wheelchairs.

*steps off soapbox*



"What do you want, Hank? This number's supposed to be for emergencies only."

"You need to come home."

"That's not my home."

"I wasn't talking about the house."

"… Hank?"

"-It's Charles."

"What's wrong with Charles, Moira?"

"He's crippled."


"It's true, Moira! And… he's not dealing well."

"He's not dealing at all."

"Sounds like Charles."

"Please, Raven."

"I made my choice, Hank."

"I'm not asking you to stay, I'm asking you to help!"


"He's… changed. Or rather, he hasn't. He thinks it's temporary."

"Is it?"

"… no."

*shocked sob*


"I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you."