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Summary: We all know that before BoF One there were 8 warriors who sealed Tyr with the goddess keys, but we never knew the story behind it. Here starts the tale…the legend behind the Breath of Fire series…

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This is (obviously) set before BoF One, so I'll have some references to events in it…well maybe. This is my first fic…so please people, be nice.

The Dragon Warrior Prologue: The Rise to Power

          There was a time when the world was young, and humans were only but a part of the great cycle of Life, coexisting in harmony with the creatures of the land, sea and air.

          Now, all the humans were one and the same at the very beginning, and there were no distinctions between various clans as there is now. However, as centuries came and went, as the people of the land grew very much more numerous, it came to pass that they grew more and more territorial as there were too many of them for the land to conveniently support. Thus it was then that humans first took up arms against their own kind, weapons of stone and flint, which were once fashioned for the hunt, and did violence unto those who trespassed into their land. Also, it was then that they began to first coalesce into little groups comprising largely of family members, and then expanding into larger clans either through conquest or mutual consent, reasoning that there was safety in numbers, and also that having more people would facilitate later conquests in order to gain more territory. Inevitably, when there are large amounts of people involved, there are usually many people who would feel that they are suitable candidates for the post of the leader, so it was that even within a clan itself there would be internal strife and in serious cases, even larger clans would fall apart and disintegrate into tiny warring factions bent on eliminating each other, leaving themselves open to external threats who are ever mindful of these weaknesses.

          Thus it stood at that point. No one was truly powerful enough to achieve dominance over an extended period of time, for any clan who attempted to do so was either stopped midway or even if they did succeed, their reign would be marred by civil unrest and/or internal turmoil, before crumbling into nothingness. The world became one gigantic battlefield, where everyone was locked in a titanic but inconclusive struggle for power over all. Clearly it was going to take something spectacular for peace to return to the war-torn land.

          The 'something spectacular' eventually happened when the great Dragon-God Ladon awoke to this era. He was incensed by the fact that his creations (A/N: Yes, Ladon created the world and everything in it, in my story at least…and before I forget, Ladon had gone to sleep shortly after he finished all the creating…sorry about the interruption…J) had turned upon each other in hate and war. It was then that He decided to take steps to rectify the situation. He took those from amongst all the people in the land, those whose mind were untainted by blood and strife, who yearned for peace instead of war, and spoke to them, saying, "I have woken up to this world which has been corrupted by greed and strife, and I am wroth that it is so. Knowest thou that I intend to cause change in this land of bloodshed, and it shall be through thee that MY will wouldst come to pass. Thus it shall be thee, who wouldst be the instruments of my fury, and I shall grant thee with power unprecedented to allow thee to bend even the most stubborn of knees to thy will, and thou wouldst be unchallenged in all the world. I shall further aid thee by confounding thy foes and rendering them unprepared for thy onslaught. Go forth then, my Children, and show to all the true face of my wrath!" The chosen people were immediately enveloped in an incandescent light, and they felt a surge of raw power well up through every fiber of their being. And then they found that they could harness that power within them to transform into the totem of Ladon the Dragon-God, that is, a dragon. These were the first of the Dragon-People. Depending on their innate abilities, they could either transform into elemental dragons of Fire, Ice, or Lightning. There were also a very select few who could utilize the Rudra transformation spell, which was then the most powerful dragon spell there was. (A/N: No mention of Agni here…you will know why later…) It was also at the same time that when the Dragon-People received their powers that a veil of darkness descended upon the world. When it lifted, the people of the world could no longer recognize each other, for their appearance had been altered by the magic of the Dragon-God, each according to the clan the person belonged to. A great wail rose from them, and many bemoaned the loss of their own appearances. It was then that the Dragon-People struck. All unnoticed by the confused people of the land, they swept across everything in their path, meeting little or no resistance at first. But as the people began to regain their wits sufficiently in an attempt to repel the invaders, they were utterly confounded when the Dragon-People changed form to meet them, and they were even more chagrined to discover that ordinary weapons did nothing but bounce off the armor-like scales of the dragons, and even when they used their magic, the damage done was so measly that it was absolutely of no significance to the dragons. Devastating was the damage wrought by the Dragon-People, and many clans capitulated from sheer terror after witnessing the carnage in the neighboring territories. Thus it was a through a swift campaign that the Dragon-People fulfilled their God's will and humbled the entire land. The Dragon-God was well pleased by his loyal subjects, and after He had delivered a blistering remonstrance to the wayward peoples of the land and then sent them all home, He said this to His Children, "I am well pleased with thee, for thou hast accomplished the task that I have set thee in a most satisfying fashion. But now I must leave, for there are yet many things in other worlds that require my attention, and thus shall I turn the governance of this world to thy hands. Thou shalt not abuse thy power, but instead ensure peace amongst the peoples of the land, for in the day that thou wouldst rise above thyself shall I return to cast thee down with thy own blood (A/N: This obscure reference about the blood will be explained later in the story. I'm just laying down the groundwork now) and thou wouldst be left alone to bewail thy fate if thou wouldst see fit to disobey my words. Abide then in my return, and safeguard thy hearts against the serpent of ambition, for it doth lieth at the hearts of all mankind." Being a wise God, Ladon quickly perceived the need for a leader amongst His Children, and it was then that He appointed the wisest and bravest man amongst the Dragon-People, Talvar Drynatch, or Talvar the Lionhearted, as people later came to call him, to be the first of the Kings of the Dragon clan. Ladon blessed him and his descendants, so that they would be ever wise and just to the people. He then extended His blessings to the Dragon clan, so that their descendants would be as numerous as the stars and as uncountable as the sand in the earth. (A/N: Note the extremely obvious reference to the Bible, and it isn't the only one. How many other Biblical references can you people count?) When all was done, Ladon departed and the people saw him no more.

          Thus the Dragon clan came to existence and power, but ever mindful of their God's words, they chose not to interfere with the other peoples in the land, instead choosing to let the other clans govern themselves. The Dragons only interfered when conflict threatened the peace amongst the clans, and even then, all it usually took was a few threats of unleashing the horrors of the terrible war to quiet any dissidents.

          But peace could never endure forever, and history threatens to repeat, this time starting from the Dragons themselves…

Well, how's that for a first chapter? I apologize for it being so long and tedious, not to mention that it also sounds like something out of the Bible. I came up with the idea for the story while I was busy being bored to death during a very long and tedious sermon at church, so I guess that's how it became like that…oh before I forget, I might as well apologize for all the long and windy speeches in medieval English. I didn't really plan on it being so long. It just came out, and before I knew it I had a whole chunk of speech. Sometimes I outsmart myself. *frowns* Ah well, I guess I'll wrap up for the day, and please everyone, R+R!!!!!