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Rated M; for language, and slight sexual situations.

Chapter 1: Death to a Dara

"Where's he going?" A feminine voice asked somewhere deep down in the darkness. Tessa gasped loudly sitting up as an equally accented voice responded to the question. The shocked looks on both the male and female in the storage unit told her they hadn't expected her to sit up.

"Wha- what's happening-?" Tessa's voice quivered as the throbbing in her skull intensified.

"Oh bloody hell…" The man said with an eye roll. His curly blond hair shone in the lighting from above as he stood. His blue eyes pinned her where she lay with annoyance shown in them.

"Well, aren't you a surprise." The woman said from her perch on what appeared to be a plain storage box. The pair of them had blood around their mouths, it was dripping down at the corners of their mouths. Tessa stared frozen, unsure what to do as the blond man glanced towards his much lighter blonde counterpart.

"Shall we retrieve Stefan? He should by all rights clean up his own mess." The man said with a glance towards the girl.

"Leave him, Nik. As you said, he has a name to write on a wall, besides… this could be fun." She replied with a grin down in Tessa's direction. Tessa gulped, she had an idea of who she was speaking with currenly. She quickly moved to push herself to her feet ignoring the throbbing pain throughout her entire body. She finally noticed the blood all down her front of her royal blue dress.

"What-?" She gasped backing up once again into the industrially sized shelving. Her shaky hand moved up slowly to her neck where she felt the sticky liquid she knew to be blood. Memories came to her mind. She was out shopping. Her sister's friend, Bea's wedding day was fast approaching… Tessa moved her eyes down to the concrete floor next to the box the blonde woman was perched upon. Bea lay there, face down and a pool of blood forming beside her neck that had been torn into. "No." The word left Tessa breathlessly as more memories hit her.

She had been dazzled by a charming man. Not much older than her. His smile was as charming as ever, but she hadn't been totally fooled. Her sister, Harper had been taken by the blond man before her. Tessa's eyes moved behind the man back on the couch he'd sat upon, it was a prestine cream color, in contrast to the stark red of blood spilled not a foot from it on the floor. Tessa's eyes fell on the woman beside Bea, Tessa's eyes found the same orange- red hair that she had. It was her sister, dead on the floor. "Harper." The name spilled from her throat as her eyes watered over. "No." She felt her world spinning. She balanced on unsteady legs.

"What- what did you-? What have you done?"

"That's it. I shall get Stefan." The blond man. Nik said as he began to turn only to have the woman grab his arm.

"Nik, we've turned people in our time; have we not?" She asked her eyes moved slowly from the man back to Tessa.

"Speaking of that…" The man said his head turning back towards Tessa's direction. "How is it that you've turned?" He pulled away from the woman and moved in closer to Tessa. She stiffened and tried to push her body back against the shelf only to find the shelf digging into her back already.

"I mean. In order to do that. You've had to ingest vampire blood… recently at that." Klaus said his train of thought connecting aloud as he moved his body in closer and, closer setting Tessa on edge even more so.

"Please. Please don't come any closer." The words hurt as they were torn from her mouth.

"Oh, love. You're in nowhere near any position to be making demands." Nik moved and within a blink of her eyes, Tessa was trapped between his arms as he leaned against the shelves behind her wearing a devious grin. Her breath caught in her throat.

"Vampires." The word was spoken softly.

Nik's grin widened at that simple word. "Yes, we've established that you're aware of our existence. Glad to see you've come to grips with it." He took a breath at the woman's annoyed huff behind him. "Sister, please make you're presence useful and do something with the bodies."

She made an indignant noise from behind him her arms crossing across her front to show her defensiveness as if her dark glare wasn't showing her foul mood enough, "Now, Rebekah!" The man said not even sparing her a glance. She huffed leaning down careful of getting blood on her heeled shoes as she snatched up Bea's arm by her wrist. She then reached over to grab Harper, and Tessa simply reacted, her anger uncontrollable. "Don't touch her!" Tessa could feel her eyes changing as she made a move to push by the man keeping her trapped. Before she knew it, the man had her by the throat and slammed her roughly against the shelves again.

"Best not to try anything, love. We're much older than we appear to be, but I assume you know that. Besides, I'd recommend not getting on my sister's bad side. She's just as- if not even more wicked than I am." He grinned at his words in a frightening manner. Tessa's mouth fell open as the woman- Rebekah grabbed her older sister at her wrist and dragged both Bea, and Harpers bodies back around the corner son to disappear from Tessa's sight. She stared at the man as he looked her up and down taking her in. As uncomfortable as Tessa felt she knew if she'd tried anything he'd snap her neck like a twig and that would end any chances she had of getting out of here. Tessa felt a sharp pang from somewhere within her and gasped, groaning loudly, she hunched over and unwittingly grabbed the mans arm for support. The man's eyes watched her calculatingly as Tessa straightened the pain subsiding.

"Well, there may be an opportunity for you yet." He said softly as his hand brushed her long red hair from her face. "I suppose I shall have to walk you through the next steps carefully. Firstly, however, you're to tell me whose blood you've seemed to have ingested and how you came to meet this vampire." Confusion clouded Tessa's mind at his question.

"Vampire blood? Ingested-?" She asked again her eyebrows turning down in confusion, "You must be confused. I would never, ever drink in the blood of such an abomination." Her tone of voice seemed to change the mans threatening demeanor as he began to laugh and laugh taking some steps back.

"Oh dear. You've no idea, do you?" He looked to her his face alight with amusement as a twinkle shone in his blue eyes, "Darling, you've had to have taken in vampire blood in some way in the recent days, otherwise-."

Tessa cut him off moving closer to him in an aggressive yet familiar manner, "You creatures do nothing but, bring death, and destruction with you I'd never take anything from your kind. Least of all your blood. I'd rather be dead." She hissed at him her face inches from the man's

He looked down at her continuing to be amused at her bravado now, "Well then, love. I have some news for you..." He trailed off slowly. His grin never left his devilish features. Tessa gasped as it hit her- it had been obvious from the moment she awakened, from their shock at her gasping breath to her sister and, friend dead on the concrete floor. She stood there her world once again spinning. "What-? I-I'm a vampire?" She asked shocked. Her eyes now moving up to her companion she'd dwelled within the storage unit.

"Yes, love." As his response sunk in she felt his hand close in around her throat as he all but, lifted her from the floor. Her heeled feet kicked out as she struggled for breath, "So I'll ask just once more. Whose blood have you ingested, and how have you come by this vampire?" Tessa fought her hands grabbing at Nik's wrists trying to pull his hand away from her throat.

"Anytime now, love." He smiled up at her.

Tessa gasped in what little air her throat would allow in the man's crushing grip. She grunted as her heeled foot came up and caught him in the stomach. He dropped her quickly as he caught her kicking foot by her ankle. He looked down at her on the cool concrete floor now.

"As much fun as this is. I am running out of what little patience I have, instead of teaching you the ways of vampirism, I'd much rather kill you and be done with it instead." Tessa yanked her leg back from his bruising grip and stood again to meet his hard stare.

"Kill me then. I'd much prefer it to being a vampire. I won't live off of the blood of good, innocent people."

Nik groaned angrily turning away from her, "For the love of god, woman! A name!" He yelled cutting into her ranting tirade of her noble decision to not kill innocent people so she could live.

"Why do you care?" She asked her angry eyes seemed to stare into the depths of Klaus's soul.

"Call me curious." He said taking a step closer to her.

"Kill me and I'll tell you." She said to him. Klaus stared at the woman for a long time. For the first time in a long time, he was taken by surprise. Most would beg for their lives, but not her. Not this one. Turning to face her he took in her black strappy heels and his eyes moved up to her long, lean legs. Higher over her form-fitting navy blue dress up to her blue eyes as they caught his. Her beauty wasn't questionable. Klaus found himself reminded of a previous conquest of centuries past. He smirked at her devilishly, "Fine. Tell me the name, and I shall put you out of your misery."

Tessa looked at him skeptically. She knew she shouldn't be surprised by his blatant disregard for her life, but that seemed almost too easy for her to do. She opened her mouth thinking that her life meant nothing to the man before her. She was just a loose end to him. "I- I don't know which one it was…" Tessa trailed off her hand running through her hair as she sighed out in frustration. "I sort of deal with your kind on a regular basis."

Klaus watched the woman pacing the floor before him. He could see her anxiety as plain as day on her face. He could see she was uncomfortable, whether it was just from the change or something more he wasn't sure, "I can't be sure who it was at the party I went to, I- I don't remember all of what happened, exactly."

"Party?" He asked now knowing just what sort of crowd she was involved in.

"Yeah." She nodded her head sparing him a glance but, wincing at the bright lights from above so she returned her eyes to the floor. "It's one of those parties where they request an invitation, and without it, you're not admitted."

"Ah," Klaus said with a nod. He knew just what she was referring to. Only the elite of the elite got into those and, he was sure that crowd moved on after each party never staying in one place for too long- especially not after a gathering like that he was surprised they'd be in a place like Chicago for their gatherings, but he brushed it off not caring much about the strix and, their incessant air of superiority. What he'd yet to figure out was how this girl fit into it all "So, what are you? A mere snack that someone brought? An appetizer? Although, from the looks of you, I would say you were the dessert." His eyes roamed over her body once again taking her in.

Tessa fixed the man with a glare as she bit back every one of her instincts'. She crossed her arms and opened her mouth before she could think better of it. "My name is Contessa Dara, and I am anything, but dessert."

It was Klaus's turn to be surprised as he took the woman before him in with an interest he hadn't held before. "Contessa Dara…" He trailed off quickly placing her last name with a woman he'd murdered centuries back. The woman came from a long line of hunters, the notable difference between them from the other worthless vampire hunter was that their line was as old as his family was. Meaning they're training was passed down from the Vikings, they also were well-aware of their weaknesses. It was nasty business when Klaus and, his siblings stumbled upon that bunch. He thought he'd killed them all, but it seems he stood corrected. "You must be related to Alannah Dara… I'm sure she was you're great, great, great, great-." He cut himself off with a smirk. "You get the idea. She was your grandmother, or aunt, or something to that effect. Either way…" He trailed off slowly moving in closer to her, "I slaughtered her, just like what I've promised to do to you." He slammed Tessa back now against the cold concrete of the wall she gasped as her eyes met his. She welcomed death now.

Her training had prepared her for it. Those in her family would rather die than to live life as an immortal abomination that walks the earth, that's just the way it was.

Klaus grinned suddenly knowing it'd be a waste to murder her. As it was she couldn't return to the life she had; not as a vampire. Klaus's mind worked quickly as his hand held the woman against the wall, He knew she would prove useful in keeping himself safe from other hunters- he wanted information from her as to her families whereabouts and he knew keeping her alive was his only hope. He moved at his vampire speed as he released the woman and dipped his fingers in her friend's blood in a puddle on the floor moving quickly he brushed his fingers over her lips purposefully moving his fingers into her mouth leaving a trail of blood on her tongue. Tessa's eyes went wide with shock as she realized what he'd done. The tiniest drop of blood was all she needed to complete her transformation into the monster she'd once hunted.

"No." She said softly her wide eyes not leaving the man once. She stood there her body leaning against the wall her legs gave out as she fell to the floor. Her eyes watered as she realized her fate was sealed.

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