Shirou Yukihara is a first year of Kuoh Academy where his guardian recommended he goes to so he can make more friend. He became of the supernatural at the age of 10 when a stray devil attacked when he went camping with his parents where he unlocked his sacred but with no control and his emotions on the run he ended freezing it along with his parents. With the fact that he killed his parents in his mind he ran into the woods where he lived for a year trying to understand his power and control them but he wasnt able to. After a year in the woods he was approached by a boy a few years older then him named Vali and a man named Azazel came and asked him what he was doing here. After telling him what happened Azazel offered a to help him control his power which he accepted. Through Azazel he meet his best friend Mittelt but 2 year later when they were attacked by fallen angels who went rouge he almost killed her with his flames. It was then that he asked Azazel for a way to seal his flames so he would never have to use them again but Azazel left it so that if he ever wanted to he could unseal his flames of his own will but the seal will forever be broken. So with that he mastered his control over the element of Ice as well as his personal swordsman ship so when he turned 15 Azazel said that he should go to a school and try to experience the world again.

5 foot 8 inch with spiky white hair and ice blue eyes and a lean build

personality to most cold uncaring or uninterested but to those he cares about his caring and often worries about them

likes animals the cold and peace

dislikes perverts battle idiots and arrogance

Sacred Gear: Yukianesa

Sealed in the gear is the ice dragon king Hyorinmaru (only ice dragon name i can think of) who had once claimed Cocytus as its home with flames so cold they burn

it takes the form of a wakizachi it grants the user mastery of ice and Hyorinmaru's Hell Frost Flames (which are a light blue) which are difficult to control

With Hyorinmaru's flames one can uses his ultimate attack which is said to be able to freeze entire battle fields and cities in an eternal prison of ice but it is extremely dangerous and exhausting if untrained

He becomes Rias's knight (with Xenovia being a Rook later) when he stumbles upon Issei being killed getting stabbed in the back by Freed also he calls Azazel Uncle Az

"Enders, ice wolves, lend me your breath. Let your freezing be more silent than death."

"In this world, even the prosperous inevitably decay. It is inescapable, divinely ordained karma."

"Just as water flows downward, snatch away all vigor."

"Show me a World where all has stopped, seemingly even time."

"Show me an eternal beauty, a zenith that no one in existence can destroy."

"You who defy my understanding, you who seek only the absolute."

"What an ugly thing it is."

"The weirdness of life gathering, writhing, spreading its stench, and multiplying."

"I do not approve of that. I do not understand it."

"I desire a land of unsullied white."

"I desire a beautiful world of death."

"I desire a world where ignoble creation is buried and bound."

"I desire for all to stop. I desire for everything to stop!"